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About Me!



I'm almost 4 years old!


Painted colour:

See below in
What I look like!

I am smaller than your average bori. Dana claims I am about the size of an ado...adolescent (tough word) bori. Whatever that means.... All I know is that I can fit into lots of small hide outs. :D

I'm a prankster right down to the core. I like to have fun, but my type of fun is pranking related so I get in trouble a lot. But who cares, no one ever gets really hurt! Besides I'm not doing it be mean, I'm just having fun. I'm very confident in my prank and game playing abilities, but when it doesn't go my way, better watch out, I'm MyzerZILLA! I don't like being left out of games either. I'm also really clever to able to use household objects in my elaborate plans. And it always helps to have the innocent look down pat when I get in trouble. No one can resist the cute face. Muahahaha.

But now all the boring stuff about me is done, I can tell you all the super amazing stuff about me! So...uh...welcome to my page, where you get to learn all about me! I am the most fun bori to be around and get to know in my opinion, but I'm sure you already knew that.

So a little about me I guess, I am a candy corn colored bori and I bet you can't guess what my favorite holiday is...*grins*
......" Wait....what? *stares*
......" Halloween? How did you guess? *gapes*
Well anyway, my favorite part is....well...all of it. I love eating all the candy that I get, I have the best costume! I'm a candy corn all year round! It's awesome! I also love tricking the Trick-or-treaters. What is Halloween without scaring a person or two? What about you? Do you like dressing up on halloween and getting candy? Or are you that trickster that lays in wait to scare people as they walk by? "......." Oh, wow, really? Well I guess not everyone does the tricking, but the candy is something everyone likes, don't you think? *grins*
Now what was I talking about? "......." Oh yeah, about me.
I also love autumn. My favorite colours are orange, yellow, and purple and that it exactly the colour that the leaves turn during the fall. Well...maybe not purple, that's the colour of my bedroom walls. What's your favorite colour? Did you decorate your walls the same? "......" Well, I guess not everyone can have bright red walls or lime green, or something like that... Anyway, I got distracted... Uh...leaves! Right, the piles of leaves also make a fantastic hide out to wait for that unsuspecting neopet or person to come walking by so I can jump out and scare them. *grins* I have jumped out and scared you right? "....." What? What do you mean I didn't?! I must do it right away! "....." But... "....." Fine...I'll do it later when you least expect it. *grumbles* So, anyway, and stop distracting me, Autumn is also cooler during the summer, I may have white fur, but it still gets very hot.
I don't like summer or winter. Summer is too hot and winter is too cold, so I stay inside during then. "....." I do to go outside during summer and winter, I just don't like doing it. "......" Spring? I guess it's ok, the flowers are nice, but that doesn't make me girly or anything you hear!
I love halloween, just to say it again, and I love the candy!!! Any kind of sweets, even spooky food, and I will definitely eat it. :) I may get a tummy ache from eating all of it, but it is always worth it.
As for things I don't like....well I guess what you would call "healthy" is something I don't like. "....." Why? Because it's just so icky! Spinach, Broccoli, Carrots, ick Ick ICK! Do you eat? "....." Really? Gross. Yoko tries to make me eat it, but Lotus likes it better than I do. No one's noticed that I give it to her yet. *snickers*
I love to prank people, it is so much fun! But sometimes I get in big trouble for it. *mumbles* I don't hurt anyone...or I don't mean to. I say sorry if I do... I'm just trying to have some fun. Is that bad? Yuki's the worst. He is so easy to prank but he can't take a joke. :(

What I look like!

I believe that I have the most awesome colouring of all the boris in Neopia. My pelt is white. The shell on my back goes between between Yellow and Orange for each separate shell. The claws on my feet are also yellow and orange. I have three claws on each foot, the outside claws are orange and the middle claw is yellow. My tail tuft is candy corn coloured, the closest part to my tail is orange, the yellow, then white at the tip. My eyes are also orange colour and my bangs are kind of spiked or flipped up. :) Don't I look handsome?

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My Likes and Dislikes!

Fallen leaves
All kinds of Candy
Healthy food
Getting scolded
Dressing up in fancy clothes
Holiday Cheer
Rocking chairs
Peanut butter

My Life!

My story? Of my life? Hmm...
Well, I don't remember much from before I came to live with Dana and the others, but I remember a few things. I remember the milky scent of my mom and my litter mates as we cuddled up in a nest my mom had made. I do know that above our heads were floorboards and further away were what looked like stairs. Well, the under the stairs stairs look. I used to get scared when dust would fall on our heads as thumping sounds could be heard from above. My mom must have thought that it wasn't safe or a good place to raise us because one day after one of her outings she came back carrying a basket. She put us in it as we complained and whined. She carried us out and I was blinded. It was so bright! I had never been outside before and I didn't much like how the light shone on me and made me too warm.
So anyway, my mom carried us around, setting us down every once and a while as she talked to someone. I must have fallen asleep because next I know I am all by myself in the basket. My litter mates were gone! I cried and whimpered in loneliness and my mom tried to comfort me. Where had they gone? Again, I fell asleep because my crying made me sleepy and when I woke up again my mom was talking to someone.
Next thing I know I was being picked up, not by my mom's powerful jaws, but by these funny feeling.....things. I squealed in terror and someone cooed at me. Again it wasn't my mom. Though my mom was still there and talking to me. I calmed down and look at the thing that was holding me. It was a person, the first person I ever saw, and she was holding me with her hands. People hands are weird with their fingers and thumbs. Anyway, I must have looked pretty scared because the person smiled and giggled.
Then she turned with me and took me inside this box thing, much like where the nest was, but a lot cleaner. I was sad, why was I here? Was my mom coming too? As a grew up I learned that my mom hadn't been able to take care of us and so gave us away to people who would care for us and I was the last to get chosen out of all my litter mates. Dana says she doesn't know why because I was just so cute with my candy corn colouring. Bah, I am not cute. I'm handsome! She also did say that they must have had a sensor for trouble and that it would have warned them of the trouble maker I would become. *grins* Well, I grew up happy and well loved. Yoko and Mumbo took care of me the most when I was a baby like cleaning me, feeding me, playing with me, you know baby stuff.
I did also learn that the nest was actually under the front porch of the haunted house. No wonder so many people walked over head of us and made dust fall on our heads. I also learned it was a great place to get people scared. This is where I developed my love for pranks. It was so much fun to just scare pets and their owners as they walked through the halls, they were expecting a fright, but that made them more scared. :D
I do see my mom once and a while, she still wanders around, but she herself doesn't want to live in a house. I don't see why though. It is warm and there are lots of cookies, not to mention pranking victims all day every day. Yuki is my favorite to prank, he scares easy.
Well I guess that is it, the rest is just everyday boring stuff and I wanted to get to the more exciting stuff like my family and the pranks I have played on them. :D

Partner in Crime!

Now this is my partner in crime, lotus. She is the best little pet a prankster can ask for. Dana got her for me when I was a few months old, not so much a baby anymore and since then she has stuck by my side and helped me with all my pranks. She is especially good at taking things without being noticed. I would know, she has hidden away many of my own toys and stuff. But still, it makes it great when you need to get something no one wants me to have. But, Lotus still hasn't gotten passed Yoko's radar. So no cookies. :( She can also fit into small areas that I can't fit into. I am small for my age, but not that small! I couldn't ask for a better pet, though the others don't agree with me. Oh well, their loss.


Dana: She is the most awesome owner ever! I have known her since I was a very small bori. She also loves halloween like I do, but she isn't so into the pranking as I am. And she is very hard to prank since she is a person and all. But she did prank me once to get back at me for the time I filled her shoes with jelly. She told me she had a treat for me and I of course ran over expected a super, awesome, fantastic treat. She presented me with a jar of peanut butter. t the time I didn't know what peanut was and gladly opened my mouth to accept the treat. It tasted really good, but it made my mouth so icky. I licked and licked, but I could get it off of the roof of my mouth. I gave her the kicked puppy look, but she just smiled pleasantly at me and asked me how I liked it. It tasted good, but the feeling of having it stuck to my mouth wasn't. Dana had effectively pranked me back.

Lani: I haven't had a real good chance to prank her since she lives in water all the time. But I guess I don't really want to. She is very nice and is a fantastic listener, so she listens to my tales of the pranks I do. She is also this pretty blue colour. She does scold me with some of the pranks I do play, but not as harshly as Yoko does.

Mumbo: Now this bori was tons of fun when I first was brought home by Dana. She used to brig me out on all her adventures when I got old enough to go along. It was so cool! She showed me all the cool placed in the Haunted Woods. I already knew that I loved spooky, but I grew to love it so much! But then she started scolding me and trying to keep me in line when I 'got too wild.' She particularly didn't like it when I pranked Yuki, that scaredy cat! Well I showed her! I took her lantern one day, the one she takes when going to the moltaran caves, and hid it. I quietly snickered as she looked for it. She didn't even expect me of being the one to hide it. She took Lantern with her instead for a light and they came back all shaky and tired out. Apparently they had a run in with the lava monster that lives there. But Mumbo did find out it was me and scolded me. It was worth it though.

Yuki: Now he is a super scardy cat. He falls for ever prank that I set for him. It is always so funny. There are so many pranks that I have played on him it's hard to pick my favorite. Hm...well, my favorite is when I hid inside of this massive pumpkin and waited for him to come around. I jumped out at him and he ran away screaming. It was so funny. But I get into a lot of trouble when I do that. Yoko scolds me the most for my pranks on Yuki, but that doesn't stop me. Why give up such a great reaction for a well set prank?

Lantrin: She doesn't like me at all. Once she found out that I was the one to hide that lantern she has been out to get me ever since. She doesn't play pranks herself, but she always tattles on me. She is a spoil sport and she won't play with me. I like to catch frisbees too. That's why I take every chance I get to take the frisbee as she plays with it. It is always so much fun running around while she tries to catch me. :) She doesn't think it is so much though. She isn't afraid to tell when she does catch me.

Yoko: Now she is a hard bori to prank. She has something like a trouble sensing device or something in her head. She knows when to look for me when I am trying to prank someone and she smacks my poor paws when I try to get a cookie. :( It's not fair. When I was little I was trying to play with the yarn she was using to make a scarf. She was rocking back and forth in her rocking chair while making it and she kept scolding me, but I wouldn't listen. I was having so much fun, I wasn't stopping. But the that stinking chair rocked right onto my poor tail! I don't think I every screamed so loud or felt so much pain in my life. It hurt so much! I also think that was one of the only times that I was cooed at and taken care of by Yoko since I was very small.

Clay: She is a super shell collector. She has them all over her living space! I once tried to prank her by stringing them up to the ceiling, but she loved it! I don't know how considering when I do that to other people's belongings they don't like. Well anyway, she also tells some pretty awesome stories except when the trickster loses or gets in trouble which is all the time, but the stories are good. I wonder if there are stories where the bad guy or the trickster wins and gets away?

Lucky: He is very weird I think. He is always looking for treasure and all that and is always dragging in his finds. And some of that stuff is really great too! I do try to 'burrow' things, but he always catches me. In revenge I decided to scribble on his maps and charts and stuff. All his planning was ruined. And his reaction was priceless! I have never seen him so map, and you can bet I ran out of there as fast as I could. I didn't help that I was dressed as a pirate at the time. He ripped my costume up and yelled at me. Oh well.


Friends? Well I don't have any friends outside of my family.....


Arty: This gelert is always ruining my fun. I try to prank Yuki, but all I get it being chased by this barking hound. D: He is also hard to prank, so getting back at him for chasing me around takes a whole lot of planning and stealth. One of my best ones was when I managed to take that silly plushie that he has. I strung it up in a tree and watched him try and get it back. It was even funnier since he can't climb trees very well with those paws. Well, anyways, I did get chased for that, but it was worth it. :D

Art of me by Dana!

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