Chrysalis has "closed"

After deciding to close Chrysalis in December of 2015 I have received a lot of requests and hints that I should have my fonts available somewhere, so I have decided to give in. This page will now be a font dump. If I make a font I'll stick the coding up here. They might be simple & lame but that's how I'm rolling these days.

As time goes on and I find some free time I will add some old fonts from Chrysalis. If you have a request for a font you remember from Chrysalis feel free to drop me a mail.

Just the one typical rule: don't redistribute or claim these fonts as your own. Go ahead and edit them to your heart's content however!

Cheers, Shyann.

the dump

Drag and drop the font images to view in full size. The coding for each font is to the right of its image. I will not edit the fonts for you but if you come across any issues with the coding of a font feel free to send me a mail and let me know so I can fix it!

Please note that most fonts require a neoboard pen. This is a Neocash item that sells for 300NC and allows more space for creating fonts and posts. If you do not have a neoboard pen you will only be able to use fonts with a thick, blue border.