hello! nice to meet you! this is moose's application for ixfu!

I was not in any way, shape, or form forced to make this application.

Please be patient while the backgrounds load! I will refer to Ixfu as Fu throughout this petpage.

If I were to make this a full-blown petpage application, this section would probably go something like...

Rustling. A twig snaps.

Footprints. Signs of life ahead of you.

You close your eyes and step forward, out of the shadows of the forest into the light of a meadow. an introductory drabble to Fu's story. But I'm not, unfortunately. Treat that as a teaser of what Fu has inspired in me.

Anyway, for now, this section will be mostly empty. The arrow in the top left corner is the navigation for this petpage. Please use it for your convinence!

fu, the elusive

good luck arrives

star light, star bright,
the first star i see tonight;
i wish i may, i wish i might,
have the wish i wish tonight.

fu's character traits and backstory

fu's future

were he to come home to me.

I hope to adopt him on my main, _moosetracks. Fu is the kind of pet I would customize often; it's only natural I'd want him to have access to my nicest closet. I'd shuffle around my other pets a bit, of course, and send Ishiyau to my spooky side account, nyctoph, and let him take Olyvv's place.

Petpage-wise, I would flesh out his story and character, expanding on the bullets in the previous section. I would also create a variation of this application's layout for him.


This isn't really art, I guess; this is just some sketches of deer, doodling, and coloring that Fu inspired. I don't have confidence in my artistic skill since I haven't drawn in a few years, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to show you what he made me want to create. Please drag and drop into a new tab for full size! (Some of it is a little bit creepy-looking due to my lack of skill. Please overlook that, lol.)


Some of these look better in motion on DTI than they do here, but I can't link to them directly. Instead, I've bordered them in purple and added a hover which may or may not be useful to you. /wink

(moose noises)

about the applicant

Hello! Once again, I'm Moose! I'm not very good at talking about myself, so I'll try to keep things short.

on neopets

off neopets


thanks for dropping by!

Once again, thank you very much for your time, Maria. I had a ton of fun creating this petpage! I know my work and words are more casual than many pet applications out there, and I hope that isn't off-putting to you. I chose to center this app a little bit more around me than around my plans for Fu for a reason. If I were to adopt out my pets as you are, I would choose an owner based on who they are - not their goals or their creative prowess/skill - since I'm picking a person, not the story that they write. However, I'm not in your shoes (and that might've been rude to say, so I apologize if it was). I'm going with my gut feeling that says this is the right thing to do.

All of this is who I am, and I know that this is the best way to present myself and what I feel when I think about Fu. I've sure as heck tried my hardest here, so no regrets! Thank you for this opportunity, and good luck in life, Maria. ^^


some completely unrelated, end-slate corny jokes in the spirit of happiness

Disclaimer: I did not create any of these jokes. You can hover for the punchline on the ones above the line!