Hello! My name is Mumuchiaci, and I'm an Ogrin. Thank you for visiting my page. I hope that you find it to be of interest.

If you are curious about the Ogrin as a species, I can tell you that we are very good companions, who tend to be a bit shy when we first meet someone. Once we feel more comfortable, however, we've been known to talk for hours. Generally, we are very down-to-earth Neopets, who highly respect the natural world and love to take long walks outdoors, studying just about everything that we find around us.

Although we love nature, Ogrins actually prefer to live in the comfort of a nice, cosy Neohome. You'll hardly ever find an Ogrin who prefers to rough it outdoors. That is why I was quite pleased when torokico decided to adopt me. I've been treated with much kindness, and I shall be forever grateful.

Hmm, what else can I tell you? Well, I'm 103077 hours old and currently level 36. I'm not exactly sure how much that matters, but maybe you'll find it interesting. In general, Ogrins aren't that interested in battle, though there are a few exceptions. Take me, for example. I might not be very handy with a sword, but I do possess one of the most powerful head-butts in all of Neopia (with the exception, of course, of a Tonu... wow, do they pack a punch!). That's why it's best to never get in the way of a charging Ogrin... take my word for it! We've also been known to give a swift kick or two in self-defence, so watch out, opponents!

Here are the rest of my stats, in case you were wondering.

Age: 103077 hours
Level: 36
Gender: Male
Hit Points: 50 / 50
Strength: 43
Defence: 32
Movement: 28
Intelligence: 135

What kind of things do I like, you ask? Well, I've already mentioned studying nature, so I guess my second-favourite thing would be hanging out with friends. I typically like going for walks with them, talking quietly as we admire the beautiful scenery of our path. I'm not nearly as active as other Neopian species, however. Take, for instance, the Xweetok or Ixi. Those two are constantly on the go!

I think that's about all that I have to say for now. Thank you for visiting my Petpage, and please feel free to come back any time!