Each user can enter only one pet per competition (one pet a month).
Outfit value will be up to 15 caps max (NC currency).
You can enter your pet, but not a customization screenshot.
All pets must wear full outfit. i.e NO un-clothed pets, UCs or un-customize-able colors. Baby pets are allowed.
Please use the Application form to enter the contest.


You CAN do an NP only customization.
Once the entry is updated, You CAN change your customization as you wish, it won't effect the entry image.
Buyable items - any item available at the NC mall, both permanent and retiring. Items that come from activating KQ tokens are also considered as buyables.
Buyable items value is 0. Not because they are not pretty, but simply because you don't need to trade for them.
There is NO NP limitation, feel free to use as many NP items as you wish, as long as it's ECO in terms of NC.
There is no theme, you can customize freely.

Application Form

Current Special Edition

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If you still want to enter a customization spotlight, but don't want to customize with cap limit, please visit "The Best Dressed".

ECO Looks, Since Sep 6th, 2012


A lot of NCers believe that one can only customise well with expensive and valuable items, if you've read my NC guide for customisers you already know that this is not true. great customisations are not obliged to be expensive! you can customise very well at a low cost and even FREE (NP items only). On this page you can find great looks created by users with minimum cap value usage (all looks are between 0-15caps total).

If you want your pet to be displayed on this page, all you have to do is: Customise your pet economically (0-15 caps only), and Send a Neomail to me with your theme and the link to your pet.

New to ECO Looks?

This is a monthly contest, all the entrants for each month will be displayed oh this page, and by the end of the month three best outfits will be chosen. The winners will be displayed in the "Winners Case" and on the ECO Looks Hall of Fame there will be a short review on their outfit. Everybody gets a trophy! Winners according to their rank and all the participant will get a 4th Place banner.

Competition Status

April 2015



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Site related FAQ's:

What is ECO Looks?
Economical Looks is a contest in which you can present your pretty customization in order to help new traders and users with low-medium budget.

Isn't it against the site rules to host a contest?
No, it's against the rules to give out prizes, in this case there are NO actual prizes (NP items, NC items) giving out; if you should win, you'll get an art trophy to post on your pet lookup and nothing more, this is most certainly not against the site rules. plus, if you feel uncomfortable using the word contest you can replace it with "customization spotlight" or "style showdown" ^__^.

When and how did you come up with the site idea?
The site evolved from the guide I wrote 2 years ago named: NC for Customizers which suggested ideas for customizing with more common NC items and NP items as alternatives for popular and expensive NC items. later on, I've added the ECO looks section as a part of the guide to show how you guys applied the guidelines suggested there. few month later, on Sep 6th 2012, ECO looks got it's own page. as for my first guide, other users extended the idea of NP and NC alternatives and created more elaborated separate guides which are listed on the side bar.

Why do you have the "Meital's Favorite" section?
Because I can!... Just Kidding, I have this section because I can't participate in my own competition and I would like to voice my opinion as a customizer on the outfit I absolutely loved.

Is it possible to win Both Eco Looks and "Meital's Favorite"?
Everything is possible!

Why can I only enter one pet?
You can only enter one pet for each competition (one pet a month) so that others will have equal chances wininig the competition.

Do I get a trophy for wining?
YES!, winners will get a personalized trophy for wining the competition, which will hold the outfit they've created, their username and the competition date. you can see the trophies and past winners in the ECO Looks Hall of Fame. In addition, every participant will get a 4th place banner they can use oh their pet lookup; the banner is not personalized.

Who is choosing the winners?
You guys!. the voting stage will begin at the middle of each month, I'll post boards on the Customization chat and the NC chat. The only exception is the "Meital's Favorite outfit", I will choose the winner myself.

Can I change my entry?
Yes, you can change your entry up until the voting stage. once the voting stage is in session, you can no longer change your customization.

Can I change my entry more than once?
Sorry, but no. It takes a lot of time, which unfortunately I do not have. If you enter a customization, please make sure that you 100% like it.

How do I enter the contest?
First step: Fill the application form.
Second step: Neomail me the application or post it on one of my boards.

Where can I find your boards?
I'll be posting on the NC boards and the Customization boards.

Cap Value FAQ's:
Why do you consider buy-able items value as 0 caps?
Buyable items value is 0, Not because they are not pretty, but simply because you don't need to trade for them.

Do current game items count as 0 Caps?
I'll have to say no. Game items are random and often you'll have to trade for them, so just count them as 1 cap.

Do Superpack bonus item count as 0caps?

what if an item isn't listed on the guide?
If an item isn't listed then just count it as 1 cap, you don't need to find other value guides nor you need to make a value board.

Can you check items value for me?
Sorry, but I won't. hosting a board while updating a site is time consuming and challenging enough. if you don't know the value of your items, please check this Value guide.



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