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5/16/09- New adopts!! They are totally awesome, and WAY better than the last ones. They have ipods =D. So go check them out! Oh, and trades are OPEN!!

5/6/09- I haven't updated in forever... been busy with life, and and other things around neo. I'm online alot more than just two days a week now, so I guess I can be considered active again =D. Oh, and I made Nor a new reference sheet, it's much nicer than the old one. With a super cool picture of Norotorr in quad form! Check it out!

4/4/09- I was grounded for a VERY long time due to my bad grades, and report cards came out last week. My grades weren't great, but they were better. No F's! So now I'm allowed on my computer twice a week. Not much... but it's better than nothing. I won't be doing anything serious with Nor though, because I'm going to be super busy with an application for a pet. I know what you're thinking... ANOTHER PET?! Yup, you heard me. So anyways, have a nice day homies ;D

2/7/09- Ok... so I won't be very active for awhile, because I'm grounded and won't be back until march :P I will still be able to answer all neomail though, so feel free to send me some.

1/24/09- New link back button. Not exactly what you would call, 'big news' but... just felt like updating I guess...

1/18/09- Well, it was about time I made some new adopts, so, that's what I spent my night doing! The last template was ICK so I just had to make some new ones. And they are super cute too! Check em' out!

1/12/09- Ok everyone, I'm back from my vacation! Went to Tahoe to go snowboarding, and man was it fun ;) So... yeah. Just letting everyone know I'm back :) Oh, and one more thing. There is also a new picture of Norotorr in the fanart section. Thanks so much Kami! I really ♥ it!

1/3/09- Nor's page wasn't down very long but... hey! It's back up! I was just revamping it, incase you didn't notice. I know the new layout totally PWNS the last one, but I'm not so sure about the text. Just felt like writing different stuff. Anyways, hope you like the new page, I got bored of the last one so I just HAD to re-do it. Anywyas, I'm leaving to go on vacation tomarrow, and won't be back until the 11th. When I get back I'll start updating this page again, answer all neomail, and finish the 'present life' section... oh, and don't steal anything while i'm gone!!

12/24/08- Finally! There is a new userlookup in the graphics section! Hope you use it, it's a nice one! Oh, and there is also a new music code in the music section. It's 'Around the world' by Daft Punk. Just consider those a couple of christmas presents from me to you ;D Enjoy!!

12/11/08- New picture of Norotorr in the fanart section! Thanks, nitefright :)

11/29/08- There is a new picture of Nor in the gallery and stats section. Check it out ;)

11/28/08- Placed 5th in the bc. Totally forgot to advertise, I'll try harder this time. Oh, and while you're at it, care to vote for Nor this week?

11/23/08: Norotorr's in the bc this week please vote for him? Just click on the picture in the 'This weeks bc entry section', thanks! Oh and one more thing. My mom punished me so I won't be able to update this page much for a week or two. I'll be active again very soon.

11/15/08: After so long of being under constuction... I finally finished this page! *applauds*

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These past few weeks have, I'm suprised I'm actually saying this - Great. My life and hobbies are usually so crammed together... friends, parties, gigs, you name it. Heck, my life is always like that. But at least it's that time of the month when it all pays off. I got invited to another one of Furor's parties, and I'm totally stoked as usual. Oh, and guess what else? The Aces and I got nominated for 2008 MTV VMA's best rock video awards. We placed 9th, but that's still pretty chill. But all this good stuff only just started after show my band and I played. It was at The House of Blues... guess we did alright.
Anyways, I hear that in only a couple of weeks, the pre-sale for Vans Warped Tour will start. The scoop is that the tickets will be flying out the booth like hotcakes! Wish the Aces and I had registered into this one, it's gonna be pretty tight. Oh, well, mistakes are to be made.

So I have decided to do something a little different with last weeks interview. To actually answer the questions instead of slam the door in the reporters' faces. heheh... let me just grab my copy of last weeks issue of Alternative Press, and read to you what I had to say. Hope I don't think I sound dumb, now that i'm finally reading it.

Alright... 'page 12, interview with the head of The Ace of Hearts, Norotorr.' Ok, let's get on with it...

Page 12, Alternative Press mag.
Norotorr speaks about life, and occupation

By J.C, Alternative Press magazine

(summarized introduction) "Norotorr, 'Nor' was recently voted Fuse Tv's top ten guitarists...Fuled by Ramen's award winning musician, who took his time to speak with us in New York City. Not suprised as to why his fans are so infatuated by him...outgoing, cocksure personality, alluring appearence."

J.C: Thanks for taking the time to talk with me today, I know how much you dislike the press.

Nor: Yeah, no problem. And I can't hide from you reporters forever so yeah... I guess it's about time. (laughs)

J.C: (laughs) Well, glad I finally caught up with you. Anyways, so how is it being part of The Ace of Hearts?

Nor: It's all good, I've met some amazing people and been to some pretty wild parties, admission free. But it does have its ups and downs, so don't assume that ALL of it's peachy.

J.C: Yeah, I can only imagine what it's like. So is it safe to assume you've never done an interview with our magazine before?

Nor: That's right, this is my first time. I've actually only done a few interviews like this in my entire time in the music business. Like you mentioned before, I'm not fond of the press. But I actually have done a small photoshoot before, don't remember what issue or magazine it was though.

J.C: Really? Only a few? You must really avoid the paparazzi, that's not much. So tell us Nor, hows life outside the industries going for you?

Nor: Actually, I'm pretty big for the paparazzi, I'm always up for posing for the camera. It's just when I'm chillin with my friends or something... that's when the papi gets annoying. Anyways, life outside of Aces is pretty... ummm... boring. Sure I go to night clubs and get together with old friends all the time, but nothing is really, 'going on' right now. Know what I mean?

J.C: Yeah, i'm pretty sure I get it... love life? Would you mind telling us about that?

Nor: Hey, you're crossing into private territories bro. My mouth ain't opening.

J.C: Alright, I can understand that. But... not even a tiny detail or hint? This could be good for our next issue.

Nor: Tsktsk... always about the profit, huh? (laughs) But yeah... I guess I can say this much. I'm single.

J.C: (laughs) Hear that ladies!? Bad boy Nor is single!

Nor: (laughs)

J.C: Alright I'll butt out of you personal business now. (laughs)

Nor: No, it's all right.

J.C: So tell us Norotorr, anything you do to pass the time when your bored? You know, hobbies?

Nor: Actually, I don't do much. I'm probably one of the laziest guys you will ever meet. I usually just hang out with my homies or practice on my guitar or something. And I also do a bit of skateboarding downtown, but, nah.

J.C: Interesting... I've always wondered what celebs do with thier free time.

Nor: I'm not really a celeb but yeah it's nothing exciting I know that much.

J.C: So have you and your band ever done any covers?

Nor: Hmmm... We've done a couple covers, but nothing big that's gone our albums or anythng.

J.C: What about bonus tracks? Not even any of those?

Nor: Nope. We're not much for covers. We write our own stuff.

J.C: That reminds me, who writes the lyrics for your band's music?

Nor: Good question. I do alot of the writing, actually. I've always been good at writing lyrics. But some of the songs are written by the other Aces, when they feel like it. I'm not the only one who's got a talent for it.

J.C: Well, once again thanks so much for the interview, it's always amazing to get to talk with someone like you.

Nor: Yeah, don't mention it. It actually wasn't as horrible as I thought it would be.

End of page 12, Alternative press mag.

Well... what did you think? I'm not so sure about it... I think I sounded kindof stupid. Oh well, it's no big deal I guess. So, interested in reading the rest of this page? Well, if that's the case, I suggest you get to it. It's a pretty big page, and I doubt you have all day.

Before you star reading this page, give the layout a chance to load. It was too big to upload to Photobucket so I uploaded it to Fileden instead, and Fileden usually takes time to load. Just letting you know.

This is how many people who are currently looking at this page!

The perfect stranger

Name: Norotorr
Alias: Nor
Gender: male
Species: anthro gelert
Pelt: dark gray
Eyes: milky green
RP age: 21 years
Parents: devorced
Personality: flirtatious, hardcore, outgoing, friendly, and a bit arrogant sometimes
Hometown: NYC
Band: the ace of hearts
Band position: lead guitarist/vocals
Staus: single

I am the definition of unpredictability, and a perfect example of how not all high school flunks end up flipping burgers or worse, living with their parents for the rest of their lives.
But deep down, the real me nobody cares to look for, is the face of a true nobody, vague eyed and always discontent with what they are offered. I'm one of those guys who thinks they know 'it all' from the back of a cereal box. One who shines but is really starving for something better.
Like I said before, I'm a nobody. But I'm still a little bit overly-confident with myself.... that's what happens when you're part of a band I guess ;)

But hey, I can't help it. It's not my fault that I am the way I am. I used to enjoy life, and play it like a game. Like I had the world on a string, like destiny was mine to control. And all the people around me were as easy to play as my guitar. To put it straight, I was naive. But what can I say. We all are at some point in our lives.

But what changed me you ask? What got me thinking, 'Hey. Maybe fame isn't all it's cut out to be.'? The answer is quite simple really. Growing up. Seeing things, and meeting people. Little things can sometimes have a big impact on your life, you know. It just all adds up. Get what I'm sayin? If not... then maybe you should stick around. You might be able to learn something. Hopefully.


Before I start to dig into this lecture, how about you hear a bit about me first? For obvious reasons I'm not going to give you any info that could be used against me later on, so don't get all excited just yet. I'm just here to tell you about how I grew up... It may be boring, yes, but maybe you will find it entertaining. Whatever.

So anyways, I was born and raised here, in New York City. Westside if you must know. My parents, my older brother and I all crammed our dull little lives into a rather small apartment, and tried our best to all get along. My bro and I got along just fine but my parents, well, they were a terror.
Every chance my father got he'd lock me in my room and holler at me for my poor grades and my passion form music. In his eyes I wasn't 'normal'.
Some days it got really out of hand, and I'd get a good couple of shots to the face or something. My mother wasn't much better, she never did anything to stop it. Eventually I grew tired of my fathers pathetic anger issues and my mother's innablity to stand up for herself. I was seventeen then, and in my book that was more then old enough to move out. So that's what I did.

That's when my life took an... interesting turn. I had plenty of homies that moved out when they were my age, some of them were even as young as 14. But there was a problem... I had no money, and my pathetic side job wasn't enough to supply with a decent enough pay to even afford a small appartment. So I came up with a solution. I would move in with a friend, that is, if I could find one that would be able to tolerate me.

Her name was Zae. So annnyways... when I moved out, I decided to move in with her. She was 18 at the time, and she was a very close friend of mine who came from a wealthy family, unlike me. We were just friends at the begining, but that soon changed when I moved in with her.
She was probably the most beautiful girl I've ever met (aren't they all?). But not only because she was incredible to look at, but there was just something about her... maybe it was the way she acted. Who knows. She was just one of the many girls out there with that 'spark', you know what I mean? Since it was just us living together that small little abode, as you can imagine we were very close. We hung out with old friends, atteneded night clubs and parties, and just got into a whole bunch of trouble together roaming around NYC. It was fun.
We were so passionate for about a year but sadly, the connection we had shrunk down to nothing more than surface level. The conversations we fell into were full of leagues of depth, but still they did very little to expose the real in us to each other.
To put it simple... we just... stopped. I decided to carry out my dreams and take this whole 'rock star fantasy' thing to the next level. I attended the University of New York City, a college of course. And she decided to carry out her dreams as well. We were both all into parties and stuff... so she got a job at one of the hottest pads in NYC. Not quite sure exactly what her occupation was though... something to do with the city... I don't really know what job she ended up with. Because when I went to college, I got my own apartment, and moved in by myself.

Yes, I'll admit it. I some-what regretted it. I missed going out with her to those parties most would kill to get into. I missed most of what I had with her. Anyways, after I went to college to get my degree in the music business, I never really heard form her much after that. Sure we talked once in awhile... but those deep conversations, nights out, and flirting were long gone. But oh well, people come and go. We have all loved and lost. That's the way it works. Besides, I'm over it by now. I've had many girlfriends after her, but I never did as much with any of them... lets just say I haven't had a close relationship with anyone since then. But you know what? I realized something... I did in fact grow close to a few girls... and it would fade away each time just like it did before. But whatever. You always fall back in love with somebody else at some point, and like magic, everything you felt and learned with people in the past vanishes. You tell yourself you can't live without this person, and they're the only one's you'll ever love. But then they leave...you find someone new... and the same exact cycle starts all over again. Quite strange really, the way people are.

Present life

Do you have any questions about my job? I'll bet you do, since I haven't said much about it yet.
When I first started college, I flourished, unlike highschool. And after about year, I already had my masters degree in the music business and I left to go form a band with some of my old friends, who were also into music. Together we formed the group The Ace of Hearts, and we soon got one of our records featured by Fuled by Ramen, an indapendent record label in NYC. We were mosty popular amongst the underground punk rock circuits in Boston, Providence, and New York of course. Wait, why am I speaking in past tense? We still are! We aren't one of those 'featured every month', way crazy popular bands, but we're pretty well known in some parts.
So anyways, I guess I should be telling you about what my life in NYC actually consists of.

Ever heard of Pulse? I'd be surprised if you hadn't-Pretty much everyone has. Pulse's popularity amplifies nationwide, though it resides in this very city. Yup, you got it. The Big Apple. They're a company that circumducts around the social life, and parties and special events in particular. Or how about just the tightest parties that people would kill to get into? Chances are that Pulse is behind it. Well, I'm not trying to tell you I work for them or anything. I'm saying that thier parties are pretty much legendary around these parts, and like everyone else in this city wishes, my saturday nights literally revolve around them. You know, since I'm the head of The Ace of Hearts, I actually sometimes get invited to these parties, admission free. But that's not the only reason I get invited to them. I know one of thier most trusted and requested agents, Exha. You heard me, the one who planned Oprah Winfrey's birthday party. I'd be suprised if you didn't know what I was talking about, it was televised nation-wide you know. Ok, so if you didn't get my drift and you don't know what I do with my life here in New York, basically I do this.

Roam around with friends, and attened some of the most hopping night clubs and parties around.

-Some life... ^^

Likes and dislikes

.the city
.my hoodie
.smart people
.cartoon network

Ask norotorr

ooc: Are there any nagging question you've been dying to ask Norotorr? Well, in that case, just contact alishamae395_4 and ask away! If you want to remove your name, the link to your page or whatever, just say so.

Alli*link removed* wants to know: Hey Nor... why do you play the guitar? Oh and by the way I love your hair =3
Norotorr says: Well... Cuz' I'm in a band and I love music! What kind of question is that anyways? And thanks hun *blows a kiss*

Ameeeeer wants to know: Hey umm, Nor is the guitar the only thing you play? And your guitar skillz Rock My Soxx!!!
Norotorr says: Well actually I play the guitar base once in awhile too, but that's pretty much it bro ;) And hey thanks, I know they do ^_^

Claire wants to know: Hi Norotorr,
It's possible for you to fall in love, isn't it? Coz everyone should have a happy ending, even if it's not the end. So, hurry up! All the good girls will be gone!!!!!
PS: I love your clothes and entire lookup and layout! Your amazing! * sighs romantically even though im not into romance*
Norotorr says: Lol yeah, I suppose *eyebrow waggle*
Btw, thanks schweetheart, romance is my thing ;D

The Aces

Name: Blaze saris
Alias: Blaze
Age: 20
Gender: Male
Species: Zafara
Position: Bassist
Personality: Friendly, Fun, Energetic, Determined, A little overconfident, Multi-talented, Rebelious
Page: Link

Don't know much about him as a person, but as a friend, he's great to have around. He doesn't speak about his personal issues much like I do, but he keeps to himself mostly and I respect that. In the ordinary world I probably would walk right past him on the street - But I gotta hand it to him, he's one talanted guy and he and I formed this band together.




Close to me

Despite the publics current opinion, love is an important part of my life. Didn't used to be that way though, my life used to just be about girls. But hey, it still is ^^. Annnyyways... there isn't anyone in my life right now that I really feel close to... or is there?


Name: Telui

Telui is such an innocent girl... Can't say we have much in common at all, she's a bit shy and never gets into any trouble at all... and well, I'm kinda the opposite :D But hey, she's a great girl and I treasure our friendship. She is one of the kindest zafara's I've met, I just wish I got to know her better.

Name: Exha

Unlike Telui, Exha and I have ALOT in common. Really, alot. Our only difference would probably be our gender. She's got more spunk and edge than any girl I've ever met and she's really fun to be around. Exha's the one responsible for alot of The Ace of Hearts' legendary parties and has planned quite a few of them, many times in the past. She also plans alot of Pulse's parties as well, and lucky for me we're friends, because I get invited to alot of them for being part of The Aces. ^^ We've had some pretty wild times together around NYC ;)


None yet... that I know of at least.

RP status


Ooc: A natural-born rock star, Nor is very flirtatious ontop of possessing arrogance. While he can charm those around him, he doesn't get too much deeper than you may think. Are there actual feelings inside him? Anything... deeper? He doesn't take too many of his relationships seriously, and he can be a real heartbreaker. Just keep that in mind.

Lets just put it simple. He's not interested in romance at the moment... or is he?

Norotorr is mainly played as anthro, but can also be played as furry anthro and MAYBE quad. It pretty much depends on what type of rp you are planning on. Oh, and he is in very much need of friends, and more band members. so if your interested in a rp, just drop me a mail. I never bite ;).


Music is, well... totally rad. It's my life, my love, and my carrer. To be honest, I can't live without it. I'm not gonna explain what kind of music I prefer, but I will tell you this. I don't like too many different types of music, but I love a song that you can just get down to. You know, dance? Now lets get to the part you've been waiting for... MUSIC CODES!! Yeah!! You can get a decent idea of what I listen to from the list below.

~!Music Codes!~
.Keep the link on
.Do not put on you music site or any other site that offers coding
Its not every day you see these codes, so it wont be hard to tell if you've stolen it. There are also other ways to tell as well, but lets just get on with this already.
Requsts:Closed forever. I wont take requests for one reason and one reason only. This is a list of songs that norotorr likes... I'm not gonna put Jonas Bros, Rhianna, or any other songs/artists that he wouldnt like on the list. But if you have an idea or you know the name of a song he might like, I'm all ears :)
Oh and one more thing. When you see this, it means its one of Norotorrs favorite songs. Sorry if it isnt easy on the eyes, it's supposed to catch your attention. And if it isnt blinking, you pressed esc. Refresh the page if you want to see it blink.


*note* some music urls go bad, causing them to break. when this happens, the music code will not work anymore. report broken codes to me, alishamae395_4, and i will replace the code if there are any more working urls for them.
*another note* wraning: some songs may contain explicit content, so use at your own risk! and innaprorite word in the text will be replaced with ****

currently playing
Around the world by Daft punk(full)

Don't trust me(full)(explicit)

All American rejects, the
Dance inside(full)

Blaqk audio
Stiff kittens(full)

First date(full)

Cobra starship
The city is at war(full)

Guilty pleasure(full)

Smile for the paparazzi(full)


Dang you look good and i'm ****(full)

Send my love to the dance floor(full)

Daft Punk
Around the world

David Guetta
The world is mine

Love dont let me go

Dirty south vs. evermore
It's too late(dirty south remix)

Fall out boy
This ain't a scene, it's an arms race(full)

Good charlotte
I don't wanna be in love(dance floor anthem)(full)

Head automatica
Beating heart baby(full)

I hate kate
Always something(full)

Kevin Rudolf
Let it rock

Kooks, the
Do you wanna(full)- by faketheway.org. thanks for letting me use this ;)

Always where i need to be(full)

Killers, the
Mr brightside(remix)(full)

Metro station
Shake it(full)

One republic

Panic at the disco
Nine in the afternoon(full)

We the kings
Check yes juliet(full)

More music codes coming soon.


My artwork. Steal/copy anything here and you will be reported without hesitation and frozen. I know there are alot of pictures here I don't like anymore, but that does not mean you can use them!! I will be just as ticked if you use one I love and one that I hate!


I made quite alot of digital artowrk of Norotorr before these ones. They were just so horrible I'm embarassed to put them up...

Program used:photoplus
Date finished:10/14/08
Full view:drag to address bar

Comments: Ok now, enough of the negativity. Don't you like Nor's cartoon version? I'm gonna make alot of these, because they're awesome, fun to look at, and only take ten minutes to make! I'm probably not going to put every single cartoon version of him I make, because there will probably be quite alot. I'll just put put the bigger ones in here.

Program used:photoplus
Date finished:10/19/08
Full view:errrm... just drag to address bar. i was to lazy to make a bigger version.

Comments: Wow... aren't I getting better? this is by far my best drawing of Norotorr. I put extra effort into this one, to make it turn out as perfect as possible. I also learned some new shading and texture tecniques! I love the quality of this one =3

Full view:drag to address bar
Program used: photoplus
Date finished: 10/23/08

Comments: Alright, how can you say you don't like this one? It pretty awesome :) It totoally brings out Norotorr's personality, and the shading of it is really cool in my opinion too. My brother told me the hand and arm was a bit too big, but that's because it's supposed to be closer up than the rest of his body. I'm just sayin that incase anyone else was thinking the same thing... and about the t-shirt. I know he's usually wearing his hoodie, and I don't really know why I decided to do something different. But he's gonna be wearing his hoodie in the rest of my pictures, so don't think i'm gonna go and change his design. p.s those are cookies on the table. He loves them sweets ;)

Full view: drag to address bar
Program used: GIMP
Date finished: 11/1/08

Comments: I don't really like the way Nor's face looks here... his eyes look funny, and so does his nose. Oh well, everything else is awesome. I got a new program called GIMP, and there are alot more brushes for me to use. Not much more coloring options though. So anyways, I REALLY like the backround alot, and the overall result of this piece. I'm going to be using GIMP from now on, because it's alot better then photoplus, and well, photoplus won't open on my computer anymore for some reason...

Date finished: 11/4/08
Full view: drag to address bar
Program used: GIMP

Comments: I like the pose, shading, and backround of this one. I know I'm starting to kindof overuse the vector city backround a bit, but hey, it looks totally cool :D

Date finished: 11/9/08
Program used: GIMP

Comments: I like this one alot. I don't really like the hand that's holding the guitar, and I see a few problems with his face. But other than those small mistakes, the rest is really good. Especially the pose. I even though it was good enough to go on Nor's layout.

Date finished: 11/29/08
Program used: GIMP
Comments: I took a short break from drawing Nor for awhile, but I've finally gotten a picture of him up. I like almost everything about this one, like the pose, background, ect.

Date finished: 12/26/08
Program used: GIMP
Comments: I like this one too... But it's just another one of those pictures that I'm probably gonna end up hating in a week or two x)

Date finifhed: 12/30/08
Program used: GIMP
Comments: I haven't said this about a drawing in quite awhile but... I love this one! It's so awesome compared to my other pictures and Nor looks really cool =^-^=

Date finished: 1/2/09
Program used: GIMP
Comments: This ones pretty good. The pose is a bit funny looking, but the only thing that really gets to me is his eye... grrr... xD

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Replaced with current layout on: 1/3/08
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.Do not edit ANY part of them(that includes coding, layout, ect.)
.Keep all the credit on
.Do not enter the art in any sort of contest. just because my artwork is on a lookup that i'm letting you use does not mean it's yours!
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