he task of writing a book is never a small one, particularly when said book is supposed to be about yourself and things important to you. As a small child I always fancied having books written about me - about the adventures I'd have or the renown I would gain. Alas, my life has been much more boring than the imagination of a young dragon, so the burden of writing about said boring life has fallen upon myself.

In the following pages you will not only find information about myself (for that would be rather tedious if I must say so), but also details of the beautiful country I live in. I also must talk in detail about the spectacular city I call home, for I owe much to this grand place. I will aspire to make what you will read more interesting, perhaps with the inclusion of small illustrations or side stories. In any case, I hope you enjoy this modest tale of tales.

Name: Naiue
Pronunciation: Nye-way
Moniker: None
Gender: Male
Age: 36 Years
Species: Dragon
Nationality: Strinstoner
Birth Place: Ceintasvie, Strinston
Occupation: Professor
Magic: Elemental and Practical
Element: Earth

Dragon Appearance
Height: 7'6'' to top of frill
Length: 16'9'' nose to tail tip
Wingspan: 27'3'' at widest
Scales: Small, smoothly plated
Eyes: Gold

Human Appearance
Height: 5'9
Weight: 140 lbs
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Hazel-gold
Facial Hair: Well-kept beard

he early years of my life are hardly worth mentioning. I was born the youngest son of a wealthy merchant in the capital city of Strinston, Ceintasvie. Because my two older brothers were well prepared to take care of my father's business, my sister and I were free to pursue other interests. Iska and I are fairly close in age, she being only two years older than myself. We were schooled together, and we both developed a rather strong love of magic. As we gained more skill in the subject, though, the similarities came to an end; I preferred the practical magic techniques, and she was fond of the more volatile forms, such as transformation.

As we grew older, though, I discovered an even greater love than magic: history. So while Iska was outside practicing her magic, I was inside pouring over books and scrolls. Unfortunately, by the time I was thirteen my interest has exhausted the resources of both our home and the local libraries. Out of options for history, I began to practice magic again, but I missed the books terribly.

Around this time, when Iska was fifteen, she was picked up as an apprentice for a powerful sorcerer in the area. My parents were more than happy to send her off to study magic in a more controlled and knowledgeable environment. This left myself without much of anything to do but practice my own magic - I dreamed of also being taken under the wing of someone, if only so I could go somewhere new. Unbeknownst to me, my parents had different plans; plans that were much more to my liking in the end.

On my fourteenth birthday they surprised me with the news that they would be sending me to Senika City, more commonly,
and simply, known as the City of Academics. To say I was


excited would be an understatement; everyone in Strinston knew of Senika City, and anyone who valued academics of any kind strove to go there to further their education. No place in the entire known world is better equipped to develop the skills of both young and old dragons. It was also well known that the have the largest collection of books, scrolls, and other archival material than any other location. In short, the perfect place for someone like myself to further his interest in history.

A week later I was on my way, though the journey to get there alone was quite the adventure. I had never been on a small boat before, let alone a full ship, so it was exciting. My father, who would be accompanying me, and I took a barge down the river bordering Ceintasvie until we reached the port at the mouth of the river. There we boarded a ship that would take us down the coast. Traveling to Senika City by ship was the quickest route; otherwise we would have to go over land, that likely would have taken twice as long. It certainly was a bit out of my comfort zone to be aboard a ship, though - close quarters were not something I was accustomed to.

The trip down the coast lasted about a week, but the time passed very quickly. Before I knew it, we were pulling into the farthest southern port in Strinston, just a couple of hours on foot from Senika City. After arriving here, though, much of my memory is a blur, as many things happened in those next few hours. (So I don't have to explain about Senika City here, I suggest you locate in this book the whole section I have devoted to it; otherwise I'll spend far too much time on it.)

Over the remaining course of the day, we arrived at the city and I was immediately swept into things. My father confirmed my enrollment with the school, after which I was taken to the
apartments for students. I was shown to the room that would


become my home for the next few years before being whisked off again to be given a class schedule, map of the city, and a list of supplies I would need. The night culminated in the departure of my father, and thus started my life in Senika City.

The next ten years or so of my life was dedicated completely to furthering my education. Though I focused mainly on history, I also revived my love for magic, becoming quite skilled in practical and elemental techniques. I also took courses in literature, calligraphy, and writing, as well as a few other classes for entertainment purposes. By the time I was twenty-three, however, I felt that I had largely finished my structured education; that is, I continued to far exceed the expectations of my professors, and the majority of what I was learning was outside of class anyway. Started only taking a couple of classes, mostly so I could still live in the student lodging. The rest of my time was spent in my new job: tutoring.

I found that I greatly loved to tutor other students. Not only did it give me extra practice on the subject, but it also gave me something to do with the knowledge I had gained over my years at the school. I continued tutoring until I was twenty-six, when I finally decided I had completed my coursework. By this time I had decided that I truly loved to teach. I knew I had a good resume, so I decided to apply to become a professor in Senika City. Unfortunately, I also knew that the chances of being accepted were highly unlikely for many reasons; there were not many openings for positions at the school, and when positions did open, many seasoned teachers would apply. Despite this, I attempted it anyway, knowing I could always continue tutoring.

Because I was expecting it, I was not terribly disappointed when I was turned down. However, one of the heads of the
school told me that I was well qualified to teach there, they


just didn't have any history positions open at the time. They encouraged me to try again when one did open up. So I continued tutoring for another year and a half or so. One day I was approached by a professor I had taken courses from for quite a few years - a wise, kind old man who knew more about the history of Strinston than just about anyone else, I'd guess. He approached me, surprisingly, with praise for my work as a tutor; many of his students were ones I helped, and he said they were doing exceptionally well.

I was baffled as to his intentions, but he soon let me know what they were. He told he was retiring soon, and that he strongly advised me to apply for his position. He was even letting me know ahead of time so I could get my application in before all the others. All of this was already quite overwhelming, but lastly he told me that he would give a strong recommendation that they hire me as the new professor. This last completely stunned me; this man had likely had thousands of students in his career, and yet he might as well have been hand picking me to take over for him. I promised him I would apply again, and I was deeply thankful that he had told me.

No sooner had I turned the application in and returned to my home, I was called back to the school. The heads of the school had decided, upon my old professor's recommendation, to hire me as the new history professor of Senika City. I was shocked that they had decided so soon, but they told me that it was not unusual for a specific person to be hired if the retiring professor suggested them; it would be silly for them to ignore such an esteemed recommendation.

I will go no further into detail, but since then I have proudly taught history to hundreds of students here in the City of Academics. Since I was hired, I have been given a second history class to teach as well as two magic classes (much to my surprise). They are,
of course, lower level magic classes, but they are still so very


fun to teach.

Other than teaching, I generally devote my time to wandering about, seeing if I can add any new books or scrolls of information to my collection. I recently gained recognition for rediscovering a lost library, believe it or not. The library is legendary for its collection, but perhaps the history of the library itself is one of its most interesting pieces.

I discovered it while in the wilderness; I still am not entirely sure how I stumbled upon other than extraordinary luck. After going inside I came upon the skeleton of a woman, and nearby was a book. The book detailed how this sorceress had dedicated her life to the collection of knowledge, but had grown fearful when the city she resided in started experiencing some discourse. Afraid her books would be damaged, she transported the entire building far away, where it would be safe. Unfortunately the immense use of magic had drained the elderly woman, and the building wasn't placed exactly where she had intended.

She spent her last days writing about her life and that of her library; I won't go into detail here, but it was a fascinating read. Upon discovering the library, I took many books from her collection before alerting the rest of the scholarly world. Since then the collections of the library have been compiled safely here in Senika City, and my room happens to hold a good deal of her historical records.

Hopefully my personal story wasn't put you to sleep, but if it has I implore you to please refrain from drooling on the pages.


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When I first started teaching in Senika City, I taught only one class: History of Strinston. This single class I taught for two years, during which time I gained recognition for the excellent scores my students were getting. After these three years, the board of the school decided to have me teach another history class, the History of Inaltak. I was thrilled to be given a second class, as it would allow me to expand once more on my skills, even though I was already more than knowledgable in the other countries.

In these two classes, I go over every type of aspect of each country in Inaltak, including Remnic which is a rarity amongst history professors. I, of course, focus heavily on the history itself, but I also go into the cultures and traditions of each country, as they play a heavy role in the formation of a place. I won't go too far into detail here about those things; later in this book you can find a very brief overview of Strinston, and I would be happy to recommend a few other places you can go to find history on the other countries of Inaltak.

Two years after I started teaching this second class, and four years after I started teaching, I was once more surprised by receiving two more classes to teach, and not history classes. My magic skills had perked the interest of the board, and since they did not have many lower-level magic classes, they decided to have me teach a couple. They gave me a class in practical magic, as well as a class on beginning elemental magic.

Practical Magic is the use of magic to accomplish every day tasks, generally making life just a little bit easier. This can
be anything from using levitation to bring a book to yourself


from across the room from casting a spell to make all your cleaning supplies straighten up your home. It also can involve the removal of something by simply making it vanish (though this is a slightly more advanced technique), or teleporting something from one location to another (again, very advanced). In my practical magic class I put heavy emphasis on levitation, for almost all practical magic stems from simply making something float and move without physical contact. From there, you can manipulate that object from simply floating or drifting across the room to do more specific tasks. Practical magic is something I believe every person should know at least a little of, as it can make a great difference in one's life.

Elemental Magic is a form of what we call 'defensive or offensive magic'. It is, in fact, a main staple of fighting magic as it is often more powerful than the alternatives. Elemental magic is the use of one's specific element, manipulating it through your surroundings. Every dragon has an element from birth, often inherited from his parents but not always so. For instance, my father and mother were both the element Water, and yet I am Earth.

This form of magic must not be confused with the simple summoning of an element. For instance, a sorcerer may summon a wave of water in the middle of the desert, but once they have done that they have very little control of that wave. Those using water elemental magic, however, would have difficulty in the desert, as they must use what is in the environment; if they were able to get enough water, though, then they would have total control over the water. The more skilled the sorcerer in elemental magic, the harder it is to tell if they are summoning it or manipulating it.

There are many elements that people can be born with, and everyone is born with at least one element, though some can be born with up to three. The elements that someone can be consist of
Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Electricity, Ice, and Light. There is


generally some overlap between some of these, such as Water and Ice or Electricity and Air.

Earth is a very powerful element to have, as I'm well acquainted with. It is said that the mountains that protect Remnic from Hataan were created by a single, very skilled Earth dragon. Earth can be both powerful and gentle, and is possibly the most versatile element.

Air is the most common element to have, and it is often paired with Electricity. It is also the easiest to master, as it is, of course, everywhere, and weighs virtually nothing so it is easy to move. Those of the Air element are able to stir up massive winds, create storms, or simply bring a gentle breeze sailing through the city.

Fire is a dangerous and unpredictable element, but also very common and strangely simple to master. It is very powerful once it is controlled, though proper understanding is needed or else it can quickly overwhelm the user.

Water is a relatively uncommon element, often paired with Ice. Water is notorious difficult to master as it requires a much steadier hand than the others due to the sheer weight and power it has. Those with this element can do anything from making a river flow backwards to simple regenerating a glass of water.

Electricity is very rarely alone in a dragon, and it is often paired with Air. It is most commonly used to generate lightning. It is not a very common element to have as it is highly unpredictable, more so than fire, and incredibly dangerous in the hands of an untrained individual.

Ice is almost always paired with Water - many argue, in fact, that Ice is not its own element but simply a further manipulation of water. Whatever the case, it is a very useful element that is
very similar to earth. Many students I have had in the past


who have this element enjoyed making it snow on hot summer days.

Light is a very tricky element to have and the least common; it very rarely stands on its own, and it is hard to master because there isn't a physical presence. The main thing people try to achieve if they have the element of Light is something no other form of magic can accomplish as effectively: invisibility.

The main use of elemental magic is fighting, as they can be used to create devastating attacks or protective defenses. It can be used for other things, though. Earth magic is often employed when building things, or even in metal work. Water was used quite frequently when new towns were being formed; people would divert rivers from their normal course to be closer to their desired location. In all, elemental magic is one of the most powerful forms of magic. If anyone hopes to become a successful sorcerer, they definitely need to become very skilled with their specific element. My class is here to give them that first beginning step toward mastery.



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s a teacher, I have known hundreds of individuals, almost all of which remain firmly in my memory. Combined with those I met as just a student, I have met possibly thousands of other people over the years. Though I remember many of them very fondly, there are a few that stick out in particular.

Characters coming soon.

Please know that I do not generally roleplay Naiue. However, if you'd like to contact me (Kennon) to perhaps arrange something of an 'acquaintance', I would be happy to do so.

nfortunately I have not really had the desire to collect any art pieces that struck my liking. I am always much more entertained by the silly scribblings students make on their homework, so I'd rather collect those than serious pieces of art. However, if something comes along that I truly love, I'm sure I'll be delighted to take it.

las, all books must come to an end. I do hope that this one was informative and interesting for you, though I fully understand that not every book will please every reader. If you were one of the rarities that found this book to be to your liking, be sure to take down the information below so you may find it again. If not, I have also included a list of other pools of information that you may find more entertaining.