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Last Found Map

Last Found Map
If you didn't see this coming, you're fired... ಠ_ಠ Jking. :P Yeah... Haven't been on enough... X.x Though I have suspicions about the center of the lake... and possibly northeast of that too...
Last Updated: 6/19/08 12:19 AM NST

For those of you who's computers won't let you see the image above, this is the area that is circled in the image. First count the letters across A-O left to right. Then count the numbers 1-15 bottom to top to see where the spot below is. ^.^

I don't know where it is. :( So look around, and neomail me the coordinates of where you found treasure, please! Thank you! ^.^

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Still haven't found the treasure... =/ But now I'm going out of town through July 7th with no Internet access... X.x So yeah... x.x I'll answer neomails and try to find the treasure then when I get back... =/

*blink blink* Has it really been two months since I've updated anything!? O.o *bangs head a couple times* I'm VERY sorry about that! D= Was busy finishing up schools with finals and such... and now I have family in town keeping me busy... as well as work... =/ I'm quite busy, even in the summer... X.x With it being AC time again, I'm trying to make a bigger effort to come online_ =) I'm doing my best to update regularly... I am... =/

P.S. TNT messed with the HTML filter again... so my page may look messed up... but it's all I could do at midnight to update my petpage... -.-

Sorry for the lack of updates... D= I've been super busy lately with school and such... =/ I can't wait until summer break! Six more weeks! @.@ Oh yeah, and I thought I'd put up this awesome editorial question that indirectly goes with this guide kinda sorta. =D UPDATE: And for some reason the page layout was dead... O.o I fixed it. :P

I'm starting this guide where people Neomail me the time that they visited Coltzan's Shrine and what they got, which I then put on a table that's on my Grarrl's Petpage. 1.) Is this allowed, or would it be considered cheating in some way? 2.) Does the time you visit Coltzan's Shrine effect what you get or not? What about the stats/level of your Neopet? Or what day it is when you go, perhaps? If you do answer this, thanks! :) ~agb2001
Yes, this is allowed. The way players love to compile and organise data with regard to site activities has always put a smile on our faces. Well, after we go "o_O", show nearby coworkers what data is being gathered, and then laugh together. Like we said, though, it always makes us smile. ^_^ We can't say anything as far as your second question, but maybe one day when you have compiled enough info you can make an educated guess yourself. :D

Thank you Ladywhoopya for helping me fix the button pressing issue!! :D

No, your computer isn't going slow... The main picture at the top isn't loading because I took it off... =/ Temporarily though... You know that "submit changes" button you click to save your petpage now? Well that shows up /behind/ the main image... -.- So until TNT makes some way for people to get around that, no image at the top... =/ *sigh* However, if someone has figured out a way that WORKS, PLEASE neomail me!

If anyone happens to be passing by the customization spotlight next week and has the chance to vote for MoonLight, you should give him a 10! ;D (he's an old style werelupe with a haunted woods NC bg, space station thought bubble, and campfire)

BEST. DAY. EVER. 'Nuff said! ^.^

Well, all of my classes officially start today. And I got a job last week... So don't expect me on as much as usual... =/ I will try to keep up with things though, of course. ^.^

What's this...? A new layout? :o Ooooooh! @.@ Today marks the 3rd year of my petpage being up! :o Amazing, huh? And, even more surprising, I updated the layout at EXACTLY midnight! ^.^ Rather than being late by a few days/weeks... XD Although a few things are missing... I should hopefully get those things up this weekend though. :) If I'm not too busy. Expect new links to me, an updated 'About MoonLight' section, and the old music back. :P With a player so people can stop and start it if they want. :P If I can figure out how to, that is... =/ I hope so... If anything doesn't work or something doesn't look right, /please/ let me know via neomail! ^.^

I hope everyone had a great holiday break! ^.^ Mine was surprisingly busy, but still nice from my school business. :P Thank you for the new award, mother_nature_121! ^.^

I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving! ^.^ Just wanted to say that those of you who use FireFox should now be able to use the links at the top of my petpage. :P I finally figured out why they didn't work! XD So w00t! :P I also put them on two lines... Don't know why I haven't done that before... O.o XD

Happy 8th birthday to Neopets!! =D Don't forget to play Buried Treasure every 3 hours tomorrow! (November 15, 2007, NST) Buried Treasure will be free ALL DAY LONG! So there is no reason to not play! ^.^

Thanks Roseliea for the new award!! ^.^

Be sure to play Buried Treasure alot this month, since November is when Buried Treasure only costs 150 nps to play, rather than 300 nps! ^.^

Hmmm... I guess it would be smart to tell you guys, those that know I live in California anyways, that I'm alright with all the fires... I was never evacuated or anything... I'm in a relatively safe place apparently. :P *wasn't effected by the fire 4 years ago either* I hope that others who live in Southern California are also ok, and if your houses have sadly been burnt, I wish you best luck in rebuilding... =/

*gasp* Looks like this petpage has hit 500k page views sometime earlier this week! :o *puts an approximate date down* I did kinda want to do something special for it... But I have family in town this week... O.o So yeah... Guess not. :( Thank you all so much for following my guide! :D

Thanks for the new award xxxfairlygirlxxx! ^.^

Thanks for the new award neochanoo! ^.^ *quickly rambles apologies for no updates, but really needs to run off to school in a few minutes* X.x Update: Page updated, treasure found, w00t! :D

Yikes! O.o LONG time no update! :o I've been super busy with the school work that I still have over the summer... *sigh* Next summer will be better. :) Also lost the treasure while I was trying to work my way out of the mound of homework that had overtaken me. XP Oh yeah... I went on vacation too... O.o But obviously I'm back. XD Heh. This homework thing happened once I got back. XD Heh. Fun fun english... Four 'exciting' books in 12 weeks... including whatever other short stories and poems I get to read... X.x Meh...

Haven't found the treasure for awhile, but I'm leaving up the last found area so I don't get a full inbox while I'm gone... Which, by the way, I'm leaving tomorrow! :o Where to? Colorado. ^.^ Big family reunion! Although, this year, I may have some Internet access, I don't expect to be on often... I also won't have my map with me for if I find treasure anyways... =/ So please don't neomail me coordinates until Saturday, June 23! I'll be back Sunday night! ^.^ Probably not online until Monday though. Hope everyone has a nice summer break! ^.^ I know I will. :P Hehe.

Meep! Another long period without an update! O.o Which I appologize... All thanks to finals. XP But I'm done with that now! And my schedule is alot less busy! ^.^ Hope everyone who's had their finals did well, and those who have them still to come, good luck! And happy Mother's Day to all of those moms out there! ^.^

It has been brought to my attention that larger display settings have trouble viewing the text in my blogs. :o Unfortunatly, when I tried to fix them, for some reason the coding would not let me change it... O.o The only solution I would have to this is redoing the coding myself... (I admit, I got the blog codes with some help from some HTML websites *cough*) But no fear! For this semester I've been taking an HTML class at my local community collage! And I've been planning to redo all of the coding for all of my petpages, lookups, petlookups, and all that jazz. :P For the most part... it won't change the appearance much, (other than making the font size bigger :P) but I would be much happier with clean, organized, and up to date coding. :D For now... for those people who still have trouble reading my guide, just copy and paste the text into Notepad. :) NOT Word though, because that will just paste it at the same size. x.x And hopefully you can see the text well enough to have gotten that... :P Heh.

*hem* Well, I had a good Spring Break! ^.^ I hope everyone else did, or for those who are still enjoying their break, I hope it turns out great! ^.^ Obviously I got back from Nationals quite awhile ago... and then last week I had family over. :P Heh. And now state testing is just around the corner, next week for me, for those who need to take it. This is my last year of it too! *dances* Good luck on that whenever it comes for you. ^.^ And happy late Easter. :P Hehe.

Yikes! Sorry for not updating for an entire month! O.o I've been majorly busy ALL month with dance competitions, midterms, and most reacently, the CAHSEE test. XP Which is the California High School Exit Exam for those who don't know... o.o Although it was majorly easy, I was at school ALL day those days... x.x And now, this weekend, I'm going to the last dance competition of the month, but most important of the year! Nationals at Disneyland! W00t! *dances* Very excited! Leaving later today and won't be back until late Sunday night, but probably won't get online until Monday night. And no neomail until possibly Thursday... =/ So please don't send me findings until Monday at least! If you have questions, you can send those... but by the time I look at the findings, they'll be too old. =/ Thank you all! And I hope all those Sophmores out there did well on they're whatever state HSEE's. ^.^

W00t! I found 20k! ^.^ So totally look around that area! :D Also added a new petpage to my link-tos. ^.^

First of all, Happy Valentines Day! ^.^ Second of all, my mom and I were able to recover my files! =D Apparently the place we bought it at just didn't do it right the first time. :P But now we've got the files on CDs. ^.^ So yeah! That takes a HUGE load off my mind! :P Unfortunatly, I haven't found treasure in a LONG time... T.T Thus why I have put up the lost map... =/ I got through the neomails I had... so I'm once again neomail-free. :) I'm really trying my best with the New Year to NOT procrastinate! So far, I'm getting better and better about it with my homework, piano, and such. Hopefully I can bring that to my neomails too. ^.^ Lately I've been feeling alot less busy with the lack of procrastination on my mind! Some of you who procrastinate alot should try it! ^.^ Heh.

AHHHH!!! Sorry I haven't updated in a LONG time! I've been SUPER busy! T.T I would put up a lost map right now, but unfortunatly, my computer died over the weekend! D= So I lost ALL of my files! T.T And I didn't think of redooing some of my maps until AFTER I played BT today. XP So I probably won't get an update until later tonight since I have to be places in 3 hours... =/ Good news to all that though... is that my new computer came with Windows Vista! W00t! ^.^ *dances* More good news... my mom and I are going to try and recheck on the old computer to see if the files are still there, and if so, try and get them on this computer. :) We're worried though because they tried this already and it looks like the hard drive got whiped in the crash... :( But hopefully they just did something wrong! :P

Meh, I'm getting behind in neomail again. :( But I'm even more behind in homework. XP *dies* I'm going to do my best to answer neomail though no later than Friday. ^.^ Oh! And I've found the treasure! =D Only 1k, but hopefully there is more where that came from. ^.^

Thank you Darkfounder585 for the new award! I'm starting to get back on track, still slightly behind in homework, but I will be good bye next week. :) I answered ALL of my neomail, (YEAH! ^.^) well... mostly just looked at since there were so many and they were all old. But my inbox is empty anywho. :P I still don't know where the treasure is, but now that my inbox is empty, you can start neomailing me winning spots again. ^.^

Yikes! Sorry for lack of update. As some of you may have noticed, while I was gone last weekend, my neomail has become full. I haven't had time to answer any of it. I'm incredibly swamped with homework! In fact, my parents forbade me of computer use until I caught up... But I'm using the computer for typing something today. :P But, still swamped! XP I won't be able to answer that neomail until later in the week (much later) and the treasure remains missing. =O Once again, I appologize. I'm doing my best! My life is getting to a very very busy point! o.o

Heh, guess what? I'm leaving again! XD Off to northern California to see my grandmother. ^.^ I shall be back next Tuesday or Wednesday night. Everyone have a good 3-day weekend!

Alright! I'm back! ^.^ And SURPRISE! I made a new layout for the petpage! Sorry it took so long! D= As you may have noticed, I switched some things around, deleted others, and put more things into blogs! It's not as flashy as the old layout, but I'm hoping it's easier to read. =/ I have a feeling I went overboard on the blog again. x.x But it's better, I think, than the old ones. ^.^ I still need to edit some areas, such as the "About MoonLight" section to make the fit in the blog a bit better. But I really wanted to get the new layout up! ^.^ Hope everyone is having a good new year! I know I am! :D *dances* If anyone finds any major glitches or things that don't look right with the new layout, please neomail me about it! ^.^

Happy New Year! And Happy 2nd Anniversary! ^.^ I'm actually leaving for Los Angeles in about 2 minutes, and I won't be back until Tuesday. I was unable to finish the surprise because I forgot about this trip and I didn't have time to finish it. :( But it should be up on Tuesday or Wednesday when I get back, because I'm almost done! Good luck at the first day of back to school everyone! ^.^

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope everyone has been enjoying their hollidays. ^.^ I've, unfortunatly, been sick all week once again this year... -.- Feeling better now though and enjoying my break. ^.^ I also /almost/ lost the treasure since I've been sick, but I found it, it just moved a few squares East since I found it last. ^.^ Merry Christmas again and a Happy New Year too. ;D

Sorry to those who tried neomailing me the past few days while I had a full Inbox... =/ That is now taken care of. ^.^ I had a very busy week. Just one more day of school and I'm officially on Winter Break! =D Yeah! ^.^ *dances* Unfortunatly, I apparently got behind some time during Thanksgiving, and will need to get all caught up before the end of January. XP But hopefully that won't take me /too/ long. :) During my Winter Break, I will be working on that surprise that I shall be revealing in early January. ^.^ And in case I get too busy to post another message before Christmas, Merry Christmas! And Happy New Year too. XD Heh. ^.^

Alright! Finally have an empty inbox! ^.^ Hopefully I can answer my neomail often enough to where it doesn't get backed up for two weeks. XD Good news! Winter Break is comming up in a little over 2 weeks! =D Bad news! My finals are next week! D= Good news! It's only one final. XD MORE good news! The guide's 2 year aniversary is comming up in less than a month! :o The even better good news is that I'm planning a surprise for everyone that day! =D AND.... The bestest news of all! :o I'm going to stop doing good news/bad news! XD *hem* *cough* o.o

Thank you, Fuzzy_ball_454, for the new award! ^.^ Sadly... I /still/ haven't answered neomail! XP But only a few have been deleted, but I have contacted those people. :) And I intend to let nothing more important be deleted! I've only answered (mostly looked actually) through a couple days since I have a book report due Tuesday on a book I still have quite a bit to read before finishing... But I will finish answering by the end of the week, and I hope to start keeping more on my toes on that neomail! :P I am only taking note of findings in December, naturally, since anything in November has well moved by now... Sorry... x.x I beleive some people are starting finals this week in fact, so good luck to you who do have finals! And good luck to those who are studying for them once again! :P Mine are the week after next, but I'm hoping they won't be /too/ bad... o.o Good news is, I'm hoping for my scedule to lighten up quite a bit in about a week (hopefully right when finals approach) that will help me get through the rest of the year. :P Happy Early Holliday's to everyone!

Eeek! Ok, so I didn't get to neomail on Friday. XP But I /will/ get to it tomorrow! O.O I found 2k in the NorthWest dirt area, or whatever you want to call it. :P Finals are comming up soon! O.o Ok, so another 2-3 weeks. XD Mine are in 2 weeks though... o.o But I'm glad that I'm getting off with something easy that I just need to study for and not have to compose and practice and memorize and stuffs... O.o Lol. Good luck to those whom have finals even earlier! Or to those who are studying vigorously for them already. ^.^

Happy Belated Thanksgiving! :P I've been busy this week, so haven't answered neomail... I'll try to get to it today, but I have a bunch of homework due Tuesday that I need to work on. XP (Homework over the holliday!? Can you believe it!? XP) I hope everyone got their fill of turkey and pie! ^.^ I also found a small 1k in the Northeast grassy area. Hopefully there is more where that came from. ^.^

Alright, Disneyland was fun! And exhausting... o.o So I'm WAY tired... x.x But I've caught myself on homework, (for the most part anyways...) the plot, and a few other things that needed catching up on... :P Well... sorta... o.o Oh, I still have neomail to answer... x.x But... I should be able to get to that on Thursday or Friday at the latest. ^.^ And it looks like the treasure is still in the bottom right part of the lake. ^.^ It's up in the Last Found section. ;) AND tomorrow is Neopet's Birthday!! Yeah!!! *throws confettii* That means that you can play Treasure of the Black Pawkeet ALL of tomorrow and it will be half priced for the rest of the month! :o (I believe that's just 150 and back to the 300 NP on December 1st) So yeah for that! ^.^ Also don't forget to collect your Birthday avatar by looking at the News tomorrow. ^.^

I've been really busy lately, so there haven't been that many updates... :( For an example of my business... I kinda forgot to let everyone know that I was going on vacation to Disneyland for a few days. :P Heh... Luckily I have family with us who ordered some Internet at the hotel. :) I just won a 2k prize, but I can't put it up with this computer. But it's on the bottom right part of the lake. ^.^ So look around there! I'll be home on Sunday... Family will be gone on Monday... And I'll have alot of homework to catch up on... x.x So yeah... I'm busy... o.o *cough*

Happy Halloween all! Sorry that I haven't been doing much with the petpage lately. :o I've been REALLY super busy lately. XP I couldn't get to my neomail all weekend unfortunately, but I'm about to look through it... I'll probably only answer those who need answers and such though... =/ Several neomails have gotten deleted... I remember they were as far back as October 4th but they got deleted because of TNT's automatic deleting thing. XP But I still have from October 16th to present. :) So if it was before October 16th, feel free to neomail me again if you had a question or important matter that you wanted to discuss or tell me or whatever. ^.^ Oh yeah! And thank you Kerrigan969 for the award that I actually recieved about a month ago, but because of various technical difficulties, I couldn't put it up until now. ^.^ Sorry for the delay! Also the petpage has reached 300k views on I believe October 21st! W00t! ^.^
UPDATE: While going through my neomail, I found a second award from Neo_rose! Thank you! ^.^

GAHHH!! Haven't updated in a LONG time! :o Or answered neomail for an even LONGER time!!! O.O I STILL haven't answered it! XP And I won't be able to get to any of it until tomorrow unfortunatly. XP I already know that I've lost quite a few neomails in the automatic deleting system. XP But, the good news is that I found a 2k treasure spot! :) Oh, and my dad is LOADS better by the way. ^.~

Alright, first of all, I've been sick. So I haven't answered neomail for almost two weeks now. XP Secondly, I probably won't answer them for a few more days because my dad is currently in the hospital and I really don't feel like answering over 50 neomails right now. XP So yeah... sorry about the lack of updates... again... x.x

Haven't been on alot because I've been pretty busy lately. x.x But I did /finally/ answer neomail after a week. XP But I only answered the treasure spots that were neomailed in October. (Sunday) Also, please do NOT neomail me saying you didn't find it in the spot that I found treasure. You can't win everytime because of 'empty spots' in the treasure area which makes it so much harder to win... =/ But don't be upset if you've neomailed me about that, I just realized I haven't put it on the guide yet. XD So now it's in the FAQ and 'Rules to Consider Before Neomailing Me' section. :)

Added another version of the Mac Screenie Tutorial! Thank you, Ik_zei_de_gek. ^.^

As you know, Vsp1528 decided she couldn't keep up with the guide. So instead, she gave it to Linkin_park987264 to start updating it. ^.^ So you can now find more findings here! There is a link to the petpage in the Other Petpages and Sites section! ^.^

Alright... Considering all of the requests for a player for my music, I decided to try and get one up. But unfortunatly, TNT won't let me do it. x.x I end up with no music at all. So if anyone knows a way that works with the code blocker thingy, please let me know! Thanks! ^.^

Vsp1528 has decided that she couldn't keep up with the constant updating of the Treasure Guide and is no longer helping me. Please DO NOT flood me with requests to help!! I'll just start handling it on my own again. :) Just please PLEASE only neomail me for wins larger than 1k! I don't need booby prizes or 500 NP wins since they are usually random. Thank you!

Been really busy lately! O.o Just answered about 60 or 70 neomails that piled up all week. Skipped a few findings up until Saturday since they would have moved by now... Might be getting busier too... But I'll try to fit everything in!! ^.^
UPDATE: New pic of MoonLight added! ^.^

New award! The Golden Ruki Award! ^.^ Thanks Coltazan!

Looks like the page hit 250,000 views yesterday! =D W00t! ^.^ I also found 2k further southeast like I predicted. ;) But I have no clue which way it will decide to go once it hits the corner... O.o

Thank you all SOOO much for voting for Saffire last week! =D She won 1st place in species with 305 votes and 13th overall! ^.^ Now she has a shiny trophy of her very own! ^.^ I hope to get a picture of MoonLight in soon, but don't know when that will be... o.o But hopefully soon. XD Thank you again soooo much! ^.^

New award added! ^.^ Thanks aeropostale_x! ^.^

Vote for Saffire55 in the Beauty Contest this week HERE! Thanks! ^.^

FINALLY found a 2k win! XD So look around there! ^.^

New award! Thanks! ^.^ Haven't found any treasure since last week though. XP Hopefully I'll find something soon!

I'm back! ^.^ Answered all of my neomail too. I have no clue where the treasure is though, since I've been gone. O.o Hopefully I'll find it soon though! ^.^

Able to get on before we leave. :P Just wanted to say that today is my birthday, I'm officially 15. ^.^ *dances* Birthday presents are /seriously/ not necessary. O.o I'm /not/ asking for them! Just stating a fact because I'm excited. :P Hehe. Exactly one year before I can start the driving part of drivers ed!=D I think I'm old enough for a job now!=D But I don't think I will get one until I can drive. ;) So my busy load is not increasing just yet. :P Be sure to read yesterday's news below if you haven't!

I'm leaving for Colorado tomorrow morning! Which means I won't be here from July 7th through July 17th! Don't neomail me any treasure spots until the 16th please! I'll just delete them when I get back. I REALLY don't want 100 neomails. :( So I'm just going to keep the current 'found' pic up so I don't get /more/ neomails. ^.~ So be warned that it will probably move while I'm gone. :( Follow the arrows! ^.~

Added a Mac version to the Screenie Tutorial. ^.^ Thank you Tamia_Silverwing for the guide! ^.^

Added a "Screenie Tutorial!" section. ^.^ Screenies are only needed for wins that I don't have listed already in the "Possible Wins" section, if you win OVER 20k NP, and if you win the JackPot. (of course! :P) ^.^

W00t! ^.^ This petpage now has over 200k views!!! Awsome! You guys rock! Thank you so much for coming to my petpage everyday and such! ^.^ You guys are awsome!

W00t! I'm back from camp! ^.^ And I've recieved two new awards! ^.^ Thanks! ^.^ And, since I've been gone all week, I have no clue where the treasure is right now. XD
UPDATE: Found a small 500 NP in the harbor. Look around there and follow the arrows. It might not be there, but then again, it might. :P

Alright, I'm leaving for camp in about 12 hours! Woohoo! ^.^ But this also means that I won't be here for an entire week. So PLEASE do NOT neomail me about ANY treasure findings until next Friday at the EARLIEST! Other wise I will just delete it when I get back, because the treasure would have moved by then. XP I'll be back On Saturday the 24th in the late afternoon, might or might not get on. But I really don't want to come back to a full inbox, so please hold off on the neomail findings until I get back.=/ Other questions are fine though. I'm also leaving this map up for now, since it seems like a hot spot. And because my 'Lost Map' says to neomail me. XD So it most likely will be in a different spot when I get back. Everyone have a good week! Oh! And the petpage will hit 200k hits sometime during the week too!=D Probably later today or tomorrow. ^.^ At the time of posting this, it's about 400 away! Thanks so much everyone for viewing and keeping up with my guide! ^.^

Haven't found the treasure for a few weeks now. XP So I just finally put up a lost map. x.x I'm also leaving on Saturday for camp, and I'll be gone for a week. But I'm still here until Friday night. :)
UPDATE: Looks like I spoke to soon. :P Found a 1 dubloon coin here. ^.^ Might have been random, but it's better than nothing! ^.~

Added a text map for those who can't see the Last Found map for various reasons. ^.^ Hope that helps!

Added a new link to me. Thank you Lovebytes07 for the banner! ^.^ I also added a new section called "More Findings". It tells about Vsp1528's petpage and how she is helping me collect the neomails of where all you readers find the treasure. ^.^ No, I am not leaving or anything. I just needed some help. ^.^ So you can neomail her if you want and if my inbox is full. ^.^

Alright! Counter is working again!=D Looks like boingdragon just had a hiccup glitch thing. :P All better now! ^.^ And it looks like the page has over 180k views!! O.O Thank you everyone for comming back to my page! And of course thank you for the thank yous! :P Hopefully I can catch the date of the 200k mark! ^.^

Changed the old 'My Best Win' section into aPossible Wins section. MUCH more productive! ^.^ Now I know there are more possibilities than those listed, I just want to make sure what I put there is correct, so I'm starting from scratch pretty much. If you would like to help me add to this list, you MUST show me a screenie of a win that isn't up there already. No screenie, no putting up. Sorry.
UPDATE: By the way... It looks like all of my counters are down... -.- I just checked, and my counter host won't let me log in to check out the problem. So it looks like there problem, not mine. :P Hopefully the counter will be up and working agian soon! ^.^

Alright! Finals are done! *dances* And neomail is answered! Unfortunatly, TNT deleted 2 days of neomails I think... -.- So if anyone sent a question WAY back in the beginning of the month that didn't get answered, feel free to neomail me again. :)
UPDATE: Found 5k treasure. ^.^ *pokes Last Found map* And I made a cool twisty thingy for a header. :P *pokes it* Shiny! @.@

Tried to leave a message on Friday, but petpages were down... -.- I was at the desert all weekend. I also have a full inbox now. I won't be able to answer them until Friday probably because of finals. *kicks finals* I also have more personal problems going on, which will take a few days at least to get over. :( I don't really want to explain it all at the moment though. I'm just not having a good year... -.- Hope everyone else is doing better. I also found 2k! ^.^ It's about time too. :P So look around there. ^.^ Happy early Mother's Day by the way. :)

Alright... I'm home sick today, so I was able to go through all of my neomails finally. But I didn't answer or take note to the spots that everyone sent me considering they were all a few days old and the treasure has moved by now. :( If anybody actually reads this News box, PLEASE only send wins of 1,000 neopoints or more or dubloons. Not booby prizes or 500 neopoint wins because they are small, and found randomly quite often. :( Hopefully by not sending me these, I won't get a full inbox as fast, considering it's hard for me to answer my neomail quickly these days...=/ And before I forget, happy early Cinco de Mayo for those who celebrate it! ^.^

Eek! I have a full inbox already!? How'd that happen? O.o Unfortunatly, I won't be able to answer them until probably next Monday. XP I have to get my regular homework done, PLUS I have to finish my final project early, considering we are going on another weekend vacation on Mother's Day weekend. So yeah... o.o That means nobody will be able to neomail me until I answer them, which will probably be next Monday. Sorry about that. :(

I finally answered all of that neomail! I didn't answer neomail that had coords that were sent on the 24th or sooner though, because the treasure has most likely moved since then. But, I really have no clue where the treasure is, so I put up a 'Lost It' map again. XP Although, you map notice that it's different than it used to be. :P I got tired of the "What are the ?s for?" and "I found X NP at the bottom of the smallest question mark." Or something like that. So I changed it, which will hopefully be a bit more clear. ^.^

Fixed my broken links to me. O.o Feel free to replace them. :P Sorry what took so long to fix them. O.o I thought I fixed them a few days ago! O.o Well, they are fixed now! ^.^ I also fixed all my coding, including the links to me, so TNT will let me edit the page. XD Hopefully there won't be any more problems with that. :P I STILL haven't answered my neomail! *dies* And the soonest I think I'll get to it is maybe Friday. :( Sorry about that! I had state testing this week, and everything else on top of that. XP My work load will lighten though when the college semester ends next month! *dances* March 18th to be exact. :P *dances*

I've been SWAMPED with homework! XP So I have about 50 neomails left unanswered since... probably Monday. XD I don't know when I'll get to them, hopefully soon. :P But I have quite a few things due this up-comming week that need doing still. T.T But I did find some more treasure slightly north of the current circled spot. ^.^ I'm just to lazy to make an entire new one. XD *hem* So yeah, going north it looks like. :P

Cleared out some of the 'Other' links today. Don't worry if yours was there. I only deleted those who had something else on their petpage and whatever was their 'died'. :P But if I deleted yours by mistake, feel free to neomail me. ^.^ Or if you want me to add your page, then you can also neomail me. :P

FINALLY!!! I found something! XD Lol. Yeesh. Only 1,000 neopoints, but better than nothing. :P Also, sorry for me delaying at answering neomails at times. XP This hasn't been the greatest Spring Break... -.- I have gotten near nothing done because my mom steals the computer when she gets home. XP Saying shes going to do work, then she goes onto the Internet to look at hotels for our vacation this summer. XD Not bad I guess, but still... that vacation is in 3 months! X.X So I won't be on much until next week... And that depends on how behind I get on my homework. XP I should probably do it when I'm supposed to do it. XD *hem*

Wow. Sorry about that. O.O LOTS of homework as said below. XP But I answered all of my neomail and junk. ^.^ I have sadly not found the treasure yet. XP And I should be on more this up comming week, if I'm not playing my Neopets PS2 game, since I have another Spring Break. ^.^ Hopefully I'll find that treasure soon. -.-

I'm back! ^.^ Trip was ok... Kinda boring... XP But the area was beautiful! Now I might not be on much because of my plentiful amounts of homework. XP Got to read a 300 page book and write a 2 page essay by tomorrow night. XP And then I have a World History packet and a 3 page essay about something due Thursday! XP Yuck! So yeah... *kicks homework* -.-

I'm going to be gone this weekend. I'll be back late Sunday night. So probably won't do much until Monday. So preferbly don't neomail me that much about where the treasure is, because it will move when I get back. X.X

*pokes new site added* *hem* Check that out. :P It's a site that I made on freewebs for the Darkest Faerie Plot and "Neopets: The Darkest Faerie" PS2 game! ^.^ It's still in a working process and isn't done yet, but I'm working on it. :P But do feel free to check it out! :D And if you want, you can let me know what you think of it so far. ^.^

W00t! Spring Break! Well, half of it. O.o Apparently my college and high school have two different Spring Breaks. XP So this is the Spring Break for the college, I have a Spring Break in the middle of April for my high school. But I don't have alot of work to do for the high school this week, so it will almost be like a full Spring Break. :P As for the map, I decided to change it back to the ? marks. XP I haven't found anything for a day or two now... -.- So yeah... XP

Just to let you all know, I haven't changed the 'Last Found' map for so long because alot of people, including me, are still winning there. :P So you can keep checking in that area. ^.^
UPDATE: W00t! New award!=D Thanks crdb5066! ^.^

Thank you everyone for the neomails wishing me well. :) I've been actually feeling better since Saturday and Sunday, but I've been to busy to post up a News message. o.o I've got alot going on with school right now. XP But Spring Break is in a week!!! Woohoo!!! Long story short about my bad mood thing: car accident. XP Not me, family member. All of my family was mad at the driver who hit her... -.- She's ok though, but not so much her car... o.o I talked to her over the weekend and she's just a bit sore now. :) So that helped me feel better. :) Still mad at that driver though... -.- But not as mad as I was. Although if I could, I'd beat the stuffing out of her. :K But overall, feeling better. ^.^ Thanks for the support everyone! ^.^

Ok, just to warn you all... I'm a bit edgy and in a bad mood. -.- If I yell at you for no reason, it's probably not your fault. I'm just mad at something that happened with our family... again... And I don't really wish to share. You can still neomail me, just be warned and don't act stupid... -.- It doesn't mean that I WILL yell at you, but I'm more likely to... -.- Sorry, just really... really bad mood... X.x *twitch twitch*

Updated best win! Congrats to snake_bite101 for winning 500k that wasn't part of the jackpot!!! Wow! BIG win! O.O

Wow!! I just noticed that the counter has reached over 100,000 views!! Woohoo!!! In just over a year. ^.^ Thanks everyone for using my petpage! :D

Well, it's back to the drawing board. Because apparently some VERY lucky neopian won the 11 million jackpot! Congrats to them! So now the map is reset, and time to randomly look again... X.x
UPDATE: Alright! That was nice and fast!! :D I just found a nice chunck of 2k. ^.^ *pokes map* Kinda near where it was too... O.o *shrug* Random is random...

Ok, I finally gave up and after messing with the fonts for both blogs a bit, I just gave up and used 'black' for the color... -.- I was trying to get a more unique color in there, but it was to hard and taking to long... -.- Black is the best color I've found too thats readable... XD Lol. So black it is. :P No more complaits about font, because unless I get SUPER bored one day, they are staying black! XP Also I found a meagly 500 neopoints. Not sure if more treasure is in that area, but it's worth a look. ;) I also added a new FAQ... o.o I ALSO added titles to all of my little sections. It's not much right now... O.o But in the future, I will try and put something more fancy instead. :P Like the awards title thingy. ^.^
UPDATE: I just realized that my single award didn't link to where I got it. O.o That's fixed now. :P

Yeah! I FINALLY updated MoonLight's 'About Me'!=D The BD weapons will need updating in the future since they were just kind of randomness. XD I've still got homework to do. O.o Also, the reason I haven't updated the map in so long is because people are still winning alot in that area. ^.^ I've gotten alot of 20k wins also! So it's just lagging behind a bit I guess. :P But it makes it easier I guess! ^.^

Woo! January is over! That was such a horrid month for me! XP Hopefully February will be better. ^.^ And hopefully I'll find that treasure soon... -.-
UPDATE: See! I was having a bad month! XD Finally found the treasure. :P only 2k, but alot of people have been winning 20k in that area. ^.^ Grats to them, and good luck to everyone!

Changed two question answers in the FAQ (the ones about the music) since the starlightmks.com found the name of the song. :) I'm still trying to find that treasure in between all of my homework and stuff! X.x It's not liking me this month... -.-

Added a 'Rules to Consider Before Neomailing Me' section. :P And a new FAQ.

Ok, now don't freak! XD I painted MoonLight halloween for temporary. :P Maybe... XD Lol. I now have 200 avatars though!!! W00t!=D I might put up another poll for halloween/pirate. Or I might just decided for myself. XD And I need to update MoonLight's "About Me" section REALLY badly! O.o And some other stuffs. XD Just, as I said, I'm super busy! O.o Got through my first college test with 100%. :P It was easy though. XD Still busy though. O.o Hopefully Spring Break won't be as hectic as my Winter Break was. O.o Still looking for that stuborn treasure too... -.-

Ok, so we got the whole thing with my dog straightened out. We decided she did it out of instinct because she wasn't feeling well and out of slight jealousy of our other dogs. We might give one of our puppies to my uncle, but that hasn't been officially decided yet. And now that that episode is over, I have ALOT of school work to catch up on since I was to upset to do any yesterday, so now I have a weeks worth of work due on Thursday. X.x I also started taking college classes last week, and on Thursday we have our first test, but it's not that big of a deal because I fell pretty ready for it. :) I'm doing the best I can so please don't get mad at me! *hides* Hopefully I'll find the treasure soon and I can get rid of that annoying ????? map. :P Hope everyone is having a better month than I am though! XD Also, I think it's some-what safer to neomail me now that I'm in a better mood. ;) And PLEASE read the FAQ before neomailing me! I get ALOT of neomails that are already answered in the FAQ sometimes. X.x I think not many people read this little news message. I'll put up some "points" to think about before neomailing me by the Last Found picture when I have time (Friday or the weekend sometime hopefully). :)

Ok, earlier I tried typing this, but it got messed up in a stupid neo glitch... -.- But sorry I haven't been on, everything got really busy for me. If you neomailed me on or before the 8th of January and it was something important or it was a question, then you are more than welcome to neomail me again about it. If you sent me locations of the treasure, I didn't keep track of those since I answered so late. The only ones I answered were from today and yesterday. Thanks everyone for the sympathy neomails about my grandma. :) And please, no hard feelings if I tend to yell, be angery, moody, or something like that. I'm not in a very good mood today because of MORE family problems. X.x This time about my dog. I was (and still am) really upset about it, but I called my sister and she explained to me possible reasons and that hopfully things will be ok. The thing is, my dog bit my dad. :( But she's been sick and stuff. X.x And I just don't feel like explaining it. But you get the general idea. My dad wants to take her to the pound now, but my sis says that isn't necesary because she's such a sweet dog and she wasn't feeling good and all that stuff. So yeah...=/ I'm not having a very good month. X.x
P.S. New FAQ added!

Sorry for another long absence... I've been at my grandmothers. She was very very sick. I've been staying at her house. She passed this morning. :( Even though I now have TONS of neomail from last year that needs to be answered, I don't really feel like answering it right now. So if you neomailed me, thanks for the help, and I'll answer in a day or two. :) I'm really tired, and only slept for 2 hours last night. So I might answer later tonight, but I'm not for sure. Hope everyone had a great winter vacation. :)

Sorry that I haven't updated the map in awhile! I've been busy with the holidays, then I got very sick with the flu, then I got busy with the holidays again. XD Lol. And in the meantime, people have been winning the jackpot left and right. O.o If you are ever one of those lucky people, neomail me with a link to a screenshot of the entire page of you winning the jackpot (so I can see the pixle number) and tell me how much you won. Not that everyone will win from that pixel number, but I'm just so curious at what it looks like when you win the jackpot, and I'm sure many others are too. :P

It has been brought to my attention by sidearmer that some lucky Neopian has won the jackpot! Congrats to them! ^.^ Sorry that I'm a bit slow on this, I haven't been on much for a few days, so I did not realize myself. :P And sidearmer suggested that it resets the spot when someone wins the jackpot. Although it is pretty hard to prove (since winning the jackpot doesn't happen very often. O.o), I do not doubt that this is true. :) So... I have no clue where the treasure is anymore. :P

P.S. I might not be on much this next comming week because I have quite a project due before winter break. After that, I should be on more since I will be on winter break from December 16 - January 2. ^.^

Yikes! Sorry I haven't been on, and haven't updated for a week! Thanks Giving weekend was MUCH busier than I thought it would be! And now I have 1 1/2 weeks of homework due THIS Thursday!=O So don't expect to see me around much! X.x I'll try to get on when I can though! Sorry again! Lost the treasure too. X.x

I added a new FAQ question. :P Read it now. @.@

Happy Birthday Neo!=D Today you can play Buried Treasure for FREE! You can also get extra random events with the Birthday Sidebar, including Faerie Quests! And don't forget to play lots of games today with a max of 5 score sends!=D

Eep! O.o Been busy with hw! X.x Been on though, but not on as much. High school is hard. O.O Oh! And also, TNT finally released an avatar pet clickable that I own!=D So if anyone hasn't gotten the Faerie Pteri avatar yet, you can go and get it on Kammy559's pet lookup! ^.^

Thanks for voting for MoonLight! ^.^ The first time he got 18th place, and the second 24th. Not the best in the world, but good considering I haven't been talking on the boards as much as I used to. I'll enter him later, maybe during the holidays, when I will have time to advertise the picture. ^.~ Lol. Thanks again! ^.^

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. XD I entered MoonLight again with the same type picture, but it was done on the computer. ^.^ Much clearer and stuff. ^.^ So please vote again! O:-)

As you would have most definatly noticed, there is a pic of MoonLight that I drew at the top of the page. :P Click it 9/23/05-9/30/05 and vote for it! ^.^ It's just up a bit early, so that I don't forget about it. ^.~ If you have any comments about it, your more than welcome to neomail me! ^.^

In case you didn't notice yet, the petpages seem to go down every time the Lost Desert Plot is updated. X.x I'm not sure why, but it's very suspicious. But I'm just telling you, if you end up seeing this, that it's not your computer, and it's not my problem with the petpage. It's TNT's fault. :P Lol. So sorry about it.

I finally started school, so I may not be on all the time. But I'll still come on if I can! ^.^ I started high school, plus I have about a bajillion other things that fill up my schedual. O.o But I'll try to get on when I can. ^.^

Family left... So now I'm on more often... Sorta... But I'll be playing more than I was. ^.^ I already found the new spot, its on the last found map. ^.^ *Pokes it*

I have family over from today until July 31st. I may be on sometimes, but not that often. Just thought I'd let you know! ^.~

Finally found it! Take a looksy on the last found map! ^.^ And thanks to everyone who sent me their locations. ^.^

Ok, so I was home yesterday. But I was to tired to do much of anything. Heh. But I'm back and have absolutely NO CLUE where the treasure is! O.o Lol. So now it's safe to neomail me and not get yelled at! ^.^

I'm going away to camp! So this means that I will not be able to update the page, or answer neomails! O.o So DO NOT NEOMAIL ME about the treasure for the rest of June PLEASE! It is just a waste of time, and it will defenatly not get answered! I will though, answer neomails about the treasure starting July 1, 2005. I'm going to be gone from 6/25/05 through 7/2/05. Even though I'll be gone on 7/1/05, it is only one day before I return.

New news blog!! As you obviously noticed! :P Also please read the new FAQ section which you can get to by clicking here! ^.^ I also updated the banners so they are spelled correctly with one R. :P Heh. Sorry about that! Feel free to replace them! :) I still have the old links saved so that people still using the old ones don't get broken images. O.o

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Welcome guest! Don't you hate random avatars? What about a random avatar on a difficult luck game? No, not the Bilge Dice avatars, but the Scalawag Avatar!

Scalawag Avatar

In order to get this avatar you need to win at Treasure of the Black Pawkeet, then you have to get the avatar randomly! What is TNT thinking these days!? Well, by the end of my guide, you should be able to win at Treasure of the Black Pawkeet at least 2-5 times more often than you used to!

Several people say they have never won at Treasure of the Black Pawkeet and several others say that they only get junk. Some people don't even bother playing it because they think it's a waste of neopoints like Test Your Strength (which you can win a paint brush rarely, but usually junk)! Well Treasure of the Black Pawkeet has a much better chance of giving out something good than Test Your Strength and other luck games! You just have to know where to look! ;)

Just like any treasure in the real world ocean, the Treasure of the Black Pawkeet suffers from ocean drift. Even though the Treasure of the Black Pawkeet is on land sometimes, it still gets drifted by the Neopian Seas. This means that the treasure is always moving and is never in the same place, thus what makes it so difficult to find!

The Neopian Seas take the treasure in sweeping movements around Krawk Island. The treasure doesn't just occupy one block. My prediction is that it occupies about a square of 3 X 3 blocks! Since this is a kid's site, here is what 3 X 3 squares looks like:

[] [] []
[] [] []
[] [] []

It may take a while to find the treasure, but once you find it you should be winning at least once a day (until you lose it again)! The trick is to look around the spot it was last sighted. But if you can't find it, then it has moved. Then you want to start just looking in random places you think it could've headed towards. And if you get so much as a booby prize, stay in that spot! (Note: Some booby prizes apear randomly if they are near the treasure or not!) You then need to look around in that spot and see what direction it is heading in since it is always moving. Just follow the treasure then! If you have trouble winning something for a few days, it means you have lost it. :( So restart the searching process.

You know what? I am just so nice! I'm going to tell you the last known place where the treasure was! :D But don't yell at me if it's incorrect. Because it moves so often. :( But to see a screenie of where I last found it, click here!

If you have any questions, concerns, comments, ect. then you are more than welcome to neomail me! I am on daily! ^.^ Please don't steal my guide! You may link me only! I have actually been testing this theory for months! But since the avatar came out I decided to make the guide! (Yes the theory has been fully tested and confirmed!) This took me a long time to make! So please DO NOT STEAL!

Now I guess you might have been wondering why this game is better than Test Your Strength? You can win junk. But you can also win dubloons, 500 neopoints, 5,000 neopoints, etc. Check out the list of confirmed wins here!

Those are wins that were confirmed by me, or by screenie. Before I started the screenie policy, people have told me they have won 100,000 neopoints, 150,000 neopoints, AND 500,000 neopoints! (Thank you 3eblinded for being the first to tell me this and several other people! :D ) Also I will ignore and report you if you ask for my items, pets, or neopoints! XP

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Q: How often do you think the treasure moves?
A: Currently I do not know a specific amount of time. :( But it would be completely out of the circle within three day's I would think.=/

Q: How often do you change the "Last Found" screenie?
A: There is now a date under the "Last Found" screenie. Generally I change it whenever it's in a new spot, or after a few days of no-gos. :(

Q: How does your guide work?
A: Pretty much, the treasure is always moving. It's got a mind of it's own. You've got to pretend you can read its "mind" and find out where its heading. :P And if this is to confusing, then just keep watching the "Last Found" section. ^.~

Q: Where did you get your music?
A: Strangly, I get this question alot. O.o Look at the VERY top of the page! There's a banner that says, "Music from www.starlightmks.com". :P Then I entered the site, went to "Music to put on your page", in the right collum I clicked "TV/Movie Songs", and the name of this song is "He's a Pirate (Pirates of the Carribbean)". :)

Q: What is the name of the song playing?
A: According to the site I got it from it's, "He's a Pirate".

Q: Say if I found treasure in one spot, would anyone who picked that same spot also find treasure in that exact spot or is it different for everyone?
A: We're talking about the pixel spots here. I'm pretty sure the same pixel won't work, but in the area it should. Thats why I don't say the exact pixel I won from, but the 3 X 3 area. :)

Q: What are the arrows on the "Last Found" map for?
A: They show the predicted direction of where the treasure may be heading. But that's only my preferance and could be wrong. :P

Q: How come you haven't updated the treasure? I told you where it was and you still didn't update it!
A: Even though I can get online almost everyday, I cannot watch my neomail 24/7 or play Treasure of the Black Pawkeet as much as I like. Therefor, I need to check those spots sent to me and look in the surrounding area. And if it shows up on this page, then that means that I have confirmed that spot! :D But this does not mean I'm accusing anyone of lying. O.o So don't take it that way please.

Q: I followed your arrows outside the circle and I didn't win. :(
A: Three sollutions to this. 1. You went outside the circle to early, and the treasure is still in the circle. 2. I haven't updated the page and the treasure is WAY far away from that circle and those arrows. O.o And 3. The circle, or the area around it, is not solid neopoints and prizes. There are "holes" there. :( This is pretty much the only "luck" part about Treasure of the Black Pawkeet.=/

Q: How do you win the Jackpot in the game "Treasure of the Black Pawkeet"?
A: Well, you have to pretty much have to get lucky when you find where the treasure is. :P

Q: I went to your Last Found picture and all I see is a bunch of question marks! Where is it!?
A: Don't worry, it's not your computer, it doesn't mean anything at all... All it means is that I don't know where it is. Just keep checking back until there is a spot circled which means that I've found it. :)

Q: Can you be my neofriend?
A: Not right away, but if we neomail back and forth for awhile and we get to know each other, then yes. :)

Q: Can you neomail me when you find the treasure?
A: Ok, I get this alot, and the answer is NO! I do not have time to neomail every single person who asks this! I also wouldn't remember to neomail you. O.o But the simple answer is NO! I update my last found map shortly after I find something! So just keep checking back here to see if I update it! ^.^

Q: I just tried where you won, and I didn't win anything! You're a liar!!!
A: Man do I hate neomails like these. Well, the ones that yell and scream at me anyways saying I'm wrong... -.- This is because there are 'empty spots' in the treasure area. It makes it so you can't win every time. If you could, it would be too easy! So just keep trying! Also remember that this game takes neopoints to make neopoints!

If you have any further questions then feel free to neomail me! ^.^

If my guide helped you or if you just think it might help others, then please link me using the banners here! Or you can make your own, if you want. ^.^

For links to other petpages, click here!

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Possible Wins

The following is a list of possible wins you can win from Treasure of the Black Pawkeet. I have also listed whether they can be found randomly or not. ^.^ If you have won something other than one of the prizes listed below, please neomail me with a link to a screenie of the win. I will ONLY accept screenies and other ways of proof! Sorry. =/

Booby Prizes:

  • Rancid Old Meat (R)
  • Baby Rock Cabbages (R)
  • Snout Plant (R)
  • Spongy Mound (R)
  • Yellow Growth (R)
  • Buried Burger (R)

Neopoint Prizes:

  • 500 NP (R)
  • 1,000 NP (?)
  • 2,000 NP (T)
  • 5,000 NP (T)
  • 20,000 NP (R?)

    Other Prizes:

    • One Dubloon Coin (R)
    • Avatar* (VR)


    VR=Found very randomly
    R=Found randomly
    T=Usually found near the treasure
    ?=Random status unknown
    *=Gained in addition to winning another prize

    More to be added as found. :)

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    Screenie Tutorial

    Having trouble figuring out how to take a screenie? Well here are some simple, step-by-step instructions on how to take a screenie! ^.^

    1. Position your screen so that you can see the section that you want a screenie of.
    2. Find the key on your keyboard that says "Prt Scr/SysRq". It's by F12 on the top.
    3. Press the "Prt Scr/SysRq" key.
    4. Open MS Paint by going to Start - Programs - Accessories - Paint.
    5. At the top of the paint program, go to Edit - Paste.
    6. Now you will see your entire screen thing. Press the dotted rectangle on the left side of the screen.
    7. Click and drag your cursor to select the area you wish to have a screenie of and let go when you have the area in a rectangle.
    8. Now go to Edit - Copy.
    9. Go to File - New. It will ask if you wish to save your image, say No.
    10. Now press Edit - Paste.
    11. Add any last touches if you want.
    12. Go to File - Save, name it, and save it where ever you want!
    13. Now go back to the Internet. You can open a new window if you want.
    14. Go to imageshack.us
    15. Click Browse and find your image. Open it.
    16. Click Host It!
    17. You will see a bunch of URL codes. Highlight the last one, then go to Edit - Copy.
    18. Paste the link in a neomail to me and take out the "h t t p : / /" part! If TNT says it's giberish, or recongnizes it as an outside link, then just put a space every few words. ^.^

    Now, what do you take a screenie of? Well, I want screenies of any wins that are not listed in the "Possible Wins!" section. I also want screenies of wins larger than 20k NP. I ESPECIALLY want screenies of JackPot wins! ^.^ Also note that this guide only works with Windows. Need a Mac tutorial? Well here's one that works with Mac OS X!

    1. Position your internet window (and cursor, if you don't want that getting in the way) so whatever you want to screenshot shows up clearly.
    2. Hold down ALL these keys at the same time: Apple (the key to the left of the spacebar), then Shift, and then 3.
    3. Go to your desktop. There should be a new file there called "Picture 1" or something of the sort. It'll have a PNG icon.
    4. Open it.
    5. Click and drag until you can select however much of the screen you want to keep. The dark area outside the selection is what you're going to get rid of.
    6. Hold down Apple and at the same time press K.
    7. Go to File - Save As. Give it some kinda name.
    8. To put it on the internet, follow Step #13 and on from the Windows guide! xD

    Thank you Tamia_silverwing for the guide! ^.^

    Or you could do this, thanks to Ik_zei_de_gek!

    1. Position your internet window to where you want it for the screenshot.
    2. Press down Apple, Shift, AND 4.
    3. Now click and drag your cursor from the top left corner to the bottom right to select what you want in your screenie.
    4. Go to your desktop and open 'Picture 1'.
    5. Open it.
    6. Go to File - Save As, then name it.
    7. Then upload it using #13 and on from the Windows guide!

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    Movement : 67
    Intelligence : 714

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    Lost : #BD_LOST
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