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*please read with a French accent*
Hello and Welcome to magnifique - a page dedicated to all the gorgeous customizations that are swirling around in neopia and leaving everyone in awe.
*you can stop reading with your French inner voice here*

On this page you can get inspired for your next custom, request some help with your custom if you need any, or simply show off the customs you are most proud off.
If you see a custom you like hover over the image for the DTI link.

Each custom has been created by a user and please appreciate that none of us would like to see a 1:1 copy of their pet running around in neopia.

Submit a Custom

You have created a custom you're really proud of?
Share your custom with the rest of neopia and let it be admired.

What do I need to know if I want to submit a custom?
Please be aware that we have two different custom groups:

1. Random customs
2. Seasonal customs

Random customs do not have to follow a certain season, while seasonal customs will remain as long as the season lasts. However, your seasonal custom will move to the random custom section as soon as the season is over.

Can I submit more than one custom?
Yes, you can submit more than one custom. But your pet has to currently wear the custom. Due to many submissions please don't submit more than 8 customs right now. You can submit more pets, after I added your first 8 though (:

Do I need to have a DTI link?
No, you don't need to have a DTI link to your customization. I am going to copy your custom on a DTI account and save it there, so you don't have to worry about anything.

Will other users see that I made the custom?
Yes! You will be credited for sure. If you don't want to be named, you can drop me a mail or add it to the submission form.

What happens if I change my pets custom?
If you chnage your pets custom, the image on this site won't be affected.

For submitting your pet's custom please fill out this form:

If you have successfully submitted a custom, feel free to grab one of these buttons as a little thank you:

This button can be picked by users who submitted a seasonal custom:

I asked you to submit your pet?

I couldn't resist having your pet on my site? Feel free to pick up this button (or the button above- whichever you prefer):


If you feel like you're stuck and need some help with a custom and none of the other customs helped you, you can still request some help. You can add if you have access to NC or only want NP items to be used and what the maximum amount/value of the items is. You can also request a custom with certain items you want to be used.

So if you're ready, fill out this form:


These customs are non-permanent and will move to the random sectiion after the season is over to make room for your new and amazing seasonal customs.
Celeiste by hulkmania6191

Naze the choco kacheek

Corpsie by Ana
Brahma by ryeensa
Corpsie by xx_happy_girlz_xx
Ellvo by kalwiaa
Seiorse by hulkmania6191
Talelula with "Pretty Baby" by omgitsbaylie
Dreadlessness by cutey_sailorangel
Lylarii by cutey_sailorangel
Kozi by Angela
Joga by felipegyn
Iceva by Vicky
Wordlessly by kil.lacourtie (linked side)
Betah by kil.lacourtie (linked side)
Trendei by Shannon
Xigi by gr8caesarsghost
Anatomy with "Ibiza" by winterteas
Lylarii by cutey_sailorangel
Trendei by Shannon
Jessamiine by Shannon
KatharineMae by Shannon
Hibiscas by Ana
Ahio by Vicky
Seolhyun by Vicky
Hoig by gr8caesarsghost
Corpsie by Ana
Hibiscas by Ana
Eroberi by lissiwciorka
Koppely by lissiwciorka
Hibiscas by Ana
Elinin by sweetie026
Corpsie by xx_happy_girlz_xx
Lilymie by b_70x7_n
Dames by _chocolates
Fie by _razzledazzled_30
Kozi by nineoneone_

In the Greenhouse by Ana
Frosb with "Candy Land" by leticiahpj
Voyante with "On Goldy Pond" by pinkfairiedust
bluoopers with "Shenkuu Stroll" by pinkfairiedust
Ajanina with "Stunning Spring" by pinkfairiedust
Visitas with "Cheerful Tulips" by pinkfairiedust
Delonixia by hulkmania6191
Astropants by cutey_sailorangel
Headspaced by Angela
Jeidan by Angela
Oke by felipegyn
Falballa by Ana
Falballa by Ana
Beadz with Dark Knight by fiery_white_dragon
Rhysand by xenobia_clair
Toepuppet by egaeus
Tamingoftheroo by egaeus
Funkphenomenon by egaeus
Fyoroo by egaeus
Virtualzachary by egaeus
Peroonnial by egaeus
Ungratefulbrat by egaeus
Sagp by raldom
Rourynn by huachimingoplus
Mollee by _chocolates
Delonixia by hulkmania6191
Tamingoftheroo by egaeus
Ciace by vampireslayer142
Falballa by xx_happy_girlz_xx
Falballa by xx_happy_girlz_xx
avarkla by b_70x7_n
Gisis by ositow
Aud by xenobia_clair
Drusilla by xenobia_clair
Jeidan by nineoneone_

Naze the choco kacheek

Ahued by ryeensa

Naze the choco kacheek

Bleuper by polajess

Naze the choco kacheek

Keighty2 by heartes

Dustwraith with "Chaos" by kabrevi
Solera with "Sky Princess" by dragonlance433
Nuelic with "Casual" by omgitsbaylie
Serabel by lisa_sweet_girl
Wear by felipegyn
Serabel by lisa_sweet_girl
Jaeyu by Vicky
Xeja by Vicky
Vafu by Vicky
Soyee by Vicky
Bjoo by Vicky
Dasp by Vicky
Deiju by Vicky
Myae by Vicky
Crebe by Ana
Auriyole with Bringer of Storms by melancholith
Iradesent with "Beach Dreams" by uhmeyzingme_
Ashne by Shannon
Covalt by kil.lacourtie (linked side)
Ashne by Shannon
Crebe by Ana
Isabeyl with Red Sky by fiery_white_dragon
Isabeyl with Elvira Scorned by fiery_white_dragon
Commendare by ongnoobs
Alagaesian by lissiwciorka
Aliyaluna by ongnoobs
Pinkfloyd by ongnoobs
Haitrid by ongnoobs
StarlighGenesis by ongnoobs
CheChe_14858 by ongnoobs
Cuordelia by ongnoobs
Gerard by ongnoobs
KitKat_14858 by ongnoobs
Noseslide by ongnoobs
Tahrya by ongnoobs
Tuukka by ongnoobs
Bruins by ongnoobs
CutieFrutie_14858 by ongnoobs
mairybeth by ongnoobs
Jazlura by ongnoobs
Stuhffies by ongnoobs
Auriyole with "Dark Pastel" by melancholith
Schneachta with "idk man something ~kool~" by lissiwciorka
Snylin by pyrocinderella
alloia by ongnoobs
Jain by ositow
Schneachta by lissiwciorka
Crebe by xx_happy_girlz_xx
vallaria by b_70x7_n
Joyouss by ongnoobs
Eeem by sweetie026
Anlin by _razzledazzled_30
Qezu by _razzledazzled_30

Orielenn with "Forest King" by midnight_galz
Douvv by huachimingoplus

Disharmonie with "Sun" by kabrevi
Myrddine with "Moon" by kabrevi
Sellwyn with "Neon Twilight" by kabrevi
maraquinus by huachimingoplus
Herrim by huachimingoplus

SoFt_N_SqUiShY6 by lisa_sweet_girl
SoFt_N_SqUiShY6 by lisa_sweet_girl
Aavanni by desblanca

Okuyun2 with "Nightmare" by midnight_galz
Kleisthenus by hulkmania6191
Miuwk by lady_ariadne_2

Seresmay with "Summer Picnic!" by tinxabella

Spoons by cutey_sailorangel

pungtang by trerat13
Hiero by sunchampion
Stella1171979 by b_70x7_n

Naze the choco kacheek

Lhexan by zunnybunny0
Shine by heartes
Psarah by gr8caesarsghost

Naze the choco kacheek

Naze the choco kacheek

Spells by Ren
Ellvo by kalwiaa
inisia by strass932
Celeiste by hulkmania6191
Silny by lisa_sweet_girl
Fonnzy by cutey_sailorangel
Niareet by Angela
Ritmos by felipegyn
Silny by lisa_sweet_girl
Leyaz with "Picnic at the Beach" by leticiahpj
Kyszi with "Beach Babe" by belleperle
Ahttor by kil.lacourtie (linked side)
Oige by gr8caesarsghost
Naze by Ana
Spooky Kacheek by fiery_white_dragon
Spooky Kacheek by fiery_white_dragon
Fluj by Ana
Cheeky213_805 by chi_chi190
Dezima by fiery_white_dragon
Niareet by nineoneone_
Celeiste by hulkmania6191
Naze by xx_happy_girlz_xx
Smartly by xx_happy_girlz_xx
Stassi by xx_happy_girlz_xx
chaneliz by b_70x7_n
Cherlot by ositow
Hanan by ositow
Elaqis by chi_chi190
Candy_SugarSweet by huachimingoplus
Beory by _razzledazzled_30
Carlotta by nostalegia

Animira by ryeensa
Siyanin by lissiwciorka
Mmry by lissiwciorka
Cow by polajess
batamaha by _chocolates

Isthy by sunchampion

Naze the choco kacheek

Naze the choco kacheek

Bluuclue by ryeensa
deCheshire with "Chesire Cat" by boriness
Gershwin by lady_ariadne_2
Birkli by athena_hippeia_2
Merrick by xenobia_clair
Sibelius by lady_ariadne_2

Naze the choco kacheek

Clemensiana by hulkmania6191
JustinBieber by grevious551
Clemensiana by hulkmania6191

Naze the choco kacheek

edge7900_2001 by hulkmania6191
Jareit with "Beach Fun!" by tinxabella
Senor_Lupe370 with Halloween by draik_x
Seal by polajess

Little_Cutie_No1 by lisa_sweet_girl
Little_Cutie_No1 by lisa_sweet_girl
Abalor by drabkin
Saurem by drabkin
Nirvane by drabkin
Esthhirel by drabkin
Drabkin by drabkin

Naze the choco kacheek

Ihelt by master_puppet03
Houg by gr8caesarsghost

monkeyjoeneo by heartes

Naze the choco kacheek

Naze the choco kacheek

Avouriel with "Summer Fun!" by tinxabella

Naze the choco kacheek

AvenOfGlory by nineoneone_

Naze the choco kacheek

Coutured by Ana
Tiopental with 'Raised by Ghosts" by siliki
Coutured by Ana
Coutured by Ana
Nari by xenobia_clair
rukanni by lissiwciorka
Latte by xenobia_clair
Neyeer by _razzledazzled_30

plushiepitbul by _chocolates

Corrianthi with The Royal Sorceress by melancholith

Lussofe by lady_ariadne_2

nipper_68111 by trerat13

Naze the choco kacheek

Naze the choco kacheek

Woodland Uni with "Queen of the Garden" by itsmanderina
Murlin by kil.lacourtie (linked side)
Poaseidon by kil.lacourtie (linked side)
Jellico by angelgurlz0930
Rhahira by evil_smurf_17

Pia by heartes

Naze the choco kacheek

Naze the choco kacheek

Mirarmi by Vicky
Puffein by lady_ariadne_2
Solenae by athena_hippeia_2
Mossyn by lady_ariadne_2
Brennawyn by lady_ariadne_2
Vianthi with "A very Pastel Christmas" by lampette
xweetiella by _chocolates

Naze the choco kacheek

Theokleia by sunchampion
Chanellera with "Summer Fun!" by tinxabella


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