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-new screenies at the top-

This is THE most obnoxious board title I have EVER seen!
And that's saying a lot! v.v;

I think I may have lost that battle...

I got permission to leave starrygurl1991's name in.
She says she wants to be famous :)

Okay, maybe it's mean, but at least it's subtle. :)

o.0 She's right!

I guess I can give you a paint brush for that price since you worked so hard...



Scented Easter Negg: 23,000 np!

It took a long time and a lot of work, but it was worth it!! :)

*faints, awakens, faints again*
This happened while I was pricing things in my shop!

Hmmm,... everything else is in English...

Wow, double random event!

Irony--the best form of humor!

It seems he likes verbal abuse!

Yep, that's pretty much why I'm here...

Okay seriously, EVERY TIME I MAKE FUN OF SKIETH'S KNOWLEDGE, I GET A BOOK. I think I'm on to something here!

Didn't catch the event (pop-up blocker), but this is when I got the avatar! =D

Wow, I've never actually beaten the game! :o 6/6/08


Lol thanks to the people who have translated this for me! Wasn't expecting that!


Can you beat my scores? :)

Nice, huh? And it only took four tries! :P
For all you little kiddies who don't know what the ACT is, it's a grueling, four-hour
standardized test most American high school kids have to take to get into college. Not fun!

Not bad for my first semester in college! :D Go me!!

Ack! I got a B in music theory II! *stab stab*

Ancient world history, astronomy, and philosophy... yep, I have lots of useless knowledge now! xD


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See Jennisty's page!

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