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Hello there, my name's Jenny! I'm 16 years old and I've been on Neo for about 8 years now. I spend most my time here playing games, getting new avatars, and chatting on the neoboards. Another major part of Neopets for me are my pets. I adore them a lot and have spent many hours planning and working on their stories. Hopefully, I'll be able to share them with others one day!

To be honest, I'm quite shy and tend to look over my messages a dozen times before I send/post it. In general, I hate making mistakes or causing others to feel unhappy.

I'm a pretty competitive person, though not always in a loud and obvious way.

news blast

05.16.15 Got 100 stamps!

05.09.15 New button from Floret! It looks so pretty, I want to use it as much as possible :3


200+ stamps Feed my first kad Get all my NC wishlist items


100+ stamps Completed Cutie's customization



  • Avengers
  • Babaas
  • Chokatos
  • Cute things
  • Dancing
  • Drawing
  • Hanging out with friends
  • Listening to music
  • NC trading
  • Reading
  • Running
  • Sweets
  • Volunteering
  • dislikes

    • Abandoned pets
    • Cherry flavoured anything besides cherries
    • Dark spaces
    • Durian
    • Garlic
    • Lack of wifi
    • Medicine pills
    • Procrastinating
    • Public speaking
    • Stocks that only go down
    • Strong smells

    my wishlist



    my pets

    Anukca is a young princess who dreams of leaving the drab deserts. When she was a child, a boy promised to take her along with him to explore the seas one day, when he became a well-known pirate. Until then, she spends her days playing yooyuball with her ladies in waiting.

    Captain Kaizoku
    the Pirate Tentacle

    ContestPiplup, also known as Pip, is musician filled with potential. She enjoys spending her days playing the harp with her trio of Meepit singers and her dancing Miamouse, Tria.

    the Plushie Miamouse

    CuteDogSpirit, known mostly as Cutie, is a clueless and carefree Kacheek. Her cheerful and energetic personality cause others to be attracted to her. In her spare time, Cutie likes gardening, with her twin sister, and reading a good book.

    the Mimbi

    Miwag is a mischievous baby, who prefers to be referred to as evil. Having very few friends, she tends to talk to her teddy bear, who she has named Mr. Cuddles. When she's not plotting world domination, Mia can be found swimming in her parent's private lake.

    the Mazzew

    dream pet

    Forever seeking the UC Royal Girl Shoyru


    None yet :c

    random fact about me

    I collect neodeck cards so I can look at the images and read the descriptions.

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