wipe your feet

A tiny doorbell tinkles as you push open the door - a light, cheerful sound that matches the warmth of the homely room you find yourself in. An unseen radio plays a chirpy tune and there are scraps of cloth, half-finished plushies and various stacks of boxes all over the wooden floor.

Almost as if on cue, a head of purple hair pops up from behind a desk in a corner. "Ah, hi! Welcome to


Uh, sorry for the mess - I've just moved in, kinda, and things aren't fully set up around here yet."

Tugging his sweater straight, the boy makes to walk towards you, only to stumble over a box on the way. Grabbing the table to steady himself, he grins sheepishly. "Ehehe, whoops, sorry about that. I'm Nefz, and I kind of run this little place. I also hand-make all our adoptables myself.'

Nefz gestures behind him at the racks of adoptables behind him - shelves upon shelves of them, in all the colors you could ever imagine. Indeed, the place is literally walled with them, from the ceiling to the floor.

Impressed?" Nefz beams. "I'm pretty proud of them myself. I do hope you take one home with you. I do have a few [RULES] before you look around; just let me read them to you before we get started, yeah?"


take a pixel, leave a name

So, rules, rules...where did I leave those ru-WHOA-UMMPP!"

Tumbling into a pile of cushions piled against the wall, Nefz quickly scrambles back to his feet. "I'm alright, I'm good. Seriously. Nothing broken. Except my dignity, maybe. Oh!"

Fishing out a little dusty book, Nefz sets it on a nearby shelf. "Been meaning to take this out for awhile - this is the guestbook where I keep the names of those who have gladly taken a adoptable home. It's nice to peek in at them every once in awhile and all, y'know. So if you bring one of those Bruces back with you, won't you drop a little [MESSAGE] here?"


(aka Bruces who are using these adoptables, yay! ♥)

Upelkuchen, owned by Purple (peppertoast)
Mnouna, owned by Anne (jeeperscreepers)
Taurinil, owned by Kenzie ((sintrith)
Dulphe, owned by Michelle (thunderbird_girl24)
Limahong, owned by Captain Chavo (captain_chavito)
Zoneva, owned by Michelle (thunderbird_girl24)
Nerzhul007, owned by JoAnn (boogerbear24)
Aerodynamics, owned by Adlemi Justine (monah_lizzah)
Roartiex, owned by Desiree (ddkpuglover3)
Yachiero, owned by Desiree (ddkpuglover3)
Lilliyne, owned by FQ (haleyc06)
CheChe_14858, owned by Breanna (tailslide)
LittleSqueeky, owned by Belle (mizcee)
Whaverly, owned by Rachel (rachelii)
Sky_Hime, owned by Bruce Addict (jpshelby)
Queen_Yukiko, owned by Bruce Addict (jpshelby)
Khuddler, owned by Bruce Addict (jpshelby)


they're important, you know

Nefz clears his throat, even as your eye begins to wander across the racks of colorful, squishy Bruces around you and you take a step towards them.

Hey, hey, don't go walking off yet. Remember those rules I mentioned? Gotta read them to you first before we get down to business. Now, where did I put that piece of paper...?"

Nefz roots around the small pile of papers on his desks. "Aha! Here we go," he says, pulling out a piece of paper from under a stack of pink paper, "The rules. They aren't that lengthy, but they are important."


1) Do not enter these adoptables in the Beauty Contest or Art Gallery. I'll know if you do and you can bet I'll report.

2) Do not claim credit for any of these.

3) Please leave the link in when using these adoptables. Don't you want to share the love? :3

4) Please do not edit any of these images. If you want a custom image, just check if my customs are open.

5) If you want to use any of these adoptables in a header image/banner image/etc., please Neomail me first.

...And that's about it, really." Nefz neatly tucks the paper back into the drawer. "I know rules aren't the most fun of things, but I've put too much effort into these to have them mishandled - people need to learn to respect hard work more."

So, did you get all that? I hope you'll agree to follow them."

Ugh, sorry, rules aren't for me. || I did and I will, don't worry.


the shiny things


Nefz hands you a big, if slightly soggy cardboard box. "Go ahead and pick out the Bruces you want to adopt...oh. I almost forgot, whoops. Be right back."

Nefz scrambles back to the desk, tripping at least twice over stray plushies on the floor. "I know I left the code in here somewhere....a-HA! There we go!"

He tosses you a small white box. Curious, you pull it open to see a small line of code tucked inside.

To take one of those Bruces home with you, just take note of their color underneath the rack and swap it into the (COLOR_HERE) part of that code. Just remember to get the color name right though; we had quite the incident the last time someone made a typo."

Oh, if you want a Bruce in a color not currently on the rack, I'm always game to try sewing new stuff! Just leave your request in the [TRAY] over there, and I'll start gathering the necessary material together."

Well, that should cover everything - help yourself!"
































something a little special

Nefz leads you to a small shelf, just a little off the larger ones. "Occasionally, others prefer something a little more unique than what we have on the shelves. A few tweaks here and there, clothing that matches their pets...when I have the time, I do oblige some of these requests. Here is where I keep them, fluffed and ready for pick-up."

If you're interested, check the sign in the window below to see if we're taking in custom designs. If it's currently flipped over to 'OPEN', just drop the one of the forms stacked just underneath the window into that [BOX] over thereand I'll do my best to get to it as soon as possible."

Customs are currently: [CLOSED]


Reference (if any):

note: I do not do customs for app art or Bruces that will be retraded, sorry. Check out the [RULES/RACKS] for the standard colors instead.


To collect, please copy this code out and swap the (NAME_HERE) with the name of your Bruce. ♥








more places to explore

As you are led towards the door (with Nefz tripping only once more), You notice the small address book hanging on the back of the wooden frame. Nefz, noticing your curiosity, explains, "That's a sort-of directory to the other pages in my Neo-family. I thought it'd be nice to keep them all on one sheet of paper, so I don't lose them. I'm hoping to add other addresses to it soon though."

He points at a tiny row of stickers, pinned just a little haphazardly above the addresses. "That's our own address. Just pull one off if you want to bring it back with you and well, stick it somewhere. It'll give you the directions on how to get back here."

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