Encee's Guide to Style.

Bulletin Updates

07/20/13 - Hello fans and NC members who use this wonderful guide. I'm sad to announce that Sunny (hzoo_26) is leaving neopets, and in doing so has entrusted me with Neocash and this guide. I will do my best to keep her wonderful guide a useful thing for all neopians, though I am very very sad to see her go. Hopefully this guide will continue to be the wonderful, helpful, and very thorough guide it has always been.


I've always been a stylish person. Ever since I was born, I've found ways to look beautiful and still stay within the budget that I've been given. Of course, when you live in the slums of Neopia Central, that budget can be pretty thin.

My name is Neocash, that's my formal name, really. Although I'm normally called Encee. I'm a white kacheek who was propelled from the slums to a life of modeling, designing, and now, helping others find their sense of style. I'm a kacheek who's fully against looking like everybody else, and about finding original customizations that fit within your budget, and reflect who you are.

Of course, this page isn't for you owners, no, no, it's for your pets! It's here to help them find their true inner beauty, even if they think they are the ugliest pets in neopia! Spend any amount of time with me darling, and you'll soon have the basics of style down to a T!

My Mission

My mission darling, is to help you as an owner, customize your pets better, using original, stylish, and fun customizations that match your pet's style, and use the resources you have, no matter how limited they are.

I, Neocash the Kacheek, hereby promise to help you find ways to express your pet's personal style. I shall use all of the tools, experience, and knowledge I have to help you.

I understand that not everyone has access to the Neocash Currency, and I understand that not everyone is a Neopian Millionaire, and my goal is to help pets from all sorts of owners, with all sorts of different situations, find a look that's right for them, that doesn't cost too much for their owner.

Oh, and one more thing visitor. This guide is about originality, and about expressing your own style. Now, I've given you tips, but your style is the most important part of this guide. I'm helping you learn how to customize better, but how to make your customizations your own is up to you.

Now, you may not want to be an original person, you may like copying other people's customizations, or you may just not think customizing is for you. My only request, my dear visitor, is for you to go through this guide willing to try new things.

This guide is also somewhat based on my own opinion. Everyone who writes anything of substance, ether a short story, guide, article, whatever, has an opinion. Sometimes one can limit theirs, sometimes not. And in this case, this guide does have some of my opinions in it. Once again, this guide asks that you have an open mind, and just be willing to try some of the methods I have outlined. I know not everyone will agree with me, but that is the beauty of an opinion, it only belongs to one person. In this case, Neocash the Kacheek. ;)

Who is this for?

A wise person once said, there are three types of people in this world, those that can count, and those who cannot. But seriously here, there are three major "groups" of customizers. And all three of them can normally be found around neopia. Most everyone falls into these three groups, if you do not, well, you're a special case. Haha.

I am not against or intending to demean, offend, or slander any group below. I'm trying to make sure that all are spoken of in a positive light, but sometimes, I just don't communicate stuff well. ~Encee

The first group is the Character Customizers. They are normally people who give their pets characters, or role-play, or something of the sort, and they customize their pets based on that character. For example, my owner Sunny, is a character customizer. She customizes her pets (mostly) based off of their characters she's given them, however that never stops her from putting other customizations on us. Haha. Character customizers are usually very specific on what kind of wearable items they are looking for. Because they have to make sure that every item they trade for fits that pet's character.

The second group are the Elitists and let me say, I am saying this in the nicest way possible. I'm not saying anyone in this group is snobby, or rude, or anything, but there is a reason I used that word. Elitists are users who really think of customization as a way to "show off". It's not a horrible or snobby thing to do, I mean, almost everyone likes to show off in some way. I sure do. Elitists prefer to go after all of the "high end" and "expensive" neocash and NP wearables to put on their pets. Items like New Years in Faerieland, Attack of the Revenge Background, Mini Monster, Shooting Novas, and other items. Now, I'm not saying that everyone who goes after high end items is an elitist. I'll show you a picture of myself dressed up in an "Elitist" customization to prove my point. ;)

A "Cap" is one 250NC mystery capsule, and for future notice, this was done in Dress to Impress. I don't own these items at all. ;)

Break Down of the Cap Cost of this Customization:
Mini Monster 250-300+ caps
Fish Shield 180-210+ caps
Butterfly Dress 35-40+ caps
GMC Lulu Wig 90-110+ caps
Golden Nutcracker Gloves 30-35+ caps
Attack of the Revenge Background 200-250 caps
Quest for Knowledge Boots 60-65+ caps
Shooting Novas 75-90 caps
Skeletal Face Paint 45+ caps
Balthazars Bag of Bottled Faeries 320-360+ caps
Altador Cup V Benchwarmer Badge 120-150 caps****
Brilliant Yellow Faerie Wings 15-18+ caps

****Benchwarmer Badge's Value is the last recorded value I have for the item. Currently there is no listed value for the item on any value guide, as it rarely trades because of it's high value.

Minimum Cap Value: 1,420 caps
Maximum Cap Value: 1,673 caps

Minimum Approximate Value in Neocash: 355,000 NC
Maximum Approximate Value in Neocash: 418,250 NC

Minimum Approximate Value in American Dollars: $3,550
Maximum Approximate Value in American Dollars: $4,182.50

***All values approximate, and subject to change****

So, in conclusion about this group. Elitists are not users who go after high end items because they are pretty. They go after all of the high end items to stick them on their neopets as a way to show off, no matter how awkward or crazy it looks on their neopet. Once again, I stress that this is not a particularly bad thing, as almost everyone has some form of showing off on this site.

The last members of this group are the General Customizers. These are users who just customize to customize. Their goal is to make their pets look good, and to have fun doing it. General Customizers are really all about style. They don't have a limit or any restrictions to what they can put on their pet, so they just go for it.

So, who is this guide for? This guide is mostly for Character Customizers, and General Customizers. Elitists are going after a group of items that are hard to find, and they know what they want when it comes to fashion. This is for those who want to customize better overall, not show off how many rare items they have, or to just go after the high end stuff. Once again, not saying it's a bad thing, it's just that I personally am not an elite sort of kacheek.

Customization Basics

This is a section for people who have never, ever, ever, customized. This will explain the basics of customization for them. So if you are an older player who knows this stuff, you can skip this section. ;)

Ok, so what is customization? Customization is a term used to describe the art of putting clothes and "wearables" on your neopet. Yes. Your neopet can wear clothes. Awesome huh? There are two types of wearable items that you neopet can wear. I'll explain about both in detail below.

The first type of wearable items are Neopoint Wearables. They are sold in the normal shops you find in Neopia Central, and other places, and they are also able to be sold in shops owned by neopets players. Everyone can buy neopoint wearables, however, the best/rarest/most sought after neopoint wearables are normally very expensive, so be warned about that.

There are three types of neopoint wearables. Normal Wearables, Species Specific Wearables, and Paint Brush Clothes. Normal Wearables can be worn by all neopets, regardless of the species. Species Specific Wearables can only be worn by one species of neopet. For example, the Kacheek Farm Girl Wig can only be worn by kacheeks, like me!

Paint brush clothes are clothes you get from painting your neopet. For example, my dear friend Pound is a Royal Boy Ixi, (although she's female). Here's what she looks like with all of her paint brush clothes on. ;)

See? She looks pretty nice. But you can actually take all of those paint brush clothes off of your pet, and they are stored in your closet.

See, that's Pound without her paint brush clothes. Now, a few things about paint brush clothes. First, they take up extra space in your closet, and you cannot really get rid of them unless you have the neopet that matches the clothes. So, if you wanted to get rid of Royal Boy Ixi Clothes, you would have to own a royal boy ixi, and transfer that royal boy ixi to another user using the transfer option at the neopian pound. You cannot trade paint brush clothes, or sell them for neopoints. They will only leave your closet if you are transferring them with a pet of a matching color.

You can take paint brush clothes and put them on pets that do not match the color of the clothes. And it is called Cross Painting when you do so. However, we shall cover that in a later section. ;)

Ok, so we've covered what types of clothes you can have, now...about how to put them on your pet. On the top of the normal neopets page, there should be a bar listing "My Account" then "Customize" and lots of other links. You want to click the Customize link there, or go to your Quick Reference, and click on the little grey arrow next to your neopet's picture, and there should be a drop down list. From that list, click "Customize" to customize that neopet.

Drag this image below into a new tab, and reference it as I explain about customizing. ;)

Ok, so how do we customize? First you should notice that all of your items are on the bottom left. Items that are being used by other neopets should be grey, and you will not be able to put them on your pets.

Second, look at the blue bar at the top right. Notice how it says "Items View" and "Closet" is filled in. That means you are viewing the items that are in your closet, which is where all of your wearables are stored. If you wish to see the items that are currently applied on your neopet, just click on the circle next to applied, and you should be able to see all of the clothes on your neopet, and be able to remove them.

Now, notice the little drop down lists under the "Items View". These lists help you narrow down your search for certain items. The "Source" drop down is so you determine if the item you are looking for is a neocash, or neopoint item, or both.

The Availability tab is always set to all. Apparently TNT was planning to have a wearable wish list feature, but it never happened, so there is nothing you can do with it.

The Species tab is automatically set to the species of your pet. You should not need to change it at all. ;)

There is also a tab for the "Zones", this can help you a whole lot. It will categorize the items by what zone they take up on your pet. So if you wanted to find a nifty background, you could put "Background" as the setting, and all of the backgrounds you own would show up!

Now, find the item you want, and click it. It should have a blue background, and you should see information about the item on the bottom left, including the name, and the rarity. You can ether click the apply button the shows up just above the item information OR you can just drag the item to your pet.

Now, what about removing the item? Remember how I said that if you click the little circle next to "applied", you could see all of the items on your neopet? Well, click that, and then choose the item you want to remove. Then you should see the information about that item in the bottom left corner, and above the information, a button to remove that item. Bam. Item gone. ;)

Once you are done customizing, near the top left corner, there should be a "Save Changes" button. Click that to save your pet.

Oh, and one last thing. We're going to talk about Presets. Near the save changes button you should see a button called "Presets". Basically you can have two "Pre-set" customizations. Aka...saved customizations. This way you click presets, choose the customization you want, and it's automatically loaded onto your pet. This is really handy for people who have two different customizations that they really like.

The main thing you need to remember about presets, is that when an item is in a preset customization, it does not appear in your closet. So, to find the item, you must delete the preset, then the item will reappear back in your closet again.

Resources you'll need...

Obviously, you're going to need to have some idea of what NC and NP clothes are available, and other guides to help you get on your feet. Thankfully, I, Encee, have listed out some of the very best sites related to this guide here. Just for you all!

Sites you will absolutely need:

The Neopoint Wardrobe has up-to-date information on all neopoint wearables released, as well as which zone they fit into. This is helpful for anyone who needs to know about NP customization items.

The NC Catalogue is the most up-to-date page with a full list of retired and currently sold Neocash Items. If you need information about a certain NC item, please visit this site for more information.

Other Recommended Sites:
NC Mall Newbies Guide
I find that this site is really good for people who don't know that much about the NC mall. If you don't, this guide should help you out. :)

The NC Mall Pages is a site that's a directory of pages about the NC mall. It's a great site, although it is a tad outdated. :)

Neocash Trading is an important part of customization as a whole. This will help you find trades for items without being rude to anyone. ;)

The Neopoint Based Cutstomization guide is really handy for those who prefer NP customizations with minimal Neocash involved. It gives you some great ideas for customizing.

This a guide that talks about how certain backgrounds can be layered with other certain backgrounds, creating a new look. I guess you can call it a really fun twist on strategic layering, which I'll explain about in a later section of the guide. :)

Neocash Alternatives is operated by Jo, a good NC'er who has a heart for those lacking the funds to purchase neocash. This is a list of NP items that can be used to replace NC items, and I recommend it to all.

Neopian Times Articles

I have decided that it would really help you if I listed some articles you can find in the Neopian Times concerning the art of customization. Now, direct links do not work, so instead, I have listed the title of each article, and the number of the issue it was featured in. To find the past issues of the neopian times head to the archives section of the newspaper. :)

You CAN Customize With Neopoints! (#465)
Top Ten Terrible Trinkets To Customize With (#499)
Customisation Spotlight: Can You Be a Star? (#313)
Neopets Fashion on the Fast Lane: Customization (#321)
Guide To Winning the Customization Competition (#321)
The Future of Customization: Fashion Shows? (#327)
Why They Don't Wear Clothes! (#338)
Customisation Conundrum: To Dung or Not to Dung (#327)
What's YOUR Fashion Style? (#362)
Customization and Halloween on Neopets (#366)
Creating a More Bow-eutiful Neopia (#367)
The "Coolest" Looks for this Winter! (#370)
Customisation on Budgets (#370)
Customizing: The Artist's Guide to Composition (#377)
Dressing Your Neopet for Winter (#378)
I Have Too Much to Wear: Guide to Closet Clutter (#389)
Customizing VS Paintbrushes (#406)
Knocking Sense Into Fashion (#417)
UnCustomization (#466)
Customization - the Basics For a Great Look (#492)
Mutant Day Customization (#509)
Customization for Different Budgets! Magma Edition (#529)
Dressing Your Mutant - 25 Wearables You Should Know (#509)
Toddlers' Togs: A Guide to Dressing your Baby Neopet (#475)
Dressing Your Baby (#516)
Dressing for the Discovery of Meridell (#505)
Dress to Depress (#489)
Dress Like a Tyrannian! (#494)
How to Dress for Issue 500 (#500)
Appealing Apparel: Wearables for Valentine's Day (#329)
Bargain Priced Wearables (#408)
Sartorial Shoyrus: A guide to Shoyru-specific Wearables (#437)
Top Ten Wearables for Unconverted Pets (#487)
Neopoint Wearables You Should Own - But Don't (#491)
Neocash Wearables You Should Own - But Don't (#492)
Top Ten Wearables For Babies (#506)
Twelve Must Have NP Wearables (#512)
Wearables You Must Have for Halloween (#518)
The Top NP Wearables (#522)
Brucey Wearables for Bruce Day (#523)
Top Ten Wearables For Babies - Part Two (#524)
Elegant Elephante Wearables for Elephante Day! (#528)
This vs. That: Neocash Item Comparisons (#449)
What's My Neocash Item Worth? (#438)
Neocash A-Z (#434)
NeoCash Item Trading: The Whats, Whos and Hows?! (#428)
Celebrate the 400th with 400NC! (#400)
NeoCash in Review: The Best Items of Y10! (#376)
Themed Customisation for Less! (#493)
Fashionable Kacheeks... on a Neopoint Budget (#530)
Make it Merry: Winter NC Fashion Guide (#472)
Fourteen Fabulous Fall Fashions! (#514)
Customising for Spring: Neopoint Edition (#534)
Dressing for Neggs Hunt (#539)
A Customizer's Guide to Spring (#539)
Being Stylishly Evil: Customizing Darigan Pets (#531)
Fashion Frenzy: What kind of Customizer are you? (#535)
A Customizer's Guide to Customization (#538)
Dress Like a Tyrannian! (#494)
Customization Guide: Helpful Dressing Tips for MSPPs (#530)
Top 10 Wearables for your Grey Pet: Neopoint Edition (#540)
Dress to Depress (#540)
Lovely Outfits for Lutari Day (#541)
Top 10 of the Best Neopoint and Neocash Frames (#546)
Dress like the Faeries: Part 1 (#547)
Customize for 550! (#550)
Top 10 Dresses for Dressing Your Draik (#554)
Dressing the Part - Discovery of Meridell (#555)
Neopian Fashions Part 1: Brightvale (#557)
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Ten Outfits to Wear to the Annual Chocolate Ball (#562)
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Must Have Wearables - Purple and Pink Edition! (#563)
Costume Ideas for the Trick-Or-Treater! (#566)
Customizing with only Neopoints (#567)
A Modest and Trouser Related Proposal (#567)
Dare to Scare: A Neopian Fashion Guide (#567)
Neopian Fashions Part 4: Haunted Woods (#568)
Dressing the Part—Halloween (#568)
Six Unique Halloween Costume Ideas (#568)
Personalizing Your Neopet (#569)
Wings, Wings and Even More Wings (#570)
Neopian Fashions: Special Feature Birthday Issue (#571)
Style Guide: Xweetok Day (#572)
How to Keep Your Neopets From Being Unfashionable (#573)
Neopian Fashions Part 5: Moltara (#573)
Style Guide: Bruce Day (#573)
Top 10 Wearables for your Zombie Neopet (#574)
Neopian Fashions Part 6: Terror Mountain (#575)
20 Must Haves For Winter (#576)
Neopia's Top New Years Fashions (#576)
Style Guide: Aisha Day (#576)

If you have any other articles you know of related to customizing that I have not listed here, please neomail my owner (Hzoo_26) and let her know what the name of the article is, and the issue it is featured in!

General Customization

This is the section for stuff that really doesn't fall under Neocash or Neopoint items at all. It's general stuff that should be taken into account when customizing your pets, and will help anyone customize better.

Base Colors

When you hear someone who knows customization speak, they will more than likely touch a bit on the subject of "Base Colors". Base colors are, simply put, the basic colors of your pet's skin/fur/scales. You may say something like this...Encee, why is the color of my pet's skin/fur/scales so important for customization?. Well, I'm going to give you an example of why it's important.

The image above is of Xellaration, my hissi friend. The FIRST thing I want you to notice is the color of his skin/scales. He's a brown hissi, so obviously they are brown. But notice how his clothes perfectly match his brown skin, making him look a lot cooler. Now, let me show you a hissi with a different skin color that is wearing the same customization.

Notice how the customization just doesn't seem as good? The stars on the hissi's skin, and the blue color don't look as good as the brown did when Xellaration was wearing the exact same customization. That's why base colors are really important. If your pet's skin doesn't mesh well with the customization you have chosen, it really can make your customization look a little odd.

Now obviously, the question is...how do base colors help/hurt me in the game of customization. Well, when considering how to customize your pet, you have to consider how those customization items will go with the pet's skin. If the pet is a color like Spotted, Starry, Striped, Rainbow, Fire or any other color that involves bright colors or patterns on your pets base, you have to be careful what you choose to put your pets in.

Now, maybe you are someone who's really wanting one pet to be your customization pet. Perhaps you're a character designer, but you want one pet that you can customize without restraints, and you don't want base colors to really be a problem. What colors are the best for customization overall?

First, I would recommend a few certain Island pets, and most Desert pets. These pets usually have very simple base colors, that look good in a lot of clothes, with minimal markings and issues with colors. A lot of customizers prefer to use these pets.

Now, you might notice that most of these pets have fur/skin/scales that look somewhat like human skin. I really think that's part of the reason some customizers like them so much, because they just look more human and natural than some other pets.

A good general rule of thumb is to use a base color that is plain and simple. Colors that aren't flashy or involving too many patterns are the best for customizing overall. I'm not saying that pets with patterns cannot be customized, but if you are a customizer looking for the right pet to have as a customization "doll", then these types of pets are the type you should be looking for. :)

Last on this subject, is the subject of "White Kacheek Frenzy". White kacheeks like me are really popular with customizers, which is part of the reason that white paint brushes and kacheek morphing potions are so expensive. Many people on the Neocash Chat own white kacheeks and think of them as the perfect model for customization, so obviously, being Neocash, I HAD TO BE ONE. I really do recommend a white kacheek if you are looking for a really good base color. Although I might be a bit biased. ;)

Understanding Color Schemes.

One thing that is very important about customization is Color. Many good customizations can be based upon a few simple colors, or even one. This section is about understanding how color works into your customizations. First, here's an image of my dear friend Rita....

Now, here's what I want you to notice, the main items in this customization are green. From Rita's green cloak and hood, to the background which has a mix of green and brown, to her green fur and eyes. The only non-green items are her staff, leaning against her side, and her ixi bandit leg wrappings. Her customization is a mix of green and brown. The the various shades of green mixing with the background, and the brown items standing out and mixing with the bark of the brown trees in the background.

When I try to design a customization, I try to have a theme to it, or I try to have a color scheme to it, and sometimes I have both. A color scheme is a group, or sometimes a singular color that you try to focus on in your customization. I'll give you another example. Here's my friend Pound again.

Now, she's actually customized in more than paint brush clothes. The focus of this customization is the Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon, which is brown and gold, but notice also the dress that Pound is wearing, which is blue and gold. The main colors in this customization are blue, brown, and gold. The blue and gold are taken care of thanks to Pound's dress, and the background. Brown is taken care of with the AC wig, and the locket that she's wearing. The AC wig is accented with some extra gold, just for extra coolness. ^^

Color schemes are, simply put, taking a few colors, and making them the base of your customization. You are making sure that most of the items fit the colors you have chosen, so the entire customization looks good and matches.

So, how do you include color schemes in your designs? First, find a color or two that looks good on your pet. Then find other items that have one or more splashes of that color, and then keep adding them on until the customization flows well together.

For example, when I designed this look for a draik friend of mine, I started with the sassy red wig, and then added the long red evening gown. I then added the bouquet of roses for an extra touch, and noticing the green in the roses, found the matching background which mixes the green grass and the red apples with this draik's clothes.

Once again, I stress, the importance is finding colors that look good together. It's important to make sure your colors compliment each other. Also, too much of one color can ruin a customization, so try to even it out as much as possible.

Remember how I said you can have a theme and a color scheme together? Well, here's an example of that. The main color scheme is pink, and the theme is "Cherry Blossoms". Almost all of the items have some sort of pink in them, and a majority of the items have something to do with Cherry Blossoms somehow. Just proof that if you find a theme that you can work a color scheme into, you can have a really pretty customization.

Understandable Matches

One problem that pops up a lot in customization in general is making your customization understandable. You may wonder what I mean by this, but allow me to explain.

Let's say you wanted your pet to look like they were in Shenkuu. This customization involves the idea of your pet crossing a great river, like so.

WAIT. WAIT. HOLD UP THE PHONE HERE. Look closely at the picture. Do you see that nova near the top left corner of the customization? It doesn't make sense. It's daylight out, and yet there's some Novas shooting over your poor pet's head as they are trying to cross a bridge over some very fast moving water.

It doesn't make sense, does it? I find that a lot of times, people will throw items into a customization simply because they think it looks "pretty" or adds something "extra", when all it does is confuse people because the customization doesn't make sense. Shooting Novas are an item that people tend to throw into customizations a LOT. And I will say this now....

I know the shooting novas are pretty items, but sometimes just throwing them into a customization doesn't make sense to people. It's very important that you try to make sure your customization is understandable.

I do not wish to offend anyone with this, but your customizations should make sense. Think of your customizations as a snapshot of one of your pet's adventures. You have to make sure that someone who wasn't there on that adventure understands what your pet was doing, right?

For example, if your pet went on a swashbuckling adventure on the high seas, which customization makes more sense for a swashbuckling adventurer?

The second one, right? I mean, no self-respecting pirate would steal plunder with a hot air balloon. That's what I mean, you have to make sure that others understand your customization.

Another thing that doesn't work are some certain handheld items and trinkets on four legged pets. Swords and shovels are a really good example.

See? On this image, the Pirate Shovel looks really bad on the deck of a pirate ship, because it looks like it's digging into sand. Obviously, this is a pirate ship. There is no sand on a pirate ship. So obviously this isn't a good choice.

However, look at this? With some soil to dig into, this shovel works marvelously, and this young ixi looks like she's ready to bury some treasure, arrrr. *cue pirate adventure theme*

Now, let's take a moment to talk about garlands and frames, and stuff in general. Items like these are the most misused in customizations that don't make sense. I'll give you a few examples to help you out.

Let's look at these first two pictures together, ok? First, here I am in the Haunted Woods. I look lovely as I'm dressed to go trick or treating. But look at what's above me! The Cherry Blossom Garland doesn't belong in the Haunted Woods, right? Shenkuu is the place for cherry blossoms to grow. Right? So the garland pictured here doesn't match my customization. That's a very bad mistake.

Now, onto the next customization. I'm in Shenkuu this time, among the mountains with my Jordie Plushie, going on a long journey. However, right in front of me, there's a Healing Springs Foreground! It really doesn't belong in Shenkuu, does it? It belongs in Faerieland, where the faeries are. Once again, a very bad mistake for a customizer to make.

Now, for the last customization. Here I am, in the desert lands, getting ready to visit my dear friend Xell, who wanders the desert. OH MY GOSH! RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME, THERE'S...THERE'S....SNOW! Someone put a Snow Laden Foreground right in front of me. Snow almost NEVER falls in the Lost Desert, so this was a big mistake.

So, what's the point of this section? When you are customizing your pets, it's important to make sure that your customizations make sense. Don't put items on your pets simply for the "pretty factor" without making sure it fits the customization you have in mind.

Dealing with Uncustomizable Pets

There are some pets that actually cannot really be customized fully. These pets are Mutants, Maraquans, Babies, Fruit/Veggie Chias, and of course, Unconverted Pets.

So the question is, how in the world do you customize pets like that in an original way? I mean, UCs cannot wear clothes, and as for the other pets, most of them only have a few specifically made options to wear.

Well the method that I am recommending you is called "Strategic Layering". It's really easy to understand, and thankfully, it opens up more doors for you than you'd think.

See the customization above? Now, you may not fully notice it, but it's full of items. There's the Sun Shower, Apple Tree Forground, the Apple Orchard Background, Bobbing for Apples Trinket, and the Holiday Sparkle Shower. Of course, this is just an example. Normally it really isn't too good to fill up a customization like that, it gets too busy and doesn't look as good.

To understand "Strategic Layering", you must understand Zones. Zones are the areas that you can put certain items on your pet. For example, there's a zone for the background, a zone for hats, etc. There are many zones for the background, foreground, and garlands that hang over your pet. So although you may not be able to "clothe" your pet with clothes, you can create a look with many "layers" of foregrounds and garlands and showers all in different zones.

Now, one of the many problems in customizing, are UC owners who just throw a ton of foregrounds and garlands willy nilly all over their UCs, thinking that because UCs cannot be customized, nobody should really care. That is NOT the way for UC owners to be thinking. You can still create a lovely customization only with garlands and foregrounds, and "Strategic Layering" can be used on ANY pet, not just UCs or pets that cannot wear clothes.

Note this mutant ixi. I tried not to stack as many items on there, as the one above was just an example of how many different foregrounds and stuff you could use. This ixi has a Higher Foreground Item in the form of a Floating Illusen Doll. It has a Background Item in the form of the Glade Treehouse. It also has a Lower Forground Item, which is the Scenic Fallen Tree, and a Foreground Item, which is the Shrubbery. And of course he has a Background, which is the Illusen's Glade Background. :)

Here is a really nice list of all of the zones you can put items in if you own an uncustomizable pet:

Now, just for reference, there are some backgrounds that restrict certain zones, simply because TNT made them that way.

The last part of this section is about Maraquans, Mutants, and Babies, who DO have some certain wearable items that they are allowed to wear.

Babies have tons of items. I'm not kidding here. In fact, I'll show you how many items they have. (Although, just as a warning, all of them are neocash items!)

That's a lot, isn't it? We only own one baby pet in our family, and that's Everyone the Koi, and since he's on Sunny's side, and NC boxes are hard to come by sometimes, she doesn't often get to customize him that much.

The main recommendation I have for baby pets, is to try to use "Strategic Layering" and the baby wearables as a team. For example, if you choose to use the valentine's baby wearables, try to mix some valentine's themed foregrounds and backgrounds. And, for the love of fyora, don't throw all of the baby items you can on your baby neopet. That's so overused, and so unoriginal, it's just...a bad idea. x.x

One thing that a certain pet has shown me, is how your pet's mood can really set the tone of a customization, and that can really help some certain baby pets.

This is ProfesorCuddlesworth the Baby Wocky. Owned by my owner's friend Aubree (Coolspotty). Cuddles is sick, on purpose. It may seem mean, yes, but his face makes up for it. And of course, by now, you know that us neopets cannot die from anything, so it really doesn't harm Cuddles at all. And there are many people who love his grumpy exterior. I went out to see if there were any other babies that had faces as priceless as his, and look what I found.

While not as amazing as the baby wocky, these two baby pets (acara and bori) both have very cute faces when they are sick. Both seem grumpy, and look like they need a nap. Don't you agree?

Oh, and I was told to do this...so erm...don't be angry....


So erm...yeah. Back to your normal life. *totally haunted by those eyes*

Mutants have less options than babies, but they still do have a few. Here they are.

I just suggest only using 1-2 mutant items at a time, and using "Strategic Layering" originally as best you can. I wish I had more for you, but sadly, I'm not an expert on mutants and babies.

Maraquans have even less than mutants, at a measly two wearables, however, thanks to some MMEs, and some creative TNT staff members, there are a host of backgrounds that fit any underwater pet.

Maraquans are very lucky, because even though they have only two clothing items, they have tons of underwater themed backgrounds and foregrounds/trinkets that are themed to underwater life.

My best recommendation is to use the various underwater backgrounds and foregrounds in the best way possible using "Strategic Layering", and if you can, use one of the maraquan "clothes" available to you.

More on Strategic Layering

So let's get right down to the heart of strategic layering, and see if I can teach you the art of creating your own unique layering looks! Now, the first thing you have to do is have a theme in mind. Just as an artist sketches out the basics of a painting or drawing before they really start filling it in, and just like a writer has to have an outline of a story before they really start to write, you have to have a basic idea of what look you're going for.

For UC owners, it'll vary. Some will simply want something that looks good on the type of pet they have (for example, they'll want a gloomy customization for an UC Grey), while some owners will care more about making sure that it matches the character of the pet itself. Regardless, strategic layering can help you on both counts.

The second step is to KNOW YOUR ZONES. Know what zones are being used by each item, and know which zones you have available to use depending on your pet, and the items you're using. Remember, strategic layering does not apply to UCs only, it's helpful for all pets! Knowing your zones can help you layer things in cool ways.

Notice how all of the garlands and foreground items just seem to work with the background? That's the effect you want to have. You want to not only provide something that makes the background look more amazing, but something that adds depth to your customization.

Neopoint Customizations

Neopoint Customizations are important, and sometimes costly. However, if you find the right items, they can change the entire customization of your precious pet. This section is dedicated to helping you find your sense of style using NP items.

Finding your Budget....

The main thing you must understand, my dear reader, is that your budget is important when it comes to NP wearables. Some of them are very cheap, but some can cost millions of neopoints to obtain. It is very important that you understand how much you are willing to spend, and how much at one time you are willing to let go of.

If you are someone who is not willing to invest a lot of neopoints, I shall warn you now. Although a lot of times you buy items for customizations in increments, and at different times, the money you use of wearables, although it can seem to be in small amounts, will stack up to millions of NP eventually. There are many wearables that are over 100,000 NP each, and some in the millions, so I must give you fair warning that this is not something you can do "on the cheap".

Now, your Budget. I first suggest that if possible, you make a list of the various NP customization items you require, and their prices. Then, I want you to start out, by setting aside 10% of your NPs each month, to a bank account on your side, where you cannot access it as easily. (Just don't collect intrest over there, or TNT will count that as cheating!) Then, saving until you are able to buy a few of the wishes off of the list you made. Then repeat the method as much as you would like.

Another alternative would simply saving up your NPs overall, and when you see a good wearable you need, buy it when you have the time. I will admit, that's normally how I go about things.

However you go about it, customizing with NP is not for the faint of heart! You must be willing to pay quite a bit to have a really good customization.

Flexible Wearables

Flexible Wearables are wearables that are good to buy because they look good in many, many, customizations. Wearables like these need to be one of the main parts of your closet. I have listed a few examples for you of some below:

Altador Cup Frames
While they may seem a bit specific, they are wonderful if you have many customizations based on a certain land. For example, Xell comes from the Lost Desert so he would use the Lost Desert Frame quite often, since many of his customizations are desert based.

Beautiful Columns Foreground
Even though it is a bit on the expensive side, this foreground can compliment many girly customizations, particularly ones that are out-of-doors. The flowers and columns add an elegant touch to any customization.

Carved Walking Stick
Honestly one of my favorite NP wearables of all time. The Carved Walking Stick is perfect for nature walks, hikes, exploring, spelunking, or just wandering the desert. It's eco-friendly, hand carved out of a branch that fell off of a tree because of natural causes.

Fancy Frock Coat
Not only for fancy and important occasions, this military grade frock coat can also be used by members of the Meridellian Army. Waterproof, Durable, and Fancy, you can smite your enemies in style!

Halloween Silhouette Backgrounds
Almost every year for Halloween, TNT releases some Silhouette Backgrounds. These BGs are not only wonderful for creating various customizations, but with new lands coming out each year, there's more to collect! :)

This is one of the most durable and flexible wearables you can buy. Perfect for hiding in, hiding behind, or just adding a touch of green to a look, this is a wonderful foreground to have for any occasion. (Note: Requires water and shrub food.)

Friendly Glowing Lantern
Or well, if it's owned by your enemies, perhaps it's not so friendly. Anyway, this lantern is perfect for midnight jogs through the haunted woods, as well as traversing the moltara caves. No batteries to change, and no oil needed. (Just a lot of candles.)

Hanso's Thief Jacket
Legitimately aquired* from the thief himself, this jacket is perfect for thieving, or just general walks around town. Wear it to show off your tough side, or just to prove how much of a Hanso fan you are.

*We are not responsible for Hanso coming to your neohome and demanding his jacket back, or him coming into your neohome, stealing all of your valuables, then stealing his jacket back.

Those are my examples, to give you a few ideas. You need to find your own, of course.

Species Specifics

Now, this section is mainly about how to use specific items used for different species in a customization, however, before we get to that, I want to explain a few helpful and quite useful glitches that are in customization. And that work on a few particular pets.

That blue thing around my neck? It's my RUFF. ^^

First two glitches are for you usul owners. First, if you want to remove the ruff which is the patch of fur around the neck of a usul, just use the Golden Key Necklace and it will remove it. Now, the Golden Key Necklace is a neocash item, however since this is a section on the specifics of different species, I figure I can make an exception or two here. The other glitch is that the Spring Circlet is zoned differently, and thus can be worn over hats and wigs. Adding a spring touch to some customizations.

This last glitch is mostly NP related. If you use items like the Ixi Bandit Feathered Headband, Adventurer Hat, or the Ixi Adventurer Wig....you can get rid of the large horns and extra fur of a tyrannian ixi. Making that ixi look more like a basic ixi, but with the body fur of a shaggy tyrannian.

Now, onto species specifics. I'm going to explain to you the general idea of how to use species specific items in a good customization.

The first rule of species specifics, is that if you have a group of species specific items try not to use all of them in a customization UNLESS it is vitally important that you do so. For example, here's my dear friend Dhazire in a set of kyrii items that make her look like a peasant girl.

Now, in this customization, we have the entire set here. But notice that the wig actually doesn't look that good on her, and the wooden spoon seems kinda useless without something to stir it in, right? Now here's another picture.

I replaced the wig with her normal royal girl kyrii crown, which looks much better, gave her some pirate kyrii earrings just to look a little more on the roughish side, and gave her a pink fuzzy towel for her to hold, which looks like a washrag. I also changed the BG up a little bit. ;)

Doesn't the second customization look better, and a little more original than the first? That's the point here. Using all of one set can tend to be unoriginal, and it's only ok in certain cases. In fact, I'll give you an example of a certain case.

The Ixi Forest Cape & Hood Set is one of those sets where both wearables look better together than apart. There are many variations of customizations using this set used by ixi everywhere. Mysterious, no?

The best thing about certain species specific items, is the fact that they can sometimes fit a customization better than a NC item would. Whenever you can, try to find NP alternatives for NC items, particularly looking at species specific items.

That's all the advice I have for you on this subject currently. :)

What NOT to do...

There are a few ideas in the realm of NP customizations that are, to be quite honest, very wrong. I aim to help people understand that these ways of thinking are not good ideas, and are totally against the goal of customization.

Let's just put whatever we can on....

New customizers often cannot afford wearables. Particularly ones in the higher range. So they often settle for throwing any old wearable on their pets simply because they do not know better. If you are a new customizer reading this guide, let me advise you here, making your pet look something like this is never a good idea:

Why? Because you're just throwing items on your pet and not caring how it looks. People seem to think that you cannot make "good" customizations out of cheap items. Well, you're wrong on that part. Here's an example.

All of the items here are pretty cheap, yet I still look very nice, and I do have a theme. If you are wondering as to the names of the items, they are Pink Sun Hat, Lovely Pink Dress, Colourful Building Blocks, Cardboard Box Background, Suteks Tomb Garland, Spellseeker Wizard Plushie. And that's it.

No need to take the PB clothes off!

This is by far one of the most irritating peeves of mine. It's customizers who point blank, refuse to really customize beyond sticking a background, and maybe a foreground on their clothed pet. They don't take the PB clothes off...ever. Allowing TNT's design to be the main part of their "style" and not their own ideas and thoughts.

I understand if some people feel a fondness for the Old Neopets, but if you wish to honor that, use a classic userlookup layout from this page, or use the Neopets Circle Background from the Elite Boutique (accounts 49 months or older!). Instead of leaving your pets only partly customized. Customizing is about being bold, taking risks, and trying new things, surely you can try to take the PB clothes off of your pet, can't you?

You have to be elite to get me! *cackle*

I talked to my owner about this, and she told me one of her personal grievances:

As a RG Kyrii owner, I love their PB clothes and all, but I don't like seeing RG Kyrii who are dressed up in them all of the time. Before I was able to adopt my draik, or trade for Encee, I dressed Dhazire (my RG Kyrii) up all of the time. She was wonderful to customize, as long as I didn't remove her RG kyrii crown, and so many NC items fit her, particularly dresses. Seeing RG Kyrii left with only a BG, or a few handheld items, and all of their PB clothes on personally makes me sad because their owners are missing out on all of the customization potential right in front of them.

So there you have it, dear visitor. My guide on what not to do with NP customizations!

Cross Painting and Gender Bending

You may remember, visitor, that in an earlier section, I showed you an ixi who looked like this.

This is a prime example of a cross painted neopet, this ixi is a Royal Girl Ixi with Pirate Ixi Clothes. A cross painted pet is a pet that is one color, but is wearing the paint brush clothes of another color. You may remember me touching on the subject of paint brush clothes earlier.

There are two main ways people cross paint pets. The first, is by them owning two pets with paint brush clothes on the same account, and just dressing them up in each other's clothes. As I have done with Jerrena, and Visdon. I'll put a picture of Visdon below.

The second method is for someone to paint, lab, adopt, or trade for a pet with paint brush clothes, and then pound them in the Neopian Pound. Because if a pet is pounded, it loses it's paint brush clothes. So, a lot of times, when you see an unclothed painted pet in the pound, it is because it was used in a cross paint.

There are many creative cross paints out there. A lot of people like cross painting kacheeks, draiks, hissi, and many other pets. There are many amazing cross painting combos out there, and they can really help you when you are customizing.

One thing you do need to know about cross painting, is that you can only put certain clothes on a certain species. Pirate Ixi clothes will ONLY go on another ixi, not on any other type of neopet, for example.

Now, onto the subject of gender bending. Normally when someone says "Gender Bending" they mean batting the lab ray scientist, who becomes a battledore challenger after you get the lab ray. The lab ray scientist has the unique ability to change your pet's gender during battle. And this has a profound effect on royal pets.

You see, there are actually two types of royal colors. Royal Boy which happens when the pet you paint is a male. And Royal Girl which happens when the pet you paint is a female. However, if you battle the lab ray scientist in the battledore, you can actually have a Female Royal Boy or a Male Royal Girl. But this funky process can actually help you become more stylish. You might remember me posting about my friend Pound.

Pound is actually a Female Royal Boy Ixi. The way you know this, is her eyes. When a royal pet is switched into another gender, they inherit the eyes of the gender they are changed into. Scroll up again and look at that picture of Jerrena the royal girl ixi that I posted, and look at her eyes. They are exactly the same, right? (Well, except for the eyepatch, that's a NC item!)

Gender bent royals can look really nice. Some of the best I've found are gender bent royal ixi, and lupes in particular. Although I haven't seen too many other gender bent royals.

In case you didn't believe me about the lupe thing. The mustache is gone, and the Royal Girl Lupe eyes look lovely against the dark blue pelt of a Royal Boy Lupe. Experimenting with gender bent royals is totally fun!

Neocash Customizations

Neocash customizations are any customizations involving Neocash Items. This section shall help you fully understand how to use Neocash to your advantage! So my dear visitor, what are you waiting for! Dig in and read on!

How to get Neocash

While this section does talk about how to get Neocash, the currency, I just thought it might help you to let you know that I'm NEVER going to be UFT/A. So, sorry, but you cannot "get" Neocash the Kacheek.

Now, the question, how do you acquire the Neocash currency? There are three methods that you can acquire it by. The first is Neocash/Nick Cards, the second is Credit/Paypal and the third is TNT's Games/Events.

First, I'll explain about Neocash and Nick Cards. These are prepaid cards that you buy from a local retailer. Neocash Cards were released first, but are slowly being replaced by Nick Cards. These cards come in groups of $10, $15, and $25 cards. Each card gives you a different amount of Neocash and Boxes depending on how much you pay.

$10 Card - 1,000 NC, and 2 gift boxes.
$15 card - 1,500 NC and 3 boxes.
$25 card - 2,500 NC and 5 boxes.

You also get a wonderful NC Item Prize as a bonus depending on the card redeemed. For more information about these prizes, check out this page!

To redeem a NC card, simply head to the NC Mall and click Redeem Cards on the left hand side of your screen. Here's a screenie to help you find it. The main disadvantage to NC cards is that they are not available everywhere, so some people have to use other methods.

Now, under the Redeem Cards section, there should be a box telling you how you can buy NC using Paypal and Credit Cards. We'll cover that next.

Simply put, you enter your card information, the NC is added to your account by TNT. Of course, if you are underage, you more than likely will have to ask your parents to do this for you. The one important thing to remember about buying using credit cards/paypal, is that you are not awarded any gift boxes. This means, that if your main way of buying neocash is through this method, you might want to buy a Gift Box Mystery Capsule or two whenever they are on sale in the mall. They are 200NC each, and can give you 1-5 gift boxes if you are lucky.

200NC, and I'm all yours!

The final method is TNT's games/events. We'll talk about the games first. First, there is one game that you can play on neopets to win neocash. It's the Qasalan Expellibox, and it's simple. Drop the scarab into the box with the pegs, and if it lands on the blinking tube, you win 150NC. That simple.

Sometimes, TNT will have events where they give away free NC or Free NC items/goodie bags, normally during halloween, easter, christmas, or other holidays. Sometimes NC is given away at Petpet Park and Monkey Quest so logging in to those sites whenever you can can reap you some NC rewards.

So, now you know how to acquire the currency, let's get to the rest of the guide.

The Common Problems

These are problems that I find in the world of NC customizing. Some are small, some are large, and some are not-so-large, but I am trying to point out the main issues I see, so you can be a better customizer overall.

Cookie-Cutter Customizations

The biggest problem I see in customization today can be found in "Cookie Cutter Customizations". "Cookie Cutter Customizations are customizations that are used over and over again by people, simply because they are the "in" thing. But these kinds of customizations can cause people a lot of trouble. In fact, I'll give you an example of a Cookie Cutter Customization:

Cookie Cutter Customizations are a hassle for many reasons, and I'll give you a few to think over. First of all, CUSTOMIZATION IS ABOUT EXPRESSING YOURSELF. You are an individual, just like everybody else. There is no other YOU, understand? Customization is about expressing your unique style. NOT about copying someone else's style.

You see, my dear reader, your style is something nobody else has. Everyone has their own sense of style, which is individual and different. The reason customization is loved so much, is it gives you a chance to show it off to everyone! So why should you copy another customization simply because you think it "looks prettier" than something you can come up with? That's not how a designer thinks. You need to express your style, not be a copy-aisha. You can come up with your own customizations if you're willing to put in the work!

You are free to look at other customizations for ideas, but copying them entirely is never a good idea. There's a host of reasons, first is that it doesn't show your individual style. The second reason, is that your goal should be to make your neopet stand out in a crowd. Not look like another neopet, or some folks will be quite confused. The third reason is that if your neopet looks just like another neopet, there are possibilities that your pet cannot enter the Customization Spotlight.

Alas, you cannot be mine!

You see, if you were a white kacheek like me, and you had the same customization as another white kacheek, and that other white kacheek entered the customization spotlight first, you would not be allowed to enter. That is one of the major problems of cookie cutter customizations, I'm afraid.

So, in conclusion. Customization is really about expressing your own style. I understand if you think some cookie-cutter customizations are pretty, and yes, many of them are. But they are not only dreadfully overused, and don't allow you to put your own style into a customization, but they can also ruin your chances in the Customization Spotlight as well.

I was looking around for some words that would really bring the point of this section home, when I found these words:
Fashion fades, only style remains the same.
So, my dear reader, let your style guide you to create your own fashions, ones that are influenced by your unfading style.

Oh, and one thing that you do not want to do, and this falls under "Cookie Cutter Customizations" is to ONLY use a Superpack from the NC mall. While Superpacks are awesome, and fun, it's quite boring if you only use the items from that superpack. You need to be more original than that! Try to spice up your favorite superpacks by mixing your own style in!

I have screenied a few of the more common overused customizations as examples for you. While they are not all of them, and I digress that they are not, I hope it will give you an example. Just because something is in style doesn't mean you have to follow the trends. You should be a trendsetter, not a trend follower. If you get my meaning.

Drag the images to your address bar, or right click and open them in a new tab, to see them in their full sizes.

Gifting Boards

Gifting boards are (simply put) disallowed giveaway boards where people gift pets, neocash items, and other stuff in public. Now, this is a very long and difficult topic to explain, so I'm just going to do a summary of why they're not allowed, and then link you to a wonderful site that will explain this subject in more detail.

Gifting boards are disallowed because they are announced giveaways, and can be treated like a contest where someone has to post a certain pet or item they desire to "win" a prize (usually that pet or item). They can be used in many ways to scam others, such as people claiming they are gifting stuff simply so others will gift them, or something as scary as people dumping items from scammed and hacked accounts. This is why TNT does not allow these boards to go on. Silent gifting, without the use of a board, however, is greatly encouraged.

The site I want to suggest you read is a guide that Sunny wrote on why giveaways are disallowed, and how to gift safely. I HIGHLY suggest to everyone reading this guide that you take a look at it. It's a very well written guide that explains everything very well.

If you still have any questions about gifting boards and giveaways, feel free to send Hzoo_26 a neomail with any questions you may have.

Trading Neocash

My owner always jokes around that she could technically report the entire NC chat for "false advertising" since people are putting "Neocash UFT". She knows TNT would never take her seriously though. Haha.

There are two ways to trade neocash. Trading Neocash Items, or trading a Custom, but let's start with explaining the basics of neocash trading, hm?


Almost all of neocash trading is done using Gift Boxes. Gift Boxes are used to send a neocash item to another user. They can be used for gifts, and for trading as well. They are one use items, unless the other person rejects your gift box, or doesn't accept/reject it in 72 hours. Then it is returned to your inventory. Now, this is what a basic neocash gift box looks like:

Neocash gift boxes are awarded when redeeming a Neocash/Nick Card (One box for every $5 spent) or by opening a Gift Box Mystery Capsule. Those are the only ways you can currently get gift boxes. If you buy Neocash through credit/paypal, you do not get gift boxes, and must use the gift box mystery capsules.

Just so you know, there are NEOPOINT gift boxes, but they cannot be used to send Neocash items at all, and they have no real use. So be wary of someone trying to trick you into thinking you can send NC items with these.

We cannot send NC items, so don't be fooled!

Now, let's talk about the rules of NC item trading. Here's the DOs, and the DON'Ts:

Trade one NC item for one or more NC items.
Trade one NC item for one NC item.
Give NC items to people as gifts.

Offer NC items as part of a pet trade (i.e my customized kacheek for your krawk)
Offer NC items for services. (Art, Drawing, Foot Rubs, Coding Layouts..etc.)
Trade NC items for NP items.
Leave a trade uncompleted (i.e receiving the your part of the trade, but not sending the item you were supposed to.)

That's pretty much the brunt of the rules. Now, we'll talk about how to send items to others, ok?

First, make sure your gift boxes and the item(s) you would like to send are located in your inventory. Then click one of the gift boxes, choose the item you want to send, and press OK. Then, enter the username of the recipient, or someone on your neofriends list to send it to. Then you enter your "secret word" and (if you have the settings enabled by going to your Pin Prefrences) your PIN as well. Then you shall get a message telling you that your item has been sent successfully.

Now, let's talk about some basic terms/abbreviations you will need to know to be able to successfully trade neocash items:

Encee's "We have way more abbreviations than the PC" NC Speak Guide.

NC = Neocash.
Cap = Mystery Capsule. (Normally 200-250NC)
GB = Gift Box
GBC = Gift Box Cap (aka...Gift Box Mystery Capsule)
UFT = Up for trade.
Seeking = Looking for a certain item.
Duplicates = Cheap Items normally given out a lot by mystery caps. Usually items like hair bows, bouncing tennis balls, etc.
RE = Retired. An item that cannot be bought anymore.
LE = Limited Edition. An item that was only able to be bought for a short time.
RR = Re-release. When TNT releases a "retired" item again in a new event/mystery capsule.
EB = Elite Boutique. It's a store in the mall only open to accounts over 49 months. The items in there are no trade items.
FF = Future Fashions. Shop in the mall that shows upcoming NC items, and allows users who have spent at least 10,000 NC per month to purchase them a few days before they are released.
WL = Wishlist.
TL = Tradelist.
SP = Superpack.
BG = Background.
FP = Facepaint.
FG = Foreground.
HTPW = Hard to Part With.
ToT = Trick or Treat or Tunnel of Trees. Both are backgrounds.
JJPB = JubJub Power Bounce.
WC = Wonderclaw.

Common Abbreviations for Rare Items

AoTR = Attack of the Revenge Background. Very rare background that's worth a lot.
Gingies or Gingy = Gingerbread Wings. Very sought after.
Apple = Appetising Caramel Apple.
Thade = Eliv Thade Make-Up Kit.
Gulp = Gulp... Underwater Reef Background
BBoF = Balthazars Bag of Bottled Faeries.
Fluffy = Here Lies Fluffy.
ICC = Ice Cream Cone String Lights.
NQ = Any item in the Neoquest Wizard Costume Pack. (Hat, Robe, Slacks, Wand.)
PLS = Paper Lantern Staff.
NY in FL = New Years in Faerieland.
NY in MI = New Years in Mystery Island
NY in SK = New Years in Shenkuu
NY in DC = New Years in Darigan Citadel.
NY in MT = New Years in Moltara.
NY in LD = New Years in the Lost Desert.
NY in HW = New Years in the Haunted Woods.
NY in BV = New Years in Brightvale.
NY in TM = New Years in Terror Mountain.
NY in KI = New Years in Krawk Island.
NY in SS = New Years in the Space Station.
Nutty = Any item in the Nutcracker Superpack. (Hat, Facepaint, Slacks, Coat, Gloves, Sword, Music Track.)
QoH = Queen of Hearts Dress.
GMC = Games Master Challenge.
AC Wig = Altadorian Wig with Gold Ribbon.
Novas = Shooting Novas.
Skelly = Skeletal Face Paint.

I know, it's a lot to take in, huh? Don't worry, eventually most of it will just come to you. You can always bookmark this guide as a reference.

Now, every item has a certain "value" on the NC chat. Usually determined in caps. These values are determined by the traders, and are usually determined by supply, demand, the look of the item, how long ago it came out, and other factors. If you are a totally new trader, I recommend this guide to give you somewhat of an idea of what items are worth. REMEMBER: The values are not law, so normally it's best to make a fair trade board before trading..

One important thing to remember is that all trades require boxes, and for a lot of people, boxes = more hassle/money. So always consider the effort of the other trader, and try to keep their use of boxes as low as possible.

So, how does a trade commence? Normally you, or another party, has a board up on the NC chat. You head there, and offer your NC items in exchange for theirs. For example, they have a Basket of Tulips , which is around 3-4 caps in value currently (as I am writing this). At first, you offer your Bonfire Night Background, which is normally worth 2 caps. They say they want one small item more, to make the trade even, so you offer the background plus the Carefully Gift Wrapped Wings. You both are then happy, and after making a board on the NC chat, to make sure the trade is fair, you both send the item to the other user, they send you your item, and then you both are happy.


The last thing I really need to explain are customs. Customs are when someone has the "currency" neocash, and is able to use it in the NC mall, and they want to use that in a trade. For example, let's say you had an item worth around 3-4 caps. You have some buyable items in the mall you want, but you don't want to have to go and buy NC yourself, or to hunt them down one by one. So you go to a board where someone has a custom UFT. They are pretty much offering to use their neocash to buy the items you'd like in the mall, then send them to you in exchange for your NC item(s).

So, you'd choose 1-2 items from the mall that fits the amount they've offered you, then they would buy, and send those items, and you'd send your item. Then you both would be happy with your trade.

That's all I have for you currently! :)

Common Scams and Tricks.

This is a section devoted to helping you keep your neocash items, and your account in general, safe and sound. The main thing I will be doing, is giving you some tips on how not to get swindled.

First thing you need to know, is that despite the looks of things, there are people out there who will want to take advantage of you. They can and, most of the time will act, perfectly friendly. You need to see the signs of someone trying to take advantage of you, so you can protect yourself.

When I refer to you being swindled, I mean one of three things:

* Someone ripped you of by a large margin (more than just 2-3 caps) on your item trade.
* Someone scamming an item off of you during a trade, and not giving you their part of the trade in return.
* Someone promising you "free" neocash if you do something, like clicking a link, or going to a site, that could compromise your account.

I just wanted to clarify that.

The "Wrong" Value Swindle

It isn't as much of a scam as it is someone trying to take advantage of your lack of knowledge about certain values. Normally someone neomails you their offer for your item, under offering by a slightly large amount. When you are somewhat interested, they claim that they saw the item trade for "x" a few days ago, or quote general values without linking you to a value guide, or offering to make a fair trade board. People like these normally are making up their values, or severely downplaying them to get a good deal. This is normally done over neomail, because they don't want to post on your board, because if someone sees how low they are offering, they could be flamed, or discovered, and lose their chance to rip you off.

It is always the mark of a good and fair trader to be willing to make fair trade boards. Even if you know the true value of the item, the other party may not, and a little honesty, and willingness to be fair, goes a long way.

First, ALWAYS make a fair trade board before you trade. Just so you aren't ever ripped off. If the other party is not willing to, saying that they know the values, you can say something like this "Well, if you are enough of an experienced trader to say you know the value of "x", then you should know that it's always a good idea to make a fair trade board." You have free permission from me to use that line on people.

If you are doing a trade, and the other user is quoting values without anything to remotely back him/her up, make a fair trade board, or back out of the trade. Because you don't want to take the risk of losing your hard earned NC.

The "Uncompleted" Trade

This is, by far, the stupidest, and yet one of the most common ways to scam someone. I say stupidest because it's very obvious, and most people who do this are reported promptly, and frozen promptly. It's common, because some people just don't realize that trying to scam someone is a stupid idea in the first place.

The uncompleted trade happens when you send someone your half of the trade, and they accept it, and you don't get your item in return, even after waiting for hours. By then, it's usually obvious that the other user isn't going to send you that item, so you can easily send a report to TNT telling them you have been scammed.

Now, if this happens to you, first and foremost DON'T PANIC. Assuming things will only get you into more trouble, as there are some people who honestly have internet issues, or other things that can call them away from their computer during a NC trade. So, give them the 24 hour doubt. If you do not get your item 24 hours after your item was sent to that person, then send in a report to TNT to be safe. I suggest that before you report, you send the user a neomail giving them once last chance to send you the item they promised you.

So, remember, if this happens to you, don't panic, and give someone the 24 hour doubt.

The "non-legit" Item Scam

This is a very touchy subject, and I hope that I can talk about this without having to go into enough detail to make TNT very angry. There are some users that buy rare neocash items through methods other than this site (neopets.com), usually the neocash items are taken from accounts that were compromised, and some of them can be traded, or gifted to you.

The fact is, you don't know if the items you get are legit or not. And there honestly is no way to tell besides looking at the account that gifts you the item. If the account is a newbie account, with four, all basic pets, and none of them are customized, and all of them aren't fed, that could be a really good clue, but then again, you really never know. This is one of the main dangers of Gifting Boards which is why I warned all of you away from them, as sometimes people get rid of non-legit NC and NP items and pets that way.

Now, this doesn't mean you need to run around like a crazy person. This simply means that you need to make sure that you are careful not to trade with accounts that are too sketchy looking, and you just need to stay away from gifting boards. Most of the items on the NC chat are totally fine, however, it's better to be safe than sorry.

The "free neocash" scam

There are some users who will mail or post links saying that if you click them, you will get "free neocash". First of all, neocash is ONLY given away on Neopets, Petpet Park, and sometimes Monkey Quest. If someone is not linking you to those sites, it is a scam, and that person is trying to steal your account. There is NO WAY to get free neocash besides the sites I have listed above, and they are all part of the same family of sites owned by "Nickelodeon".

If you happen to click the link that the scammer has put in front of you, change your secret word, log out, then log back in, because they may have found a way to steal your important information.

So please remember, if you see something that is too good to be true, it more than likely is. If TNT was to give away NC, it would be in very small amounts, it would be on Neopets, Petpet Park, or Monkey Quest, and it would more than likely be more widely known about. So if you are not sure if the person is really telling the truth or not, just ask the boards if TNT's currently giving away NC, then if they are not, you know it is a scam, and can report the user to TNT.

No NC? No problem.

I would like to begin this chapter by saying this:

Please, for the love of Fyora, stop saying how you don't have "access" to me. If you wish to talk to me, you can neomail my owner. That simple. You are free to say "I do not have access to neocash items, I cannot buy neocash, I do not have access to the NC mall...etc." But as far as not being able to access me, it is a simple neomail to my owner, or lurking the Pound/Neocash Chat long enough to find me. Thank you. ~Encee.

Now that that is out of the way, I would like to provide some hope for you users who do not have access to the NC mall. You see, just because you do not have access doesn't mean you cannot customize with Neocash.

If you are not sure if you have access, take a look at the scroll box below, and see if your country is listed. If it is, you have access to the NC mall!

The NC Mall is available in English to Neopets players in the following countries:

American Samoa
British Virgin Islands
Cayman Islands
Falkland Islands
Hong Kong
New Zealand
Pitcairn Islands
Republic of Ireland
Saint Helena
Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
South Africa
The Bahamas
Trinidad and Tobago
Turks and Caicos Islands
U.S. Virgin Islands
United Kingdom
United States

Now, of course, in some of those countries, they have access, but only through paypal, and of course, there are some users that do not have paypal accounts, because of age, or other restrictions, so there can be some people from those countries who are, technically speaking, still without access.

So, the question is, how does one without access to neocash get neocash items? Well, the main method is by getting gifts. Just because you don't have access to neocash doesn't mean you cannot get neocash gift boxes. There are many, many, many, many, generous users on this site. Many of which are perfectly willing to gift neocash items. However, most of this section will be about the correct ways to get gifted, so you know the correct way to go about it.

First, I really recommend the guide above if you wish to learn about how to get gifted correctly. It's written by someone who loves to gift NC, and she's writing out what she personally looks for when she's gifting items.

Now, to prepare for getting gifted. First, you need to make a Wishlist. I personally suggest this site below for templates, however, you can also look around the Shelf Directory to find a page that has other templates more to your style. ^^

This site should have a very easy to edit wishlist template, which is really nice and easy to use, even for those who are new at coding HTML/CSS. I recommend it highly.

Ok, so you put all of your items in a wishlist, now what do you do? You have a few options. You can put it in your siggy on the boards, or you can put it on your user lookup. You can even do both if you so desire. But here is the warning I am giving you. DO NOT go around poking your siggy on every board trying to guilt people into gifting you. Also, don't NM the link of your wishlist to all of your friends as well. Both of those methods are BEGGING and they are against the rules, and nothing will scare away a potential gifter like the act of begging.

Now, the first thing you need to understand about getting gifted, is that you shouldn't be asking too much from people. Neocash is bought using real money, and the thing is, most people are attached to their more popular/expensive items. Chances are if you are looking for a New Years in Mystery Island and a Neoboard Pen, people are more than likely going to be more willing to gift you the Neoboard Pen, because it's currently buyable. Normally the items that are really hard to get require a lot of time and effort to trade for, so normally people don't like to give away their hard work and effort.

You know you love me~!

A good rule of thumb to have, is if the item is over 10 caps (each cap being 250NC), don't expect to be gifted the item. You are free to put it on your wishlist, as there are honestly some people who do gift items over 10 caps, but you seriously do not want to be asking too much from people. As a gifter, Sunny normally avoids wish lists that are full of rare items, and have no cheaper wishes, as it just seems like the person is asking too much.

If you have an item under 10 caps, don't expect to be gifted right away, but I can say that you do have a chance of getting gifted. The key to being a good recipient for a gift is to be polite, and most of all patient. You cannot go around forcing people to gift you simply because you feel entitled to it, you must be patient, and show people that you deserve it.

Now, one thing you must understand, is that it is considered VERY rude for you to trade the items you are gifted. Unless you are gifted an item that you have been specifically told you can trade, don't trade the item you were gifted. It is considered very rude, and can very much hurt the feelings of the person who gifted the item to you.

Also, this is the most important thing to do when you get gifted. ALWAYS SAY THANK YOU. Being thankful for the gift is what makes the experience worthwhile to the gifter. It also makes them feel a whole lot better if you put the item right on your pet after you get gifted it.

Now, you may say "Encee, there's no way I can customize all of my pets when I depend on other people for gifts." Well, my dear reader, don't doubt. I have quite a few good friends who are without access who actually have better customized pets than most people. Don't ever doubt the generous nature of some people. You just might be surprised.

A gift? For me? Thank you!

Neocash Customization Secrets

PSSSST. Wanna know a secret? Good. Because I'm about to tell you quite a few of them! This section is all about customizing secrets used by the pros! These methods of customization are going to help you figure out how to customize in new and creative ways.

Method #1: Dress Layering

Dress layering is a very complicated subject, but hopefully I can explain it in such a way that you will not be confused. First of all, this subject has a lot to do with ZONES. When an item is put on your neopet, it can take up one or more ZONES on your neopet's body. When you have items that are in the same general AREA on your neopet's body, but take up different ZONES, they can be layered to create some pretty crazy customizations. :)

In the case of dresses, there are two TYPES of dresses. Dresses that can take up the Jacket Zone and Dresses that take up the Shirt/Dress Zone. This means that you can (technically speaking) put a dress zoned as a jacket, and a dress zoned as a shirt/dress and put them on top of each other...like this. (Now, remember, you can only layer them if the both dresses do not restrict each other's zones!)

I particularly like this effect on ixi, because some dresses have such a low cut that they just don't work for ixi. However, using dress layering can help solve some of those problems. Dress layering also helps with adding some extra frills and details to certain dresses, now of course, dress layering is a very "iffy" art. Sometimes it works only with certain poses:

See? As I said, it's a very iffy art to master, however, if you can use it well enough, you can get several creative customizations. Here are a few more examples to show you just how creative you can be:

So why not try out your own ideas? I'm certain you'll be better at coming up with such things than I. :)

Economizing & Settling

Sometimes, you just can't afford that NP or NC item. Don't worry my dear visitor, I've got you covered, this is an entire section dedicated to helping you find cheaper, and better alternatives.

I personally recommend that you read this page below while you are reading my advice on economizing. It's a wonderful page with a ton of amazing advice that I find very helpful myself.

Enjoy this section, my dear visitor!

Overlooked Items

This is a section on cheap items that are often overlooked. These items are wonderful for customizing, and look very lovely if you use them right. Let's start with JJPB items.

Jubjub Power Bounce

It is one of the sad faults of the Neocash Chat that many wonderful JJPB items are considered almost worthless. However, there are many of these items that can be used to make wonderful customizations, and are worthwhile to a good customizer. Here's an example:

The only item in this customization that was NOT from JJPB is the Winter Rose Foreground. Everything else was given out from jubjub power bounce at one time or another. :) The scarf and skirt are normally around a cap each, and the hooded cape normally is around 4-5 caps, depending on the trader. The BG is also a pretty cheap background, and goes for 2-3 caps. The foreground, although it is optional, is 2-3 caps.

There are tons of Jubjub power bounce items that are overlooked, so try to see if you can create a lovely customization using a few of them. :)


Wonderclaw items are also somewhat discounted, but don't be disheartened! Many of them are great items, and one of them inspired me to create a wonderful customization below, if you are a fan of the book The Hunger Games you'll like what I did with the Fiery Dance Dress.

If you cannot tell, I'm dressed up as Katniss Everdeen, the main character of the book. The Pretty Dark Wig provides her hair, complete with a braid, just like the book. The fiery dance dress looks a lot like one of the dresses designed by Cinna in the book. The Atador Cup Brooch is used in place of her mockingjay pin, and of course there's a Woodland Archer Bow and a Shiny Quiver Full of Arrows. The background is the Altador Cup Stadium Wave Background.

In the customization above, I took one item from Wonderclaw, the Cloud Castle Background, and used it as my inspiration. Remember in the disney movie, Sleeping Beauty she and her prince are dancing in the clouds! Well, I took that and created a sweet sleeping beauty customization. Aurora may still be in her nightgown, but she's got a rose ready to give her Prince Charming! :)

So, what have we learned? Sometimes you take take one item that's often overlooked, and use it as the main centerpiece of a brand new customization!

What do you do about item inflation?

A lot of times, NC items and NP items alike can be inflated in price. Ether by demand, a limited supply, or both. This is my advice on how to best combat that inflation. :)


There are three main variables for inflated NC items. Supply, Demand, and Re-releases. Supply is how many of those NC items there are. Demand is how many people want them. Re-releases are the events where the supply of an item goes up because of TNT releasing a retired item again.

Supply is controlled by two forces. TNT, and the Traders. If you are looking for an item, TNT controls how many of those items are released into neopia, but the USERS control if they wish to trade the item or not. If an item is not pretty, sought after, or really good looking, then people are more willing to trade it, this altering the factor of "Supply". The opposite can be said if the item is very pretty, amazingly sought after, or good looking.

Demand is purely controlled by the traders. For example, people LOVE the butterfly dress. Many customizers want it, and so the demand for it is really high. However, due to a limited supply (aka...traders not wanting to trade theirs, and TNT not re-releasing it.) they are inflating rapidly.

There are some items users fully believe TNT will not rerelease again, mainly items from certain NC events that were only released during certain years. However, while TNT may not ever release them, TNT could create better, and cheaper alternatives. My advice to you, is for items like these, ether trade for them ASAP, because they shall only get more inflated as time goes on, or wait on TNT to create a better alternate. Or even better, just try to find a better alternative yourself.

Will we ever be re-released? Only time will tell!

One thing you can do to help item inflation, is to get off of the Overoffer Bandwagon. The over offer bandwagon is the group of traders who expect over offers for their items, use over offers as the current "value" of an item, and are always over offering on other items, thus making others expect over offers as well.

First, I'm going to state some facts here that everyone needs to know to prevent themselves from joining the over offer wagon:

Fact #1: The NC chat is not the PC. "Trading Up" hurts more people than you'd think.

My owner is a PC'er who lurks the NC chat, and she's proud of it too. On the PC, everyone is trying to "trade up", basically only seeking over offers for their pets in an effort to eventually trade up to an UC, or a Draik, or something. Don't be like that on the NC chat. Trying to "trade up" by expecting over offers 24/7 only inflates the item you're trading more, and makes it harder for others to have a shot at getting it. And it particularly can hurt you if you trade the item away, and then wait a few months to try to get it back again. By then it could be inflated even more.

Fact #2: Just because someone over-offers for x, doesn't mean you're going to be able to get y amount for your NC item.

There are going to be some people who over-offer on items. But just because you see a trade where one person "got really lucky" doesn't mean that you should expect amazing over-offers for your item. If you are SO picky that your item will only go for an amazing offer, just take it down from trade. Because you're only wasting other people's time. Because most of the time folks only have a fair, or a small over offer. Not the gigantic one you're expecting.

Fact #3: Get out of the "I need it now" mentality..

My dad is a pretty wise guy overall. One time when we were buying a car, he told me that the best time to buy a car is when you don't need it. That way you aren't desperate and you don't have to settle for less than what you want.

The same thing goes for Neocash items. If you are desperate for the item, and must have it now, you're going to have to settle for less than a fair trade, and you will deal with traders trying to make you overpay for an item you're desperate for.

So, you need to understand four key facts about the item(s) you're looking for:

1. If it's in the mall now, and it's not set to retire for a while, you should be in no hurry to get it now. It will be out for a while, and there's a good chance that after the newness of the item wears off, that you'll be able to find it easier, and at a more reasonable price than after it's released.

2. If it's in the mall now, but it's set to retire, try to get it between the main two demand spikes in trading. There's the spike that happens right after it's released, when everyone wants it, and then there's a spike in demand right before it retires. Even if you miss it entirely, there's a good chance that unless it's a really, really, really, really desired item, it'll not inflate too much after it's retired anyway.

3. There's no need to go after widgets, packs, or anything else like a mad person when a new machine comes out, or a new game comes to town. Most of the items from wonderclaw, meepit stache, Jubjub Power Bounce, etc, are going to be here for a while, so there's no need to rush after every item right after it's released. Wait for the value to stabilize first.

4. The best time to go after a high end NC item is when you don't need it desperately for a customization. If you're desprate, people will make you pay. So search for high end neocash items casually, when you're not really looking to replace something. Otherwise your wallet will suffer.

Neopoint Items

This is going to be short, and sweet for now. Simply put, patience is your friend. Normally NP items start of very expensive when they are first released, then they drop in price over time. The simple way to combat inflation is to wait, and not offer too much for something that's dropping in value anyway.

So, next time you see a wearable you desire, just wait a few months, then it "NORMALLY" should be at a better price. Make sure you check the trading post, shop wizard, and the auctions to get the best price.

That's all the advice I've got on this section.

Getting Gifts

This is my last section on economizing, and it's mainly for people like my owner. You see, my owner is a very low fuss kind of human, who really dislikes asking for anything. However, if there's one thing she is always looking for, it's wearables. It's great for her, because when her friends come up and ask what she'd like for christmas, or her birthday, or whatever, she can just point to her wishlist, and let them know about what she'd like. So they have great ideas for a holiday, and she doesn't really have to particularly ask for one item.

My advice, make a wishlist one with your dream NP and NC items. Post it on your lookup, put it in your siggy, whatever, so that way if your friends are ever at a loss for what to get you, you can just direct them there. It makes it a bit easier for both parties.

One thing to always remember about getting gifts, is never to beg. It's fine if someone asks for your wishlist link, to send it to them. But it's not ok for you to send everyone on your neofriends list the link without them asking, or for you to poke the link on your user lookup or siggy 24/7.

So you may say, Encee, how does this help me Economize? First, it can save you some NP and NC. Second, it helps your friends know what to get you, and often they can choose an item from your list that fits their budget, helping them economize as well. And third, it really helps people who really dislike asking for anything, to be able to ask to be spoiled once in a while, because normally, people like that are the people who really deserve it. Am I right? Haha.

That is currently my advice on gift giving! :)



So, we are getting towards the end of my guide. This is mainly small areas. The FAQ as well as my little corner are here. I also have an area where I thank some extra people who made this guide worthwhile, and then, sadly...you and I must part ways.

But, let us not be disheartened. Come now, let's enjoy the time we have, can we not?


Here are some questions you might have for us! If you have any more, just neomail Sunny and ask your question!

Why did you create this guide?

It really started one day when Sunny was bored, and wanted a project to work on, I asked her if I could try writing out some of my customization tips, and she consented. At first we really thought this guide was never going to be finished, as Sunny has a really strained relationship with the Procrastination Faerie, and they tend to bug each other, but as the guide took shape, we got more and more people cheering us on to finish it.

Why are you called "Encee"?

Technically, Encee (En-see) is the name my dear mother gave me, however, when I started my modeling career, it was mistook as the abbreviation "NC" as they are pronounced the same way. I was given the Runway Name of Neocash because of it. If you want to learn more about my personal history, my corner is below. :)

Can we become Affiliates?

Sure! You must have a high quality site, that's the only requirement. I'm NOT going to be petty and say "only customization related sites" or something like that. ANY SITE is welcome to become an affie.

Why did your owner decide to make you a white kacheek? Why not a halloween yurble? Or a green scorchio like the NC mall mascot?

Because white kacheeks are considered the main pet used by the Neocash Chat, and they are not only very easy to customize, but look very nice as well. I was originally traded for as a Halloween Yurble, but was zapped for a while (becoming a white, grey, and rainbow kyrii as well) before I was finally hand painted into a white kacheek on Christmas Eve 2011.

How did your owner trade for you?

My owner saw a board on the Pound Chat saying I was UFT, and I was a halloween yurble at the time. She NMe'd my former owner, Josiah, and asked what it would take for him to part with me. He asked for an Unconverted Halloween Lupe. Sunny talked with him a lot about how many plans she had for me, and Josiah was very nice, and agreed to hold me for Sunny until she could trade up to one. Well, eventually Josiah actually got one for himself, and he and his friend Ava decided to do something really nice for Sunny. They only asked for a mere Apple Chia for me. That was one of the nicest things someone's ever done for my owner, and after that trade I finally came home! :)

If you are "Neocash", why do you cover NP items and customization?

Have you even seen the pet "Neopoint" or "Neopoints" around? Nope. They're frozen, so they cannot help you guys when it comes to customization. Since I'm currently the only currency on this site that's not frozen or rotting, It's my job to help you customize in both areas.

Why didn't you just make a value guide or something?

Because, my owner and I don't have tough enough skin to deal with the abuse some people put on those brave souls who make guides like that. I personally believe that it's ok to use those guides as a reference, just like you'd use a dictionary or the internet for a reference for a project for school, but just like when you're in school, you cannot depend on the reference entirely. I am honored that two users are brave enough to run guides like that to help other people out. And I think they deserve praise for that, not scorn.

Why do you say this is all you've got for me "currently" at the end of certain sections?

Because I hope that Encee's Guide to Style will be a guide that will be updated more and more as time goes on, and I think of more advice to give to the general public. I hope to keep building and building on the current subjects here, so that way this guide keeps getting better, and keeps up-to-date with current trends.

Encee's Corner

This is my little corner of the web, until my owner can actually make me a page of my own. It may seem small, yes, but it's mine, dear visitor. And you don't know how much that means.

You might wonder about me. My history and all. I can tell you my story visitor, but it's quite a sad one, and somewhat shocking in it's own right. But, if you insist on knowing, I will oblige.

As I said in the Introduction, I was born in the Slums of Neopia Central. I lived in a hold filled shack, with my mother, and my big sister, Bree. My mother was sick, very sick. With a disease no doctor could really diagnose. It made her short of breath most of the time, and prevented her from getting a job. The least she could do each day was check the garbage pails in the alley we lived in. Bree and I had to depend on each other mainly. Here's a picture of her, so you know what she looks like.

Bree and I did ok overall. There were nights we were hungry, tired, and cold, but we had each other, and that's what mattered to us at least. We shared everything, even the small amount of food we could find each day. I always thought Bree was prettier than I was, for I was always a very simple child. But that changed when I was discovered....

You see, this nimmo, in a suit, came back to our alley one day. He told my sister that he was looking for a white kacheek, who was said to be very pretty, who lived back in our alley. At first, Bree was suspicious, but eventually she lead him back to our shack. His name was Jonas, and he was a talent scout. He was looking for neopians to model, and had heard from some of the shop owners that I was an unusually pretty kacheek. He asked me for my name, and I told him Encee the name my mother had given me. He looked me over for a second, then offered me a job!

Jonas first translated Encee as the abbreviation NC, as that is what my name sounds like. He eventually decided to use the name Neocash as my runway name, since that's what NC stood for anyway. I was pretty excited about this job, for I could finally provide for my mother, and my sister. And I did well for a long while.

I was a smash hit on the runway, I had my own fashion line, even a line of makeup and cosmetics. But I didn't realize the influence I was having. To many young people, I looked like perfection. I looked like something perfect, something to stride towards, and it was only when I looked into the face of one little girl, who didn't see her own inner-beauty, and was trying to be ME, that I realized my grave mistake.

I had focused so long on trying to show off my own style that I was setting standards that are not possible to be met. I looked perfect by having expensive clothes, lots of makeup, the right lighting, and the fact that I hid my personal life from the world. After I realized my error, I quit modeling for many months, and then reappeared in the fashion world as a new designer, intent on helping others find their style not my own. So that, in short, is my story, dear visitor.

Fan Art

Sometimes I wonder at this section, as it seems I still have some fans from my modeling days, and a few of them drew pictures of me. I'm quite honored, actually.

-None yet-

Fan Letters/Posts

This too, surprises me. I didn't think anyone would dare to send me any letters. I also love it when they post about how they like my guide. Well, this counts as a happy moment whenever I see a new letter, or a new post about my hard work.

Notable Moments


Extra Thanks

I would like to thank Josiah (fenix7114) and Ava (violentemotion) for being willing to work with Sunny to create that wonderful trade that allowed me to come home. I will forever be in your debt, and I promise you that I am loved here.

I'd like to thank all of the users who Sunny asked to test this page, although there are too many to name, I thank you guys for being so willing to give us good input on this page.

I'd like to thank Kathleen, (kathleen_kate) the dear friend of Sunny, who motivated both of us to keep working on this project. Thank you my dear!

Thanks to the wonderful site Kleur for the color palette used on this site.

Good Bye

So, visitor, I guess this is goodbye. I have enjoyed my time with you, and I hope you have learned something as well. I hope that your customizations turn out beautiful, and your pets know how much you care by how wonderful they look. As for me, you do not need to worry about not seeing me again. You are free to come back here anytime. In fact, why don't you take one of my spare buttons? I normally sew them onto dresses and all, but I'm sure if you take one, you'll be able to remember me by it!

All of my buttons are linked to the company (site) that made it. ;)

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(textarea style="width: 80px; margin: 2px;") (/textarea)(textarea style="width: 80px; margin: 2px;") (/textarea)(textarea style="width: 80px; margin: 2px;") (/textarea)

You can also sometimes find my owner and I around the NC Chat and the Pound Chat on occasion. If you cannot find us there, just send Sunny (Hzoo_26) a neomail, and we'll talk.

Enjoy customizing, my dear reader. And have FUN!

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I want to stay on Neopets,
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