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Have you found yourself thinking about asparagus morning, noon, and night, going into a cold sweat when there's no asparagus left? Do you find yourself wasting ridiculous amounts of NP to get the latest asparagus product?
If yes is the answer, Then you've come to the right place.
This is Asparagus Anonymous! help for all you asparagus addicts out there!


17th November 2010

I bet you thought I forgot about yous eh? Well don't worry I'm still here, I think I've gone as far I could with this page so it will be updated a little less now, obviously if new items come out they will be added, I have had an affie sweep and got rid of all the dead links and fixed the coding because it kept coming up with errors every time I went to save something.

23rd June 2010

Sorry I haven't updated but I've got Altador cup fever I'm really competitive Krawk Island for the cup!!! Added 2 new affies.

9th June 2010

I've added a new section to my site Asparagus Graphics go check it out, not much on there yet but there will be soon.

8th June 2010

I've just been through all my affies and listings and removed the dead links, we be looking to add more recipes and new phrases in the next couple of weeks so watch this space!

7th June 2010

Sorry I've neglected this site so much but I'm gonna get back on track with it, I've had to delete my directory because I just don't have time to run it anymore, so I'm back.

20th March 2010 Hi hows everyone doing? I've added another set of phrases to the around the world section. Go and check it out!

13th March 2010 Sorry for the long hiatus but I'm back on now +1 for the Asparagus List and I'm working on adding new phrases to the world section when I can get round to it.

9th February 2010

Sorry I haven't updated in a couple of days but I have explained it all on my site Sector 7 so please take time to read it there. Thanks :)

5th February 2010

Goodness I haven't updated in a couple of days, anyways +1 for the AA list and I've also been applying for reviews because I really want other peoples opinions on my complete re-vamp which I love might I add. I'm even thinking about doing this sort of layout on Sector 7 too.

3rd February 2010

I've been a busy bunny today! I completely re-vamped the whole site because it was getting a little cluttered so I've opted for a stylish simple layout that looks neat and is easy to navigate, I hope everyone likes it? I would love some neomails with your opinions. Anyways I've added a new recipe to the recipe section and I'm still looking for more so feel free to neomail me with them, full credit will be given of course. Also added pictures to the cooking pot page and deleted dead links from the affies section.

2nd February 2010

Aww I found out I'm not recommended anymore at Soroptimist Directory, I wonder why that is? I'm looking at cleaning my site up a bit, I think its time for a new layout and then maybe I'll be recommended again.

29th January 2010

I had another review done yesterday, they said my page was messy and I didn't update enough if they read my updates they would know I wrote I would not be updated as frequently as before because it's a self run site that doesn't need updating everyday, anyways I've been listed at Meepits are Love and i plan in the next couple of days to go through my affies/listings to check for dead sites.

23rd January 2010

Whoa I haven't updated in a couple of days but not much to report really, I've added the asparagus challenge to get people more involved with the site.

20th January 2010

I went through all my affies today and deleted the inactive sites, it hasn't left me with a lot of affies so please apply! Anyways added a new recipe and applied for a review that's about it really.

19th January 2010

I've been working quite hard on both my sites the past couple of days, today I've been through all my listed buttons and noted down where I'm recommended, I also picked up a couple of new buttons, I've deleted old buttons, and I've also made online_ offline button phew I think I got them all :)

18th January 2010

I've been tweaking my site a bit today, I made a little blog for "The List" and also added to the top signs and a little envelope too.

17th January 2010

+1 for the AsAn list good luck with your recovery!

15th January 2010

Oh my goodness! I'm featured site at Amnesia today how cool is that! I never thought I'd ever be a featured site anywhere!

14th January 2010

I've just got a fab new button from Buttoness isn't it fantastic! Anyways nothing new to report here like I said self maintaining page.

10th January 2010

I've just been sorting through my affies and listings today deleting the dead links, after love directory is gone, it's a shame because it was a nice site. I'm just thinking as well this is a self maintaining site so I don't need to update everyday anymore just warning you guys now. :)

5th January 2010

I have updated the site a little bit adding 1 new name to the asparagus themed pet names "Appicius" which I really like, I've also tweaked minor bits and pieces.

3rd Janaury 2010

Happy New Year! My first entry of the year and boy is it snowing outside here! Anyways had one review done and scored 83/90 not bad I think, I'm in need of some recipes so if anyone has any please feel free to neomail me credit will be placed of course. :)

31st December 2009

It's the last update of the year! Anyways I've added some new affies and listings but I haven't done much to the actual content I'm trying to think of new things, especially new asparagus pet names.

26th December 2009

I hope everyone had a great Christmas yesterday? Anyways added more to the around the world section and tweaked the reviews section.

24th December 2009

1 more sleep till Santa! Anyways did a bit of tweaking today and added one new listing, I hope everyone has a lovely day tomorrow!

22nd December 2009

Happy Borovan Day! I've added an Adam and borovan section as these products are related to asparagus and I've also re-done the badges because the old ones were too big and not userlookup friendly, hopefully these ones will be better.

21st December 2009

Not long til Christmas! Woohoo, anyways sorted through all affies and deleted the dead links out of 33 I only have 16 left madness. I've also added an advent calendar section for all the asparagus prizes seems to be a pattern forming?

20th December 2009

Phew I've finally got round to finding a layout that works with the filters it's been a long time and today what do I find? 2 new asparagus products and an advent calender animation yay!

30th September 2009

Hi, I'm back after a pretty long hiatus but things should be up and running soon.

25th July 2009

I just made a new button so I thought I'd add it to the site, I'm pretty pleased with it.

19th July 2009

Goodness, I haven't really updated this week, well there's nothing really new just a couple of new names to the list etc. I was thinking about making another button I might go and do that now actually.

13th July 2009

I've added the rest of Asparagus products today, I kept forgetting so I thought best get it done now before I forget again.

10th July 2009

I've added another person to the AA list. It's starting to slowly grow, also an HCer had a brilliant idea of adding what other countries call asparagus so I added that section too.

7th July 2009

I've finally got 10 listings! I've also added a recipes section so if anyone has an asparagus recipe they want to share, just neomail me.

6th July 2009

I've been accepted into the Golden Neopia, Yay! I hope I get some votes, fingers crossed.

5th July 2009

I've been tweaking my site a little changing colours and whatnot, Also been requesting reviews and buttons too. I've been trying to make my own buttons but I think I've got graphics block or something because I just cannot seem to make them turn out how I want. 0_o

3rd July 2009

I was reviewed by Weewoo Reviews today got 93/100 not bad I think I'm quite happy with that :) also got a couple more names for the list

2nd July 2009

Phew I'm almost done, just tweaking little things here and there. If anyones got anymore idea's for the site let me know, just give me a neomail.

1st July 2009

Ok I just started this site busy trying to spruce it up a bit, also need some names for the list too.

Asparagus Addicts

Are you a self-confessed Asparagus Addict? Join the club! Get your name listed now! Just fill in the form below and neomail me.

Getting Listed is:

I wanna join the AA List! Username: Quote: Thanks!

A word from the Asparagus Addicts

I couldn't go a day without Asparagus but with a lot of willpower I overcame it, thats why I started this site to help other people like me

I'm Ayesha, and asparagus is....is...LOVE. Asparagus cereal for breakfast. Asparagus stalks with a bowl of rice for lunch. Asparagus + asparagus soup for dinner. Yum. I was SO addicted. I still am. That's why I seek refuge within Asparagus Anonymous! I'm sure in no time, I'll be just like them...."
- Loveshugochara

- monamoorocks

There is nothing in this world besides Asparagus!
- bumperboats

- flighthouse

Yo, tell me what you want, what you really really want! I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want! I wanna (huh!), wanna (huh!), wanna (huh!), wanna (huh!), wanna really really really eat some more Asparagus!
- Sangurasu

Asparagus makes the world go 'round
- Chan_3456

Adam and I played tug-a-war with an asparagus strand...I won...*shifty eyes*
- wolfluversunite4

Asparagus? Er... What asparagus?
- yumdrum67

I know I should've been shiningasparagus instead. Lasers are kinda dumb.
- shininglasers

Asparagus! Asparagus, my kingdon for asparagus!
- Glitter34bubba

I pride myself on the likes of the asparagus people and I would like to declare peace on all food groups!!
- navorob

Asparagus is my friend.
- inuyasha62301

Hi, my name is Emily and I am an asparagaholic. Every day i find myself munching away on some asparagus. I never noticed but 8 out of my 27 items in my inventory are asparagus related and my avatar has been as it is for a long time. There are things some can't help like being and asparagus addict. I for one can relate.
- gelatisimo

I am unable to think of anything due to a sever overload of Asparagus
- Anigieangel

Asparagus is...is...green. x.o
- xhilirationlovex

AsparagusAsparagusAsparagusAsparagusAsparagusAspara- ..I'm sorry what were you saying?
- foundityet

I don't know what I was thinking with "fruit"juiceland.
- fruitjuiceland

Adam rules.
- Rhcpf12

There are many green vegtables out thee, but they say the most healthy is asparagus.
- maxi181

It's just so yummy and versatile, I will make sure to get asperges into my next french test
- platinum96rokz

Asparagus *twitch* Asparagus.
- dannthemann_x

In the absence of asparagus, there is nothing worth fighting for." (This is based on a quote by Elijah Wood. =D )
- rings_of_the_lord

- rokkstarr_

I had a friend that was a chia. He was an asparagus chia. One day I got hungry. Its a mystery what ever happened to my friend, he disappeared off the face of Neopia. *shifty eyes*
- Hi_hello_hi_3

Oh, you want asparagus? Well, *burp* you might have to wait a couple days for that.
- Kcoli

Don't you even think about touching MY food, even though it's yours.
- mess_with_me_

No quote (It's mah quote!)
- evilxsquirrel

Asparagus Chias are so cute! I love Asparagus on Neopets, but in real...uhhggg Goooo....ASPARAGUS!!
- Babypaintbrush50

Asparagus is great! Try it with celery and chocolate sauce... no don't, it's all MINE!!!
- jamjar384

Being on the list means you can use one of these fun badges for your page.

Why is Asparagus so Good?

A question you ask yourself repeatedly? I know I do! Well with 50 items and even a pet dedicated to this strange green vegatable its easy to see why people can get addicted.

Asparagus Products

Adam + Borovan Products

Asparagus Shopkeepers

Just this one? I'm rather disappointed.......

Asparagus Games

Sorry, we didn't find a game with 'Asparagus' in the name.

One day, my friend, one day........

Asparagus in the Advent Calendar

Our day has come.......Several times.

20th December 2009

Prizes were:
Fingerless Asparagus Gloves!!!!

Rags to Asparagus: a Heartwarming Tale!!!

20th December 2008

Prizes were:
Asparagus Ice Lolly

Asparagus Scarf

20th December 2004

Prizes were:

Number Six Plushie!

Clockwork Asparagus Chia

20th December 2001

Prizes were:

Techo Cracker

Asparagus Pie

Asparagus Pets

Just one again! I might have known It'd be a Chia as well.

Asparagus Articles

Could Asparagus World be true? This article seems to think so.
Asparagus World - Could It Possibly Exist?

Ah the power of Asparagus.
50 Ways to Exploit the Power of Asparagus

Asking questions is good.
Neopia's National Vegetable?

Hmmm quite possible...
The Great Neopian Conspiracy

A terrible plot you say?
Asparagus: Rotten to the Core

The AA Guide

1. Take one day at a time, don't let yourself waste stupid amounts of NP on Asparagus.

2.Set yourself targets, example "I'm only going to eat one stick today".

3. Try and gradually reduce your intake of asparagus.

4. Try not to freak out at everything green, in fact remove anything green from around you to make sure you don't go crazy. (I know this page is green but it wouldn't have the same effect if it was pink 0_o)

5. Definitely DON'T wear green.

6. Take one day at a time, We have recipes below so you don't just eat asparagus by its self all day long, You need variety it will help you gradually wean yourself off.

7. Praise yourself, tell yourself your doing well.

8. Follow the tips below as it's dangerous to completely take yourself off asparagus immediately, you may have a relapse that way.

9. Use friends and family as support, talk things through, Although they can show you the door you have to walk through it.

10. Oh and most importantly try not to get asparagus juice in your eye, it does sting.

Facts and tips about Asparagus

All you need to know right here....

1. Low in calories-less than 4 calories per stick!

2. Contains no fat or cholesterol!

3. Its Adam's favourite food.

4. It goes nicely with a hot cup of borovan (the drink not the user).

5. Always open asparagus cans from the bottom to avoid tip breakages.

6. To tenderize asparagus use a potato peeler to peel the stalks.

7. There is such a thing as white asparagus 0_o

8. If ridges form on your asparagus thats a sign of age, soaking in ice water will get them right as rain again (AAs please DO NOT eat out-of-date asparagus, it won't be pretty).

9. Always select firm, straight, smooth, rich green stalks with slightly closed tips, no other will do.

10. It was a delicacy to the Romans, Egyptians, and Greeks

11. In the De re coquinaria by Apicius, which is the oldest surviving recipe book in the world a recipe for asparagus can be found.

12. Asparagus can be pickled and stored for many years.

13. Peru is the largest exporter of asparagus closely followed by China and Mexico.

14. It has been grown in England for over 500 years but can also be found in the Mediterranean and Asia.

15. A psychic from the UK has claimed to be able to tell the future by throwing aparagus spears on the floor and seeing where they land.

16. A well cared for aparagus plant will normally be able to produce for an estimated time of 15 years!

17. Asparagus wasn't planted in America namely California until the 1860s.

18. Asparagus is sometimes referred to as the "Food of Kings".

19. In China asparagus spears are candied and served as a treat.

20. The best time to buy asparagus is between March and June.

Cooking Pot Recipes/Avatars


Well just incase you cannot fight the urge.........

Magic Potion + Sunflower Seeds= Asparagus

Chocolates + Asparagus= Chocolates Asparagus

Asparagus Balls + Brown Sauce = Saucy Veggie Balls

Chicken + Asparagus= Veggie Chicken


View the New Layout Explanation Page

Make sure you have the exact amount of NP as the price of Asparagus and visit the About Us page. *Please Note the price changes everyday*

Asparagus Recipes

These are straight from my Mother's own recipe book.
*Please note I did not make these recipes up myself nor did my Mother, They're from her wedding day present cookbook, which is over 30 years old*
Do you have an asparagus recipe you'd like to share? Then just Neomail Me

tbsp= Table Spoon Tsp= Tea Spoon
V= Suitable for Vegetarians.

Ham & Asparagus Rolls

4 slices of lean ham (about 100g)
75-100g of cream cheese
12 asparagus tips

1. Cut each slice of ham into 3 strips.
2. Spread with cream cheese.
3. Roll strips around the asparagus tips then skewer with cocktail sticks.
4. Chill lightly before serving.

Asparagus & Prawn Dip

4 tablespoons of canned chopped asparagus.
50-75g of peeled prawns, very finely chopped.
2x 150g cartons of natural yogurt.

1. Stir asparagus and prawns into yogurt.
2. Season to taste and then chill.
3. Before serving, transfer to bowl and garnish with olives.

Asparagus Mousse

3 level teaspoons of gelantin.
1/4 pint of water.
1/4 pint of fresh single cream.
Yolks and whites of 2 eggs.
1 level teaspoon of paprika.
1/2 level teaspoon of salt.
1 tablespoon of lemon juice.
175g of canned asparagus tips, very finely chopped.

1. Put gelatin and hot water into a basin, stir until dissolved over a pan of boiling water. Leave until lukewarm.
2. Warm the cream and then beat into the egg yolks.
3. Combine with dissolved gelatine and stir in paprika, salt and lemon juice.
4. When it's cold and just beginning to thicken, stir in chopped asparagus.
5. Beat egg white until stiff, and then gently fold into asparagus mixture.
6. Spoon into 4 large wine glasses and chill until firm.
7. Just before serving decorate with 2 asparagus tips each.
Serves 4

Poached Asparagus V

24 asparagus spears.
Hollandiase sauce.

1. Wash asparagus well and trim.
2. Put them into a large shallow saucepan or frying pan.
3. Half fill with unsalted water.
4. Bring them slowly to boil.
5. Then lower the heat.
6. You then cover the pan, simmer for 12-15 minutes (or until tender)
7. Drain and serve with the sauce.
Serves 4

Aspararice V

Courtesy of Maxi181
16 pieces of chopped asparagus
A bag of rice
1 bowl and a spoon

1. Boil rice.
2. Add Asparagus and heat on stove.
3. When ready pour into bowl and enjoy.
Serves 1

Asparagus with Tarragon Vinaigrette V

750g of thin asparagus spears
75ml of white wine vinegar
30ml of sunflower oil
2 tbsp of water
Black pepper & salt
1/2 tsp of caster sugar
2 tbsp of chopped tarragon
1 tbsp of chopped parsley

1. Cut off any woddy ends on the asparagus then ties into two bundles and stand them in a pan of boiling water with a pinch of salt.
2. Bring them to the boil cover with lid or foil and then simmer for 10 minutes.
3. Drain pan and keep liquid for either soup or stock if preferred.
4. Rinse asparagus with cold water then drain again and leave until completely cold.
5. Meanwhile add other ingredients to a screw-top jar with a pinch of salt and then shake until well blended.
6. When ready to serve lay the asparagus on plates, shake the dressing again and spoon over stems. (served cold)
Serves 2

Baby Asparagus Spears V

350g of baby asparagus spears, trimmed
Salt and ground black pepper
3 tbsp of low-fat sunflower or olive oil spread
2 tsp of lemon juice
1 tbsp of snipped chives
1tbsp of chopped parsely

1. Tie the spears into small bundles of four and stand them in a saucepan, half full of boiling water.
2. Add a pinch of salt and cover to cook for 6 minutes.
3. While leaving the lid on, turn off the heat and leave to stand for 5 minutes, then remove from pan and arrange on four small warmed plates.
4. Meanwhile melt the spread and add the lemon juice, herbs, a little pepper and spoon over the asparagus and serve.
Serves 4

More coming soon.

Asparagus Around The World

Ever wondered what other countries call asparagus?

Spain: Espárrago
Portugal: Espargos
Italy: Asparago
Greece: Σπαράγγι
Germany: Spargel
France: Asperges
Sweden: Sparris
Japan: Asuparagasu
Poland: Szparagi
Turkey: Kuşkonmaz
Romania: Sparanghel
Finland: Parsa
Denmark: Asparges(Thanks Zombie)
Hungaria: Spárga
Latvia: Sparģeļi
Afrika: Aspersies
Wales: Asbaragws

Useful Phrases

If your ever have a asparagus craving in another country use these useful phrases.

Where can I buy asparagus from?

Afrikaans: Waar kan ek Aspersies uit te koop?

Albanian: Ku mund të blej Asparagus nga?

Catalan: On puc comprar espàrrecs de?

Croatian: Gdje mogu kupiti od šparoga?

Czech: Kde mohu koupit Chřest ze?

Danish: Hvor kan jeg købe Asparges fra?

Dutch: Waar kan ik kopen Asperges uit?

Estonian: Kust saab osta spargel?

Filipino: Saan ako maaaring bumili ng asparagus? Thanks for correcting me Carissa :)

Finnish: Mistä voin ostaa parsa from?

French: Où puis-je acheter des asperges à partir de?

Galician: Onde podo mercar Espárrago de?

German: Wo kann ich Spargel aus?

Hungarian: Hol tudok vásárolni spárga?

Icelandic: Hvar get ég keypt Asparagus frá?

Indonesian: Dimana saya dapat membeli Asparagus dari?

Irish: Cá háit is féidir liom a cheannach ó Asparagus?

Italian: Dove posso comprare da asparagi?

Latvian: Kur es varu nopirkt sparģeļi?

Lithuanian: Kur galiu nusipirkti iš šparagų?

Norwegian: Hvor kan jeg kjøpe Asparagus fra?

Polish: Gdzie mogę kupić Szparagi z?

Portuguese: Onde posso comprar Espargos from?

Romanian:De unde pot cumpăra Sparanghel?Thanks for correcting draghy_85!

Slovenian: Kje lahko kupim Beluši iz?

Spanish: ¿Dónde puedo comprar espárragos de?

Swahili: Ambapo ninaweza kununua Asparagus kutoka?

Welsh: Ble galla i brynu Asbaragws o?

That asparagus was delicious, compliments to the chef!

Afrikaans: Dat aspersies was heerlik, komplimente aan die kok!

Albanian:Asparagus Kjo ishte e shijshme, komplimente për të kryekuzhinier!

Catalan:Espàrrecs que estava deliciós, saluda atentament a la xef!

Croatian: To je bila ukusna šparoga, pozdravi se kuhar!

Czech:Chřest, že byla výborná, úctu chef!

Danish: At asparges var lækkert, kompliment til kokken!

Dutch:Dat asperges was heerlijk, complimenten aan de chef!

Estonian: See spargel on väga maitsev, lugupidamist kokk!

Filipino: Na asparagus ay masarap, papuri sa mga pinakamahusay na!

Finnish: Että parsa on herkullista, tervehdyksensä kokki!

French: Que les asperges était délicieux, compliments au chef!

Galician: Espárrago que estaba delicioso, cumprimento ao xefe!

German: Das Spargel war köstlich, Kompliment an den Küchenchef!

Hungarian: Ez a spárga finom volt, tiszteletét a séf!

Icelandic: Það spergill var ljúffengur, hrós til matreiðslumaður!

Indonesian:Asparagus yang lezat, pujian kepada koki!

Irish: Bhí an asparagus delicious, compliments chun an cócaire!

Italian: Che gli asparagi era delizioso, complimenti al cuoco!

Latvian: Ka sparģeļi bija ļoti garšīgi, cieņu šefpavārs!

Lithuanian: Kad šparagai buvo skanus, pagarbą Chef!

Norwegian: Det asparges var deilig, komplimenter til kokken!

Polish: To było pyszne szparagi, pozdrowienia dla szefa!

Portuguese: Espargos que estava delicioso, cumprimentos ao chef!

Romanian: Acest Sparanghel a fost delicios, complimente bucatarului!Thanks for correcting draghy_85!

Slovenian: To šparglji je slastna, pozdrave kuhar!

Spanish: Espárragos que estaba delicioso, saluda atentamente a la chef!

Swahili: Avokado kwamba alikuwa ladha, pongezi kwa Chef!

Welsh: Dyna oedd asbaragws blasus, canmoliaeth i'r cogydd!


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