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Hello there! My name is Myuxi, and I took over the screenies page from my sister Youji! (baby123323) We're still a bit messy because Omii is experimenting with the coding.

If I'm not updating this page, you can find me outside, playing active games like tag. Us Xweetoks have very fast reflexes, so catch me if you can!

Coding by me

26-October-2012 - And I'm back after a 1 year hiatus! Sorry about that, I had a lot to worry about last year. Still do actually, but eh. Added +1 screenie

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^^ w00t! First Paintbrush find!

A few minutes after the paintbrush ^0^

Wow, this one's late

^^ I suddenly remembered why I love Dr. Sloth =3

YESS!! MY FIRST MILLION!! 2-november-'09

^^ So proud! :D Sold the kacheek trans for 500k.

My anti social zafara is funny ^^

Poor Anbu the Anubis...

*eye twitch* WHY wasn't she/he painted?!?!??!?!!

^^" He was painted though.

See Awards section, second award, for details why I swatted him.

See screenie above for details ^^

XD HAHAHA! See my lazy Paint art!

O_o excuse me, I meant Iceblock.. =.= darn Dutch spelling.

:D Aaand my 100th screenie! (Yeah, I count the fanmail as screenies too)

And one paint job later

April fools

I fail at unis ^^

T.T" I accidentally zapped her.. and look what happened...

=.=" There goes my lifetime of saving.. :3 Oh well Myu looks perfect.

Easiest screenie ever.. ^-^ Shortly after she was painted into her original color. WELCOME BACK NO-EYES CHYONIE!

:D Sorry guys, no update, but here's an animation or something to make you guys feel better.


Bullying, you're doing it wrong.
April Fools 2011, unforgettable... and disturbing. Especially when you're the only healthy pet. :3 Meet rockrakete (Keto) Dari Shoy, Ruelet Royal Kacheek and Dawnley desert Xwee.
FanMail!(Or the, throw stuff on Omii, mails)

=3 Yay! First fanmail!

^^ #2!


Now Click that screenie!... once you're done with mine.

GAH! His hair is going the wrong way.. umm.. He had a bed head!

O.O AAH So late..

I know his hair keeps changing... O_o But I have an explanation for that!

^^ She's joking about the under part.


The Comics & Random

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8D The MLP craze is spreading..


These were drawn as: Or fan art or they were part of an art trade, nonetheless I love them! Feel free to draw some! *nudge nudge* *hint hint* :P

By: Hsm_dream

By Ixi_grass

By: carly1005

~By isidorasofa

By: aikastarr

By seqmar :3 Again~

By Seqmar~

XD This completely made my day. By: itsx0amazing

Made by: the_kiss_in_the_rain :O ISN'T IT ADORABLE!?

By Neouser1926

By _Whitestar

By Seqmar (=3 It's Little! (Kleine_graver) And her fear for dustbunnies!)

By Seqmar (^^ Myu's looks so cute!)

=3 This is Broomy and Myu! Visit Broomy's screenies by clicking on the image!

By: Neopian_writer100!

By: Neopian_writer100

By: Sweethoneybabe44

By ilovekittycats


:D It seems we also got some awards! Thank you all for liking my screenies!


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Laughing kitten award



Open, neomail if you want to be affies :3 8~8 If you requested to be an affie and are not on it right now, please neomail me? I had a deleting mail accident.
Lower part are non screenie places, upper part are screenies.
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