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Welcome to Miso's Soup! Miso's Soup is a humble soup shop, which has re-opened its doors on July 3rd, 2011. We strive to find the perfect spices and ingredients to make your bowl of soup unique, as well as a worthwhile experience. Our flavorful bowls are intended to help improve your site and make it as perfect as it can be, for we do all that we can to make sure your soup is the correct soup for you! Be aware, however, that no two bowls of soup could possibly be alike, and to make that so, we must apply large amounts of criticism when sorting through different ingredients. All of which just make your order more enjoyable, right? But we digress. Continue on your journey through our shop... and don't forget to order a bowl!


Yay! Third Place!

Friday, September 16th || Last Update 8:33 NST
- Starting revamps! Let's get our shop cleaned up...
- New affiliate, Infinite!

Saturday, September 10th || Last Update 9:10 NST
- Finished the last order, as promised yesterday! Now... next up on the to-do list... revamps! Oh, how exciting! The site will be open (so no, we're not closing)... just be sure to check back in with us and see how our progress is going! Thank you so much for your patience and understanding.. :3

Friday, September 9th || Last Update 8:23 NST
- We're finishing up the last of our orders! You'll have to forgive us... school has started which means that most of the employees have been elsewhere. No problem though! It's the weekend!! We finished one order today and the last will be finished no later than tomorrow. Although requests have closed, we are still working very hard to fix up the site as much as we can! Be on the look out for a new layout, new organization and a revised and no-longer-under-construction Extras page! ^^

Thank you so very much for your patience and cooperation. We know that our delays have been horrid and we feel terribly guilty that we've made our customers wait (sometimes for a week)! That will all change once the school year gets in it's rhythm and we have enough time to balance everything out!

A thousand thank yous to our customers, with a side of 2 thousand apologizes! We'll be better than ever, just you wait and see!

Saturday, September 3rd || Last Update 8:26 NST
- Finished one bowl today! Now all old orders are completed.
- Three new affiliates, Jinsei, Cafe au Lait and Every Click!

Wednesday, August 31st || Last Update 5:51 NST
- Sorry for the lack of updates... but due to some reality issues we've fallen a bit behind. Due to this fact, we've closed soup orders for the moment. We'll be sure to open them back up soon (no worries!); but we need some time for reality. Sorry for any inconveniences!
- New affiliate, The Bakery!
- Ranked #3 at The Bakery!
- Fixed up rankings... sad how many sites have been closing..
- Finished one soup today! We're slow, but at least we're rolling...

Soup Sizes


Positive Thoughts:
Whether it's your layout, uniqueness or overall quality, whatever positive aspects of your site will be mentioned here.

Negative Thoughts:
Bad organization, several spelling errors or any stolen content... whatever I find that downgrades your site will be placed here.

Is there something you could do better? Need some fixing in your introduction? A list of detailed suggestions will be typed here.

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

(Your soup is based of off how I feel your site stands according to the amount of positive
and negative points I find in your site)


First Impression: ~/15
When customers log onto your site, how does it present itself? Is it impressive or disgusting?

Layout: ~/25
Is it a premade? Did you make it yourself? Does it fit AT ALL with your theme? Keep in mind neatness and organization when choosing or making a layout.

Content: ~/30
What do you provide in your site? Is it something that is high or low quality? Do you think the information or product you provide will satisfy your visitors?

Organization: ~/10
Is your site easy to navigate through? Having mazes and mazes of links and an uncontrollable amount of text, can be somewhat inappropriate and distracting from the general purpose of your site.

Grammar & Spelling: ~/5
Are there just a few common mistakes on your site? Or are there loads of spelling mistakes? Remember, no chat speak. And there is a limit of smiley's per site... no more than 4.

Originality: ~/5
Is the idea entirely your own? What makes your site unique and appealing to visitors? Have you taken ideas from sites without giving any credit?

Sitely: ~/10
Is your sitely section neat and tidy? Busy and unorganized?

Other Notes:
A brief summary of the ups and downs of your site that I found interesting or that needed a definite change.

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended


Dear Customer,
This will include a detailed letter on EVERYTHING in your site. From top to bottom, I will inspect every point down to the smallest detail to make sure you're on the right track to making a high-quality, successful site.

Revisit || No Revisit
Recommended || Not Recommended

(Your soup is determined by where I think your site stands according to what I find while thoroughly reviewing your site)


  • No hiatus, closed, inactive or off-neo sites
  • Absolutely NO stolen content.
  • We cannot cook any soups in OPERA
  • Link back to our soup shop before, during and after we finish your order please
  • You need at least one 88x31 link back button in order for us to make your soup
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    Reviews are: CLOSED
    Send it in: Miso
    subject: Ready Order


    Order Up!

    Reviewed On: September 10th, 2011
    Soup Ordered: Minestrone (75/100)

    Dear Interl,
    For better reading, your order has been separated into parts.

    First Impression & Layout:

    The above images are a before and after of your layout. Image one is taken from when first entering. Although the top of the site layout is nicely spaced away from the top of the overall browser screen, the bottom "interl" is cut off. The second image is taken when moving to a different page. Although now the "interl" is nicely spaced away from the bottom of the browser screen, the top now is not. The cause is unknown, but should be fixed- since it's such an inconvenience. However, the fact that you've added the signature Disney font to your site title and the original sketch, adds a wonderful touch to any first impression and the layout itself. Although, the title isn't very noticeable when placed on the bottom instead of the top, but in this case, it's nicely placed.

    Moving on the page itself, the updates are placed at the very top, over your welcoming introduction- which is very quite, unique and fun by the way. Since updates aren't the MAIN focus of your home page, you might want to position them underneath your introduction instead of on top- or in a completely separate box (which requires alterations to the layout design).


    It is easily seen here that your site is mostly known for it's animations! You have a numerous amount of them, all of which look as though they took a long time to create. However, the rest of the content you provide is lacking. You have 252 animations and when combined, you have a total of 60 other graphics (That's a difference of 192!). At most, you may want to try adding more shields and petpages. However, the current "other" graphics you provide do show effort, and look as though they took just as long as some of your animations. Keep up the good work, though! Effort and uniqueness truly show in your graphics!

    Also, under Extras, you may want to add a tutorial section, just in case any passerby want to know how you make your animations, layouts, etc.


    Your sitely section is very organized, yet seems to go on forever. Instead of breaking each and every button, you could add the buttons side by side but with a title. Here's an example:

    Hover over buttons to reveal title:

    Here is the code used:

    Add the above code to your link tag, and it should work. So by doing this, your sitely section can still remain organized and neat, but shortened- no longer bottomless.

    Fortune Cookie

    The order is small, yes. But key areas and issues were pointed out here, in your letter. The graphics that Magic of Disney provides are stunning, however more need to be provided! Advertise yourself on the Neoboards for more requests, and work more on your other graphics than your animations....

    Keep up the good work! Your site has wonderful potential, and judging by the amount of visitors, it's well known! Good luck!

    Revisit || No Revisit
    Recommended || Not Recommended

    (Your soup is determined by where I think your site stands according to what I find while thoroughly reviewing your site)

    Next Order

    Order Up!

    Reviewed On: September 9th, 2011
    Soup Ordered: Miso's Soup (86/100)

    First Impression: 13/15
    When entering your site, emotions toward the first impression aren't amazingly good, nor horribly bad. Feelings actually set right in the middle. The color scheme includes a nice combination of warm colors that compliment each other and the layout well. However, there is an unwanted down-scroll. Something on your site is longer than it needs to be, which causes the page to form a down-scroll. The cause is unknown by just looking at it, but shouldn't be hard to fix!
    Also, your text class is too wide for the layout, and overlays a part of your layout border. Shortening the width just a bit should do the trick.

    1 point deducted for unwanted down-scroll and 1 point deducted for overlaying text class.

    Layout: 20/25
    When you order a premade from Bedazzled, it's bound to impress. Her layouts are unique and of high-quality; a valued attribute to a site. However, with this specific layout, the design was a tad bit disappointing. Something about the image itself looked "off". The banner was disproportional with the rest of what was designed- either the banner was to small in height, or the text box underneath was too large. Whatever it was, the layouts proportions weren't spot on, which could probably be a reason why it looks "off", as mentioned before.

    However, the color scheme (as mentioned previously) was chosen well; a nice combination of warm colors that aren't too bold or strong, that one may find it hard to look at. It seems to fit all of the current content that you have well and works nicely around your different font images.

    5 points deducted for poor layout proportions

    Content: 30/30
    Wow. It is obviously shown that you spend numerous amounts of effort in making each one of your fonts! Not only are they creative, but they look unique and of absolute high-quality! For one, your picture fonts are VERY impressive. Each one shows time, effort and creativity; something that's hard to find in most font sites. You have an endless amount of "word" fonts, all of which have the same qualities as your picture fonts: unique, creative, high-quality... the list could go on.

    An overall impressive job with the content you have! Keep up the good work!

    Organization: 10/10
    The way your site is organized is perfect; meaning no constant surfing, confusion or horrid issues were found or experienced while touring your site. Each page, although has a lot of content, is nicely neat, despite the never ending fonts!

    Grammar & Spelling: 5/5
    No horribly noticeable problems found here.

    Originality: 5/5
    It would be a drag to completely repeat everything that was mention in the Content section.... but- your site oozes with originality and uniqueness! It displays high-quality fonts that reach high above any other font site so far!

    Sitely: 8/10
    Your sitely section is overcrowded with buttons! Too many colors and animations: that's quite a lot to looks at! It is highly recommended that link backs and affiliates are in button link form, while listers and achievements (if possible) are in written link form.

    2 points deducted for button bombardment.

    Other Notes:
    Well, all seemed to be stated above for Mo's Fonts... so to not repeat EVERYTHING, we'll just leave with a few simple words: High-Quality, Unique, One of a Kind!

    Revisit || No Revisit
    Recommended || Not Recommended

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  • Customer Menu:
    A large menu of customers and their ordered soup(s).
    Entries: 20

  • Our Soups:
    Miso's Soup specialties. All the soups that we make for you.

  • The SOUP-erb Wall of Recognition:
    It's not often that we find ourselves finding sites worth a soup 90 and above. But when we do, it's worth recognizing!

  • Meet the Misos!
    Cause without each other, we couldn't survive! (Most of the time...)
  • Customer Menu

    Didn't pick up your soup in time? Forget what you ordered? No problem! Just look here. Hopefully we wrote your name down...

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    Ari's Guide to the Neoboards
    Blank Canvas Magazine
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    Mo's Fonts
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    Our Soups

  • Egg Drop~ 0-19 points: A soup made of beaten eggs, chicken broth, and boiled water. The most tasteless soup on our menu.
    If you were given this soup, you received the lowest score. Your site may be tasteless, but maybe add some salt and pepper! There is always room to add some flavor!
  • Sour Soup~ 20-39 points: Made of rice, fish, and different types of vegetables. Sometimes includes pineapple.
    If you were ordered this soup, you received an OK score. Your site does have a bit of flavor, but not enough! Keep trying! You'll find the perfect recipe.
  • Goulash~ 40-59 points: Made of beef, various vegetables, and paprika powder.
    Woah! Your site is very spicy. But maybe just a little bit TOO spicy. But, no need to start over! Go back through the recipe and change something around. Just don't add so much paprika next time!
  • Minestrone~ 60-79 points: Soup with beans, carrots, stock, celery, and tomatoes. Sometimes includes pasta or rice.
    What a blast of flavor! Awesome soup! Your close but still got a little ways to go. Maybe if you add a dash of salt and a pinch of pepper...
  • Miso Soup~ 80-99 points: One of our most popular bowls! Though it is cooked in different ways, Miso Soup usually consists of mild Miso paste, noodles, water and various spices.
    Mmmm-mmm! A world-wide favorite! The soup you were given is very popular! It does have an almost perfect balance of spices, but something is a bit off... maybe a teaspoon of Chicken broth, perhaps?
  • Homemade Chicken Soup~ 100 points: Just like Grandma used to make! A perfect blend of spices, chicken broth and different vegetables. Sometimes includes rice or noodles.
    Congrats! The soup you were given is the most popular soup in our kitchen! Our Number 1 best seller! Your site is easy to navigate through, unique, has the perfect layout/banner, and clearly shows what you are trying to give to others! Congratulations! You deserve every last drop of that soup!

  • SOUP-erb!

    It's not often when we see a site worth a soup 90 and above. But, when we do, we can't help but recognize it! What better way to do so by making a SOUP-erb Wall of Recognition. Below are some sites that we just happen to find on our travels, our absolute favorites to the far left. Go on and take a look. Maybe your site could be on our wall as well!

    button request


    premade layouts


    Sites are re-evaluated every three weeks.
    Comments and suggestions are always welcome!

    Meet the Misos!

    I've mentioned the cooks and staff in the past, but never presented them! I've asked each and every one of my employees and coworkers to answer some questions about themselves, that hopefully, you may enjoy! These are just the crew members, though. If you'd like to meet me, the owner of this humble soup shop, travel this way! But anyway... Go on.. Don't be shy, they don't bite!

    | lorna |
    the incredible chef

    From the moment Miso's Soup first moved in, Lorna has always been alongside our little shop! With her magical powers of wonder, she can easily pick out what ingredients go best with what and can pinpoint the exact location at which we can find certain spices. Not only is she a wonderful assistant, but a a perfect shop owner! We have a fortune teller on the team... Who knew!
    Read Her Story!
    | seibun |
    the ingredient hunter

    A mysterious character, he waddled into our soup shop one day. We didn't think he could speak english, for his sentences were never complete... but when he asked for the job, we just had to take him! He seemed to know his way around Neopia, and had connections with people we only dreamed of meeting... hmm. He's so strange...
    Read His Story!

    | chef minchi |
    the mincer

    Unable to fulfill his dream of becoming an honorary samurai warrior of Shenkuu, Chef Minchi made his way here; to Miso's Soup. If he couldn't use
    his trustee samurai swords while defending his beloved village, then why not go for the next best thing- becoming
    the one and only mincer in all of Shenkuu!
    Read His Story!
    | jaelyo |
    the ingredient hunteress

    Because of her longing for a good adventure, Jaelyo quickly signed up for one of our Ingredient Hunting jobs! Now, thanks to her, we are able to get all of our ingredients quickly and easily!
    Her metaphor? Eat, sleep and get through life... quickly!
    Read Her Story!

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