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I have owned Mo for at least a year and decided to make his page into a more informative page and such, instead of just the app that I made for him. So please click the arrow below (these will appear at the bottom of every section so that you can either move forward or backward).

It Was The Best Of Times; It Was The Worst Of Times- Mohandes' Adoption Story

Mohandes was one of the many Unis that I applied for with his design, attitude, etc. Originally, I applied for a Darigan Uni, whose name I will not mention for privacy's sake. Three days after sending in my neomail app for the Uni, I was frozen. After a few weeks, I came back and my good friend, Foxchain, had adopted a Halloween Uni named Jollean. Jollean's design was, in my opinion, more for a Shadow Uni, but Fox used the design for a Halloween Uni. That got me thinking. I've always wanted a Halloween Uni ever since I can remember and then after reading the Lost Desert plot comics and seeing the Nightsteed in all his awesomeness, I really wanted a Halloween Uni.

So I began to apply for Halloween Unis. Everytime I was rejected, I would change the page in some way to make it better. Finally, I found Mohandes. I had been in the middle of applying for another Uni, but the owner had never written back and a few days later their account was frozen. I applied hesitantly for Mo, pretty much positive that I was not going to get him. Mohandes was the one who, in my opinion, had the spiffiest app out of all seven Halloween Unis - that's probably the only reason I got Mo. Nah, I'm just kidding.

I sent in my application, which was better than ever, and waited. Vicky, Mohandes' caretaker, wrote back and told me that she had accepted my application and that I was to wait until I heard back. A couple of weeks passed and I stalked Mohandes every day; I went to his lookup, the adoption/rules page, everywhere I could think of to see if Mohandes was already being adopted by someone else. Well, one day, right before my mom and I were going out of town for a day, I got on Neopets and noticed a Neomail from Vicky.

I read it and about fainted. I was to be Mohandes' new owner. I do remember that I made a weird squealing noise and my mom came running into the room to see what was wrong and I had her read the neomail. I think that I also woke up my dad by being so happy - I was a tad bit loud. So Mohandes came home the next day and I have pampered him since. ^^

Dates And Dead People

Name: Mohandes
Pronounciation: moeºhanºdese(pronounced like the word these.)
Alias: Mo
Species: Uni
Breed: Friesian Mix
Age: 796 Human Years
Gender: Stallion
Love: Aelianaa
Companion: None

Painted: Halloween
Pelt Color: Light Blue
Mane/ Tail Color: smokey black with black tips
Hoof Color: Mahogany Red
Wing Color: Dragon wings; Mahogany Red with darker Mahogany edges
Markings: The scars that trace his body & he is transparent
Eye Color: Blood Red
Horn Color: Mahogany Red; he has three horns. The middle one is the longest, and the two others are the same size, about three-fourths of the length of the center one.

His design popped into my head in the middle of the night and I drew it at once - I'm not kidding, either. Dunno where it came from, but I do have my creativity moments, I think. Anyway, he's a "tricorne" as a friend of mine put it, since he has three maroon/mahogany colored horns sprouting from his head. He;s also got the awesome fluffy feet of a Friesian. =D

Mo's Preferences

o- Quiet
o- The Wind
o- Storms
o- Aelianaa
o- Kyrnu

x- Noise
x- The stallion that stole Kyrnu
x- Staying in one place (this distaste of Mohandes happened after he left his forest)
x- Kyrnu

His love for wind comes from the soothing feeling of it blowing through his mane and tail. His hate of noises, and I like my peace and quiet too, began when he was held captive by humans. The stall he was in echoed with the yelling and neighing of people and horses.

My Accounts And "The Gang

Here are all my accounts with a brief description about my pets. I stress brief since I tend not to be that. xD

Pawslet is my main account. It houses Dnxi, Enyalyn, Mohandes, and hopefully Chlyo.
Pawslet2 is my Uni side. It houses Aquaaario, Crianta, Phoebenia, and Stixinst.
Pawslet3 is my Bad Guy/Good Guy side. Kitt_Knightrider, LoonyTunie, Talallah, and Volvcka live here.
Pawslet4 is my radom people side. Cadius, Daltoral, Fancylet, and Laqueenin live here.
Iloveallhorses469 is my second Uni account. Kyrnu, Sequash, Strydind, and Warrioral have been homed here. Iloveallhorses469 is also my oldest account that I can still find. I was surprised to find that it still existed.

Enyalyn is the sweet, motherly-like figure to everyone. It doesn't matter who you are, where you've been, what you've done; Enyalyn will care for you as if you are her child.

This is Queen. Queen's a grumpy, little, old lady. xD She hates being called miniature and she hates people thinking that she's defenseless. Queen will either despise you your entire life, if you offend her, or , if you save her from some wicked and terrible fate, she'll become the best bodyguard on the planet.

War. The "Lone Ranger" of the Neopet's world. War is a heartbroken old lead stallion from a cursed herd. His mate left him. All his children, save one, died from various causes. He was possessed by a demon and killed many of his friends and family. War has only a few friends in the world. He doesn't want anymore since he believes that the more friends you have, the more heartbreak you get.

Dal is War's surviving child. She is a spoiled rotten princess who believes the world revolves around her. She loves gold and other such shiny things and she loves being bossy.

Sorry for the bad picture, but it was he best head shot I have of Stryd. Stryd is your average country cowboy who is in love with Dal - I personally don't see how anyone could love that brat, but that's just me. He's one of a kind, I'll tell you that. Stryd is the person where my southerness and love for John Wayne movie comes out.

This is Mr. Split-Personality-Aqua. Aqua's got this thing for a girl, but he was either extremely shy or too lovey-dovey around her. Eventually, his lovey-dovey side vanished and he's been the shy side ever since. Who knows when Mr. Lovey-Dovey Aquea will rear his starstruck head again? -evil grin-

Stix is Dal's grandson. When possessed, War killed Stix's parents and two step-siblings. That and the fact that the first mare he loved ignored him and his first mate died in childbirth, Stix is a depressing figure. Thankfully, a ray of light has shone through the darkness. That ray would be Cria, Stix's new mate.

Ash is Stix's full sister. She was blinded during a cross dimensional travel and her pupils faded, leaving her eyes completely white. Ash is a prophetess and occasionally pops up in random stories spouting omens of the future and wisdom. She's a rather calm person with a nice Scottish accent.

Volvcka is a weird being. She was cursed by a faerie when she was little and every night after her third birthday, she has turned into a monster. She's a creature of the dark, feeding on the weak and the strong. She does not care who you are other than the fact that you are food.

Fancy is the Rap Cat who dreams of being a model, well sorta. She's been doing a spot of modeling lately - two of my friends and I have made a little thing called Weekly Art where we draw anthro neopets in awesome clothing and poses. Fancy is a loving, sometimes harsh, cat. She has a wolf for a mate and has adopted a cute little wolf pup.

Ky is a ghost of the past. She wanders around the world wishing she could apologize to Mohandes, the stallion who once loved. She betrayed him and he was killed because of it. Ky never seems to get any closer to finding him, but she searches nonetheless.

The pixie pony Tala is a big personality in a small package. She is Queen's little sidekick in all sorts of mischievous plans. Tala is an outcast from her homeland since she broke the most important rule of her people. She doesn't really care that she has become an outcast, since now she is not under the Elders' rules. Just be wary if you ever meet her and she's smiling. She's probably planning something.

Phebee is the personal servant to Queen Tianna. Phoebenia is a sweet woman who has become the Queen's most trusted adviser and friend.

Dnxi was born in the medieval ages during a time of peace. He was the keeper of an hourglass that allowed him to travel through time. A sorceress wanted the hourglass, and in an attempt to get it, she killed Dnxi's family and tried to kill Dnxi himself. During the epic battle, the hourglass broke and Dnxi absorbed its power. He was able to overcome and turn the sorceress into stone. After that time, Dnxi has watched the world from afar, waiting to appear again to aid Good.

Never underestimate Kitt. His whole wannabe gangster attitude is a front to cover up a cold soul. Kitt knew Volvcka from way back when and actually grew to love her. Volcka slew Kitt's family and left Kitt for dead in the ashes of his home. Kitt has since then been searching for Volvcka so that he can stop her and end her reign of fear.

Cadius is where my obsession with Roman mythology comes out. Cad is the servant of Pluto, the god of the dead. Cadius travels the globe watching for dying people. When he finds one, he tells Pluto, who then waits for the person to die. One day when Cadius was doing his job, he found a family with one child - a little boy. He felt so bad that the boy was dying that he did not tell Pluto, thus the child lived for years since he was never ushered to the Land of the Dead by Pluto. Another god found out about what Cadius was doing, told Pluto and then told Jupiter. Cadius' abilities were taken from him, as was his wings and position. He was exiled and ever since then has worked to foil any pln of Pluto's.

You can never know what Cria is thinking. She hides behind a cover of naivety and tricks everyone into thinking she is stupid. She's as cunning as a fox and won't let you know it until she's trapped you. She's fallen in love with Stix and the two are never seen without the other.

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly

Aelianaa is Mohandes' mate. She's just like him in the sense that she too was left for dead by the person she loved most and she too is a ghost. She's a thin, weak creature that's usually depressed 24/7.

Afearis is Mohandes' good friend. The two met when Afearis was skipping along in a field and she saw Mohandes, who had - for the first time in over seven hundred and fifty years - left his woodland home. The two went on an epic quest to find the fabled Suagr Mines that Afars is always searching for. In the end, they were forced to turn back on their quest, but the two remained friends forever more.

Kyrnu is Mohandes' first love. They appeared to be jined at the hip, they were so close. But Kyrnu was always a devious one and had been playing Mohandes the entire time. Something happened while they were in a dark forest, and Mohandes was killed. Kyrnu left him bleeding to death, thinking that she had gotten rid of him but Mohandes became a ghost that haunted the forest. For over seven centuries, Mohandes walked the shadowed trails, looking for his lost love. He knew that she had left him to die, but he has never been able to figure out what exactly happened that day. Finally, Mohandes emerged from the wood in an attempt to find Kyrnu, only to find out many years later that she had died in depression, always wanting to apologize to Mohandes for her part in his death.

Mohandes' Story: Part One- Part Three
8.29.2011- I plan to rewrite part one of Mo's story, write part two, and finish editing part three. Hang in there!

3.8.2011- I have had to remove Mos' stroy since I have just recived an official TnT warning about it... There was absolutely nothing in there that could get me reported. o_O


Now this picture is for all you fellow Star Wars fans. I did Mohandes' anthro design to look like a Chiss(Star Wars alien species) on purpose. Picture by Grey Tear(qween_lidia_swaloft)

This is/was my pledge for Mohandes, that I promise to fulfill as best as I can.

Little Mohandeses

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen Goodbye

If you ever feel like coming back, here's a link to remember me by.

Want to visit some other interesting people, then check these out.


Coding used with permission. Thanks Cat!
And, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you Vicky for allowing me to adopt Mo! =D

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