Name: Mrisza [Mree-sha]
Colour: Mutant
Species: Korbat
Gender: Female
Age: early 20's
Lives in: Possessed Mansion, 98580 Dark Forest Path, Haunted Woods

Her ruby eyes that cast a mysterious glow, smile revealing pointy fangs and sharp claws may make her look ferocious. She knows it. And it doesn't bother her. She has learnt over years that many pets tend to judge the book by it's cover and it's no use trying to change it. Simply be yourself.
She is a mixture of kindness tinted with trickiness. Has a warm heart but cunning nature. It is best expressed by her habit of appearing out of thin air and startling others. No one knows how she does it: are those her natural abilities or a touch of (black) magic? Nevertheless, she can bring anyone close to a heart attack.
Usually calm and cheerful, it is hard to draw her to the verge of aggravation. Honestly, no one wants to see Mrisza driven by her cold anger.


It became Mrisza's habit and trademark to appear out of nowhere. No one knows how she does it. One moment you are unaware of her presence and then she is right there, beside you, with that fang-showing grin on her face. Spooky.

Her senses are very keen, allowing her to survive even in the darkest depths of Haunted Woods. She have mastered to control them to some extend so she can adjust to stimuli intensity.

Speedy! Need an explanation for that?

Every gossip in the Haunted Woods will ultimately reach her ears. These pointed radars work for their owner to be the most well-informed one around.


Although not blind as a bat, Mrisza is colurblind. This explains why she likes black so much.

All her abilities make up for the lack of physical strength and defense. She is the kind that would make a sneak attack rather than direct charge.

Mmmm... yummy!

As expected from a speedy pet, Mrisza has very fast metabolism which results in wolf's appetite. She's not picky about her food and loves to try out new tastes. She goes as far as eating the most gross food combinations and actually, she enjoys them. Let her cook the dinner and you'll end up with huge mess in the kitchen and dishes which you wouldn't dare to touch even with a fork or knife or a 3 meter-long stick. Fortunately, Mrisza usually prefers the food being served to her, rather than serving it to others. There is nothing that runs, swims, flies or crawls that could not end on her plate. She is a nocturnal predator after all. When traveling through the woods she will always find something edible. Think twice and check your food supplies before inviting her for dinner.

Meet Striga

Probably one of the spookiest of spooky petpets. Lurks in the dark corners and seems to share a habit of startling others with her owner. Striga never did any serious harm to anyone (at least none that has been reported...), but still no one trusts the intention of this truly creepy critter. She seems very loyal to Mrisza and the female korbat is very attached to her.

The Petpet Spotlight entry describes how they've met.
Click here to read it

The idea for its name came from a demon-like being, in polish folklore called Strzyga (there's also masculine form of it, called Strzyg or Strzygon). According to the legends, it's an unresting, owl-shaped soul which noiselessly travels at night in search for fresh blood. The word derives from greek Striks or latin Strix, Strigis (owl). It's various forms across the European folklore, like Strigoi (m), Sthriga (f), or Italian Strega (=witch) may refer to different beings, some of which are blood-thirsty vampires, shapeshifters or witches. Although all seem to share an evil nature and appeal to night time.


Mrisza's Vaneltine picture

Entry for the Goldfish Suit competition. The idea came from NNTP (Neopia's Next Top Model) page creators. Everyone, including non-participants like me, could take part in the special Goldfish Suit task. All you had to do was to draw your pet(s) in a goldfish suit (there was a ready design for everyone to use) and enter into the BC on a given date. Was there a reward? Nope, unless you managed to get BC trophy, but seeing the BC flooded with GS dressed pets was fun!
Since this competition required your pet to be more or less anthro, I came up with Mrisza's more anthro form for this one.
(On the right: 2 early sketches)

Halloween! I had the idea of fusing pets&petpets together. Mrisza and Striga were first to go.
(Early sketch on the right)

Neopian Times

Starring in: Welcome to the Woods. Week 466 and 487

NT rejected entry

This is some veeeery old comic I've tried submitting into NT, but it was either too ugly or the joke did not really fit (although in my opinion it din't go too far with the usual fangirlish jokes).

Doodle Dump

By others

Thanks you for the art trade, Siobhan!

For info upon art trades go here:


I've featured almost all my mutant pets in a poetry contest entry (poor Chaucor, she was not part of the family yet at that time).
I've got it in for a Mutant Day Special

A Mutant Party!

Welcome stranger! Meet the menagerie.
They might be mutated, but not so eerie.
How can you pass by the pond, so uncaring,
When there are three eyes curiously staring?
Our overgrown Koi just begs for a cookie.
Watch for your hand...! You were lucky!

Moving along, time to meet other guests.
Get to know them good before you assess:
The two-headed Hissi is the party's soul.
When one head rests – he still can go on.
Watch your mouth: that Korbat's ears
Due to mutation can hear a Mootix sneeze.

Big Kyrii's fiery eyes evoke your fear?
But he is quite cuddly, like a teddy bear.
The athletic Grundo girl always complains,
She can't find a cute dress fitting her size.
This mutant Blumaroo seems ill and old,
But has young spirit and a heart of gold.

The Aisha here makes candies disappear.
When his mouth is full he stuffs his ears.
Do not mind the Kau, her tentacles busy
Typing on keyboard – you will get dizzy!
Dear guest, I see a change in the attitude.
Now you know not all mutants are brute.

Thus, join the twisted evolution and be happy,
Because today "normal" means whacky!



Just because it's cool (and there's no korbat version):


Background credit goes to:

In the Beginning

I started writing it more as a summary than the real story, but after finishing it, I feel it's more than enough.
In chronological writing order this story was written after "Wind of Changes".


Mrisza's mother was a "story gatherer": she traveled across Neopia to listen to the folk tales, ana.lyzing them and re-telling. That was more than just a job or hobby –it was her way of living. Kind people gave her shelter and in return she told them tales they never heard or passed some basic knowledge to their children (in some small villages in Neopia, the education level is still poor, thus a wandering scholar is the only teacher kids get besides their parents.)
Her name was Alice.

Alice traveled to Brightvale and enjoyed the atmosphere of the "City of Wisdom"; meeting many people who showed equal fascination in the stories. The record of folk tales she gathered was valued there and so she stayed longer, so the stories could be written down and ana.lyzed by literature and history experts.
Eliakim was a lawyer and well versed in Neopian history. The fact the folk tales emerged from fact brought his attention. To the stories and their gatherer.

One could say their life was not extraordinary, having the good and bad moments. They did not desire luxury or wealth: work they loved, cozy home, good friends and of course having each other – that was enough for them to make them happy. Until…
A desire appeared.
And then their life changed.

During one golden afternoon, watching the children play in the library's yard, a story emerged from her memory and was stuck on the surface, waiting expectantly for Alice to do something about it. It was just a shade, she remembered the villagers not telling her details, as if some kind of taboo was forcing them not to. It seemed a pure accident that she discovered the written-down version. She was rational enough to be aware that folk stories may have their origins in real happenings, but then the wild fantasies grow over them like a moss over rock and shift their shape. That was probably why she decided to try the old ritual: she felt she had nothing too loose, doing little abracadabra thing that would probably not work anyway, but surely bring no harm.
A child's play may end badly, if you give the child a dangerous toy to play with.

Alice and Eliakim were proud parents and surely were entitled to be: their son was a beautiful, strong and healthy baby. By the way the little toddler played with his toys and eagerly spoke his first words, they felt their child was also smart and maybe one day would become a great man. The name had to reflect it: Alexander.
Besides begin great joy he was also extra work to his parents, as every baby, so Alice didn't have time to think of what she has done before. But something decided to remind her and claim it's reward for a granted wish.

The nightmares came followed by series of odd occurrences. They both struggled to find reasonable explanation and neglect the signs. After researching so many stories, they must have started to take them too seriously, they said. But it was the fact they weren't serious enough that brought these bad omens.

They were on the verge of despair. The spirits or whatever beings they were, made it clear: one must pay their debt. What was given, must be taken. A rule of balance. They were just meek mortals; their claws and fists couldn't fight against some unnatural forces.

…but someone made them realize they still have something far beyond physical strength and material weapons: the intelligence they had, the knowledge they gained and the will they acquired to fight.

If there were some conditions to be met, the right arrangements had to be done. He knew there are loops in law, the ways to make the Babaa safe and the Lupe full. She knew all those conditions that ever appeared in the tales, the rules and several spells.
The magical beings do exist. Most of them abide to rules that mortals can't understand. It goes other way round too: a certain spirit could not understand what exactly happened, but it appeared the transaction was processed successfully even if, for the first time in it's existence, it experience the feeling of being tricked.

Moving to the Haunted Woods was not easy, but with time you get used to have a zombie as a neighbor.
Their son, Alexander, proceed to grow strong and smart. Their little daughter… she seemed quite fine too, if you did not pay attention to her mutated look.
She would be the odd one among kids in Brightvale, but here she was perfect, her mother once said.
It was Alex, the child of sun, that looked unusual here.
But Mrisza, the child of night, was born to the Woods.


Fun Facts:

The first idea was for Mrisza to have 3 borthers and 3 sisters and her family to live in Haunted Woods over generations. The idea of her being cursed as the 7th child was very general.
Then the number of her siblings began to reduce...
When I finally came up with a story for Mirsza, I've decided to make her have only one, older brother. Which makes sense when you think of the "balance" and "day and night" things.

Mrisza's father is a... kyrii. Surprise! That's how the things are in Neopia, if you haven't noticed.

I had problems to state what Mrisza's father occupation exactly was, but when writing down the story, an idea of lawyer seemed to fit.

Alexander, Mrisza's brother, is secondary character, but I like him much. He is a faerie korbat. Another surprise, eh? If I had more space on accounts, I would be likely to get a faerie korbat to host his character. He would be the odd one in my all-spooky pets family, ha!

Wind of changes

The story of how she found her current home.
Gliding on her wings she ventured to the south near the more "civilized" part they say. On the sixth day of hey journey she got caught into a strong air current which happens when the icy breeze from Terror Mountain has and unexpected meeting with Lost Desert's hot air and after and argument they decide to blow it up. So the wind blew furiously and the young korbat was carried by it, unable to break free, but looking at the bright side, she didn't have to flap her wings...

To her relief, as she was rather hungry, she was finally released after few hours from the fast air stream and could take a look around. Or to be precisely, use all her senses to explore the new environment. From her sight she could tell that it looked pretty much like her home: dark and blurred. But despite the chilly evening breeze, it seemed warmer than in her homeland, the warmth delightfully touching her trembling muscles from the tip of her tail to the ears which were busy moving around like two radars hungry for slightest sound. Wind blew gently through the bare tree branches, whistling quietly a new tune, a moth almost collided with her ear, probably taking it for a big leaf or petal of some kind, something small ran through dry grass, squeaked in despair and... oh, ignore what follows. It also had a different smell: scent of a graveyard soil, not so solid frozen as it used to be at her homeland at this time, smell of unknown flowers and Warm, tasty, squishy, yummy food she hasn't eaten for so long.

The Local Shop (Beware!)
She flapped her wings few times to landed just in front of small hut. With difficulties read the words saying "Local Shop" and walked in, driven by the smell. Inside she snapped out the hypnotic state when she heard someone saying rather loudly "YEEES?". The lady beside the counter seemed shocked by the intrusion and the fact she hadn't spotted that someone entered, she turned away from dusty shelves that contained many strange objects. "Oh good day, I mean evening, there good lady I came here, because I would like to taste some of the fine food you have here..." "Ach!" shrieked the furry creature, probably a wocky, but you couldn't tell from the posture of a hunchback and the ragged bandana on her head "You know about the food. You know things! ARE YOU LOCAL?" Mrisza opened her eyes widely and the hair on her back raised. After a moment of hesitation she chose the only right answer "Of course I am!". The creature came closer "Really? Haven't seen you before...". The korbat risked once more "Moved in, but I am truly local now....What about the food? I smell it, tasty aroma. If this is the shop, can I buy it?". "Don't you want to grab one of the precious things and fly away you mischievous little korbat?", asked the odd lady. "Interested in food", Mrisza was getting hungrier and irritated. "Fine then." The lady said with relief "I've done some fine brain wraps today, fresh brain I can assure you, someone just... erm, left it here. Yes, left his brain to me, I did nothing, just the wraps...". "Ok, fine, just sell me some, please and in return I'll pay you...." Mrisza pondered through her bag, but she couldn't find any coins. "I'll give you this". She took a small object and handled it to the lady, then grabbed the wrap and got out of the shop as suddenly as she appeared. "Oh, that's a precious thing!" the wicked wocky said examining a small snowglobe in her paws.

Home, sweet home
Mrisza was flying through the night, the moon being the only source of cold and pale light. The morning stars showed itself on the horizon and reminded her that despite the quick meal she was drained from energy. But still she didn't know these parts and whether the warm glitter of fire in the distant, visible to her only as a little sparkle in the darkness, was a sign of cozy spot and a mug of hot liquid or a hideout of cold-blooded psycho. Just to remind you: these are Haunted Woods, sweetie!
Thinking about that she only instinctively avoided tree branches and some tower... A tower? She turned back in a gentle half-circle and examined the place, flying from one point to another - like a hummingbird collecting nectar from the flowers. Actually, what at first seemed a tower, was really a part of a mansion. A small attic, towring over the rest of the building like a stork nest on a ship. She didn't have energy to break the wooden log blocking the entrance, which would be a spectacular way to get in especially when using the famous half-round kick, so instead she opted for less 'glamour' solution and squeezed herself in, carefully moving the wings through the hole and then hitting the floor with her nose.
Not even echo answered. She carefully walked around the place: she listened, she smelled, touched and even tried to see something in the pitch-black darkness. It turned out that there were 2 rooms, dark and empty not counting the spiders and other petit insects (will make a great snack!). At that moment she realized how exhausted she was after the long air journey. She wrapped her wings around her and instantly fell asleep.
When she woke up it was still the same day, though the air smelled different. It was already evening again, the sun lazily moving towards the horizon.
Argh! Who placed that annoying tree trump there?", the complaint was followed by a loud hiss. "Well, probably the garden designer, or whoever I paid to do this. Note to myself: never pay that person again." A higher voice exclaimed.
True, I am sometimes absent minded. I even have the feeling I'm not even listening to myself anymore..." "What did I say? Oh, never mind, quit the silly self-talk." Mrisza made her way through the closed entrance again, fell down, caught the balance in the air and silently glided towards the source of noises....
... who appeared to be a peculiar sight. The two heads attached to a body of snake-like creature had their 4 eyes fixed at the bag while magenta claws (was it natural pigmentation?) pondered through it in search of.... "Keysss, where are they hisssss", the creature's one head hissed under it's breath
Good evening there" said Mrisza who landed beside the creature. It turned its both head towards her. "Evening... You are not handing out books about the truth or selling beauty merchandise, because I have enough of it, I mean the second option. Hmmm... you don't look like one." The last sentence was said by the second head, which looked somehow different than the first one, maybe because of the long hair strips running down it's neck and partially covering the face.
No. I'm new here". Something like the instinct trained in the woods or the female intuition, than thing told her that the stranger was more dangerous to itself than the others.
I think it might be interesting to settle here. I am Mrisza Sholem and I'm pleased to meet you.
Zmij. Pleased to meet a charming lady like you miss Sholem.
Just Mrisza. Who in Neopia uses his surname? Anyway, is the apartment upstairs for rent?
Apartment? Upstairs? Oh, you mean that... Please come in and we'll talk it over...".

There were two of them now living in the mansion.

Thanks for reading! =)

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