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Welcome to Mootopia! A place to list your permie Moo-Moos. A place where we can get together and admire each other's Moo-Moos. There are only 2 rules:
1. Please only list your permie Moo-Moos who are wearing at least a background of some kind.
2. As these are pemie Moo-Moos do NOT mail people asking to trade their Moo-Moos!
*Note Most of these Moo-Moos do not belong to me. If you see your moo and you do not want it listed mail me.

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Mootopia Trivia
Baby is the most popular Kau color listed at Mootopia
Faerie has the most UC Moo-Moos of any color
128 Moo-Moos listed
37 of those Moo-Moos are UC

3/18/19- Spring update (now 9 moomoos in my family)
11/27/18-Winter update, 2 kaus removed for no custom, and one kau added to my family
10/6/18- one moo removed because they transformed into a tadpole
7/24/18 6 moos removed for not having a customization at all :( Please keep your Moo-Moos Mootopia Farms decent!
6/19/18-Kau day only one color and it's snot :(
5/9/18-Changed some of the headers because I'm silly
5/7/18-3 more buttons added get your own Here
5/6/18-50 Moos added
5/3/18-Mootopia was opened

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