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C u s t o m M i n i

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Which position?

Territory  I dwell in the frigid north of Neopia's version of Siberia, Terror Mountain. Chains of long, dangerous mountains encircle my territory and lakes of frozen ice are scattered within. During the winter, food is hard to come by and I survive on the small chias and cybunnies. In the Summer, Terror Mountain brims with life and vegetation, food is more plentiful and I hunt such things as ixis, unis, the occasional chubby poogle.

History Born in the remote tundra valleys my fur adapted to a ghost white color to help camouflage while hunting. My large paws acted as snowshoes, keeping me on top of the snow, increasing the speed at which I traveled. My parents unknown, I trekked down into Neopia. Much has happened since then. I am usually enrolled in the training school where I am constantly training, and increasing my stats. I battle every once in a while to prove my superiority when faced with challengers. I've also  participated in the sport of lupe sled racing where I excel.

Ability  I am a spectral lupe, if you have been wondering what that is, you've come to the right place. You may have noticed that I have two different colored eyes. I have a gold eye and a silver eye. Though there are others like this I have a fluke. I see spirits. I am not sure why but it has always been like this, I was born like this. I am often confused with spirits too. My pelt is pure white, it is so white that others often think I am spectral, thus my name, spectral lupe. In reality what has happened is that my fur has adapted to the whiteness of my habitat and made my pelt the best color to blend in and hunt with. Camouflage.

Pack  I am the proud alpha male of an honorable, strong and intelligent pack, the Tribal War Lupes.I lead it along with one of my closest friends, Alysk. We are a smaller pack, very close to each other. We participate in roleplaying, battling and artistry daily. I urge you to check it out, you won't regret it.

Family & Friends I never met my parents, not that I can remember at least, if I had any siblings they do not live any longer. Perhaps I will find my sire and dam in the future, I hope so at least. I have too many good friends to mention here but my closest are very dear to me and deserve a mentioning.


Chain is a friend as well as my second and last petpet. (Though he'd rather call me his petpet) He was given to me by Kaleigh, and at first glance I'd thought she had lost a few too many brain cells.. giving me a desert petpet! But as it turns out he has faired very well in his arctic situation, though he moans and complains about it often. Chain is perhaps a bit stuck on himself and prefers the luxuries in life but that doesn't bother me much, I still wouldn't trade him for any petpet in the world.


Ulryk is perhaps my oldest and dearest friend. I've known him since my young years and we've grown to be close, he might as well be my brother. He also happens to be the first lupe I've ever met with mismatched eyes, though I've asked him if he can spirits and it appears not. However, many mysteries surround him and his family.


Alysk is my fellow alpha, though we are not mates. I've known her quite some time, since the days of CHL, my first pack. She has quite the pelt, blood red with many interesting markings. Me and her are very similar in our interests. Our owners as well have grown to be great friends.


coming soon

BattleDome I do enjoy fighting in the battledome occasionally. My weapons are of average capabilities. I currently have 38/52 abilities, my favorite being Meteor Shower of course. I am very secretive about my weapons, and won't disclose them here.

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Chia Hunting I, like many other lupes, follow the age old instinct of hunting chias. Hunting to feed myself and my pack. I do not care what others think of this. It is necessary for survival. I have occasionally come upon chias that have mocked me and challenged me, and they of course are the chias constantly targeted by hunters for their obnoxious behavior.

Recorded chia fights (click for final move) Chilla_chia

Meteor's Gallery

Click the thumbnail to view the larger image, big thanks to the artists that contributed! Please don't steal any of these pictures!

This gallery currently contains 31 images.

by Radiopup - [Trade] Meteor confronts a spirit lupe!
by Tiffchow [Request] Approaching storm? He senses...
by Jedikia [Request] He's strutting his stuff
by Innocence216 [Trade] Meteor growling
by RealMagenta - [Request] A tasty chia snack :)
by Slenity [Fanart] Its snowing up north, cool blues!
by DarklingTiger [Request] Posing for a picture
by SummerBreezes [Request] Scaring some kitties :D
by Chibii [Trade] Meteor guards his Siberian Territory
by NeosmashDX - [Fanart] Meteor on a cliff.
by Champawat - [Trade] Meteor in a blizzard.
by Gromit51 - [Fanart] Red Alert, bullets flying!
by Gw_Otter - [Fanart] An epic portrait.
by Nt29203 - [Trade] Meteor gazes into the distance.
by Keroshan12 [Fanart] Profile of the spectral lupe, perfect.
by Breezeyblitz11 [Request] Meteor has found a chia
by White_Wolf42 [Trade] Posing in front of Siberia
by White_Wolf42 [Trade] A sunset? That's a change!
by Silver303 [Fanart] On the hunt perhaps?
by KougraWockyLupe [fanart/trade/request] Glow *drool*
by LupeTrainer66 [request/Fanart] More Glow!
by Nt29203 [Christmas Present] Oh.. my.. He looks like Santa Lupe!
by Keroshan12 [Present] Another pic from you :O I love the swirly!
by ox_of_ice [Fanart] As the name implies, running free ^^
by Cherry_Babe_Angel1234 [Fanart] Oooh another spirit!
by _saiyan_girl [Fanart] Can you see the hidden spirit?
by White_Wolf42 [Fanart] Thanks for another awesome pic, Wolf!
by Jemima311 [Fanart] Cool, full body :D!
by DrMarten45 [Fanart] Cool sketch I must say, yep!
by Waokiu28 [Trade] This is.. a rarity *_*


Collaborated comic between NeosmashDX and Outty, of Mety and Wolf's adventures.

Rough Start' comic #1, by NeosmashDX

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Meteor's FAQ

Can Meteor date my pet?

Well they'd have to meet first :P

Can my pet be friends with Meteor?
Sure, but they have to get to know him, you can do that by roleplaying with him.

General FAQ

How do you make your art?
I draw them, ink them, scan them then color them in Corel Photo-Paint 8.

Can you do me a picture?
Check my lookup.

How much do your pictures cost?
It's against the TOS to charge. 

Can we do an art trade?
Right now unlikely, later.. maybe depending on your art.

Can I use the picture you did for me in the Beauty Contest or Art Gallery?
There are now rules against using someone else's pictures in the contest, with permission or not. No you may not use my pictures for the Art Gallery.

What are the rules for your minis?
Don't edit the code, don't erase my signature, you can only edit them as long as you keep my signature and link intact. I hate when people do a sloppy job or add their pet's name too.

Can I have a custom mini? (Currently closed)
  Yes, use the form. Remember, you may edit them yourself as long as my signature and the link stays intact. I will not do custom minis that are simply:
- Scars, earrings or are very close to an adoptable that has already been made
- Babies,  or other things that drastically change my template. I will do wings now.
- I will not do you one if your pet is young and the petpage and lookup have not been edited.
- These take me about 20 minutes each so 1 per person. I adore people who tip/donate to me.
- Roleplay description ie "a large lupe stalks up" WILL be IGNORED.

What is the longest time anyone has had to wait for a picture?
Moonray33's owner had to wait 7 months for a picture. Then again my sister bugged me for around 2 years. For a trade.. white_wolf42 is still waiting and its been like a year.. sorry Wolf ;_;

How long does it take you to complete a picture?
20 minutes to draw and ink, 3 minutes to scan and about 2-3 hours to color, 1-3 hours to do the background. 

Could you neomail me when your requests are open again?
  Err not really. You'll just have to keep checking, if I neomailed everyone who asked me this, I'd have to neomail hundreds of people and I just don't have that good of a memory.

Please leave your scent on this tree and come again!
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Name: Meteor
Nickname: Mety
Aug 29 00


Best Friend:
Pack: TWL

Spectral, albinoesque
Eyes: Silver,
Physical Attributes:
No scars, agile, over sized paws, large frame, sleek and quick
Arrogant, noble,
Jade Scorchstone
All stats 100

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