Change of Plans!

HELLO! I have decided that I will not close Clarity. I will instead make it a seasonal site that opens right after the end of summer break! I have done this because some people were a little upset with the fact I decided to close all my sites without warning, and also because I feel like Clarity hasn't reached it's full potential as a button request site, and I as a button maker and site owner have not either. I still have not made up my mind if I will bring back Remarkable or not? I do however know that I still won't be fully returning to the site community until the end of summer break in 2014!

Listers & Affies

Since I will be returning in the near future I ask that you please don't REMOVE me, both for affies and listers. I will be neomailing all listers and affies to inform each and everyone of you guys of this! If you do however choose to remove me I understand.

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