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Long ago, the Great Scarab walked across the lands of Neopia,
gathering the essence of all he passed into a round gem.
For ages he walked, until he grew tired and thirsty,
but there was no place to rest. So he kept walking until
he found an oasis, a river in a den of bones and ghosts.
Here he rested, guarding the gem, until he was well.
But the gem had rested against his body and the heat of
the sun, until it too was well. And so its edges cracked,
and fell apart, to reveal a tiny chick, crafted from the
mercilessness of the sun and the loving of the Great Scarab.

This child was Nekhbet, the first of the Desert.

The Great Scarab was surprised, but the chick was helpless and hungry,
so he took it upon himself to nurse her in the wasteland of the deserts.

Nekhbet grew quickly, in both mind and body, until she towered over
the Great Scarab and asked him questions he could not answer.

Are there others? she asked, having seeing none like herself.
Yes, the Great Scarab replied, But they are beyond the woods and water.

Then I will go beyond water and woods to meet them, Nekhbet said.
Very well, the Scarab acquiesced, and showed her the path to the woods.

Long she flew to other lands and found creatures stranger than her.
She told them of the deserts, and they told her of their cities.

I must show them my land, Nekhbet said to herself.
So she opened the deserts to the ways of wood and water.

And so the Great Scarab watched from beneath the sun,
as Nekhbet brought life to the Lost Deserts.

nekhbet, patron goddess of sakhmet



she has many friends, i presume.

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