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You wander into a small room that seems to be this mutant grarrl's 'page'. You look around, expecting to see some large beast, but nothing seems to be here. PREEEEY!, you hear something call out as soon as you turn your back to leave. Before you have the chance to turn back around, something tackles you, clinging to your back and biting into your shoulder lightly. You look back at it, to find that it's a very small, lightly color lizard... that seems to be covered in soft looking fur. Surely... this isn't the mutant grarrl that you had failed to see earlier...?

You carefully remove the small creature from your shoulder, and hold it in front of you, looking it over. Well... if I squint, I guess it does almost look like a grarrl... sort of..., you think to yourself. Hrmph!, the small creatures responds. Put me down! You're prey! You're not supposed to do that!
You set the little creature down, apologizing to her. She brushes her fur off with one of her paws, as though you've gotten her dirty by touching her.
You furless beasts are so very rude, you know!, she says once finished. You didn't even knock before coming inside! Have you no manners?!, she asks, glaring up at you.
You apologize to her again, even though you didn't quite think knocking before coming into petpages was something that was necessary. Well..., she huffs. I guess I'll forgive you this time... can't expect too much from a furless beast..., she states while nodding in agreement with herself. Anyway!, she says, suddenly perking up. My name is Naite~! I'm the adorable little grarrl that's supposed to greet people that come here~! That seems so boring though, so I like stalking them instead. Naite grins up at you. Ah, so... you want to know stuff about me, don't you...? That's what I'm told I'm supposed to do here... tell you furless beasts about myself. I guess if I were you, I'd really want to know about me too. Naite turns and starts walking to the other side of the room.This way, this way. Follow me, kay furless beast?, she calls back to you.
You slowly follow her, really wanting to tell her that you are a human, and not a 'furless beast', but figuring it probably won't do any good.

Naite pulls a few papers out of a drawer and holds them up, standing on her toes. Here here! Take these!, she says impatiently. You take them from her and look over them.

Full Name: Naitemarish
Alias: Naite
Gender: Female
Species: Mutant Grarrl
Age: Two months old
Height: 1 foot tall
Weight: 13 pounds


Appearance Notes
Light tan colored fur with dark grey markings; Medium length.
Bright lime green colored eyes.
Claws on her 'hands' are about 1 inch in length.
Wings are big enough for her to fly with.


The last of the papers seems to be a chart showing Naite's preferences.

  • Cookies, cupcakes, muffins, candy, anything sweet~! Mmm...
  • Anything to do with stars. They're pretty!
  • Electric blankets! They're so warm and snuggly!
  • Listening to game music. Blame Xombie. It's her fault.
  • Anything cheesy! Cheese is very yummy.. *licks lip*
  • Bitter tasting things. Though I do like dark chocolate~.
  • Being too small to hunt properly. Hrmph...
  • Bad people, or bad furless beasts.
  • Not being able to fly well... one of these days, I'll learn how to!
  • Being mistaken for another species just 'cause I'm cute.
  • Getting my pretty fur dirty

You put the papers back in order and hand them back to Naite. Thank you very much., she says while putting them back into their drawer.
I don't know how informative those papers were... I can't read quite yet. Silly Xomby is the one who made them. I like the last one though. The pictures of me are cute., she says, giggling a little.
Xomby?", you ask. "Who's that?" Naite shrugs a little. Oh, just the furry furrless person that raised me. Furry furless person? How can a furless person be furry?, you can't help but wonder. "Well... how'd you meet this, er... furry furless person...?" Naite looks up at you How..., she murmurs. Oh! How! Yes, now I know!, she says, her voice becoming a little squeaky. This way, this way!, she says while running off to a box. ...Maybe I shouldn't have asked that..., you think, heading over to where Naite is.
She climbs onto the box and sits down, grinning up at you happily. Okay furless beast! It's story time now! So... listen up, or I'll be upset with you!

So! This is a story about how I met Xomby. Or, how she found me as an egg, anyway.
I didn't meet her 'till weeks later. Ah, anyway~!

So, Xomby was trekking through a forest... so I'm told. She's says it was hot and humid, and about 120 degrees Fahrenheit... I think she's exaggerating a whole lot though, 'cause she later said it was actually pretty cold... Naite frowns and shrugs slightly, before continuing with her story. Anyway, Xomby ended up finding some footprints... furless beast footprints! So, she followed them. And apparently, they led her to a large nest. The nest, she says, was all messed up, with the twigs and leaves and plants that were used to make it thrown all over the place, and all of the eggs in the nest seemed to be cracked. She says there was also a large amount of blood around the nest. Xomby looked through the nest, digging through the materials that held it together, and found my egg, buried underneath some of it. She says she kept looking after that for more eggs that might have been buried, but couldn't find any.... I guess mine got buried by accident, or something.
Anyway, Xomby took my egg home, and kept it warm until one of her 'pets' finished building an incubator for it. I hatched about 2 or 3 weeks later, and have been living with Xomby ever since.

Naite finishes her story and lets out a small sigh. Xomby says she thinks my mom was captured by the furless beasts, and that they smashed all the eggs... Xomby says that even though some furless beasts are nice, most of them are evil or corrupt..., Naite sighs again. Well, that's how I was born, anyway. I'm not very old, you know... so really, I don't have any tales of adventure or anything to tell you. Moving on then!, she says, becoming suddenly cheerful again and walking over to a chair and climbing onto it. She waves her arms frantically, wanting you to follow. You trudge over to her, wondering why she can't just stay in one place and talk about herself like normal pets do.


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