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I'm very lazy bum doing on Nobuki's site.. uh..lazy girl..i mean.. I've been working on blog layouting more than here ever!! Onto news, I decide to change the g.b.'s layout cause it seems to be attracting something a little off what I expected of signing it.. Second of all, I'll do something about my geocities site! (rolls eyes) It's front page is now missing.. .vze is off i guess.. Will change.. That's all for now::

This is by Kai...

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Next | Random | --That's right! The one and only place to gain free homepage (like this one), games, contests, fun, creative things, friends, and much more!! ^_^ Silly, the only thing that I never put down as fav. is now here..... Is this really gonna be official on every Neopet site u come accross? U BETTER BELIEVE IT! ~~

  • Depressed? Places that might catch your interest! (If not......sorry, I'm not a psychiatrist!!)
  • Anipike--The best point for manga/anime fans starting out on their journey! (First hit pt. for me! Maybe for U?)
  • those who love to express their imaginations! (Go see my story located here under title, "CCS:Forever Blossoms"! It's on hiatus though.)

  • SSFANS.NET--Piggy Ho Ho's nicely done CCS page~~!

  • ***Affilites***
    **ATTENTION! Tomogirl feels that there are going to be an enormous rate of Neofriends...... Remember that she might not be able to put every Neofriend up on my site....sigh... It would just make the site too long (even though it's already long enough)!!face>

    My cousin (catchat105)'s site (under construction but it's gonna bloom I hope!):

    **Um note that most of these ppl'z sites aren't worked on xcept my cousin! ^_^Just look at their stats and respect them but don't neomail them just to get them annoyed becuz of their privacy sake unless u hve a reason or permission!

    My cousin's brother (sticks tongue out):
    -puppymania254 (**Mental note:He's lil', young, but....can also be a pain even if I'm not his sister and he's still worth it to chck out cuz hez reeeeal good w/ games!)

    (Digikoko's neopet! Here's her non related neopet anime art site:--very good images!!) UPDATE: She took it down!! No longer running.....T_T

    Shez a close friend and she luvz to play games and games and games and games decide!!

    *********The one who started me into neopetz in the first place and a very strong friend!!! (SORRY PUMA!!!^_^i forgot to add u on!!)

    A friend whoz very polite and nice (so don't spoil her mood!!) ^_^

    A very old yet new friend who I just met this yr. and she actually remembered our first grade class (only class i attended before moving to a different school so go: WAAAW!!)!!!!

    A new friend!! ^_^ Another close one......who keeps thinking my town iz upper class but anywayz.... She also owns a very good anime art site: here!! UPDATE: She took down her site but she left a farewell message for anyone to read...

    A friend of Liz! ooopz, i mean...catchat105! Her school chum i should say.... Catchat105 introduced her into Neopetz first...though...:)

    Our very second encounter with someone who we met with no clue....since he came to us first (by google--lol). He is a good drawer on computer paint and athough he won't admit it.....we'll see!! ^_^ And amazingly, by this point playing at 40 something games in just two months and winning all those trophies are extremely amazing!

    Our first encounter with someone outside of what who we really know but she's OK! ^0^ She's a CCS fan like me..... Go Lis!

    Third encounter..... :D Her shop is really active I believe.... ^_^: More said than done!

    Check out her Shoyru guild! They give away good the guild definitely needs members!! Please help her out!


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    -invalid_words- -invalid_words- -invalid_words- --WAHHHHH!!! NOOOO!! Ahhh.... Well, I changed midi again: The Faerie Woods. It's made hard working by Bjorn Lynne! Finally, a midi I can credit with!