The Mysterious Cave

You have entered a cave. Many light blue crystals shimmered in the dim light, giving a glow of some sort. As you drew near the crystals, the ground begins to feel cold...No, the entire cave began to feel cold. It was colder than a snowstorm, so cold, you began to grow numb almost right after you stepped inches away from the crystals.

The crystals began to glow with a more radiant aura as a small scraping sound filled the air. You look around for the source, but couldn't find anything. The sound grew closer, and you could barely see now due to the now-shining crystals laying around. You begin to open your mouth to speak, then was caught off guard by an angry sounding voice.

Who are you?

A shady figure comes out from behind the largest crystal in the cave, glaring at you with piercing, red eyes, and stops next to you with its hands raised for an attack.
You shudder at the dark tone and try to speak again, but are too scared to introduce yourself.
WELL? the figure demands, raising it's hands more. You glance at the crystals and saw that the figure was draining the light from them and into its hands, apparently charging up for a powerful blast of some sort. As the light dimmed, the air around you grew slightly less cold and you finally spoke up.
I-I-I'm...doominations. I-I'm sorry I've...D-Disturbed you." you stammer, shivering due to the remaining chilly air, "I-I didn't mean t-to...C-Come here."
Humph. Says YOU." the figure snorts, now revealing its identity: A tall, slightly muscular humanoid wearing a mask on his (or was it "HER"?) face, showing only the glaring red eyes and flowing, light purple and aqua blue hair from underneath and behind, "YOU say that you've never meant to come here, but you know what? EVERYONE says that they didn't mean to come here! Do you take me for a fool? Do I look THAT stupid to you?"
N-No...Y-You don't!" you answer, still trying to warm up from the sudden freeze in the cave, "I-I d-didn't know...That someone lived here!"
The being lowered his (you could tell now that he was indeed a guy from the sound of his voice) hands slightly and loosened up his fighting stance, then flipped his hair back and replied coolly, "Well, now you do. So GET OUT!"
Despite the beings remaining anger, you wanted to stay around more and learn more about him, and asked, "W-Why can't I get to know you since I'm h-here?"

The being glances at you, the anger in his eyes vanishing a little, and flicked a piece of hair in his face, answering, "Fine. Seeing that no one ever really cares about who I am, I could tell you...If you can stand the cold!"

The Icy Cold Wizard

* Name: Neojyn, Spellcaster of Ice (formerly known as Neo Aqua Madoor)
* Alias: Neo
* Gender: Male
* Age: Unknown; Has been forgotten for years
* Race: Humanoid, spellcaster
* Homeland: Mystic Kingdom; World of Madoors
* Height: 6'1 ft.
* Weight: 95 pbs.
* Powers: Ice/Water magic, summoning water creatures, creating ice barriers/water barriers, change temperature to suit own needs, weather change (only to rain and snow) and control, creating natural disasters related to rain/snow, absorb water/ice attacks for health/power, instant destruction against fire enemies
* Likes: Water, ice, rain, snow, cold temperatures, dark caves, crystals, icicles, power, aquatic minions, being king, Leviathan Dragon
* Despises: Heat, the sun, hot weather, fire, lightning, earthquakes, droughts, weakness, cowards, the kingdom once lived in
* Personality: Power hungry, cold, dark, vengeful, self-defensive, low tempered, protective over crystals, regretful of the past, bad-mouthed

My Past

Neo took you over to the back of the cave, of which had more crystals laying around to light the area, then said, "These tell the legends of my homeland, as well as the many battles fought by me and my kingdom."

Chapter 1: Legendary Creature Sought
We have found a mysterious creature that may have relations with the legendary "Leviathan" while searching for treasure. Its location shall remain unknown to all those who read this, but we feel that this monster could be dangerous even for the fully prepared warrior, thus it is best that we not give location.

Chapter 2: Creature Confirmed
This monster has been seen once more by local fishermen, and have confirmed that this is not just related to Leviathan, but IS Leviathan itself! We have yet to hunt down this beast, but we have Archers on watch in case it comes close.

Chapter 3: Creature Attacks
Leviathan attacked our village nearby, ridding of many of our Archers and experienced warriors. We have sent backup Spellcasters to hold off the beast, but have not had much success. Leviathan is a dangerous force, even for our most advanced magic.

Chapter 4: New Threat
Many of our people have died, others are now homeless. Leviathan has destroyed too many of our kind. Our most experienced Spellcasters have fallen before the beast, leaving us with our trainees and newest wizard, Neo Aqua Madoor.
Dark World threatens our kingdom. Our attempt to capture Leviathan has been delayed in hopes of preventing more deaths or total destruction of our kingdom.

Chapter 5: Battle
Dark World attacks us, leaving us no choice but to break into war. Neo Aqua Madoor has proven himself stronger than any of the other trainees, despite his trouble along the way. He is a powerful spellcaster, but even he could fall before the legendary Leviathan. Maybe if we're lucky...

Chapter 6: Betrayal
Neo Aqua Madoor overpowers Dark World and strikes down the Mad King and Warlord, but seems to have trouble now. He seems troubled, trapped between sides, and is now...Turning against us??
His powers are too much for us, and we can't hold him back. He's destroying everyone, now possessed by some sort of evil...And we cannot stop him. He's not holding back, and it seems that he won't stop until he accomplishes his desire...Whatever that is.

Chapter 7: Wars End
Neo Aqua Madoor has ended the war. Both Dark World and our kingdom have fallen in defeat...No, the Dark World has fled. WE have fallen in defeat. His powers are too much. He has betrayed his kingdom, and he must be banished...Forever.

Chapter 8: Banishment:
Neo Aqua Madoor has been drained of his powers and has been sent away for good. He threatens us as he leaves, but his words mean nothing now that his magic has gone. The King is furious, and as we began to clean the remains of our kingdom, we all become angry as well...But perhaps not as angry as the Betrayer, Neo...

Chapter 8: Neojyn Returns??
Years after the banishment of Neo Aqua Madoor, we catch another glimpse of the legendary Leviathan...With Neo Aqua Madoor on its back! We are greatly fearful of the combined forces and what they could possibly do to us and our village, and order an evacuation. The homeless and children must be kept safe, and from the look in Neos eyes, we were in greater danger than before.

Chapter 9: Neojyns Revenge
Leviathan is totally obedient and loyal to Neo Aqua Madoor, and creates a tsunami to wash away our summoned warriors. Neo is in our village, now calling himself by a new name: Neojyn, and proceeds by yelling threats and using spells against anyone who opposes him. He has been through a drastic change, in both appearance and magical experience. We can only hope to survive this vicious monsters attack on our kingdom...

Neojyn has finished off everyone, including the evacuated homeless and children, and even our King. I am the only one left, and have been fortunate enough to evacuate before he or Leviathan struck. Neojyn has taken over the kingdom and permits no entry. I will not be able to go back, but will try to watch over the palace-or its remains, to be exact-from an airborne tower miles away. Revenge has brought joy to this terror and I can guarantee that he will only seek more as long as he knows that there are survivors...

Restored Replicas

Neo takes you to some ice sculptures and paintings that were laid around the cave and gestures toward them, saying, "These are pieces of artwork done in my honor. Feel free to look, but if you dare touch them, you will pay."
You look at them and could sense the power shown in the many pieces, almost as if they were alive...

By Dusk:

Drag and drop for full view!
My former form drawn with some odd background...I don't recall ever being here, but I wish I was back where I belonged.
Yes, I was a huge swear-a-holic back while I lived in the Duel Monsters' world...I still am, actually. Be glad I'm not allowed to be this way around you.
Ah, a hidden form of which you've never seen before revealed! Even as a half-snake, I can still whip up some dangerous snowstorms!
If you see me in this form, it'll be for 'special' reasons.

By others:

By Wicky (55greyhat55).
By the awesome Shade (mucka33)! The long wait was well worth it! x3
Cute sketch of Neo without his mask, lol! By Marble (wuvvy_snoozy)! x3
By the cool Kit (kitnova)! First pic of Neo with his Hissi zap!

Yes, and I mean it. Done by Emily (emily_chloe).
Heh, I bet you're jealous of my ability to change the weather! Awesome work done by bedbugz.
Back off or I WILL freeze you! Done by Kandi (iskream).
A pretty sketch of me done by Kittie (lilkittie080). Much appreciated!
An awesome animation of Neo's Hissi form, done by Kyra (theladyminka). Thanks so much!
Another awesome piece done by alexahurst. I'm ready to cast a spell on you, heh!

My Little Brother, Maddie:

So it seems that Dusk has been seeking art of my brother, Aqua Madoor, as well. He is sometimes a huge pain, but when we duel together, we can become a formidable force to behold.

Spellcaster Minis:

An adoptable of me done by Shii (the_shii).

Monstrous forms:

Neo shows you some monsters that are lurking around the surrounding crystals and informs, "These are my forms shown in your precious world of Neopia. I'm rarely ever seen in them, however."

Template by smokepearl, edited by usukibby. Thank you.An adoptable by Kit (kitnova)! Thanks so much!

Basic Neopets:
All the phases I have been through in YOUR world...All that matters is that I'm still the strongest being in my kingdom.

Phase 1: Green Zafara

Phase 2: Red Hissi

Phase 3: Halloween Hissi

Ice Sculptures:

The frozen beings I have enslaved are stored here...I have found them under other people's control, and I brought them here to their rightful place. In your world, you COULD say that I am someday destined to become this way as well...But that will probably NEVER happen.

These are only Ice ones, not Snow or Water (although Neo will probably be Water if I'm lucky to get the PB). THESE ARE NOT MY ADOPTABLES; LINKS ARE GIVEN TO THOSE PROVIDED WITH THEM!


Neo finally takes you back to the caves entrance and lays something in the palm of your hand. You look up at him, taking notice of the slight joy in his eyes, and smile as he says, "This shard can teleport you from here to your world and vise-versa. Feel free to use it as much as you please, doominations."

You nod and hold the shard carefully in your hand, then teleport out of the cave...

Other Worlds?

Listed on:

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I want to stay on Neopets,
where the dangers of
Meepit invasion
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It is a journey
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I want to stay on Neopets,
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