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January 8th- Added six items and corrected a minor layout error.
January 7th- I added six new items.
December 16th- Added fifteen new items.
December 13th- Added one new lister and updated stats.
December 12th- Added two new listers, as well as one new Slorg of Fame.
December 2nd- Fixed up the Sitely section. I added a few more plain coloured shirts and pants, as well as a couple of Christmas-themed items :)


Most used Slorg: Pink Slorg
Least used Slorg: N/A
Most used item: White Shirt/Black Pants
Least used item: N/A

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How To

You just have to click on the Slorg you would like to dress up. You can find the slorgs in the "Pick a Slorg" tab; hover over the Slorg to see it's colour. Once you have selected a Slorg, you can move on dressing it. The clothes are organised into areas, and each area is represented by a coloured square with little picture on it. If you hover over each square you can see the exact name of the area. You can only have one item from each area on your Slorg at any time. To remove one item off clothing, just press the "take off" button next to name of the area the item came from, and to take off all the clothes press the "take off all" button.


While it's very highly highly very very unlikely you will ever encounter this problem, if I were to make a typo and write, "z-index: 26;" instead of "z-index: 6;", the result would be a layering problem. If this does happen, I would like to know about it, so if you think you've found a problem, let me know so I can fix it. I wouldn't have even bothered to put this here if it wasn't the only problem you might encounter, so you really don't need to worry about it :)

Slorgs of Fame

This tab contains the awesomest of awesome outfits that you guys make. So please, send me your outfits! Use this form:
Just remember that not all outfits will get in, so don't feel too bad if yours doesn't. Even so, it will still go towards calculating the stats :)

UC Slorgs

UC(Unconverted) Slorgs are there because there's something different about the Slorg's size or body shape which means that some of the clothes won't fit them. I will try to alter as many of these as possible so they can be used, although some may never see a conversion because they're too hard for me to change and still make them look remotely like the original version. In any case, I will leave all the UC Slorgs for your use even after a converted version is available. Here's a list of all the UC Slorgs and what won't fit them properly(Though keep in mind that Backgrounds and Foregrounds can be worn by any Slorg.)

Jelly Slorg: Most clothes will appear too big on this this Slorg, although face items look okay.

8-bit Slorg: This Slorg is slightly too big for most clothes and the outline of the Slorg will stick out, and hats look particularly weird, but you could actually dress this Slorg up if you wanted to.

Electric Slorg: On this Slorg, the clothes are only a couple of pixels out from being a snug fit. Once again, hats look a little strange, but I would consider this Slorg fine for most dress-up purposes.

Checkered Slorg: Almost all of the clothes appear too small or out of place on this Slorg. The only exceptions to this are the bowtie, fake nostrils, fake belly button, spiky teeth, and moustache.

Chocolate Slorg: Once again, hats and eye items don't fit quite right and look quite odd. Belts and pants also look strange, but oddly if you put a shirt on at the same time as a pair of pants it doesn't look out of place. So as long as you avoid hats and put a shirt on the Slorg, it looks fine.

Maractite Slorg: Like the Electric Slorg, the Slorg is only out by a few pixels. The only things that don't fit are hats.

Orange Slorg: The Slorg is too small for all the clothes except ones that don't go right to the edge of the Slorg, though like the chocolate Slorg, putting pants and a shirt on at the same time make it look OK.

Ice Slorg: Being small and a weird shape, I wouldn't recommend using this Slorg as hardly anything will fit, but neck items work, so does the shirt-pants thing.

Plushie Slorg: This Slorg is too big, but belts, neck items, glasses, and face items all look OK. Hats kinda work too, but only kinda. They do look a little bit weird.

Faerie Slorg: Eye items, most face items, hat, and neck items all fit, but not much else.

Tyrannian Slorg: This is a bit too big, but only a little. The more obvious reason this Slorg is unconverted would be in the tusks and hair. Face item don't fit. Hats are a teensy bit out-of-place. The Slorg's outline sticks out the bottom. Jackets and neck items look good, though.

Maraquan Slorg: Nothing fits this Slorg. Literally nothing.

Mutant Slorg: Once again, nothing fits this Slorg.

Custard Slorg: Pants and shirts and jackets and skirts don't fit. Hats and eye items and face items don't quite fit, but are close enough to use. Anything else not mentioned fits. Simple, eh?

Strawberry Slorg: Hats won't fit, eye items are in a weird spot, and there's a strange bit of outline sticking out the bottom-left corner of the Slorg. But that's all that's wrong.

Dung Slorg: The evil eyes don't really fit, and hats are out by a tiny margin. You'll also get bits of the Slorg's outline sticking out all over the place.

Sketch Slorg: This Slorg is an interesting shape. Eye items fit, but not hats. Shirts work on their own, but if it's pants or a skirt on the Slorg you'll have to add a shirt to go with it so it it doesn't look strange. Also, make-up looks really weird because of the Slorg's colours.

Eventide Slorg: This Slorg is way too big for all the clothes except face items(Some of which are hard to see 'cause of the colours.), neck things(They sit a bit closer to the mouth than usual.), and hats and eye items look OK too.

Water Slorg: Neck items fit, face items kinda fit, hats kinda fit. That's about it really.

White Slorg: Exactly the same as the Water Slorg: Neck items fit, face items kinda fit, hats kinda fit.

Zombie Slorg: I was surprised by how closely most of the more head- and face-orientated items fit. Hats look wonky on the left eye, but they fit perfectly on the right; glasses look fine; the moustache kind of nearly perfectly fits, and so do the fake nostrils.

Robot Slorg: Pants and skirts almost fit, so do hats. Apart from that... not much else, though things fake belly buttons and moustaches fit. By the way, someone spent ages making this Slorg's eyes transparent... I wonder who that was? ;)

Darigan Slorg: The fake nostrils and the moustache are the only things that even remotely fit.

Gold Slorg: Everything except face and neck items look too big or out of place on this Slorg, though glasses kinda work.

Slorgs of Fame

Only the best of the best get to go here.

*Where background is unspecified, any background will do.*

Cool Slorg- by liammatey
Afro, Tuxedo, Black Pants, White Shirt
Black Slorg

Zombie Slorg- by aliceygirl
Evil Eyes
Grey Slorg

Farmer Slorg- by yandix
Green Background, Pink Belt, Flowery Sunhat, Green Jacket, White Shirt
Pink Slorg

Important Slorg- by aliceygirl
Tuxedo, Orange Necklace, Black Miniskirt, Fancy Purple Dress
Pink Slorg

Formal Slorg- by gracejiau
Beach Party Background, Monocle, Moustache, Signed Photograph Foreground, Top hat, Tuxedo, Bowtie, White Shirt, Black Pants
Red Slorg

Pick a Slorg

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Converted Slorgs

UC Slorgs

Dress My Slorg!

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Background take off

White Background
Blue Background
Green Background
Pink Background
Funky Rainbow Background
Funky Rainbow Background(Animated)
Swirly Autumn Background
Beach Party Background
Springtime Background
Blue Faded Background
Top of the Mountain Background
Wintery Background

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Belt take off

Pink Belt
Brown Belt

Altador Cup Belts

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Altador Cup Belts take off

Team Altador Belt
Team Brightvale Belt
Team Darigan Belt
Team Faerieland Belt
Team Haunted Woods Belt
Team Kreludor Belt
Team Krawk Island Belt
Team Shenkuu Belt
Team Lost Desert Belt
Team Maraqua Belt
Team Meridell Belt
Team Mystery Island Belt
Team Roo Island Belt
Team Terror Mountain Belt
Team Tyrannia Belt
Team Virtupets Belt
Team Kiko Lake Belt
Team Moltara Belt

Other Belts

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Body take off

The Almighty Sock
Fake Bellybutton
Zipper Pyjamas
Body Tatto

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Eyes take off

Evil Eyes
Purple Sunglasses
Nerdy Glasses

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Face take off

Fake Nostrils
Spiky Teeth
Clown Nose

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Foreground take off

Jail Bars Foreground
Signed Photograph Foreground
Bubble Foreground
Snowglobe Foreground
Blizzard Foreground

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Glows and Slimes take off

None yet!

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Head take off

Top hat
Viking Helmet
Flowery Sunhat
Santa Hat
Party Hat

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Jacket take off

Green Jacket
Simple Blue Cardigan
Checked Shirt
Embarrassing Knitted Sweater

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Neck take off

Orange Necklace
Lucky Shell Charm
Red Collar
Wooly Scarf

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Shirt/Dress take off

Flowery Dress
White Shirt
Fancy Purple Dress
Black Shirt
Pink Shirt
Yellow Shirt
Green Shirt
Blue Shirt
Orange Shirt
Red Shirt
Purple Shirt
Brown Shirt
Grey Shirt
Snowflake Shirt

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Skirt take off

Black Miniskirt
Patterned Skirt
Grass Skirt
Pretty Black and White Skirt

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Special take off

None Yet!

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Tail take off

Black Pants
White Pants
Swirly Rainbow Tights
Thin Brown Tights
Yellow and Orange Checked Pants
Pink Pants
Green Pants
Yellow Pants
Blue Pants
Orange Pants
Red Pants
Purple Pants
Brown Pants
Grey Pants

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Wings take off

Butterfly Wings

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