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Born January 18, 2012 at 8:22 pm nst, adopted and painted green on January 25, 2012 at 8:25 pm nst. Thank you so much to my astounding friend Starre for this incredibly amazing birthday gift! :D I love you so much~ x3

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Name: Mikosu
Nickname: Miku
Species: Bolt-dragon
Neo species: Royalboy draik
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Personality: Mikosu is a carefree spirit destined to wander with no real destination - and he loves it this way. He, with little to no effort, is able to blend in seamlessly with all kinds of people and cultures. He can command attention or become almost invisible as he sees fit as he is well learned in the ways of others. As a jack-of-all-trades, Miku is always willing to lend his services to others, expecting nothing (well, maybe stories) in return. He is usually very cheerful, playful, and fun to be around.
Since most of what you'll be reading about Mikosu is very serious, I've decided to include this little section of fun facts :3
He's kind of a derp c: He hasn't been exposed very much to the bad parts of the world, so he is somewhat naive and kind of... lacks common sense xD He can also be pretty spacey, like he lives in his own little world x3
He loves kids and enjoys playing games with them. Many children in dozens of towns know him and can't wait for his troupe to travel through again so they can play with their best friend :)
He has the habit of getting very distracted by shiny gold trinkets. When he was younger and living on the streets by himself, he tended to steal them from people. He never actually wears his collection, he just enjoys having it ^.^;
He likes to repair things - wagons, instruments, clothing, etc.
He has an overactive imagination. He loves storytelling and never tells a story the same way twice :)

In Depth

Mikosu is a wanderer - and it is what he loves to do best. He is perfectly content to make a somewhat meager living as a part of the Azuremist Traveling Performance Troupe because it allows him to do what he loves most; traveling, performing, mingling, meeting new people, and learning new things about different cultures. The troupe itself is a group of people very similar to himself - generally free spirits of all species without families to be grounded to. He tries not to let negative things impact him because he wants to live a fun life. At least, this is how he was before he was forced into dragon politics.

His mother passed away when he was fairly young, and he was taken in by the troupe and raised within it to hold no prejudice or hatred and to accept all. He is the illegitimate child of the current dragon lord. When Sytira suddenly escapes from the Crystal Palace (where dragon royalty resides), his father tracks him down to act as the new heir to the throne. Miku wants nothing to do with it, but his father, being the cruel baddie he is, blackmails him into it by threatening the lives of his troupe.

He is somewhat naive and impressionable because he was always surrounded by people he trusted unconditionally, so he sometimes applies this to people he has just met. This sometimes leads him to be easily deceived, though as his time involved in dragon politics goes on, he wises up. When he is sent on missions by his father, he detests them and will spend as much time as possible procrastinating and finding other ways to occupy himself. He usually immerses himself in local culture because one of the things he excels in is blending in as if he belongs there. The only exception to this is the Crystal Palace, where he knows he doesn't belong and he doesn't want to be there.

Miku loves anything musical and hates the stagnant silence of the palace. The more time he spends unwillingly doing his father's bidding, the more he loses who he once was and closes himself off. He begins to feel hatred for the half- brother who caused him to be in this position and the man who fathered him that he can do nothing against.

Because of his time spent on the road with the troupe, he is a jack-of-all-trades though he doesn't particularly excel in any subject. He can play multiple instruments, dance in various cultural styles, speak different languages somewhat fluently, mend torn clothing, and fix broken aspects of traveling carts and wagons. He is always willing to lend a hand when someone is in need of it, no matter how closed off he has become.


As a rare bolt-dragon subspecies, Mikosu is very reminiscent of rainforests and jungles in many ways. He has brightly colored feathers like many tropical species of birds and he sports a fruit-like, tropical color palette. To see more specifics about his appearance, feel free to look at the reference sheet I have provided :) You can right-click and "View Image" or drag and drop it into your address bar :D


There are many things that Miku loves, and adorable creatures are one of them. He has a soft spot for taking in stray animals, and his companion Natis, or Nat, falls under this category. Though some beasts are able to assume a human form and learn to speak the common tongue in varying degrees of fluency, Natis is unable to do any of these things, as far as Miku knows.

Nat is still a highly intelligent creature who is incredibly loyal to Miku. When Mikosu sneaks off to leave the troupe, Natis follows him unquestioningly. Miku sneaks him into the palace and keeps him safely hidden, as Nat is the only thing left to remind him of the life he once had and what he one day wishes to return to. And also he is a great cuddle buddy x3


This is a short sample of a piece of Mikosu's story :3
One of things I would miss the most is the nights spent on the roads. When the sun would begin to set, we would pull off of the road and find a nice place to settle down for the night. We would make a fire and watch the sunset together. We would cook over the fire and play music, sing timeless songs, and retell some of our favorite tales. We would laugh and dance and tease each other, and we never went to sleep feeling anything but content.

These memories would be the most prominent because that's when I felt most like part of a family. It doesn't matter if this man fathered me, because it doesn't make him my father. I don't know if he's capable of living up to that title. I highly doubt he is. A father is someone who is able to comfort you when you're hurt, teach you valuable life lessons, emotionally support you in all of your decisions, no matter what their outcome. This may be how I see a father, but it can't be much different from how everyone else feels. No matter how I look at it, this man is not worthy of being called anyone's father.

A father doesn't burn his son's home to the ground. A father doesn't threaten the lives of his son's friends. A father doesn't force his son to abandon a life where he is happy. A father doesn't tell his son to destroy his own brother.

It was hard for me to look into his eyes - I can only imagine what mine read. Anger, disgust, horror? No matter what he saw reflected in my eyes, he only wore an arrogant smirk. He knew that he had won - I can't imagine a man like this ever losing before. How did I ever think I'd be able to stand up to a man like this? "The outside world is cruel, Mikosu," he told me, "It doesn't work the way you want it to." He words only deepened my glare. I could feel the heat of the fire, even on the wooded edge of the clearing, as it burned through the wagons of the troupe - of my family. I could hear them shouting and the younger ones crying. It took all of my willpower to keep my feet firmly planted where they were.

I said nothing in return, but the man looked at me and laughed. "Your eyes are defiant, but you have already become submissive. It doesn't matter how much you hate me or the things that I do," at this, he waved his arm and gestured to the scene of the fire. "There is nothing you can do about it except do as I say. The more you fight me, the worse the consequences will become."

I could no longer bite my tongue and spit out the words. "What kind of a father could do something like this?"

His laughter only angered me further. "I don't need to be a father - only a leader. Now come with me and do as I say, or I'll set your friends aflame as well."

Everything in his eyes told me that doing such a thing would be easy for him. After witnessing what he had just done, it somehow was not surprising. I clenched my fists and bit my tongue, but took a step toward him. Everything in me was telling me to go in the opposite direction, but I knew that if I ran he would make good on his word.

He smiled maliciously, a horrible twist of his lips, before he turned around and began to walk into the trees. I wanted nothing more than to find a sharp object right then and there, but I knew only a man confident in his skills would turn his back to someone he knew wanted to revenge. My nails dug into the palms of my hands as I tried desperately to figure something out, but there was no other option. I had to follow him.

I felt a gentle tug at the cuff of my pants and I looked down to see a small serpentine beast. "Natis," I hissed before quickly picking him up and hiding him in the pocket of my vest. The vile man turned in response to the noise and motioned for me to follow.

The hardest thing I've ever done in my life was take those steps forward, to follow him.


After his father showed that he was not so nice, Miku was forced to go to the Crystal Palace and live as the heir to its throne. He was originally intended to just be a shut-in, only showing his face by standing next to his father. But the longer he lived in the castle, the more his father could see the workings of the castle begin to change because of Mikosu. He treats everyone equally, no matter what their species, and he absolutely will not allow himself to be treated as a prince. The air in the castle lifts, so to say, because of his personality. Therefore, his father decides that he should have Mikosu in the castle as little as possible and begins to send him away on missions.

With the threat against his friends' lives still looming over his head, Miku does as he's told in the name of the throne... but he certainly takes his time doing it. He will procrastinate as much as he possibly can while he's outside of the castle because he can't stand the stifling air inside of it. He sort of assumes two personalities while he is off on these missions - the one where he is himself, completely free, partying with villagers and making friends; and the one where he is the heir to the dragon throne and wreaks havoc and destruction wherever he goes. In the beginning he is able to do the things his father forces him to do by telling himself he is just acting, he's just playing another character. But after a while, he has trouble telling the roles apart.


I don't want to give too much of his future away since he is one of the main "baddies" in the storyline and pretty much everything he does is significant to the plot and the ending in some way. What I will tell you is that while Mikosu resents and hates Sytira, he has never actually met him before - at least, to his knowledge. He hasn't seen Sytira or spoken to him, so he finds it easy to hate someone he's never known.

However, once he meets his half-brother, he realizes that he's met him before - but they had only known each other by their nicknames, not their full names. Mikosu and Sytira met each other shortly after Sytira ran from the castle, and long before Mikosu was forced to become the heir. They had called each other by "Miku" and "Syra" as their friends referred to them, and neither ever made the connection when hearing only their full names afterward. So when they do meet, Miku's resolve is shaken - he can't blame everything on his brother because he already knows the kind of person Sytira is. But no matter how conflicted he becomes, he has to put his troupe's welfare ahead of everything else.


Sytira is Mikosu's half brother. Miku has formed a great deal of resentment toward him because there is nowhere else to direct it. They do not realize that they have already met until it is too late and Miku has made up his mind. If they had the chance, they could become very close but the circumstance do not currently allow such a situation.
Illydir, the mentally unstable happy-go-lucky dragon. Illy believes that everyone is his friend, and Mikosu was more than willing to step up and live to that expectation. Miku likes the kind of personality Illydir has - fun, carefree, and simple-minded. Miku is the kind of guy who will join in and play to Illydir's antics without hesitation.
Sieirou, the distrusting salamander. Despite her experiences, Mikosu is probably the only dragon she finds herself able to trust. He is the one who managed to smuggle her over to the safety of the Salamander Rebellion despite knowing what the real intent of the rebellion is. She will always be grateful and hold him in high regards, much to Kou's resentment and annoyance.
Luciouiz, a serpent with amazing dance skills. Miku happened to meet him once on the troupe's travels and attempted to recruit Lulu to join the troupe. Though Mikosu was politely refused, the two are on great terms and would get along wonderfully should they ever meet again. And they most definitely will, even if it is purely for the sake of having awesome dance parties x3
Ecovi, the postcognitive prisoner. When Mikosu discovered that his father was keeping Eco locked up in the castle, bringing him out only ot make use of his abilities, he convinced him to let Eco travel with him. Ecovi and Miku become each other's support and strength, and now they are inseparable. They will always be there for each other, through hardships and pain.


Here are a few pieces of artwork I have drawn of Mikosu. I wanted to draw more, but finals are kicking my butt! xD To see them full size, feel free to drag and drop them into your address bar or right-click and select "View Image" :)

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