the sakura express mission. sakura express offers high quality premade css skeletons that are to be easy for every person to use (regardless of coding ability).

when i first started coding, i remember how seeing codes by other people helped me to understand what each line of code did. my hope is that through these codes, you can slowly learn to code on your own! for that reason, credit is appreciated for my layouts but not required. as long as they help you to become a stronger coder, my mission has been accomplished.
link back. all buttons are linked back to their creators!

welcome to sakura express
premade css site by hannah
last updated: may 31, 2016

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there's also a fixed navigation that pops out from behind the header when you have to scroll!

you can read the text on the layout preview for ideas on how to use this layout.



shifting colors


this layout looks best with a blurred or simple background. otherwise, it can be a bit of an eyesore!



when you hover over the images/boxes, the 'title' text will change to a description!

images will automatically be resized to fit into the boxes, but they may stretch. this may be better for a graphics portfolio than art, but it's your choice.


this layout has some super important notes regarding resizing on the preview image. if you're having trouble making the layout bigger or smaller, take a look there!




i encourage you to change the top image! you may have to adjust the link colors to make them legible, but there is much room for customization here.