Welcome to my humble home. My name is Moderne the Ixi and I come from a merry little land called Meridell. So whats Meridell like? Well erm.. its very green (lots of meadows and forests everywhere) and the people there all seem incredibly friendly. The only trouble is, there really isn't that much to do. To keep from being bored we often have to create our own games, or head on down to Merryacres Farm for a spot of Potato Counting and Marrow Weighing!

Bet you're wondering what a Marrow is eh?!!? Well its a fine vegetable that is found pretty much everywhere in Meridell. Its big and green with different coloured stripes running along it. Inside the centre is soft and pithy with lots of small seeds in the middle. It may sound rather gross, but you simply can't beat a chunk of soft boiled Marrow and gravy!

So, what is an Ixi like then? Well as you may have guessed Ixi's are extremely smart and creative. You only need to take a look at what Sinsi created in her spare time to see how intelligent we are :)

My owner hidden_girl, says I am a little minx, whatever that means. Hmpf, I think I am a very well-behaved little Ixi, I mean its not my fault if a few silly Neopets can't take a joke. I thought it was hilarious to have a Jelly war, but apparently Uni's dislike it when their manes get tangled with Gooseberry Jelly :)

Well I guess I had better get going, I can hear hidden_girl calling for me. Ho hum... an Ixi's work is never done! By the way if you want a friendly battle, or you just want to say 'Hi', drop hidden_girl a Neomail when you get a chance.