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Name: Hyuuga Nishiue
Nickname: Nish
Gender: Male
Age: 16 yrs
Occupation: Ninja
Registration:# 012587
Species: Lupe (Japanese)
Pelt: Brown

More Stats

Eye Color: White-grey
Birth: July 3
Height: 5'3
Weight: 101 lbs
Blood Type: O
Rank: Jounin
Parents: Dead
Clan: The Hyuuga Clan
Mate: None
Offspring: No way!
Personlity: Collected, Cool, Confident, Genius, Believes that destiny is something one cannot control: it is given to you at birth and not even hard work can change it.

Ninja Stats

Age of hours: 112690
Health: 13
Level: 18
Strength: 24
Defence: 19
Speed: 17
IQ: 20

My Story

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Neji's side of the Story

Neji telling Naruto about the family Cursed Seal in the anime

Very well, I will tell you since you seem to care so much...About Hyuuga's fate of hated!

Hyuuga has a ninja technique that is passed on within the head family.
And that is the Cursed Seal technique.
That Cursed Seal symbolizes a caged bird...and is also a symbol of those who are bound within an inescapable destiny.

One day, I was four...this detestable seal was carved into me with that Cursed Seal technique. That day, there was a big ceremony going on in the Village of Konoha. It was also the day when the Country of Lightning, which had been at war with Konoha for a long thime, had their Hidden Village of Cloud's Head ninja...come to conclude the alliance treaty. But in that event where everyone from Konoha including the Jounins to the Genins participated.
There was one clanwho did not participate.
The Hyuuga Clan.
That day was the long awaited when the Head family's successor there.
It was Hinata-sama's third birthday.
My father, Hyuuga Hizashi and Hinata-sama's father up there, Hyuuga Hiashi-sama, were twin brothers.
But Hinata's father, Hiashi-sama, was born first. A Head family memeber! And my father the second, become a branch family memeber.

Hinata-sama is now three.

When the head family's successor reached the aged of three.
I was engraved with the Cursed Seal, and become a caged bird...
A Hyuuga family memeber.
This seal on my foreheand is not a decoration.
This Cursed Seal is the absolute fear of death that the Head family gives to the branch family.

The secret seal that the Head famiky forms easily destory the branch famikly's brain cells.
Needless to say, killing is easy as well...and this Cursed Seal will only disappear ather my death...and it seals up the Byakugan ability.
The Hyuuga family has the most unique Bloodline Limit.
There are many who are after its secrets.
So, this Cursed Seal means that the branch family only lives to protect the Head family.
It is an efficient system to protect Hyuuga's Bloodline Limit, the Byakugan, forever.
And...that incident occurred. My father was killed by the Head family

One night, Hinata-sama was almost kidnapped by someone.
Hiashi-sama caught up to the perpetrator immediately, and killed him.
He was wearing dark clothes and hid his face with a mask.

Who do you think it was?

It was the Country of Lightning's Head ninja, who had just signed the alliance treaty
It was apparent that they came here to seek the secrets of the Byakugan.
But the Country of Lightning failed in their scheme and ended up with a dead ninja...
So they claimed that Konoha broke the treaty, and made an unfair demand.
Of, course, the relationships between Konoha and the Lightning worsened and a war almost broke out.
But Konoha wanted to avoid a war, so they made a secret agreement with the Lightning.

The Lightning wanted a Hyuuga Head family with the Byakugan Bloodline Limit...
In other words, Hiashi-sama's dead body.
And Konoda agreed. And war was averted.

Thanks to Hyuuga Hiashi's double, who died to protect the Head family...My father!
Death is the only way to escape from this detestable Cursed Seal.

They were twins with almost the same strenght...
But when they were born first and second, their fate were sealed.

Advanced Bloodline

The Byakugan (White Eyes, Evil Eyes)
The Byakugan, literally White Eyes, (or Evil Eye as it is known in the English translations) is a very special condition of the eye that occurs naturally in all members of the Hyuuga clan. While it is believed that the Byakugan is genetically related to the Uchiha clan Sharingan, it is capable of many things the Sharingan is not and as Hatake Kakashi states, in terms of insight the Byakugan surpasses even his own Sharingan.

Used mainly as a taijutsu technique, the Byakugan gives it's user many great abilities including the ability to have a 360 degree field of vision, except for one tiny blind spot behind the first thoracic vertebra, this tiny spot is the only known weakness of this special ability. With the Byakugan activated it's user has the ability to detect anything that moves around them in a 50 foot radius, making the Byakugan a difficult task to fight against. When used with chakra the Byakugan becomes more powerful and can see through most solid matter over extremely long distances and allows it's user to see the inner coil system of the enemy, opening them to an attack on their tenketsu (Chakra Holes) by the hand of the juken (Gentle Fist). Only very advanced users of the Byakugan such as Hyuuga Neji can use the aforementioned juken technique, but when used successfully it can shut off the chakra flow of the opponent which has disasterous effects.

As one of only two known pupil techniques in the Naruto world, the other being the Uchiha clan Sharingan, it is only natural that there are several techniques that can only be used by one who possesses the ability of the Byakugan. These techniques include the Hakkesho Kaiten (Eight Trigram Palms Heavenly Spin) which creates an impenetrable dome barrier of chakra around the user, shielding all physical attacks and is one sure way to defend against the one open blind spot. Other techniques exclusive to the Byakugan are Hakke Rokujuyon Sho (Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms) and Hakke Hyaku Nijuha Sho (Eight Trigrams On Hundred Twenty-Eight Palms) which both make use of the ability to see and strike the tenketsu (Chakra Holes)of the opponent, shutting them down and rendering him unable to use any powerful techniques that involve chakra, and potentially killing him. It seems that while using this technique, the user has the ability to see everything in slowmotion. Only one person has been able to use chakra successfully after such a strike, Uzumaki Naruto, for the sole reason that he has two sources of chakra (His normal chakra and that from the Kyubi) which allowed him to continue in battle using chakra techniques.

Ninja Ranks

A shinobi's rank represents one's experience and power. As your ninja skills improve you'll be given a higher rank.

Academy Student
Becoming an Academy Student is the first step to becoming a professional ninja. Students are taught the basics to become a ninja. Rather than performing missions, all students are trained to master basic techniques and skills. All students enrolled are of very young age. In order to become a Genin, students must pass a comprehensive graduating test. Passing this test gives you all the chance in the world to become a great ninja. It is not very easy to make the cut and many students don't pass. This rank is probably he most crucial stage towards becoming an elite ninja.

The Genin is considered the lowest rank for a ninja. Most Genin's don't perform missions, but train like academy students. Genin ranked ninjas usually perform harsh labor and dirty work. When put into missions; they usually perform D ranked missions. Every Genin is assigned a Jounin instructor. The Jounin instructor helps train the Genin to become a wise and skilled ninja.

Chuunin is considered a medium ranked ninja. Only two Genin's become a Chuunin every year, so becoming a Chuunin is not that easy. In this rank you are no longer and follower, but a leader. Becoming a Chuunin allows you to teach lower ranked ninja's and students. Chuunin's are involved in more significant missions opposed to the ones given to the Genin.

Special Jounins
A Jounin that specializes in a specific area of expertise. Morino Ibiki, for example, is head of the Konoha's Interrogation Unit, which is basically torture. Anko is a Special Jounin because of her familiarity with the recent Village of Sound, which Konoha has next to no information about. ANBU teams, which serve as police and assassination squads, are also Special Jounins

Becoming a Jounin is the highest level ninja you can become; unless you are a Kage. Jounin's are given very intense and serious missions that most of the time include: assassinations. When you become a Jounin, you are assigned three Genins to look over. One part of your duties to help instruct and train these Genins to become great ninjas.

A specific devision of ninjas designed much like the royal guard of the Hokage. This group performs assasinations, escorts, and act as body guards as well for the current Hokage. Kakashi was once an ANBU member himself.

Ninjas who have abandoned their village. As a result, they are marked for death by their village's hunter-nins, who will hunt them ceaselessly until they either die or get their target.

Ninjas who hunt down missing-nins to protect their village's secrets. They are also special Jounins. Haku is an example of a (former) hunter-nin.

Only a few of the highly skilled have become a Kage. Kages are highly respected ninja that perform the most dangerous missions. Usually they hunt down notorious crooks and villains, risking there lives to keep the peace. There is only one Kage per village. When you are a Kage, you are considered the leader or your respected village. You make all the big decisions such as engaging in war or making laws.


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  • Training
  • Saying "Hn"
  • Smirking
  • Being alone
  • Going on misions
  • My comrades
  • Shikunan
  • The Main Famliy
  • Being told that the main famliy is better than the branch family
  • The Clan's heir (which is my cousin)
  • The Cursed Seal
  • The weak/drop-outs


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