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The pavement outside was blanketed in a light downpour of rain. Water softly pitter-pattered against the windowpane. She felt isolated; strangely disconnected from the rest of the world as she stared out. The streets below were empty, awash in gray twilight and shimmering rain water.

Her finger traced the path of a lone raindrop down the chilled glass, before stopping as a shiver ran through her. Slowly, she turned to look back at the open envelope she had left on the kitchen counter. A bit of the black letter with a red floral pattern could still be seen peaking out of it. She was struck by the sudden urgency to leave just at the sight of it.

A sigh escaped her lips and she moved towards the front door. After selecting an umbrella, she opened the door and headed into the rain. Her heart sunk with every step she took but she wasn't about to turn back. No, there would be no going back now.

It wasn't until she had made it a ways down the sidewalk that she finally hesitated. She glanced back at the place she had only recently come to know as home. A sad smile grew upon her face. Goodbye... she said quietly, turning away and disappearing into the distance as the sound of the rain fall swallowed her departure.

About Me

Name: Ran Seino
Gender: Female
Species: Kyrii
D.O.B: August 13th
Age: 23
Blood Type: AB

Body Type: Wiry
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 116 lbs

Owner: Spooki
Parents: Umeko (mother) & Hideo (father)
Siblings: Amane
Marital Status: Single, not looking
Children: None
Petpet: Villette


Personality: Easygoing and helpful, it's rare for Ran to have problems befriending people. She strives to look for the bright side of things in the worst of stituations and even goes so far as to search for that 'bright side' in the worst of people. Evil people don't exist in her world. There is always, in her mind, a good side to everyone no matter how minute that good side may be. Strangely enough, she blames herself for being a terrible person if she finds herself thinking anything less of others.

As semi-perfectionist she's careful about how she goes about things in every day life, always wanting to achieve the best result she can get. However, depending on how nervous she is, all of it can be contradicted and she can run on impulse alone. When an answer isn't immediately clear to her in a dire situation, she favors emotion over thought and heart over mind.

Despite the naviety that comes with her age and attitude, she can take charge when she feels it's needed. It's not uncommon for her to play the role of the middle man or nagging mother hen. She believes she has an obligation to other's happiness and wellbeing. There's always some guilt felt if something compromises either one of those, even to a complete stranger through no fault of her own. To those she calls friends, she will do almost anything to assure that both their happiness and wellbeing stay intact in the long run...even if to do so involves pointing out stupidity in another's actions or acting upon stupidity herself.

She's patient with people but has her boundaries. When those boundaries are crossed she can have a temper, though quick to flare and quick to die out.

While she encourages people to open up to her, she has a hard time being open to people herself. She bottles away most of her fears and troubles behind a smile, never once considering how it may affect her. Most of these problems stem from anxiety. She constantly worries over things - from 'did I water the orchids?' to 'is he going to make it home safely?'...and to the meaning behind her strange, seemingly prophetic dreams.

Chai tea
Having money on hand
Feeling helpful
Hanging out with friends

Being alone
The dark
The macabre
Sad endings
Being poor
Bad hair days

Reminiscing on the Past

Part One: Dreams

Auntie, when are we gonna go?

Oh, Ran. Isn't this interesting? Just think of all the
interesting little facts you can come home to your mom with...wouldn't she be proud?

I sigh and fall back down onto the balls of my feet.

Truth be told, it really isn't all that interesting. There are so many more fun things I could be doing at the moment. My five-year-old self is craving for the freshly fallen snow outside. Instead, I'm stuck listening to an old man talk about even older dead people.

But Auntie is enjoying it. She had even told me earlier that she had been on the tour five times already. I feel a little guilty for being so bored when she had been so excited to share with me 'a piece of the history' from her hometown. Still I can't for the life of me figure out how the tour warrants a sixth time. Auntie must be really bored.

I wait for the old tour guide to finish his droning, something about rocks the priests set in the surrounding mountains forever ago, and for the group to start moving again. Ahead I can see an uninteresting replica of a very uninteresting stature...but just to the right of it my drowsy eyes behold something truly amazing.

The exit.

Now I'm never someone to break the rules nor am I a bad girl. Mama makes sure of it. However Mama isn't here to scold me and Auntie isn't one to scold harshly. I have stayed most of the tour; I figure leaving a few minutes sooner won't hurt. The white streets just beyond the door are taunting me to come out and play.

Giving one last glance at Auntie, who is preoccupied with the rest of the tour by the boring statue, I make my way to freedom. No one notices my departure from the group but one odd young man with sandy hair and fidgeting hands. However his gaze is brief and he turns back to the exhibit afterwards, making no effort to alert anyone about the straying child. I slip through the front door feeling for all the world like one of the ninjas from the Saturday morning cartoons.

The transition from the warmth of the museum and the rush of cold air that meets me outside makes me shiver. The thrill of making a clean escape and the prospect of making a snowman adds to that shiver. Auntie would be upset but still I'm not a bad girl. I'll make sure to play by the front of the museum until her tour is finished. She'll forget all about being upset when she sees the snowman I made for her.

I drop down to my knees in a thick pile of snow and begin to gather it up. Scooping and packing, the snowman begins to grow.

Time passes and I have begun to work on building his midsection.

More time passes and the snowman's facial features are gradually getting set into place.

...but strangely enough, there is still no sign of Auntie. The old tour guide certainly knows how to draw out a story about a statue.

I finish my first snowman and start on making a second when I notice something else odd. While the town isn't the largest of places, it does have a steady inflow of tourists and residents out and about. I haven't seen one car or one person walk by since I've left the museum. In fact outside is deadly silent. There are no sounds of cars in the distance, no birds singing, no people talking, or wind blowing. When I stop to tilt my head to listen, I realize I can't hear anything but the sound of my own breathing.

When I turn back to the glass doors of the museum, I realize I can't see the tour group standing around the statue any longer. Alarm sets in. Where did they go? Did they go out a different door? Is Auntie looking for me right now? Has she left without me?!

Jumping up, I race back to the door as fast as my short legs can muster. I don't care about the clatter I make when I slam the door wide open and into the wall, all I care about is finding Auntie. It isn't like there is anyone there anymore to scold me for the noise.

AUNTIE! I scream out into the empty museum. Auntie where are you?!

The tears have begun to form in my eyes when the only response I receive is the echo of my own voice and the ticking of a clock. I take a few shaky steps further into the museum, passing by the statue I had deemed 'boring' earlier. Auntie...I'm sorry. I promise not to run off again... I wail.

With my vision blurred, I wander aimlessly pass a few more exhibits only to find more emptiness. Auntie, please come back. I'll stay for the whole tour this time, I promise...

A tear rolls down the side of my face and plops onto the smooth floor below. Reflexively, my eyes follow the tear's path down to the ground but instead of a clear droplet I find a strange red stain. Multiple red stains. A path of red stains leading just around the corner of the nearest wall.

With nothing else for me to do in the vacant museum, I wipe my eyes with my sleeve and begin to follow the stains. Cold fear grips my heart with each step but an unfamiliar and overwhelming sense of curiosity pushes me on. The strains grow in size the further I go, as does my dread, until eventually they stop all together at the base of a large statue. It's what's under the statue that gets my attention however.

A woman lies on her side with a flow of long, pale hair covering her face. Though I can't see it, I can see enough to know that she isn't from the tour group or part of the museum staff. She is underdressed for the weather, wearing nothing more but a blue silk gown and a pretty chain bracelet similar to one I have back at home. While a small part of me is relieved to find that I'm not the only one left, the other part of me is greatly disturbed by the fact that there is something very wrong with the woman - she isn't moving.

As I get closer I can see that the woman is much more still than I had thought. The chest beneath her right arm moves every bit as much as the statue looming over her. If I didn't know any better, I would have thought that the woman was another statue herself.

L-Lady? I ask, carefully reaching for her face. Lady, ar-are you o-okay?

My quivering hands pull her hair back. I don't think there was anything that would have prepared me for what I saw next.

Just under the veil of hair, I find myself staring into my own lifeless blue eyes.

Part Two: Day in the Life

I've never had an aunt, let alone someone to call 'Auntie'. Both my parents were the only children in each their families and, while they did have friends, neither of them had such close friends that they could call their 'sister'. Still the woman I called Auntie in my dreams weighed heavily upon my mind. So much so that I sometimes woke up crying, heart aching so badly at the idea she was no longer with me.

Was it even possible to miss a figment of your dreams?

I pondered over the thought as I headed to school. Last night had been one of my better dreams. I only had a few dreams that I'd have over and over again with minute changes each time. The only thing that ever stayed the same was the end, but I never dwelled too long on that part.

What were important to me were the changes. I had recently started keeping a notepad next to my bed to take notes on every little change with right after I woke up. In this dream, for example, sometimes the statue would be a painting and sometimes I'd make snow angels instead of snowmen. Nothing really significant but interesting enough to take note of.

Last night however had been different. This had been the first time I could remember being caught as I tried to sneak out of the museum. Though it hadn't altered anything in the dream it had been a shocking change given the usual monotony of my dreams.


So lost in my thoughts I hadn't noticed the person heading the opposite direction on the sidewalk right towards me. S-sorry! I stammered, I was spacing out and I -

The person in question had already begun moving past me as if nothing had happened. I noticed a flash of familiar red hair and gaudy attire; all of which I recognized as belonging to a Mr. Samu of the Kizuno Corporations...a title I say with a grain of salt, the boy was a good three or four years younger than me and not at all deserving of respect. Though far wealthier and more accomplished in his young age than I'd ever be, he had the same abrasive personality of a spoiled child far younger than his age. I had a run in with him a few weeks earlier that had left a bitter taste in my mouth.

Today he seemed preoccupied by something. From the way I had run into him without eliciting a snide remark and the hasty way he moved made me wonder if he had once again lost something precious. True, I didn't have much good to say about the boy but I still did harbor some sympathy for him. It couldn't have been easy taking in all the responsibility and then some that came with the company at his age. I watched him disappear back into the crowds and silently hoped that he would find whatever he was looking for.

I wondered if I would ever figure out what I was looking for myself.


The teacher wasn't there when I made it to class. No real surprise, she was always a few minutes late. What was odd though was the utter absence of my best friend James (or 'Jimmy' as I had dubbed him as a little girl). He was the type of person who was either exactly on time or not there at all. I couldn't remember him saying anything that would have explained him playing hooky today nor had he looked sick the other day. Whatever it was must have happened in the morning. I made a small mental note to call him after class to fill him in with what he had missed.

And I would have gone on with my day without another thought towards it if it wasn't for the odd way a few of my fellow classmates were acting. Some cast anxious glances towards James's vacant desk, while others whispered amongst themselves and exchanged somber nods. Even the reclusive teacher's aide, Harada, was giving the desk a few looks. No matter how hard I tried I couldn't pick up on any of the conversations.

I felt as if I had been left out on some big secret the whole world knew but me – about my best friend no less. An uncomfortable fluttering grew in my chest as I looked from my classmates' faces to the desk. He hadn't been hurt had he? Had, no, I was just overreacting. It probably wasn't something big; probably just a silly rumor was being passed around. Still I couldn't ignore that there was something wrong that I didn't know about, most likely related to his absence, and reached for my phone. If I was going to hear about it I was going to hear about it from his mouth.

I passed by the teacher on my way to the hall, not caring whether or not she saw me, and dialed the numbers I knew by heart. Holding my breath, I waited for someone to pick up.




No one answered. Worried but still hopeful, I left him a quick message asking him to call me back and returned to class.


More stuff here

Part Three: Meeting Mei

The frigid waves crash just below my toes. Rolling and rolling as if building up thunder before the inevitable roaring smash against the cliff side. I like to pretend the waves are a large monster hitting at a rocky fortress I stand on in vain; I love the rare feeling of invincibility that comes with it. The air is stale from the cold but I can still taste a hint of salt from the ocean below.

It occurs to me that Auntie and Uncle wouldn't like me standing so close to the edge even with a fence there, so I step back. As I step back I catch a glimpse of something dark against the snow standing next to me. I turn my head fully to see that it's a young boy, close to my age. His dark hair is flaked with snow and his auburn eyes are downcast.

Hi, I say.

He acknowledges me with a short glance before his eyes look back down to the sea.
Everyone is gone, he says, his voice barely audible over the roar of the wave, Promise to not forget me – the real me.

What are you...?

Promise, he says again and steps towards the edge.


Seino? Seino?

I blinked twice as the café came back into focus, the bitter smell of coffee replacing saltwater. Huh?

I asked you a question, Harada said, his eyebrows furrowed in concern.

Part Four: Snooping

Insert story here

What does it all mean?

I've never been a remarkable person. Really, I'm pretty average by most standards! I think my childhood was normal – there were bad days and there were good days but nothing I can remember exceedingly in one direction or the other (though I had thought my first trip to the amusement park was one of the 'best days of my life!'). My recently past teenage years were normal – awkward and embarrassingly full of melodrama. But yes, overall pretty average...unless you take these two, erm, things into account...

Although it took me a few years to realize this, most people have variety in their dreams. I never had. Not that I have the same dream every night, just every night it's snowing in my dreams. It doesn't matter the location, time of the year, whether or not I've snacked before bed – it's ALWAYS snowing. I don't think this is normal; most of the people I've told are surprised by the redundancy in my dreams. But what bothers me most about them is what I don't tell people...I've noticed that some of the places and people I've only seen before in my dreams often turn out to be real places and real people. Have I've seen them or heard of them before and forgot? I'm really not sure anymore. It's happened so many times now I find it hard to be just a coincidence, especially when bad things seem to happen whenever I meet the real life counterparts of my dream people. There's one other thing that bothers me about my dreams above all else: why do I always find myself dead just before I wake up...?

Birthmarks aren't too strange right? Except when they're such an abnormal color that people tend to mistake them for tattoo? Mine falls into the latter. As unbelievable as it sounds I've had this blue birthmark on the right side of my chest since I was born. The doctor wasn't sure what to make of it at first but it doesn't seem to be anything more than a birthmark. That's blue. And vaguely resembles a heart. Okay, I know you probably don't believe me and I wouldn't either but whatever it is I can assure you that it's not a tattoo. While I have a pretty high tolerance for pain I would never willingly have it inflicted on me...the thought of getting a tattoo always kind of scared me to be honest...That aside I can't tell you how awkward it is having to explain it's not one. Besides the whole 'I'm not a tattoo person' thing, there's the whole implication of where they were looking to have seen it...I usually wear outfits with a higher collar to cover it up.

The Ones That Put Up With Me

Mom: One of the strictest and most self-assured people you'll meet. When Mom wants something done, it's done with no questions asked. She's a bit on the neurotic side and can't stand disorganization at work and home. I remember her scolding me often as a child; she was never unnecessarily harsh with me but I did spend a lot of time in a corner for forgetting to feed the cat or not finishing my homework on time. When she wasn't scolding me, she was one of my best friends. She had her goofy moments and would try to get involved with whatever fad I was into at the time. I don't think she understood any of them but I guess it was the thought that counted. When I look back to my childhood, I have to say my mother was one of the ones that shaped who I am today the most.

Dad: Unlike Mom, Dad loved to spoil me rotten as a girl. When mom wasn't looking, he was would be the one to slip me candy before dinner or toys before my birthday. He worked long hours at one point so I didn't see too much of him growing up. Part of me thinks he spoiled me to compensate for that but really in the end I was happy to see him with or without a gift. When Amane joined the family all his attention was passed onto her. I was jealous at first but eventually I got over it. Although I was no longer spoiled I could always rely on Dad as someone to talk to when I needed advice. He was never too critical and always could spare a few minutes to listen when he was home. I still call him from time to time when I have no one else to talk to for help.

Amane: My little sister is a sweet but timid girl. Even as a baby she was a lot quieter than most; my parents thought there was something wrong with her for awhile because of it. There wasn't anything wrong of course but she does have a mild speech impediment and stutters her words. Despite that she's pretty intelligent for her age and can (and loves to!) read books at a 2nd grade reading level. It's adorable how proud she gets when she finishes a book. Even though she doesn't talk much she loves to read aloud to the family. That said she's one of the easiest children to entertain. When I was in charge of babysitting her, I could just take her down to the local bookstore or library and she could read for hours...but usually she'd fall asleep before then.

Friends & Acquaintances
The People Around Me

(in order of meeting; by what she refers to them as)

Jimmy: My best friend and partner in crime. We've been together for so long I can't remember a time that he wasn't around. Jimmy was another large influence on my life growing up; as cheesy as this may sound, he was the one that kept me strong when I was at my weakest. Whenever I doubted myself he was always there to encourage me and try to get a smile out of me. For someone so dedicated to their work and maintaining professionalism, he can be one of the dorkiest people when he's around me. It's nice to be able to break out of the mold our lives put us in to enjoy each other's company. He can be overprotective at times but I'm finding that he's stepping back and trusting my judgment more often as of late. I wish I could show him just how much he means to me.

Amy: The girl I use to babysit back in high school. She lived next door to my family at the time and was usually home alone. Her parents went on trips often, her older sister had already moved out, and her older brother participated in after school sports. She spent most of her time at home playing with her extensive video game collection. I offered to babysit her and her parents agreed saying that it'd be nice to have someone around to take her out of the house from time to time. Amy is a nice girl though a bit loud and rowdy. She has no boundaries when it comes to personal opinions...I want to say I admire her for her honesty but it's gotten me into trouble more than once on occasions. I still see her around from time to time. Oddly enough, she now is my younger sister's babysitter.


Harada: I used to go to school with Harada; he was both a former classmate and teacher's aide to me. To be honest, I never thought too much of him then. Not that I didn't like him but I really never took the time to get to know him. He generally kept to himself and his studies or work; I respected that and generally didn't bother him. Even outside of class, when we wound up together by some bizarre twist of fate, our conversations were limited to what was needed to be said at the moment and nothing more. It's funny and kind of sad now that I think of it but for how long I've known him I know next to nothing about him. Strangely, our paths have been crossing more and more lately. It seems like we are connected by something more than bizarre twists of fate now...if only I knew what. And what is happening to him? I know he's always had bad eyesight but now I worry he's nearly blind in his one eye and that it's only getting worst.


Lacyrii: He's a strange boy who's friends with my sister - strange in more ways than just his name. Lacyrii speaks even less than Amane. I never can get an answer out of him about his parents or where he lives. He comes and goes as he pleases, slipping out of the house whenever I'm preoccupied with something. No matter how late he sets out he always returns without fail within a few days. I know little to nothing about the boy but, I'm not sure why, I feel a sense of déjà vu whenever I see his eyes. He's not normal, I know that much.

Jynx: Although I would have never believed it in a million year if I hadn't been personally introduced by Harada himself – Jynx is Harada's friend. Or partner as he put it. She's sharp-tempered and, to put it nicely, unpleasant. For one, she has a very colorful vocabulary and likes to put it to use as often as she can. She reminds me of Amy in the way she's not afraid to say just what she doesn't like about you...unfortunately she doesn't seem to like much about anyone. Or let you get to know much about her beyond the person she projects on the outside. I know there's more to her than that of course. Why else would someone like Harada befriend her? Call it wishful thinking or plain stupidity but I hope one day I can be on the same terms with her. I can't put my finger on it but there's something else about her...

Ms. Ruan: Over the past few months I have had the feeling of being watched. I went on for days glancing over my shoulder at every little sound, keeping the blinds to my room closed, and only traveling out alone to crowded places. My paranoia was eventually justified in the form of a woman named Ms. Ruan. She says there is something special about me, and that I can help her find her son that's been missing for fifteen years. I think she's insane...or would if it wasn't for the fact she knows about my dreams. I've never told anyone about them outside of the house and certainly not in the detail she knows of. She unnerves me greatly but for some odd reason part of me wants to be able to trust her. I just want to know the truth.

Only Here To Make Samu Jealous

I never planned on owning Villette, much less anything like her in a million years. She's not the cutest or nicest pet but I've grown pretty fond of her.
I found Villette one morning wandering around the front yard. I assumed she was hungry from the way she was sniffing at the ground so I went back in to grab a slice of lunch meat. When I got back outside I had no idea how to go about feeding her. Although I felt sorry for the animal, she kind of intimidated me. No that's a lie, she REALLY intimidated me. She was - and still is - the size of medium-sized dog and was making all sorts of grunting noises and low growls.
After a few minutes of watching her search around the yard, I worked up enough courage to take a few steps foward...and threw the lunch meat at her. Villette immediately perked up and headed over to the meat. After finishing it up in two bites, she walked over to me and began sniffing my hands for more food. I was petrified to say the least but I soon realized she wasn't being aggressive and was able to pet her nose.
It took awhile to convince Jimmy to let me keep her, especially when she had a habit of eating textbooks and term papers, but eventually I prevailed. With the exception of having a bad case of the munchies, Villette is very well-behaved and easy-going. She isn't very affectionate but she does love to sleep at the foot of my bed. I find that I have more nightmares when she isn't there.

Images of Me

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Art by others:
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Not-So-Frequently Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can I adopt her?
Answer: NO. :|

Question: Can I trade 'so-and-so' for her?
Answer: NO. :|

Question: I don't get it. What's going on in her introduction and conclusion?
Answer: First of all, kudos for taking the time to actually read a petpage! Secondly, I'm a jerk so some of my petpages only make complete sense if you read everyone else's. :c I will make a 'cheat sheet' petpage which summarizes the whole plot later if anyone is ~miraculously~ interested though. But in all seriousness, it's not that interesting and really kind of stupid. :D;;

Question: Can I roleplay with her?
Answer: Uh, we could try? I don't roleplay much or well but if you really want to for whatever reason I'm up for attempting. Anthro/human only though please!

Question: Can I use the coding from this page?
Answer: It's not really complicated but still I wouldn't mind people referencing their coding from it. Just please don't make a carbon copy of this page - change up the colors, sizes, and/or fonts! And obviously, don't steal any of the writing or images from this page.

Question: Link trade?
Answer: Sure!

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Answer: Yes, neomail me it!

Question: Why are you using so many exclaimation points?

Don't Forget Me

A car was waiting for her around the block. Its lights turned on as she approached, puffs of stream rising into the cool air as it came to life. Squinting, she held up her free arm to shield her eyes from the headlights, but was only able to pick out a faint silhouette of someone behind the wheel.

Her fingers clenched around her umbrella, her eyes dilated, and her heart seemed to palpitate in tune with the rain drops hitting the pavement. She fought back the wave of sickness that assaulted her and willed her feet to move towards the vehicle. Inside is warm; a safe haven from the rain, she told herself.

Still her hands shook as she reached for the door handle on the passenger's side. Thumpthumpthump, still her heart replied as the door was pulled open.

Glad you made it, I was worried you hadn't gotten my letter, a feminine voice said from inside. There was a short pause from the voice as she shook her umbrella clean of rain water and folded it, slipping into the car. It was stuffy inside and smelt strongly of rose-scented perfume. don't know how much this means to me that you're coming.

She nodded and took a deep breath to will her pulse to slow. From inside the car she could get a better look at the voice's face, though heavily shadowed. I made a promise, she said with a quick cough. Huddling into the plush seat, she drew her arms closer to her body.

The voice's eyes looked her over and she could clearly see disapproval glinting in them. I hope you have warmer clothes hidden under that rain jacket, the voice said, I think you out of all of us should know better about the weather conditions there. Always snowing, right? Poor thing, you're going to freeze.

I'm figuring this out as I go. I'm going to worry about leading you there first and then freezing to death once we're there, she said, smiling weakly.

The voice chuckled and shook their head as they pulled the car out onto the road. You're going to regret it.

She didn't reply and turned her attention out the -blocked- Truth be told, she was already freezing. Just beyond the fogged window and rain droplets, she could see someone watching back. A young boy, no more than five or six, stood where she had once been moments before on the sidewalk.

Sneering at her below his damp bangs.

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