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Say, Hey!
What up, man? Nice to meet you. I'm Milanini, but you can call me Mil. I used to be the lab pet of the account, but then I got zapped into a Lutari! and Lutari are awesome. In exchange for never being labbed again, I have to work for mistyqee, which aint so bad. It's mostly just delivering mail, but sometimes I have to do some pretty weird stuff, man. Being a substitute, fighting battles, and even going on some quests. I mean what is a triforce anyway

You need an errand done? I'm your girl. Mails, parcels? I'll have them delivered in no time flat. I'd be a lot faster if I could find my bunny hood, but I can't find it. Oh, but I don't do those singing telegram things - unless you're sending one to someone you don't like. I sound about as good as a kadoatie!

Here the sound of the falling rain
When I'm not out working, I like to kick back and read some comics, play some videogames, y'know. Normal stuff for young adults my age. o________o
Oh but I also like to catch a concert or two. Which bands d'you like?

coming down like an armageddon flame
:T so I've run out of things to say. Check out my page, yo. It's got info about me and some cool people and things. Oh, and some lutari adoptables too. Thanks for visiting, bro.


Name: Milanini (Mill-a-nee-nee)
Species: Lutari
Gender: Female
Age: between 17 and 26
Color/fur: Wildberry Purple
Clothes:Usually a shirt with an unzipped hooded short sleeve jacket, with fingerless gloves and puffy RB Kyrii pants. Brown boots and a blue newsboy hat, with long gold hoop earrings and her denim mailbag.
Traits:Lol where to begin. For starters, her base colours are wildberry with magenta underbelly. her Lutari spot-paw and tail-pattern is dark purple, and she has three pale outlines of stripes on her back and has dark purple stripes on her eyes which are outlined by the same pale purple. In anthro, her hair is a dark magenta and is extremely curly.
Petpet: Skeeta the green Carmariller
Owner: Her boss is the 'lady misty.
Friends: Tangeriiine
Personality: Laid back, generally upbeat and she's got that cool attittude.

Rock Music
pop culcha
Tangled Hair



This Usul is one hip character. She's got the awesome fashions, and she seems to be in the know about this lady misty character. I think she works for the 'lady in a shop downtown. But every time I visit, nothing's ever stocked .__. must be a pretty sweet gig if she's getting paid for doing nothing. I hear she also does some babysitting to get some extra dough.

Ha, talk about a little ball of sunshine. Tangeriiine? Always happy. And hungry, too, I can make these things called Nova Cookies, right? They never last long when I'm around her. She usually hangs around with that old hag and some kids that live down the road. She calls me her big sister or somethin, I just like looking out for her.

If you want to be friends with Milanini, send her a neomail! You'll get a free picture and little description thingie if I like the sounds of your character.


I got gold with this! Thanks everyone!

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BC win celebrating my new Royalgirl paintjob!
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This was just some messin' around art.

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IMPORTANT: This is not my quad design anymore. My quad design does not have human hair.

This was my second winning BC entry! I won silver in Ogrin on Jun 15, 2007.

This was my first winning BC entry, I was a red Kyrii, and I won bronze on May 19, 2006.

//Stories or somethin
Milanini sighed as she leaned back into the sofa. Usually at this time of day she would already be in line to use the "secret" laboratory ray that everyone and their mother knew about. But everything had changed two weeks ago.

She looked down at her hands. She could remember the moment quite vividly, as soon as the smoke from the lab ray has begun to dissipate, she had known something was very different. She had never felt a stangeness like this before, she had turned into a different species. Reaching for the mirror, she glanced at her new face. And the creature staring back at her was definitely not the kyrii she once was. Instead her long ears had been replaced with short, round ones. Her nose had become a lot bigger, and at first she had difficulty breathing through it, as it was nothing like the nose of a kyrii. her face was now a beautiful mixture of purples and her eyes shone a brilliant orange colour. Locks of curly, deep purple hair fell around her shoulders.

She remembered turning to the yellow scorchio in charge of the lab ray, who seemed to be staring at her intently. 'What am I?' she remembered asking, though she may have been yelling out of confusion and hysterics. And the scorchio had looked her up and down, examining her new face and her long, curling tail, and finally stated 'I think you may be a Lutari, ma'am.

Milanini had never seen a Lutari before. She had heard tales of them being very rare pets who lived on a secret island far away. But now she was one of them. She knew that she would be visiting the lab ray the same time the next day, so she made the most of the remainder of the day. She remembered how everyone stared at her and commented on how pretty she was. It had been one of the best days she had in a long time.

What was even more curious, was the next day, when she woke up, the letter she normally received was not there. It would tell her to report to the lab ray for testing, but instead there was nothing. Milanini didn't know what to do, so she spent the whole day at home in case the letter was just running a little late.

But the letter never came. In fact, she hadn't received a letter until today, two weeks afterwards, and instead of saying the single sentence, Please report to the Laboratory Ray for testing, it had told her to come to a building for a meeting at 10am. With whom, she didnt know, but she would find out soon enough. It was almost ten. She looked up at the clock on the wall and watched the minute hand. 57... 58.... 59...

The door swung open and an usul stepped into the room. Her skin was pale, and her hair was black with red tips. She wore matching fishnet gloves and socks, which extended down into her big black boots. The Usul closed the door and looked over at Milanini with a casual smile.

Hey, you here to see the 'lady?" she asked.

Milanini stood up. "Um, I think so.." she said. "Who is the lady?

The Usul smirked. "You must be new here. Never had a meeting with her, then?" Milanini responded with a frown. "No worries." she said, walking past the coffee table over to Milanini. "Just some things to remember," she said. "She doesn't like people asking lots of questions when they shouldn't be. Don't try to look at her face, do what she asks, and and never be late for a meeting." she said seriously. Milanini looked at her a bit nervously. The Usul's face brightened as she retained her cheerful composure. "Got all that?

Milanini looked down. "Um, I think so." she said, walking to the door. The Usul nodded approvingly and began to walk down the hallway. Milanini took the door handle and turned back to the Usul. "Hey, thanks!" she called.

The Usul turned back with a smile. "No worries, man!" she said. "I'll catch you 'round, yeah?"

Milanini nodded, and watched as she walked down the hallway and turned into a corridor. Milanini turned to doorknob and walked into the room.

That is, she walked through the door. behind the door was some sort of extravagant outdoor Shenkuu garden, with cherry blossom trees and a gentle waterfall creating a stream. In the distance Milanini could see a figure sitting underneath a Shenkuu Paper Parasol next to a pond. Milanini started walking along the paved stone path towards her.

She was a few paces before the figure when she stopped and stood awkwardly. She cleared her throat so as to get the figures' attention.

Milanini". The figure said. "Please, have a seat.

Milanini took a few steps and sat down, crossing her legs, She tried to get a quick glimpse of the figures' face but all but her mouth was hidden by the parasol. Milanini turned forward and faced the pond. Goldys and Soreens swam about happily under the lily pads and lotus blossoms.

Milanini." the figure stated. "Do you like what you have become?

Milanini stopped for a moment."You mean, a Lutari?" she asked.

The figure paused for a moment. "Yes.. a Lutari." she said.

Well, I can't complain." Milanini said happily. "I mean everyone thinks I look amazing and I like being the one species. I can't really remember what it was like being a Kau back before I started going to the lab ray so.." she looked over at the figure. Milanini stopped and cleared her throat again. "Yes. I like it." she said obediently.

The figure smiled briefly. "I realise that you have been undergoing treatment from the Secret Laboratory Ray for some time now. I understand that you must be growing tired of the constant changes it brings you.

Milanini looked over at the figure again.

Would you like to stay in this form?" she asked.

Milanini's eyes widened. Through all the countless times she had been to the lab ray, she was always heartbroken when the lab had changed her from a beautiful faerie or a wonderful species to something less desirable. Every time she changed species, she would always have to buy new clothes to fit her. Every new colour she had changed meant a whole new pattern of behavior, a faerie colour meant she had to cut holes in her shirts to allow her wings some room. She would always have to sleep on her side to avoid damaging them and they were always a pain to wash. A new species meant that things were either too high or too low to reach. And she had been doing this for the last five years. Now she had been given a chance to stop all of it.

Milanini thought for a while. "Yes." she said, after a long pause. "I would like to stay as a Lutari.

The figure nodded. "You must come to realise, however," said the figure, "That this is opportunity comes at a price...

Milanini's face fell. Of course, she thought to herself, nothing was ever free in this world anymore. But to never see the Lab Ray again! It had been her dream for a long time now.

Whatever it takes." she said confidently. "I am willing to do it.

Good." the figure said with a smile. "If you wish to stay the same state as you are, you must come under my employ.

Milanini frowned. "You mean, work for you?"

The figure smiled. "In a way, yes. Every day you will receive a letter from me detailling the tasks you must complete before the days' end. After these tasks are completed, you are free to enjoy the day as you wish.

Milanini raised an eyebrow. So was this the person that had been sending letters to her every day?

You.." Milanini said. "Were you the one telling me to report to the lab every day?" she asked suspiciously.

The figure ignored the question. "You will receive your first letter tomorrow morning. Please follow what it says and do not question it." she said, titlting her parasol below her mouth. "We're done here. Please leave.

Milanini stood up. She thought to restate her question again, but the Usul had told her not to ask questions. And besides, she was probably not going to answer them. Milanini gave a quick glance back to the figure and walked back towards the door. Walking along the stream, she took a quick moment to glance into her reflection. She saw the beautiful Lutari staring back at her and smiled. Anything had to be better than going back to the lab ray.

Milanini walked briskly down the path of the Neopia Central shops. Her job had been easy that day, she was only asked to deliver two letters, and she had done that by about 10:30 that morning. She hadn't quite known what she wanted to do that day so she decided to window shopping in and around the marketplace. She had bout herself a fetching Blue Newsboy hat and some gloves and was partially through her Tchea Fruit Slushie when she began to hear a beat in the distance. Someone must be playing drums somewhere. Milanini looked around and began following the sound of the music.

The drums began to get louder as she weaved in and out of the busy marketplace shoppers. Milanini started bopping her head as she got closer and started moving to the music. Finally she spotted a giant chia shaped statue holding a peice of parchment and sporting a feathered beret. Below it were some stairs that lead down into an underground area, so she followed them. As she made her way down she could hear the music - the music that she couldn't just ignore - echoing around the cave. The music seemed to originate from the coffee shop, so Milanini went to investigate.

The music was now louder than ever before, and Milanini moved over to an open window and peered through. In amongst a crowd of people drinking coffee was a stage where a band was playing. Milanini stopped and watched happily as the band finished playing their song, and then let out a cheer when they finished. The people in the coffee shop didn't seem as amused, and all stared at Milanini, a strange lutari yelling outside. A tad embarassed, Mil slipped around the side of the coffee shop where the band was exiting.

Hey!" she called. "You guys were pretty good in there."

The singer, a Poogle, turned back in surprise. "Oh hey." he said with a smile, turning to the other band members. "Good to see someone appreciates our music."

Milanini gave a sympathetic smile. "I don't know what -their- problem was.." she said, looking back at the coffee shop patrons. "But your music is pretty god. Do you guys play here often?

The Eyrie, who had been playing the guitar, let out a laugh. "Are you kidding me? We had to practically beg to get ourselves a gig in there.

Yeah." sniffed the Gnorbu. "And they didn't appreciate us one bit. What a waste of a day.

The Poogle turned back to the band members. "We probably should have just stuck to the open night at the 'Concert hall. C'mon, we'd better head back to HQ." he said, turning back to Milanini. "Glad we could entertain at least one person today. You wanna catch our next gig?

Milanini smiled. "Sure." she said. "When're you playing next?

The poogle gave her a card and frowned. "Well, I suppose that was the last scheduled gig we had. Since the Twisted Roses is so popular, bands like us don't have much room to take the spotlight."

Oh." Milanini said, a tad disappointed. "That's a shame. I'm sure if you guys just played in a more popular area..like in amongst the neopian shops, where there are more people.. There's that big open spot near the Money Tree that's always empty, y'know..?

That's true." said the Gnorbu. "And that place isn't too far away from a power supply, so we could plug in our instruments and some speakers there.

The two looked over at the eyrie, who nodded in agreement.

All right" he said to Milanini. "We'll have a practice session tonight and organise things for tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion.

Milanini smirked. "No worries." she said. "I'll be there front row.


Milanini woke the next morning to a beautifully sunny day. She got up and walked down the stairs to the letter she received each day under her door. After she got whatever it said done, she could make her way to Neopia Central to help the band prepare. She ripped off the envelope and read the letter.
Today you are to travel to the Brightvale Potionry and meet a Professor Chesterpot. The rest will be explained to you.

Milanini looked at the Map Book she had bought the other week. Flipping through the pages, She scanned the location with her finger. She gave an unamused look and sighed. Brightvale was about two hours' travel. She closed the book and hastily organised her things before running out the door. If she was quick, she might be able to make it back in time to hear a couple of the band's songs.


Milanini stared out the stained glass pane. It was midday - the band had definitely started playing by now. She sighed and turned back to the table, which was overflowing with beakers, bunsen burners and a great many scientific instruments that she had never seen before. But the novelty of their uniqueness had worn off after the first hour; she was getting impatient.

Professor Chesterpot, Sir?" she called. "Mister, are we done yet?

A blue Acara poked his head out from behind the mass of scientific equipment. He frowned upon seeing the Lutari.

Did you get those herbs I asked for?

Milanini sighed and pointed to a beaker. "Yes, I put them over there twenty minutes ago, remember?" she said. "Is there anything else you needed me to do? I've got places to be.

Th Acara picked up the beaker and examined it. "Well, I would prefer you stay for the remainder of the experiments, but you did collect all the samples I wanted." he said, trailing off. "Did you want to leave early?

Yes" Milanini hissed through her teeth. "As early as possible.

The Acara scratched his head. "Very Well, I guess. Thanks for your help." And with a quick glance, Milanini was out the door.


It was half past two before Milanini was able to make her way to the Neopian shops. She couldn't hear any music, but out of the corner of her eye she managed to catch the band packing up. Hurrying over, their faces brightened as they saw her approaching.

Hey, if it isn't our biggest fan." said the eyrie. "Where were you?

Milanini collapsed onto a chair and took several giant gasps of air before replying. "Well I tried to make it.." she said between breaths, "But.. I was in Brightvale.

The Gnorbu walked past with a speaker. "Shame you missed it." he said. "But it was a good idea to set up here.

Milanini looked up. "Yeah?

Oh yeah." said the Poogle. "We got a much bigger crowd than yesterday and some 'suit came and offered us another gig next thursday.

Milanini smiled. "Nice." she said. "'sorry I missed your show though.

Naw, aint nothing." said the Eyrie. "You can come to our next show if you like. There's this cafe where a bunch of us hang out and play music. You'd like it.

Milanini sighed happily. "Sure.

The eyrie handed her the card. "What were you doing in Brightvale, anyway?

Milanini flipped the card over and looked back up at him. "Nothing important. Hey, you guys had lunch yet?

The three shook their heads. "'Food shop's just a couple of streets from here." said the Poogle. "You wanna grab a burger?

Milanini smiled. "I could do with some breakfast."

//Mils' Fashion

Alright, so sometimes these jobs have me going to faraway places or doing some pretty weird things. It's good to know I can look good doing anything |D
If you catch Milanini as a notable neopet, I'd be super grateful if you took a screenie! c:

I can even make overalls look cool.

I was the default base for a Royalgirl Lutari!
Thank you, Subby!
Courtesy of Helix (rokanorah)
Thanks, Helix !

Awesome, thanks Mitsuki!


Well, when I've got a spare evening, I like to head down to the Tyrannian Concert Hall and rock out to some of the bands. Not all of the bands play my kinda music, so I like to check the Ugga Ugg Times to see what concert is playing (because it's a total bummer to spend four hours getting there only to find out The Neopian Phillharmonic are playing). Anyway, here's some info about some of the bands that you probably shouldn't miss;


Oh man, this rock band is awesome. I mean, listening to them almost makes me want to rock out on an air guitar or something. (I won't, because... just no.). These guys only play once or twice a month, probably because they're from Kreludor, and catching a spaceship dwn to neopia must cost them a fortune. You can definitely catch them on the 25th of every month, and occassionally on the 22nd. Tickets are 800np!

Sticks n Stones
Not my most favourite band, but these guys are pretty on the mark. They've still got a rock sorta theme going, but they're certainly no Gruundo. In fact, I think I've seen their Nimmo guitarist somewhere before..
These guys play every month on the 10th and 17th! Tickets cost 900np.

These guys have been around for a while, but everyone still loves to rock out to their music. The main guitarist, Moehawk himself, can do some pretty sweet guitar solos, and I hear he has crowds of fans. These guys only play on the 31st of every month, so you can only hear them play, like, seven times a year. Tickets are a pricey 1,000np.

Wock Till You Drop
Well, I was going to miss these guys out, but they're the only band who plays with A DOUBLE GUITAR. Though sometimes their guitarist doesn't use it to it's full.. double-ness. Oh, did I mention these guys are all Wockies? Not bad music considering there's only three band members... and one of them is frozen in ice. They play on the third of every month (half price day) and tickets are a whopping 1,100np! ha, if only the tickets were half-priced, too.

Twisted Roses
I suppose it's be a bit of a miss if I didn't mention these guys. Don't get me wrong, their music's okay.. but I don't get the random screaming. I think I like them more for their fashion; after all, this band brought us the too-cool Twisted Roses Shirt. These guys only play on the first of every month, and tickets are 1,000np! man.

One thing I don't get about the concert hall, though, is that sometimes the bands give out music CDs after their show. Hey, not that I'm badmouthing freebies, but, I mean, how are we supposed to play them? Aint no CD players or steroes around here. I mean, I've heard of a Phonograph, but.. does that play CDs? I don't want to risk it. There's also an unreleased item called an Usuki CD Player, but I think that's a toy for the kids. The search for answers continues...

Hey, and did you know? You can download music from some neopets games. Nothin takes my fancy thee, but maybe you might find something. Check it out.


//Lutari Adoptables

I have noticed a severe lack of Lutari adoptables around, so I decided to get some of my own. Feel free to take 'em, just don't edit the images in any way and don't enter them in any contests.



















Muppet Mutant








Royal Boy

Royal Girl














Check the lady's userlookup to see if she's taking custom requests!







Sukiotori v2























but yeah I'm always on the lookout for more Lutari adoptables if you know any. Gotta catch em all!


This is where I stash all my fanart and custom adoptables and pictures n junk. 'Cept, well, there's only a couple of things in here at the moment. (Maybe I need more reference pictures?). If I happen to get any more, then I'll store them here. I should be getting more art trades and stuff eventually.

It's meeeee.


(Click n drag the url bar for full-view)

Probably the only full length reference of me!

No seriously I do. It's beautiful ;___;




Thanks for the sketch request, angelly_14 !

Sweet! Thanks for the trade, Soji!

Jus' giving a shout out to my street people.

Cheers, Penny!

This picture didn't fit anywhere on the page so. :T WHELLP HERE IT IS.

Oh, wow! Thanks so much, kari!
you really didn't have to but you made me look so amazing

Omigosh wow! Thankyou, Robin! :D

Too cool! Thanks for the trade, Spacey! :D


Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh I love this. Thank you thankyou thankyou Katz!!

Thank you, Candy!!

DUDE DO YOU SRSLY KNOW ANY OTHER LUTARIS 'cause I'd really like to know.

Hipsters and cool cats;
Livin' Loud


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haha see what I did there.
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