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a nature themed pet directory

Welcome to Naturels: a directory for listing nature-themed pets! This page lists any pets with plant/elemental based paint or characters. Hover over each pet for more info about them! Your pet does not have to be woodland to be listed here! If interested in being listed please read on below.

Rules for Listing

❀ Pets eligible can have characters that are nature themed (farmer, gardener, woodland spirit), and/or nature-themed paint (woodland, water, fruit/veg, snow, ect.)
❀ Pets must be permanent pets
❀ Pets must have some kind of customization, at least a background or more would be nice to keep the directory beautiful!
❀ If you would your pet listed please neomail me the following form:

Badge key

dandy lion: pet has an elemental color (woodland, water, snow, fruit/veg, eventide, ice, magma, relic)
bean sprout: pet grows plants/has a garden or farm
a rose by any other name: pet has a nature-themed name. Does not have to be RW: compound, misspells, foreign all count eg. "GreenForest," "Forest," "forreste" all count towards this badge
lavender fields: pet lives in the forest/elsewhere in nature

Pets Acara – Eyrie

Pets Flotsam – Jubjub

Pets Kacheek – Ogrin

Pets Peophin – Tuskinniny

Pets Uni – Zafara


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