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Welcome to Majestic Malls Faerie Quest Page Guide/Help
To locate your items press CTRL+F and type or paste in the item that you were assigned. It should then lead you to a link where you can purchase your item.
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PLEASE NOTE: That certain items will be spelled incorrectly and will most likely be the last letter missing as certain item names have been blocked by the Neopets database

The Air Faerie

Masters of weather and the sky, Air Faeries are known for being a little flighty. Perhaps they're just very busy; they do need their beauty sleep, after all. If you help an Air Faerie find the beauty products that she needs for her spells, she will grant the gift of speed.

Item she Requests for: Beauty and Grooming Products
Reward: + 2 Movement Speed / Agility to your active pet

  • Acara Compact Blush
  • Acara Hair Ties
  • Acaras Waterproof Lotion
  • Bar of Soap
  • Black Eye Liner
  • Black Eye Shadow
  • Black Lipstick
  • Black Mirror
  • Black Nail Varnish
  • Blue Eyrie Hair Brush
  • Blue Floss Pick
  • Blue Lipstick
  • Blue Long Hair Brush
  • Blue Mouth Wash
  • Blue Nail Varnish
  • Blue Toothbrush
  • Brown Eye Shadow
  • Chartreuse Puffs Soap
  • Chocolate Lip Gloss
  • Chocolate Perfume
  • Chocolate Shampoo
  • Chocolate Soap
  • Chokato Lip Gloss
  • Chokato Lotion
  • Compact Keychain
  • Conditioner
  • Cool Mint Toothpaste
  • Corn Brush
  • Corn Powder
  • Corn Silk Conditioner
  • Corn Silk Shampoo
  • Darigan Foamy Soap
  • Darigan Hand Mirror
  • Dark Red Lipstick
  • Deluxe Blue Toothbrush
  • Deluxe Pink Toothbrush
  • Dental Floss
  • Disco Nail Clippers
  • Draik Claw Back Scratcher
  • Exfoliating Sand Soap
  • Eye Shadow Keychain
  • Eyrie Golden Hand Mirror
  • Factor 15 Sun Tan Lotion
  • Factor 30 Sun Tan Lotion
  • Flouride Mouth Rinse
  • Foaming Hand Soap
  • Gold Eye Shadow
  • Gold Glittery Soap
  • Golden Altador Brush
  • Golden Altadorian Lotion
  • Golden Compact of Altador
  • Golden Hair Brush
  • Golden Tooth
  • Grarrl Pumice
  • Green Eye Shadow
  • Green Glittery Brush
  • Green Glittery Soap
  • Green Lipstick
  • Green Long Hair Brush
  • Green Mirror
  • Green Mouth Wash
  • Green Short Hair Brush
  • Guitar Comb
  • Hairspray
  • Herbal Shampoo
  • Honeysuckle Soap
  • Hook Polish
  • Hypoallergenic Lip Gloss
  • Icy Tissues
  • Invisible Nail Clippers
  • Jetsam Toothbrush
  • JubJub Bubble Bath
  • JubJub Cotton Swab
  • Kiko Pumice
  • Kougra Scratching Comb
  • Kougra Shining Soap
  • Lavender Perfume
  • Lipstick Keychain
  • Meerca Toy Surprise Soap
  • Midnight Eye Shadow
  • Millipod Powder
  • Mint Flavoured Toothpaste
  • Minty Acara Brush
  • Mushroom Moisturizer
  • Mushroom Powder Puff
  • Mushroom Soap
  • Mushroom Toothpaste
  • Ona Comb
  • Orange Mouthwash
  • Pegleg Wax
  • Peophin Fragrant Soap
  • Peophin Mane Brush
  • Peophin Shampoo
  • Peppermint Toothpaste
  • Perfume
  • Perfume Keychain
  • Pink Blush
  • Pink Glittery Soap
  • Pink Lipstick
  • Pink Nail Clippers
  • Pink Toothbrush
  • Pirate Lip Balm
  • Pirate Pomade
  • Pitch Black Lipstick
  • Pretzel Brush
  • Pretzel Compact
  • Pumpkin Lip Gloss
  • Pumpkin Spice Soap
  • Purple Eye Shadow
  • Purple Frillix Soap
  • Purple Glittery Soap
  • Purple Nail Varnish
  • Purple Toothbrush
  • Quiggle Powder
  • Quiggle Soap
  • Quiggle Toothbrush
  • Quiggle Toothpaste
  • Raspberry-Scented Bath Salt
  • Red Blush
  • Red Lipstick
  • Red Mirror
  • Red Nail Varnish
  • Red Short Hair Brush
  • Rose Scented Lotion
  • Rose Scented Soap
  • Sandy Body Wash
  • Sandy Bubble Bath
  • Sandy Toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Silver Nail Clippers
  • Sky Blue Eye Shadow
  • Snot Lotion
  • Spectral Flower Soap
  • Squeezy Toothbrush
  • Starry Toothbrush
  • Strawberry Lip Gloss
  • Strawberry Toothpaste
  • Sunkissed Altadorian Lip Balm
  • Super Shiny Shampoo
  • Tan Blush
  • Tanizard Comb
  • Techo Liquid Soap
  • Techo Lotion
  • Techo Nail Clippers
  • Techo Toothpaste
  • Towel
  • Transparent Apple Soap
  • Transparent Berry Soap
  • Transparent Lemon Soap
  • Transparent Rose Soap
  • Tropical Flower Plant Soap
  • Tweezers
  • Twirly Fruit Lip Gloss
  • Two in One Hair Care
  • Tyrowbee Powder Puff
  • Voidberry-Scented Bath Salt
  • White Face Powder
  • Winter Mirror
  • Yellow Glittery Brush
  • Yellow Toothbrush
  • Dark Faerie

    Though most Neopians fear and distrust these creatures, Queen Fyora claims that Dark Faeries are not all evil. Their spells require plushies that resemble real Neopets, and they reward you with health... so hopefully, Queen Fyora knows what she's talking about.

    Item she Requests for: Toys
    Reward: + 2 HP / Endurance to your active pet

  • 100 Percent Fake Uni mask
  • Aisha Alien Goo Ball
  • Aisha Board Game
  • Aisha Dartboard
  • Aisha Pick-Up-Sticks
  • Aisha Pogo Stick
  • Aisha Punching Bag
  • Aisha Sock Puppet
  • Aisha Spinning Top
  • Altador Paddleball
  • Altador Puzzle
  • Altador Ship Model
  • Altador Yoyo
  • Baby Bori Balloon
  • Beach Volleyball
  • Big n Bouncy Toy
  • Big Sling Gun
  • Black Blocks
  • Blue Bike
  • Blue Bouncy Ball
  • Blue Grundo Keyring
  • Blue Kiko Keyring
  • Blue Koi Keyring
  • Blue Korbat Keyring
  • Blue Mynci Puppet
  • Blue Negg Goo
  • Blue Nimmo Keyring
  • Blue Paper Glider
  • Blue Sandshell Mold
  • Blue Vinyl Hissi
  • Blumaroo Bumarangy
  • Blumaroo Gnome-in-the-box
  • Blumaroo Play Set
  • Blumaroo Top
  • Bori Dart Game
  • Bori Digging Action Figure
  • Bori Tennis Set
  • Bouncy Zafara Toy
  • Broken Mirror Charm
  • Bucket-O-Goo
  • Bucket-O-Kyriis
  • Cabbage Doughnut Charm
  • Checkered Flag
  • Cheeseroller Yo-Yo
  • Chia Clown Ball
  • Chia Gnome Collectable Charm
  • Chia Superball
  • Chokato Kite
  • Chomby Gnome Collectable Charm
  • Chuckles Punching Bag
  • Cloud Jetsam Keyring
  • Cloud Kite
  • Count von Roo Bouncy Ball
  • Courgette Ball
  • Courgette Boat
  • Courgette Building Logs
  • Courgette Pull Along
  • Cross-Stitch Skeith
  • Dancing Neocola Can
  • Day Dreaming Nimmo Gnome Balloon
  • Disco Paper Yo-Yo
  • Draik Bean Bag Tic-Tac-Toe
  • Draik Puzzle
  • Draik Spinning Top
  • Draik Squirt Toy
  • Eyrie Punching Bag
  • Face Pulling Kiko Gnome Balloon
  • Faerie Dartboard
  • Faerie Kyrii Kite
  • Farvin Gormball Action Figure
  • Feed the Skeith Game
  • Fire Blocks
  • Fire Dartboard
  • Fire Paper Yo-Yo
  • Fire Wocky Keyring
  • Five Leaf Clover
  • Flotsam Beach Ball
  • Flotsam Squirter
  • Flying Lenny Mobile
  • Fun In The Sun Quiguki
  • Fuzzie Bear
  • Garin Spinning Top
  • Gelert Lantern
  • Ghost Moehog Flying Disc
  • Grarrl Balloon Pet
  • Grarrl Frisbee
  • Grarrl Grabber
  • Grarrl Sock Puppet
  • Green Bike
  • Green Kiko Squeeze Toy
  • Green Mynci Puppet
  • Green Paper Glider
  • Green Poogle Gnome Balloon
  • Green Usul Keyring
  • Green Vinyl Nimmo
  • Grey Wocky Superball
  • Gumball Machine
  • Hannah Balloon
  • Happy Chia Mask
  • Hissi In A Box
  • Ice Blocks
  • Jacks and Ball Set
  • Kacheek Snowglobe
  • Kacheek Spring Toy
  • Kacheek Superball
  • Kacheek Toy Drum
  • Kevin Gormball Action Figure
  • Kiko Gnome-in-the-box
  • Kougra Gnome-in-the-box
  • Krawk Bubble Blaster
  • Krawk Clacker
  • Krawk Krawkatron
  • Krawk Pirate Ship
  • Kreludor Balloon
  • Kyrii Balloon Animal
  • Kyrii Grooming Station
  • Kyrii Puzzle
  • Lil Miss Grarrl
  • Lupe Punching Bag
  • Lutari Squirt Toy
  • Lutari Water Balloons
  • Luxury Bell
  • Magic Deck
  • Magic Foam Ball
  • Magic Hanky
  • Maraquan Kyrii Squirt Toy
  • Medium Sling Gun
  • Meerca Gnome-in-the-box
  • Meridell Tartan Yo-Yo
  • Miniature Sandbox
  • Morph-hog Toy
  • Mynci Superball
  • Nedler Squeeze Toy
  • Neocola Balloon
  • Neopia Balloon
  • Nimmo Gnome Collectable Charm
  • Nose Picking Mynci Gnome Balloon
  • Ocean Crossing Flotsam Board Game
  • Ogrin Sock Puppet
  • Old Box Fort
  • Orange Bori Action Figure
  • Orange Negg Goo
  • Orange Nimmo Keyring
  • Orange Origami Gallion
  • Pile of Bones
  • Pink Flotsam Pull Toy
  • Pink Sandcastle Mold
  • Pink Toy Blocks
  • Plastic Sword
  • Poogle Jacks
  • Poogle Marbles
  • Poogle Racing Game
  • Poogle Spinning Top
  • Potato Yo-Yo
  • Present Blocks
  • Pteri Ball
  • Purple Negg Goo
  • Purple Sand Rake
  • Purple Skateboard
  • Quiggle Squeeze Toy
  • Quiggle Whistle
  • Quiguki Frenzy
  • Quiguki Knitting Set
  • Quiguki Volleyball
  • Rainbow Doughnut Charm
  • Rainbow Elephante Toy
  • Red Grundo Keyring
  • Red Kiko Squeeze Toy
  • Red Koi Keyring
  • Red Korbat Keyring
  • Red Negg Goo
  • Red Nimmo Keyring
  • Red Origami Gelert
  • Red Paper Airplane
  • Red Sandcastle Set
  • Red Vinyl Wocky
  • Reject Cybunny Toy
  • Reject Techo Toy
  • Scorchio Sock Puppet
  • Shenkuu Firecracers
  • Skeith Marbles
  • Skeith Water Balloons
  • Sling Gun
  • Sloth Dartboard
  • Small Sling Gun
  • Smug Bug Bank
  • Smug Bug Board Game
  • Smug Bug Bouncy Ball
  • Smug Bug Figures
  • Snapping Jetsam Bath Toy
  • Snot Kite
  • Split Paper Yo-Yo
  • Stamp Bouncy Ball
  • Stamp Flying Disc
  • Stamp Puzzle
  • Starry Box Kite
  • Starry Paper Yo-Yo
  • Sticky Techo
  • Stone Paddleball Game
  • Sugar Doughnut Charm
  • Super Duper Scooter
  • Tencals Balloon
  • Thyassa Gormball Action Figure
  • Tower-o-Boxes
  • Toy Fruit Basket
  • Toy Sword
  • Toy Train
  • Turmac Roll Yo-Yo
  • Twisted Doughnut Charm
  • Uniocto Balloon
  • Vaeolus Pull Along Toy
  • Vaeolus Water Squeeze Toy
  • Vanishing Dubloon
  • Virtupets Balloon
  • Warf Yoyo
  • Wind Up Faellie
  • Wind Up Tonu
  • Wocky Dartboard
  • Yellow Kiko Squeeze Toy
  • Yellow Mynci Puppet
  • Yellow Nimmo Keyring
  • Yellow Paint Brush Collectable Charm
  • Yellow Paper Airplane
  • Yellow Vinyl JubJub
  • Yellow Zafara Slide Puzzle
  • Zargrold Gormball Action Figure
  • The Earth Faerie

    Kind-hearted protectors of nature, Earth Faeries love to take care of Neopians and make sure that everyone has enough to eat. Find the magic items that these sweet faeries need for restoring Faerieland, and they will grant you various advantages in battle.

    Item she Requests for: Magical Items
    Reward: + 2 Random Stat of your active pet (HP/Defense/Speed/Strength)

  • Fire Jug
  • Healing Potion I
  • Healing Potion II
  • Healing Potion III
  • Healing Potion IV
  • Healing Potion V
  • Lime Elixir
  • Magic Vial
  • Nanka Bottle
  • Nova
  • Starlight Potion
  • Steam Jug
  • Stream of Light
  • Tears of the Water Faerie
  • The Fire Faerie

    Fierce and quick-tempered, Fire Faeries have a reputation for impatience. They hate to be kept waiting when they ask for your help replacing clothing that was ruined in the fall of Faerieland, but if you return with their items quickly, they will make you stronger in fights.

    Item she Requests for: Clothing and Wearables
    Reward: + 2 Movement Strength to your active pet

  • Black Jewelled Collar
  • Blue Bandana
  • Blue Satin Collar
  • Blue Wocky Costume
  • Bow Tie
  • Brown Winter Scarf
  • Cool Shades
  • Embers Boots
  • Eyrie Sweater
  • Fancy Black Belt
  • Flotsam Sweater
  • Flower Purse
  • Hardy Blue Trousers
  • Horned Hat
  • Janitor Bucket
  • Jewelled Collar
  • Mynci T-Shirt
  • Pink Tiara
  • Plain Black Sunglasses
  • Pumpkin Lid Hat
  • Red Pirate Socks
  • Red Satin Collar
  • Scarf
  • Sun Hat
  • Tin Foil Hat
  • Tiny Umbrella
  • Torn Fire Gym Socks
  • Torn Pink Gym Socks
  • Torn Rainbow Gym Socks
  • Torn White Gym Socks
  • Usukicon Y9 Attendee Badge
  • Wellington Boots
  • Woollen Cap
  • Woollen Scarf
  • Yew Wand
  • The light faerie

    Said to be great seers, Light Faeries use simple trading cards to predict the future. But because the cards are fragile, the faeries often need new ones, especially now that Faerieland's future is uncertain. If you help them, then they will help you achieve new levels of power.

    Item she Requests for: Collectible Cards
    Reward: + 1 Level to your active pet

  • 2 Gallon Hatz
  • A Two Rings Crusader
  • Admiral Arvakis
  • Advisor Wessle
  • Alabaster
  • Alhazad the Trader
  • Annual Gormball Championship
  • Antikia Lighten
  • Arnie Hulltusk
  • Aurora the Healer
  • Bacheek
  • Berserker
  • Boraxis the Healer
  • Breadoch Big Foot
  • Captain Dread
  • Chen-Ra Son of the Sun
  • Chiazilla
  • Chimi Magi
  • Choras Tillie
  • Chuffer Bob
  • Count Von Roo
  • Darien
  • Denethrir
  • Desert Flower
  • Doctor
  • Doirn
  • Dreaming
  • Eleus Batrin
  • Erick
  • Feemix the Korbat Scout
  • Fire Paw
  • Flaming Wuzzle
  • Florg the Devourer
  • Flutter
  • Flying Shoyru
  • Frostburn the Chia
  • Fuhnah The Fire Faerie
  • Gali Yoj
  • Gargoyle Troop
  • Geirrod Sternhoof
  • Ghartun The Grundo Commander
  • Giant Grackle Bug
  • Glug Glug Jones
  • Godfried the Good
  • Gog
  • Goldwing
  • Gors the Mighty
  • Gorunda the Wise
  • Grarrg
  • Grarrl Battlemaster
  • Green Scale
  • Grundo Chef
  • Guardian of Fire Magic
  • Guardian of Shock Magic
  • Gutan Kai
  • Hagalugg
  • Haiki-Lu
  • Highland Chia
  • Hubert the Hot Dog Salesman
  • Island Mystic
  • Jake the Explorer
  • Jannen
  • Jelly Chia
  • Jeuru Stripedmane
  • Kalora the Kau
  • Kargrax the Defender
  • Kasuki Lu
  • Keergo
  • Kharlos
  • King Coltzan III
  • Korabric
  • Korbats Lab Card
  • Kraag the Korbat Leader
  • Kyrii Native
  • Kyruggi
  • Lady Osiri
  • Lavender
  • Leirobas
  • Lhika Burrtail
  • Li-sha
  • Liandra
  • Lord Luparn
  • Lummock Sendent
  • Lupe Warrior
  • Luperus
  • Lustra the Golden Peophin
  • M*ynci
  • Magnus the Torch
  • Malkus Vile
  • Meerca Menace
  • Midas
  • Moehawk
  • Mokti
  • Moogi
  • Morax Dorangis
  • Mr Irgo
  • Mrs. Prenderghast
  • Myncha
  • Nadia the Peophin of Love
  • Neopian Tank Patrol 45
  • Neoquest Hero
  • Nereid the Water Faerie
  • Niten Hiroru
  • Otona, Protector of the Seas
  • Plains Aisha
  • Plesio
  • Pomanna
  • Princess Fernypoo
  • Professor Agatha
  • Professor Chesterpot
  • Psellia the Air Faerie
  • Pteri Knight
  • Quiggle Strongman
  • Quiggle Warlord
  • Rayn Trueshot
  • Rhan Tyr
  • Rhiannon
  • Rikti
  • Riyella
  • Rock Beast
  • Rollay Scaleback
  • Ruali
  • Ryshiki
  • Ryshu
  • Samuel No Eyes
  • Sarkif
  • Scorchio Mage
  • Senator Barca
  • Sharpeye
  • Shoonee
  • Sir Cheekalot
  • Sir Wockilan the Brave
  • Slychi the Skeith Invader
  • Solar Fyre
  • Space Techo
  • Spectral Elemental
  • Tehuti
  • Temple Watchman
  • The Archmagus of Roo
  • The Auction Genie
  • The Battle Faerie
  • The Esophagor
  • The Fontaine Sisters
  • The Gate Keeper
  • The Phantom
  • The Stuff Collectable Card
  • The Tooth Faerie
  • Trapped
  • Trrygdorr
  • Two Rings Archmagus
  • Two Rings Warlock
  • Two Rings Wizard
  • Tyran Far
  • Tyrela Softpaw
  • Uggaroo
  • Uggsul
  • Ukkrah the Fire Grarrl
  • Umma Bunga
  • Uncl Tharg
  • Undead Cybunny
  • Undead Grundo Shopkeeper
  • Underwater Chef
  • Usinda
  • Uugbah Sharp Spear
  • Uzarro
  • Velvet Pimpernel
  • Venuquin
  • Wrawk the Merciless
  • Xantan the Foul
  • Xenia, Master Prankster
  • Yes Boy Ice Cream
  • Zafara Hero
  • Zafara Rogue
  • Zephiea Boltheart
  • Zyrolon
  • The Water Faerie

    Wisest of the faeries, Water Faeries guard the ancient secrets of magic, which has given them a reputation for haughtiness. Because they prize all knowledge, they will ask you for books, and if you help them, the Water Faeries will toughen your defences in battle.

    Item she Requests for: Books
    Reward: + 2 Defense to your active pet
  • 1001 Yokes
  • 101 Balloon Petpets
  • 101 Calamari Recipes
  • A Collectors Guide to Snowglobes
  • A Fir Story
  • A Grundo Christmas
  • A is for Aisha
  • Acara Battle Book
  • Acaras in History
  • Advanced Swimming
  • Aisha Book
  • All About Air Faeries
  • Baby Ixi Book
  • Baby Moehog Stories
  • Baby Ruki Board Book
  • Baby Shoyru Book
  • Bad Apples
  • Bass Line Fun
  • Battle!
  • Big Book of Dots
  • Blumaroo Dance Moves
  • Blumaroo Love Stories
  • Bori and the Rainy Day
  • Bori Photo Album
  • Brainy Blumaroos
  • Breakfast Treats
  • Bubble Power
  • By the Seashore
  • Calendar Planner
  • Candle Making
  • Candy Making
  • Care of Chias
  • Caring For Peophins
  • Catch It If You Can
  • Cloudy Wocky Days
  • Connect the Dots
  • Cooking For Kougras
  • Cooking with Corn
  • Corn Art
  • Counting Potatoes
  • Courgette Collecting
  • Crepe Recipes
  • Custom Doll Making
  • Cybunny Colouring Book
  • Cybunny Diary
  • Cybunny Down
  • Cybunny Rules 101
  • Dancing Wockys
  • De-Slorg Your Farm
  • Designer Food Book
  • Dig it!
  • Dont Bug Me
  • Dotty Decorations
  • Drum Making for Drummers
  • Elephante Dreams
  • Elusive Shenkuu Guide
  • Eyrie Style
  • Faerie Tales
  • Fashion with Denim
  • Feathered Friends
  • Fire Pet Guide
  • Flotsam Swimming Lessons
  • Forever Ferny
  • Four Leaf Clovers - Fact or Fiction?
  • From Egg to Feathers
  • Gallion Dot to Dot
  • Gelert Dental Care
  • Gelert On Treasure Island
  • Gelert Paw Reading
  • Glitter 101
  • Gnorbu Explorers
  • Gnorbu Mane Care
  • Gormball Skins
  • Gormball Tips and Tricks
  • Gourmet Cooking For Your Pet
  • Grarrl Comics
  • Grarrl Picture Book
  • Grarrl Power
  • Green!
  • Grooming Your Faellie
  • Grundo Ballet
  • Grundo Food
  • Guide to Lupes
  • Gypsy Colouring Book
  • Gypsy Dances
  • Gypsy Secrets
  • Happy Memories
  • Haunted Diary
  • Heirloom Courgettes
  • History of Dirt
  • History Textbook
  • Home Surgery for Jetsams
  • How to be a Model
  • How To Catch A Cybunny
  • How to Fold Paper to Make It Look Like Stuff
  • How to Make A Pteri Plush Doll
  • How to Make Stationery
  • How to Stay Fit
  • Im Not Angry
  • Ixi Pop-Up Book
  • JubJub Pop-Up Book
  • Kacheek Book
  • Kau Comics
  • Kau Pies
  • Kiko Encyclopedia
  • Kiko Food
  • Kikos Darkside
  • Know Your Collectable Cards
  • Know Your Motes
  • Knowing Moehogs
  • Koi Tales
  • Kougra Tales
  • Krawks I Have Known
  • Learn Social Skils
  • Learn to Fly
  • Little book of puzzles
  • Little Wings Big Feet
  • Loyal Lupes
  • Mainly Mane Care
  • Maniacal Meercas
  • Maps of Neopia
  • Mask Making
  • Moehog Comic
  • Mops Throughout the Ages
  • Mud Pies Dirt Cakes
  • My 1st Shovel
  • My Favourite Food
  • My Garden Book
  • Mystery Island Paperback Book
  • Neopian Culture Flash Cards
  • Nest Builders Manual
  • Nimmo Combat Guide
  • Nimmo Gift Ideas
  • Nimmos
  • Offensive Mopping
  • Orange Mylife Journal
  • Painting Zafaras
  • Poems to Rott Your Heart
  • Poetry For Peophins
  • Pop-Up Skeith
  • Pop-Up Zafara Book
  • Potato Sack Fashions
  • Pretty Peophins
  • Princess in Pink
  • Pteri Battle Manual
  • Pteri Games
  • Quick Reference Dictionary
  • Quiggle Art Book
  • Quiggle Joke Book
  • Quiggle Poetry
  • Quiggle Quotes
  • Quiggle Stunt Book
  • Quiggle Work Out
  • Quilting Made Easy
  • Rainy Day Activities
  • Robin Lupe
  • Robot Days
  • Ruki the Explorer
  • Sad Peophin Stories
  • Sandcastles
  • Sarahs Guide To Neopia
  • Scary Peophin Tales
  • Science Textbook
  • Scorchio Book
  • Shoyru Heroes
  • Shoyru Songs
  • Shoyru Surprise
  • Sick Kyrii
  • Sinister Skeith
  • Slorg Care
  • Snow Architecture
  • Snow Days
  • Speak Moehog
  • Spiky Tales
  • Spooky Stories
  • Springy Gelert Book
  • Squeaky Elephante Book
  • Summertime Connect-the-Dots
  • Super-Cool Toy Magazine
  • Techo Says - The Book
  • Terrific Acaras
  • The Angry Kau
  • The Bucket Book
  • The Chomby Fight
  • The Complete Nail-Care Guide
  • The Eye of the Quiggle
  • The Gelert Diaries
  • The Grarrl Who Crushed Tyrannia
  • The Great Cybunny Theft
  • The Grumpy Acara
  • The Ixi Ghost Legend
  • The Joys Of Shearing
  • The Kau Cookbook
  • The Legend of Count von Roo
  • The Little Book of Cheese
  • The Lone Quiggle
  • The Lonely Elephante
  • The Lonely Grundo
  • The Lost Kau
  • The Macho Kyrii
  • The Magic Paw
  • The Meercas Bad Day
  • The Mighty Blumaroo
  • The Mover
  • The Ultimate Guide to Lucky Charms
  • The Unlucky Blumaroo
  • The Yellow Lutari
  • Top Tuskaninnys
  • Training Your Moehog
  • Ultimate Wocky Manual
  • Underwater Fish Recipes
  • Uni Shoe Tales
  • Unique Unis
  • Usuki Collectors Guide
  • Watch Out!
  • Wonderful World of Gardening
  • Year 3 Calendar
  • Zafara Music
  • Zafara Quests
  • Zafara Trivia
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    Neomail: here
    Name: Jenny
    Username: armormoblie1
    Graphic Maker & Faerie Quest Coordinator
    Neomail: here


    Faerie Quest items of each category are partitioned between Majestic Mall members. The table below illustrates the distribution of incubents.

    Neomail Joyables to reserve any open partitions!

    Air Dark Earth Fire Light Water
    Seven Mike Joy Shelsie Joy (temporarily) Mikey

    The Other Faeries

    These Faeries are not common and request for certain items although there is no list

    Battle Faerie

    Fierce and courageous, Aethia the Battle Faerie wields the Sword of Flame and the Sword of Ice against those who would do harm to Neopia. She also likes watching a good fight in the Battledome and is generous with worthy warriors who bring her the battle supplies that she requires.

    Item she Requests for: Uncommon or rare items (R76-89)
    Reward: +2 HP, +2 Strength, +2 Defense to your active pet

    Fountain Faerie

    Naia is convinced that she has the best job in Faerieland, granting Neopets their favourite colours with a dip in her magical Rainbow Fountain. Her cheerful singing can be heard all day, and she loves to hear the latest gossip. Complete her quest, and she will grant a new paint brush colour!

    Item she Requests for: Rare items (Rarity 94-96)
    Reward: Access to Rainbow Pool (can colour pet to any colour)

    Crafting Faerie

    Delina is not your ordinary Dark Faerie. She'd rather be crafting than casting spells, and she loves to collect interesting stuff from the NC Mall for her stash. Who knows when those odds and ends will come in handy? Delina does! She'll happily give you her latest creation if you help her out.

    Item she Requests for: Neocash Items, Found in NC Mall
    Reward: Wearables, Varies upon item request

    Space Faerie

    The Space Faerie Mira rarely visits the planet that she protects, preferring to defend Neopia from outer space, but she is really rather fond of Neopians. Though she may seem otherworldly, sometimes speaking telepathically, being chosen for her quests is a great honour.

    Item she Requests for: Uncommon or rare items(R81-94)
    Reward: +4 Levels to active pet

    Faerie Queen

    As Faerie Queen, Fyora rules the kingdom of Faerieland with a gentle hand. She is rumoured to be the most powerful faerie alive, but rarely shows her dangerous side, preferring grace and kindness. Though her requests are often the hardest to fulfill, her rewards are beyond measure.

    Item she Requests for: Uncommon or Rare Items (R80-95)
    Reward: +1 level, +4 HP, and +4 Strength for your active pet

    Snow Faerie

    Taelia, The Snow Faerie, lives among the harsh climate of Terror Mountain. Taelia is always in need of spell ingredients. If you pay her a visit she will reward you most kindly for your aid.

    Item she Requests for: 2-4 items, these can be cheap, or VERY expensive
    Reward: Snowball, 1000-2500nps and a random item.


    Illusen lives in Meridell. She has a total of 50 quests to offer you. In the beginning she will ask you for cheap, easy to get items. However, the further you move up in level, the more expensive items she'll want. If you choose to do a quest you have 16 minutes to complete it. If you fail, you will go back to level 1.

    Item she Requests for: 1 item with various prices
    Reward: Click here for a list of rewards


    Jhudora lives in Faerieland. She has a total of 50 quests to offer you. In the beginning she will ask you for cheap, easy to get items. However, the further you more up in level, the more expensive items she'll want. If you choose to do a quest you have 16 minutes to complete it. If you fail, you will go back to level 1.

    Item she Requests for: 1 item with various prices
    Reward: Click here for a list of rewards

    The Grey Faerie

    The unfortunate victim of Jennumara's cruelty, the poor Grey Faerie has lost her wings and with them her powers.Released on 2015 Faerie Quest Event, Baellia the Grey Faerie is requesting items during the event.

    Item she Requests for: Petpets
    Reward: Randomly asks one of the other faeries to bestow their blessing on your active pet.

    The Soup Faerie

    The Soup Faerie is a kind and gentle soul. Unlike the other faeries, she cares very little for her own appearance, preferring to spend her time helping the starving pets of Neopia. Any pet she comes across who is malnourished, whose owner does not have much wealth, will be given free food and a warm bed until it is ready to brave the world. Released on 2015 Faerie Quest Event, the Soup Faerie started requesting for the event.

    Item she Requests for: Smoothies
    Reward: Increases two random stats of your active pet by 2 points.


    Helpful Guides

    Garet's FC Bets Jada's FC Bets Kelly's FC Bets Marie's FC Bets Max's FC Bets Steve's FC Bets


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