This page is here to inform Neopians about scams everyone should know about. There's an update every time a new type of scam arises. You can neomail me anytime if something comes to your attention that you believe should be added here.


Contrary to what many people claim, no one has ever hacked into Neopets, accessed user information, accounts or usernames. The only means by which a user can have an account stolen is when they inadvertently or intentionally gives away their pâsswörd (reference).

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Cookie Grabbers

Ever come upon a person advertising a site that will help you gain a million neopoints and 5 royal paint brushes by just visiting it? Never believe those sites, they most likely are asking you to give away your personal information. Also, if someone is claiming they've been "hacked," they're probably the victims of one of these.

Always be extremely cautious when visiting sites out of Neopets. Use common sense before venturing out to an unknown URL (that goes for your entire Internet browsing). When prompted to do so, it's best to log out, delete all your cookies and then click on the address to the site. There are people out there who have coded their site to steal your cookies immediately, which puts you at high risk of being "hacked" into.

[How To Delete Your Cookies]
Go to 'Tools' in your internet browser then 'Internet Options.' Once the window pops up, click the button where it says 'Delete Cookies.' A small window will pop up asking you if you truly want to delete them, click 'OK.' Once that process is done (Which usually only takes a minute or less), click 'OK' again.

Deleting your cookies automatically deletes the pages you're logged into, so now there's no record of your pâsswörd in your computer files that can be easily accessed. This also means you'll need to log in again to any site you logged into before.

[Download NoScript]
NoScript is a user script, think of it as a simpler version of a program, you download for your web browser that stops scripts from automatically running when you're visiting a site. Scammers hide scripts in their petpages and outside sites to steal your cookies and thus your Neopet account. By using NoScript, you're adding an extra layer of security. More info on the program can be found here:

Auction Scams

People used to be able make you automatically bid on a cheap item without your consent when the item was worth close to 5 - 1 neopoints. Just to be on the safe side, place all your neopoints in the bank (and your items in the safety deposit box). Even if this scam has been fixed by the Neopets team, there are still random events that can take them away.

Buying and/or Selling Account Scams

Selling your account or trying to buy another person's account is not allowed and anyone who tries to do so will be reported. The same goes for pets. Think about it, if someone truly were leaving Neopets, why would they be asking for Neopoints? Avoid going along with this type of scam because you too can be iced for paying or selling. If you wish to leave Neopets, donate your items to the Money Tree and deactivate your account.

Chain Letter Scams

Those annoying chain letters weren't enough on the boards, now the Neopets team is forcing me to forward them to my neofriends!

The Neopets team will never ask you to forward a chain letter, there is no point and it slows down the database regardless. Same goes for chain letters on the trading post, boards, guilds, etc. This type of scam might not seem like a threat, but should the neomail be forwarded with your username to a scammer later on, they'll acquire usernames of gullible Neopians; people waiting to be robbed of their riches :(

E-mail:Inbox Scams

If you receive an e-mail to your own personal inbox stating you will be frozen if you don't send in your pâsswörd immediately, ignore it and report the email address. Neopets has an official e-mail you can recognize in the header, so if you see anything besides at the top, clearly this is a scam.

  • OH NO! People have found ways to change their e-mail to look like it was sent from Therefore, you must remember to never give away your pâsswörd, even if you think you got an e-mail from Neopets.
  • Email: Changing Scams

    If someone asks you to change your email in your user information for some kind of reward, don't do it! Once you do it they can get your pâsswörd by putting your username in the 'I Forgot My Pâsswörd' box at the login page.

    Fake Random Events

    We love getting these, at least the ones that give us nifty items, so it's no surprise people took advantage of this and started scamming others. In a shop, someone the text and image for the random events, "Something Has Happened!," and adds that you should purchase an overpriced item in their shop for a chance at a paintbrush, Mootix, etc. It's a trap!

    Fake Login Scams

    Make sure when you enter your username and pâsswörd, you are on the official Neopets site! Sites like Freewebs, Angelfire, etc. are obviously not to be trusted with that vital information. Watch out for and also, those are not official.

    Help: Avatar/Flash Game Scams

    I know many people want certain avatars, or want a certain score in a game (I know I do). But no matter how much you want it, you shouldn't give your pâsswörd to anyone to gain these things for you. You will lose your account. Also, remember that if you lend and borrow items to get an avatar, you should have a good collateral to back it up.

    Help: Better Pet(s) Scams

    If someone offers to raise your pet's stats or even paint it the color you've always dreamed of, all for the low price of your pâsswörd... report them right away!

    Help: Watching Others' Pet(s) Scams

    If someone is planning on going on vacation or not logging in for a long time, it doesn't mean they need someone to watch their Neopet(s) for them. There are lodges and hotels available for that if they truly need care for their pet(s) while they're gone.

    Most of the time, they'll tell you that since you just met them, you're not trustable. So they'll need your pâsswörd to make sure that if you steal from them, they can steal from you. This should immediately hint you this is a scammer and should be reported!

  • This also goes the other way. Don't hire someone to watch your pet(s) when you go on vacation or hiatus. Instead send your pet(s) to the Neolodge. Neither should you ask someone to level up your pet on your account. The person agreeing to watch your pet or raise its status will steal your account the minute you give them your info.
  • Instant Messenger Scams

    No staff member will ever contact you through AIM, MSN or any other chat program. Neomail and personal e-mail is their only means of contact.

    Lucky Item Scams

    There are occurrences where people on the trading post claim a certain item is lucky and granted them paint brushes or other rarities simply by holding the item in their inventory. Or they may claim an item such as a Pillowcase holds expensive items inside. That is not true! Do the research yourself before buying into these proclamations.

    Magic Program Scams

    There is no program or file available anywhere on the internet that will help you gain NPs or items, legally. There may be some out there we're not aware of yet, but the users of these programs already have had their accounts frozen from the moment they used the program. Don't accept files through e-mail from strangers or download from unknown websites! Always research and never cheat.

    Neomail Scams

    Often you will receive neomails from people claiming to be the Neopets Staff. They will ask you to send them your pâsswörd so you won't be frozen. The Neopets Team have never asked anyone for their pâsswörd!! Plus, the Neopet staff uses the username theneopetsteam to contact you. If you're asked for neopoints or items, think about it. Why would they ask for that if they're the creators of the site? You can only be frozen by abusing the Neopets rules!

    NeoDrive Scams

    NeoDrive is a feature certain Neopians have that gives them cloud storage for their computer files. Not many people have them, or even heard of them, so this scam is pretty low key. If you are one of the lucky few who has a NeoDrive account, don't give your URL to anyone! Your NeoDrive space holds information on your pâsswörd, so keep it to yourself!

    Pâsswörd Board Scams

    One scam that isn't very known but seems to be somewhat effective is the pâsswörd board scam. A user will make a post on the boards saying something along the lines of, Hey, if you write your pâsswörd on here, it comes out as stars! See! ******! Most likely a friend will back them up to keep up the illusion. Don't fall for that! If you type in your pâsswörd, it will appear in letters.

    Quest Help Scams

    When we're prompted by a Faerie to fetch an item, we are not allowed to use the Shop Wizard. That is when we head to the boards to ask for assistance. Some people have taken advantage of this, by buying the item and overpricing it in their shop for you to buy. To avoid getting scammed, simply wait until someone in the boards gives you the results of the Shop Wizard.

    Rare Item Code Scam:

    There is an option on Neopets where if you buy a real-life Neopets item, you receive a code for the purchase. This code can be used in the Grundo's Warehouse for a rare item on the site. Don't ever attempt to buy a code from someone claiming to have one for sell, they only work once so most likely the scammer already used it!

    Secrets Scams

    People will volunteer "secret" Neopets information in exchange for items and neopoints. There are very few hidden locations in Neopia, and there are petpages that will provide the same information for free, so avoid losing your hard earned NPs and/or items. Not even if they ask for a cheap fee! This only encourages them to continue.

    Sharing Account Scams

    Everyone is capable of creating their own Neopets account. No one should ask to share an account with you because of some problem that they weren't able to register. Don't even give your pâsswörd to close friends.

  • Now there seems to be a never-ending fad of people claiming they are no older than 6 or so, and their parents do not allow them to have their own separate email account. Therefore, they're not able to have a Neopets account. The username they are posting with is a friend's account. Do not fall into this trap.
  • Shop Scams

    Many people will use HTML to create a fake login screen in their shop. Don't enter your information! Always look at the URL to see if you're still on Neopets because if it doesn't start with, it's fake!

  • Personal contests are not allowed on Neopets, and some people are now running them in their shops. Chances are you won't win anything no matter how many overpriced items you buy! Even when innocent people who don't plan on scamming you ask for you to buy items to receive a prize, don't do it either. They should know this is not allowed!
  • If you click on an item in a shop and it takes you to the login screen, do not enter your information! Immediately report the shop!
  • Some scammers were claiming that if you were to click on the "Report Shop" link, your account immediately gets deleted. In order to prevent such a tragedy, you must give these notifiers NPs or items. Don't believe them, that does not happen. All that link does is make a report the Neopets team look into, nothing more.
  • This used to be a widespread problem on Neopets until the staff changed the coding rules on here. This was trickier to notice because of the HTML/CSS manipulation. Some people would place an image of something expensive (a paintbrush) over an item of lesser value (dung), and price it at an unbelievable price. When you actually bought the item, you see Dung in your inventory! Thankfully that seems to have been addressed permanently.
  • Trading Scams

    Do not trade with anyone unless you are using the Island Trading Post. It's there for a reason, so take advantage of it to prevent thefts.

  • Always be sure to read carefully the names of items you're buying and know what they do. There are items out there in Neopia that look alike. A toy that usually costs 10 NP can easily look like an expensive battle item that's worth 10,000, so remember to always check. Many scammers take advantage of the similar appearances to fool newbies.

    Referral Scams

    Clicking on a referral link will not get you a million neopoints or rare items. Point blank.

    Victim Scams

    Every once and a while on the boards you will see posts asking for help because they have just undergone a terrible event. Most likely they're claiming they've been hacked. Remember that Neopets has never been hacked! This innocent victim has either fallen for a scam or is the scammer, so ignore them. If you truly feel they are the scammer, report them.
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