The wind is warm, you smile to yourself, very warm.
Your bare feet dig into the sand with a soft crunch as the salty water of the sea washes away the layers of gravel. A gentle breeze caresses your clothes, warm from the summer's day. The sun had just set, sleeping under the ocean, letting the moon play it's night shift. Many stars decorated the atmosphere, leaving specks upon the ocean, surrounding the reflected glare of the bright silver moon, and only one poofy cloud hung in the sky. A gray cloud... Cloud? Were you sure that it was a cloud? You take another, closer look. It has stripes, charcoal bands wrapping around it. Closer you observe it... It is not a cloud.
A... Lupe? You think to yourself. Definetely. But how was this canine walking in the sky? It had no wings of what you could see. None at all. You cup your hands around your mouth and point your head to the sky. "Hello?" You bellow. The 'cloud' stops. It turned it's head, and a bright stream of light shot from it's face and gleamed on the calm water's surface. It was a star.
You quickly stand up, not knowing what the lupe will do. It's charging right at you, and fast. It's paws daintly lands on the beach. It looks at you with a smile... But really, how can it be smiling? The poor thing's got a star stuck in it's right eye. It's slim and it's coat is as smooth as the water. Hello! It grinned. Apparantly it's a girl. She wags her large tail and pads closer to you. Her left eye is a beautiful aqua.
Er... Hello," You say, "What were you doing up there? And who are you?" You circle here as if she was from another world, if she wasn't already. I was looking for some shooting stars to race. They're wild ones, they are... Oh, and my call is Nehbula. You can call me, Ne, though." She grins.


+Call: Nehbula.
+Alias: Ne.
+Summers: 19 (Human Years).
+Gender: Female.
+Breed: Wolf/Fox.
+Ethnicity: Unknown.
+Voice: Gentle.
+Fur Quality: Smooth.
+Print: Gray with charcoal stripes.
+Eyes: Star stuck in right, left a bright aqua.
+Accessories: Sometimes hangs stars from her fur.
+Siblings: None.
+Adopted: Pencil and Syke.
+Guardian: Staticbeat.
+Parents: Gone...
+Crush: -Giggles-
+Love: One day.
+Status: Single.
+Friends: None.
+Frame: Petite and slim, with a large fox-like tail.
+Personality: Kind and adventurous.
+Hobby: Racing shooting stars.




Flames, the wish granter, is more than my best friend, but my hero. He's truly amazing and oh-so kind! I love traveling with him... He's very easy to talk to, too. I can't wait to spend more time with him!



I'm confused. I used to have what felt like an empty space inside of me, but now it's filled with flutters and my cheeks become rosie. What is this?...


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