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Welcome to Jewel, a high quality graphics request site. This site is designed and maintained by me, Jewlz. Jewel originally opened in 2013, but revamped and re-opened on January 1, 2014. Here, I offer a variety of requestable content, and I strive to bring you THE best! In addition to graphic requests, Jewel also has several family sites to help create your perfect graphic. You can find links to them below.
Augment Bejeweled Bejeweled Tutorials Bijou Element The Popsicle Stand

If you need to contact me, you can do so by neomailing me. Please re-send your neomail if I don't respond within 3 days. Your neomail may go unnoticed as I get a lot of messages.


  • January 29.2019
    I have a handful of requests to work on since I accidentally left requests open over the weekend. I'll wrap those up over tonight and tomorrow. requests are now closed for everything.
  • January 22.2019
    I'm not too sure if clarification is needed- but only button requests are open. There is a request status in the rules section and it does state on the layout request page that requests are closed. I am not taking layout requests at this time.
  • January 18.2019
    I've received a few welcome back messages, thanks so much for those! I've also received a few requests, however only ONE had read my rules correctly. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, read my rules thoroughly before submitting your form. Any incomplete requests are ignored(and deleted). I know it may seem like a hassle to read them, but it's the one thing I ask for in return for potentially hours of my free time. I still have open button requests.
  • January 16.2019
    My apologies for suddenly disappearing. I had family drama/ work/ personal issues that needed to be tended. I am back with open button requests for now. I may open layout requests this week or next. Since I was wanting to start clean, all old pending requests have been deleted(sorry!) and I have made this adorable new candy girl layout. Hope you like it!
  • Please read the rules.

  • credit. Keep the attached credit or link back at /~Nessa_Saralonde.
  • Please do not edit or alter the graphic image. You may edit the coding.
  • Only one layout request per week. You may request up to 3 buttons at a time.
  • Any theft is not tolerated. I will report you. If you have read these terms, please put 'candy' somewhere in your request form. It will be ignored otherwise.
  • the current request status is listed below and in my update section. Please do not send in forms if the status is closed. The layout request page shows each layout type request status above the form. If it says closed, requests are closed.

  • requests are closed for: everything

    Some Helpful Tips

  • Have an idea in mind. Before you request, try to get an idea of exactly what you are looking for. Providing examples and images will ensure your graphic is exactly what you desire.

  • Don't have any ideas? That's okay too. You can fill out just the basic info and have me make all the choices. You can get a pretty fancy custom graphic this way.

  • Check for size and quality of the images you provide. If they are too small or pixelated, they may not be able to be used on your graphic. You can check out jellyneo or dr sloth image emporium for images or check the sites below for images you can use:
    Bijou Aroma Details crater theme images caption contest

  • request a button request a layout view my portfolio for ideas? ✩

    ✩ - external link

    requesting a button?

  • The less words the better. Too many words will clutter the button considering its small size and could result in lower quality.
  • Make sure you choose a good quality image for your button. These are super tiny, so not all images will work.
  • please note: not all of these borders are compatible with certain images and animations. If you choose a more complicated border, I will select an animation that will work in that space and vice versa.

  • button borders

    I have 56 premade borders to choose from. I also occasionally do original borders for those who don't mind me choosing for them.

    button animations

    These are some of the animations I can do. I sometimes do original animations for requests that leave it to my choice.

    button request forms

    before you submit your form, please make sure you have read the rules and filled your form out correctly. You can choose to make a custom request with options from above or you can leave all the choices to me.

    custom button request

    makers choice request

    requesting a layout?

  • Layout type. There are many styles of layouts ranging from: anchored-fixed, anchored-scrolling, continuous scroll, continuous scroll-fixed, and linear(image map). Be sure to choose what works best for you. You can browse my portfolio to see what I have done.
             ↪ Anchored (page can scroll. has in-page anchors). Fixed (no scrolling. has in-page anchors). Linear (can be anchored or fixed. navigation is image mapped meaning it cannot be edited.)
  • I prefer to not do layouts using 'fandom' material such as LOTR, HP, TV. I find the images hard to work with, resulting in poor graphics. I will work with art, PNGs, anime and neo-related images.
  • petpage : closed


    userlookup: closed

    Pick up your request.

    Thank you for requesting from Jewel! You can pick up your request below. It will be listed under your name. If you'd like to preview your graphic, you can click and drag the image into the address bar, or use the link that I sent to you via neomail. Please only take your own graphic!

    Graphics remain on this page for one week, before being moved to my portfolio.

    Buttons Layouts

    did you love your experience and work from Jewel? If you have a moment to spare, why not leave a rating for us over at Refresh. Much thanks in advance to anyone who leaves a rating!
    ~ jewlz

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    Want to collaborate?!

    Made a graphic layout that you need coded?
    Or want to code your own layout but not good at graphics?

    why not collaborate with me?

    I am totally up for any ideas if you are wanting to make something together. Whether it is a graphic, layout, site, art.. just send me a neomail explaining your proposal. c:

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    Site Credit

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  • Link back buttons link to their makers.
  • button border sheet and animations by me.
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