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A world of pure imagination *

the sweetest directory in Neopia - - - Updated: 03.01.19

Hello! Welcome to Candied, a neopet directory dedicated to showcasing the most delicious-- erm... CUTEST-- pets across the land. Here you will learn all about the magic candy lore throughout Neopia! From the bubbling chocolate rooms, gummy stretching stations, mallow laboratory, biscuit bakery, brucicle icebox ballroom, and a custard chilling arena, there is always something new to see and taste! The factory finally opened for public tours after years of secrecy on June 24, 2018. As you can imagine, some rooms are still off limits due to secret testings currently taking place for our newest creations. However, there is so much to explore! Grab a piece of taffy and let's begin!

Candied Listings
Candy, chocolate, mallow, jelly, biscuit, brucicle, and custard neopets!

Kake the Kadotie will show you around the factory!

Candy Lore *

so much to learn about the sweetest things!

The Chocolate Ball Neopedia Article

Delicious Avatars *

hashtag forever longing for a mallow grundo avatar

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Restock an item with a rarity of 90 or more at The Chocolate Factory.
*Tip: Items priced over 5,000np generally work.*

Play with a toy piñata until it breaks.
*Tip: Pawkeet Piñata and Meuka Piñata are cheap!

Feed your pet an item with 'custard' in the name.
*Tip: Green Tea Custard and Chilled Eyeball Custard are cheap!*

Feed your pet a food item with speckled' in the name.
*Tip: Speckled Apple and Speckled Ice Cream are cheap!*

View the Neopia Central stamp album after completing.
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Tasty Neopian Times Stories *

Eating isn't enough, read up on your favorite sweet!

There are many other articles focusing on sweet themes, these were simply selected due to their superb content!

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Yummy Items *

too many... to eat... must try....

All across Neopia, users can purchase a variety of chocolates, gummies, mints, bonbons, and floss for their pets to munch on! Just to give a picture of how expansive of a collection the factory has produced over the years, take a look at these totals:

1,180 total of candy items, including chocolate, gummies, hard candy, etc.
74 total mallow items
53 total custard items, including pepets!
878 total chocolate items, including petpets!
46 total brucicle items
109 total biscuit items
420 total jelly/gelatin items
Updated Oct. 2018

Favorite Items

These are just a few personal favorites that I feel best capture the creative feel of candy, chocolate, mallow, and custard pets! Hover for item names.

Most Expensive Items

Many items are so rare that prices aren't even available. Hover for item names and prices.

But WHY?? Items

These are items that no one asked for and no one understands... some even hinting towards... cannibalism? Hover for item names if you dare.

These users have dedicated themselves to displaying tasty treats in all their glory! Check out their galleries if you feel like gaining inspiration or possibly just enjoy salivating. (yikes)
Currently seeking galleries to list!

Worthy Wearables *

only the finest for your finest

-list cool wearables here (NP/NC)
-customization guide links

Candy Neopets*

sugary, sweet little things.

This room of the factory houses our delectable hard and gummy candies! Our candy neopets specialize in coating just the perfect amount of sugar on the gumdrops and meticulously paint ever so perfect swirly stripes. Interested in obtaining one of these artistic neopets? Here's how!

The color Candy was released on February 23, 2017. "Candy Paint Brush" is the official name of the item that coats your pet in sugary goodness! A Candy Paint Brush currently sells for 6,500,000np (6.25.18). However, there are multiple ways of changing your pet into this great color: a faerie fountain quest, the lab ray, a flask of rainbow fountain water, a rainbow swirly potion, and a kaleideonegg all have a small chance of turning your pet candy!

Chocolate Neopets*

rich, creamy, melt in your mouth-- WHAT!?

Watch your step-- bubbling chocolate often spills onto the floor in this magical room! Long into the early hours of morning, our Chocolatiers carefully craft each individual piece of Neopian Paradise. Mint, orange, chokato, strawberry... the combination of flavors never end! Longing for your own dedicated artisan? Keep reading!

The color Chocolate was released on February 18, 2005. Unlike Candy, there is no official paint brush! Chocolate pets are often created through the zapping with the Secret Laboratory Map. Other chances of changing your pet into this classic color include using a faerie fountain quest, a flask of rainbow fountain water, a rainbow swirly potion, or a kaleideonegg.

Mallow Grundos*

what squishy lil guys

DON'T TOUCH THA-- well... good luck washing that out of your hair! Welcome to the Mallow Laboratory! Here the grundo's magically create the fluffiest and lightest mallows, all without hands! Each mallow must pass a series of tests before shipment. Is it cute? Is it squishable? Is it too pure and innocent to ever join sloth? Wait, what? Nevermind. Sold on owning one of these amazing creatures? You should be!

The color Mallow was released on August 12, 2005. Due to it being a single species color, there once again is not paint brush. Grundo's are often zapped through the lab ray or dipped in the Rainbow Fountain to become Mallow. However, users may also try to obtain one through using a flask of rainbow fountain water, a rainbow swirly potion, or a kaleideonegg.

Custard Neopets*

ooey, gooey, scrumdiddlyumptious!

Many Neopian's are surprised that the Chocolate Factory would have it's hand in the custard game! Custard is the grandfather of fillings and the powerhouse of classic flavoring. The simplicity allows for ever-growing, specialized, candy-inspired experiments to bring you the next new sugary hit! Although we had to hire a crew to specifically mop this room 24-7, we simply could not innovate new products without our Custard Scientists. Looking to get your hands on one of these goopy nerds? Continue!

The color Custard was released on March 22, 2004. Yet again, there is no paint brush for this stellar color! Custard fanatics may try to change their pets color into this delightful mess by using a faerie fountain quest, zapping with the Secret Laboratory Map, and by taking their chances through using a flask of rainbow fountain water, a rainbow swirly potion, or a kaleideonegg.

Biscuit Neopets*

crumbly little bits of joy

Snag a handful of chocolate chips and welcome to the Biscuit Bakery! Here our doting and warm hearted biscuits whip up meaningful gifts to send to Neopets who are in need or hurting. We believe strongly in using our resources not only effectively but philanthropically! What better way to show care than by offering a warm, chocolate covered biscuit? ♥ Feeling a void in your neo-life and looking for some old fashioned nurturing? Consider adopting a biscuit pet today!

The color Biscuit was released on February 8, 2006. A "Biscuit Paint Brush" is the most common way of obtaining this look and currently costs 165,000np (6.25.18). Still, other ways of transforming your pet into the cutest of cookies include: using a faerie fountain quest, zapping with the lab ray, and chancing through using a flask of rainbow fountain water, a rainbow swirly potion, or a kaleideonegg.

Brucicle and Ice Bruces*

the chillest dudes in the factory

Please done a complimentary parka, as we are about to enter the Brucicle Icebox Ballroom. This chilly wonderland may look nearly abandoned but our operations are still going strong. With the decline in Brucicle neopets occurring in 2007 we have been a little short staffed... nonetheless, our beloved old-timers continue to mold the popular popsicles neopets love and crave in the summertime! Fashioning the tiniest of candies for eyes and delicately painting details onto the ice cream is no small task!

Brucicles can no longer be obtained, as they are an unconverted (UC) neopet. On April 26, 2007 the conversion occurred, giving players the option to convert Brucicles into regular ice Bruces.

Post-conversion, vintage Brucicles began passing down their ice cream magic to Ice Bruces. Here you will find old and new bruces working side by side to develop new sweet treats for the hot Neopian summers! Interested in owning an Ice bruce? Try obtaining one through zapping your pet with the lab ray! You can also try your luck by using a kaleidonegg.

Jelly Neopets*

their wobbling makes them difficult to high five....

If you brought peanutbutter with you... kindly keep it tucked nicely in your bag. Our jelly workers get a little antsy around that sticky substance! These wobbly pets are the silliest in the factory-- it's a wonder any work is accomplished here! Oh, you're wondering where our gelatin supplies comes from? Where does that door in the corner lead to? ...Moving on!

If you are interested in your own jiggly pet, you're in luck! Jelly neopets are obtainable through the Secret Laboratory Map, the Rainbow Fountain, or a Color Splash Random Event. You can also try your luck by using a Flask of Rainbow Fountain Water, Rainbow Swirly Potion, or a Kaleideonegg.

Contact The Owner*

Candied began in the Spring of 2018 and is hosted by me, Olive! I researched and compiled this page to its entirety, please do not steal or copy this idea. :) If you have any questions, concerns, suggestions, tips, or encouragements, please feel free to neomail me by clicking on the marshmallow elephante below. I love affiliating and viewing other awesome sites, so don't be shy!

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