I use this to list my goals and tell about my plans with my pets and how they ended up living with me. I have quite many pets that I consider to be permies, but the thing is I really like them all. I had plans about rotating them between my accounts, so they all could visit my main on their turn... but I suspect they might be happier where they currently are :D

Updated: May 29th, 2014

Goals for 2014

[ ] pet spotlight
[xx-] buy 3 NC cards at max
[ ] make new/update pet lookies
[ ] finish NQ2!
[ ] get a missing game av
[ ] 8 full rows of game trophies (figure out how :'D)
[ ] enter BC twice
[ ] get into art gallery again
[ ] neopian times entry!
[ ] play with galleries
[ ] lookups for pets who need fixing/are missing
[x] more stamps! (SK, shells, TotD, scarabs, maractite coins...)

Trophies to try for

last month reset
old scores

Attack of the Gymmy Dice 3,061 - 2,933
Attack of Slorgs 2,561 - 2,024 (silver)
Braintree 4,356 - 5,360
Bumble Beams 2,058 (silver)
Chariot Chase 6,210 - 4,370 - 4,830
Cooty Wars 1,354 - 1,262 (silver)
Dueling Deck 49,300 - 43,400
Evil Fuzzles 1,782 (silver)
Hasee Bounce 446 - 459
Hot Dog Hero 28,735 - 29,721 (gold)
Illusen's Glade ?
Jhudora's Bluff ?
Magax 4,294 - 4,295
Maraquan Raiders 651 - 716
Mutant Graveyard of Doom 5,730 - 5,470 (gold)
Shenkuu Warrior 2 268,842 - 277,557 (silver)
Slorgs in Space 18,060 - 19,020
Snow Roller 5,255 - 5,345
Snowbeast Snackrifice 702 - 480 - 499
Space Rocked 14,193 - 15,521
Wheelers Wild Ride 3,431 - 5,515 (silver)
Volcano Run 1,479 - 1,471

Shenkuu Palace

Paakkuli *****
Paakkuli is one of my first pets, created as a yellow kau on the same day I started playing (2007). I had plans of making a kau account where he should live, but things changed and I decided he should become my BD pet (2009). I thought I would be happy seeing him on my main everyday and I was right about that. I remember fondly the months he spent as a moehog, but he had to become a kacheek to be a better fighter. He has been through several months of lab treatment and also semi permanent colours such as biscuit, halloween, tyrannian and skunk. We've slacked off with training a bit, but looking eagerly forward for any new challenges.

Merelei ****
Merelei was originally a lutari, created to swim in the moonlight on my side (2009). Couple of years later I wanted to have a pretty girl pet on my main account. I applied for some pets, but had no luck. Then I decided to bring Merelei over (2010). Because she was a lutari I needed to morph her first. I had recently acquired RG tuskaninny clothes, so I thought I should give it a try. I had plans of making her RG kyrii, but gave up because she looked perfect as a yellow tusk. I like trying out different colour for her: when Merelei got boochied I painted her for christmas for a change and in celebration of gaining the gourmet club honorary member badge (2012) she got a spotted paint job. Aside of those she's been striped, green and faerie (zapped), but in the end I always seem to end up back with the yellow.

Cure *****
I created Cure in October 2012 when purge was going on. All I wanted was a nice 4L name and feel I had an insane luck with getting Cure (I did have sweaty fingers too :D). The Cure is one of my favourite bands! Also I find it fun to have one english RW because I'm used to having finnish RWs that no one really gets around here... It took time to find her a scpecies I was happy with and only time will tell if the project has succeesed. I've tried mynci, poogle, blumaroo (painted transparent), chia and ixi.

mighty_lewis ****
The story begins in May 2013 when I was chosen to adopt an UC grey jubjub. I considered trading the pet, but she was quite a sweetie and I honestly had trouble finding any pets that would compare. Later I fell in love with maraquan skeith, but failed to find a trade so I started to think about darigan skeiths instead... the decision to trade for Lewis came quick. I had refused the offer earlier, but I'm very happy that he is here now. He is very mighty ;3


I found Goldspoons stuck in the pound in March 2013. Picked him up to zap for gelert clothes. He changed species pretty soon, but I just felt like he would be a really fun pet to keep so that's what I'm thinking of doing. Oops, his feloreena won PPL after being attached for 173 days :3 I switched to spardel though because though it suited his new lutari form much better.

Lumottu ***
December 2009 I was searching for available pet names (again) and saw Lumottu stuck in the pound. I grabbed her up, but wasn't sure what to do with her. In the following days I really started liking the sound of her name (it means charmed) and was hoping to make her a faerie ixi! TBH I would have been happy with any decent colour change, but had to settle for snot. So inappropriate! September 2010 I was blessed with a lucky zombie zap which made Lumo perfect. I also designed the most complete pet character I've ever done with petpage and everything. I guess it was too complete cause some months later I painted her faerie, but ended up not liking it and started labbing again. She was permie labber until turning into shadow hissi in November 2012. I continued labbing her in May 2013, more fun that way.

Sharlequin ***
At first Sharlequin was just one of my sister's lab gelerts. Since the beginning I was joking that she should get a spotted zap to match the name. Then on September 2010 she did and my sister wasn't happy as that was already third spotted zap she got in a short time :D I made a board advertising Sharlequin UFA, but started planning how her character would be and was filled with the urge to draw her etc... so I ended up adopting a new pet myself. March 2014 I've started to consider making Sharle a checkered krawk or zombie gelert, don't know yet.

SirPuddin ***
SirPuddin galloped to my account in July 2013. Debbie had an adoption board on charter and SirPuddin must have whispered something into my ear, because suddendly I just really wanted to adopt him though I had 20 permies O.o I like him. Sometimes I want to paint him transparent, but then naah...

Magical Island

Bravli ***
In November 2009 I saw Bravli UFT on the pound boards and then begged my sister to trade for her xD Thankfully she was on a nice mood and did. I have always had a "thing" for baby eyries, but decided it was good time for Bravli to grow up (2013). Tried elephante at first and then bruce, which I think fits nicely. Possible change: desert, woodland...

Cthulara ****
I wasn't searching for a new pet (no way!), but saw Kestral adopting out her mutant kau and something just hit me... the result was that Lara joined my island pets in September 2010. First I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep her forever, but she really completes the whole account, so I guess I have no choice.

Neshyr ***
I had wanted a mutant cybunny as long as I can remember, but had given up on the dream - until one evening I came up with a mutant character, then just had to find the bunny! I received Nes in May 2010 from Paola. Traded my labber hissi for him.

Romanssi is finnish RW for "romance". I created Romanssi in Octoer 2013 just to try for a halloween kougra. He is the living proof that miracles do happen. In less than a week of zapping he became halloween and my jaw dropped to the floor. I wasn't sure if he was going to be a permie, but I seem to grow more attached to him day by day.

Winter Castle

Feruka ****
I was on the pound boards seeking some PB clothing for my pets when I was offered Feruka, unclothed! Few days later (March 2010) she was on my account, who could resist that smile? 0:-) Feruka has always been one of my most complete characters.

Lystinen *****
Lystinen is an artist. I created her on the day I started to play neopets (December 2007) - she was a beautiful blue gnorbu. Later I painted her cloud which made her look like a granny, lol. I worked hard to get the NP, so I could paint her plushie, the first one of my dream pets!

Tiuku ****
One day I thought about pretty finnish words that would make nice pet names. The first name I came up with was Tiuku which means a small bell. Later on I logged on and found out it was available! In July 2012 I morphed Tiuku into a woodland grundo (loved the ears) Few months later I started thinking about making him a baby gnorbu and eventually couldn't resist the idea. That didn't last forever though (2013) and I'm now zapping Tiuku while thinking of what species and colour he should become, probably a poogle of some sort (grey, MSP?) - okay Tiuku was the luckiest poogle ever, he got zapped grey and I absolutely fell in love with him again :D

Pirate Crew

Belimisa ****
I got two island kau zaps and after adopting out the first one I traded the other for an unclothed island hissi in May 2009. I originally wanted her just to move clothes, but when she had a name like Belimisa I soon fell in love. Later I heard from Cat that she had adopted out Bel for someone as a dream pet.. I thank Sen for letting me have the clothes for her! At some point I was dreaming about morphing Bel into a krawk, but I like her too much as she is. Belimisa was guarding my magical island until spring 2013 she joined my pirate crew. I decided to try speckled colour on Belimisa (2013), wasn├Ąt completely happy with it so I tried my luck with lab ray and ended up with wonderful eventide!

Camase ***
Samu is the captain on my pirate account. Kitty was interested in my former BD pet and when she found a pirate hissi UFT, we did a three-way-trade where everyone got a pet they really wanted. Later I had some problems as his name didn't feel right to me, but we're good now. He won customisation spotlight once, I neverever thought that would happen to any of my pets :o I'm thinking of changing his species or colour at least, but don't know what he should be yet... June 2013: Camase is meerca ta-da! While being meerca might not be permanenet it's this far best suited for him and I have no other considerable alternatives.

Duinu ***
Duinu was a stuck peophin that I adopted in 2009 because I loved her name... or actually I asked my sister to "grab that VWN peophin", but she gave me Duinu later as I couldn't get her out of my mind x) She is a thief. I think she stole the royal girl clothing from somebody. I decied to try tyrannian colour for Duinu in 2014.

Taelidar ***
This girl has got some attitude! She may look like a spotted kau, but actually she's a pirate. You shouldn't say anything about her carroty orange hair (well, unless you want to have a black eye). She and Duinu are best friends. I adopted Taelidar in January 2009 from Abra. I remember getting a mail about being chosen on my b-day :D Kau are rather tough to customise so I sometimes think of what other species Tae could be. Elephantes interest me, but it's a really tough choice whether I should change her or not.

Notable former pets

I liked these pets, but ended up trading or adopting them out (mainly because I couldn't get their characters work with my other pets or run out of space).

Goals for 2013

[x] Hubrid nox memorial shield
[bought more :(] buy 3 NC cards at max
[x] make new lookups for sides!
[/] make new/update pet lookies
[x] 330 avatars
[ ] reach level 10+ in AC
[x] 6 full rows of game trophies
[once] enter BC at least twice
[x] get into art gallery
[ ] neopian times entry or two
[x] prepare galleries for spotlight
[x] paint Cure transparent
[ ] Dragonfly nymph for Tiuku
[x] Rainblug for Haave

Not happy with exceeding my NC limit so badly, otherwise a good year.

Goals for 2012

[x] Magical marbles of mystery
[ ] Hubrid nox memorial shield
[ ] draw comics for NT
[x] habitarium level 50
[x] Gourmet club badge for Merelei
[bought 3 :(] buy 2 NC cards at max
[ ] 330 avatars
[x] 5 rows of game trophies
[/] make new lookups for my accounts
[/] make new lookups for my pets
[x] catch a nice 4L name
I think that went well.

Goals for 2011

[ ] Magical marbles of mystery
[ ] make nice lookups for my pets
[ ] maybe pet pages too
[ ] draw them custom designs
Oops, didn't do well this year :/

Goals for 2010

[x] Sword of Skardsen
[ ] ghostkershield
[x] 300 avatars
[x] feed 75 kads
[x] make nice lookups for my pets
[ ] maybe pet pages too
[ ] draw them custom designs
[x] enter BC few times
[x] buy them petpets & p3s
[x] make my gallery better
[x] morph Paakkuli into a kacheek
[ ] decorate another neohome
(...and didn't even dare to list this as a goal)
[x] buy krawk morphing potion
This yer went pretty well, don't you think?

Goals for 2009

[ ] make Paakkuli a halloween kacheek
[x] have pirate hissi
[x] 200 avatars
[ ] feed 75 kads
[x] have island kau
[x] BC with my permanent pets
[x] draw custom designs for them
[x] obtain gallery items on my wishlist
[ ] Sword of Skardsen

It was nice to see you around :)

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