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First Agent's Log

From the time of creation I had one sole purpose: To protect.

Gifted with my.... unique harnessing powers, it was fated that they be put to good use.

I was painted baby to hide suspicion from any unknown sources. Which, I believe, will prove to be useful in my ongoing active mission.

My mission is to protect my highest ranking sisters. Aleena, Ro, and Blaze.

In turn, by protecting them, I am abiding to my obligations to Lord Sloth.

With my sisters sometimes being in different places at any given time, it is a good thing that I have the powers of quantum mechanics on my side.

+ Science
+ Collisions!
+ Uranium
+ Particles
+ Hadron Collider!
+ The end of space/time
+ Failing missions
+ Lemons
+ Sticky things
+ Meepits!

This is Electron! She's my pet Pikis. Just like any particle on a sub-atomic level, we go together like peanut butter and jelly! She tends to wear her emotions on her fluffy tummy, so she really can't hide what she's feeling. She's a great companion and tends to follow me wherever I go.

So in a way, she tends to be my protector! I guess even the protectors need protecting sometimes...

This is my family! Not everyone showed up for our photo session so it has to be rescheduled. But here's the first attempt!

If you want to see it larger, drag the image to your address bar or a new tab! You can see everyone so much clearer!

I don't really have any friends. I'm too busy protecting I guess. :|

| Open |

So you fancy roleplay do ya? What luck! My keeper loves roleplay! Send a NEOMAIL her way and perhaps she can work something out. She does ask that you hold to a few rules though:

  • No chatspeak whatsoever. She likes novel format RPs. Allows for more creativity!

  • Quad or anthro doesn't matter!

  • Be literate! In other words, full sentences and all that good stuff!

  • Since *I* the awesome Nutriino can be incredibly hyper. You've gotta realize what you're getting yourself into!

  • Also, Oracle has a life outside of Neopets. So responses back may take a bit of time.But she will respond to them.
  • I have no awards to speak of at the moment. When I get some, they'll go here though!

    BUT we have a family page award!

    We only offer it to pets that Lord Sloth and my keeper deem worthy. You think you qualify? Neomail my keeper with the title "Sloth pwns All" and fill out the form below.

    Your name:
    Pet's Name:
    Why you think your pet deserves to win:

    If it's decided and you've won our award, you'll be notified and be given a link to the true award. This one shown here is only a sample. Got it?

    [I might get my own adoptable set!! I'm so excited!]

    Thank you so much Cat for this stellar picture of me!

    That's my keep right over there!

    You see her?!? That's Oracle! She's really neat for a human. A lot of my brothers and sisters seems to think so. She really loves us Ixi, which is probably why she has so many of us. She's incredibly kind and pampers us a ton!

    She just recently graduated from college with a BS degree in Information Systems Security. She used to hate school... I think she still does, but she doesn't have to worry anymore since she doesn't go anymore! ^.^

    She loves to read books and collect and read comic books too. Action figures and anything having to do with superheroes. She also loves drawing! (I guess that's good for all of us because we're her muses!)

    Um... what else? OH! She likes video games too! Mostly zombie games some other ones and.. OH! Dance Dance Revolution (DDR)! Yeah! She's obsessed. But in a good way!

    Wanna trade links? Go ahead and NEOMAIL my owner Oracle and she'll be happy to put your link up!

    ::The Family::

    ::Silence is Golden:: ::Infectious:: ::Target Acquired::::The Underworld Gatekeeper:: ::Fear's Illusion:: ::Resistance is Futile:: Lord Sloth wants you to... Pretty isn't just for girls... ::Sparkling Waters:: ::Guardian of the Waters:: ::Oracle's Doodles:: ::Positively Charged!::