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Welcome to Stories of Neopia — I hope you'll be inspired and amazed —

On this page, I aim to show you the hard work that many Neopet owners have put in their pets' characters. I hope Stories of Neopia inspires you to make your own characters and maybe even add them to this page!

Note: being inspired by a page is not the same as stealing! These Neopians put a lot of work in their characters and don't want you to steal it! So just don't

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After you've read the rules below, you can mail me the form on the right.


In order to give you the best way to traverse through the characters listed here, I have separated them into several categories. If you want to list a pet, but are not too sure what category fits best, ask me and I will take a look. If multiple categories fit, you can choose the one you like best for the pet.

Rules for listing

Without saying, the pets should be permanent. Furthermore, they should have a petpage, or a specific, well-defined part of a petpage (see for example my page, which has subpages for different pets) dedicated to them and their story. Your page doesn't have to be finished

Rules for removing

If you ever want your pet to be removed, no problem, just let me know. Also, I reserve the right to remove your pet if it no longer has a character (page). If in the future you again have a character (page), don't be afraid to mail.

Change and Transformation — Always staying the same gets boring after all —

The strongest and bravest — These pets are the strongest among all. Some are professional sporters, others are warriors. All are quick to win in a match from you —

Other — Some just don't wanna fit in a box —

Sitely — I hope you've been inspired and amazed —

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