kate's nqI guide

Welcome to my guide to the crazy world of Neoquest I. I have have basics for beginners, boss level recommendations, tips and hints, sk-ill point guide, a detailed step-by-step walkthrough, and more. It's everything you need to get yourself spiffy avatar and trophies! Whether you're brand-new to Neoquesting or an experienced player needing a memory refresh, this guide will help you meet all your Neoquest-related goals.

USE THE MAPS HERE: http://idnq.net/index.php?page=maps&rel=nq1

This guide refers to those maps a lot. They are amazing. I did not make them and do not take credit for them, but they are very helpful in conjuction with this walkthrough.

UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2017: I used to have marked-up versions of the maps to help you get through the maze parts. Since Photobucket changed to pay only, I had to take them down. Sorry. Just look carefully.

So scroll down, and get your adventure started! At the bottom are links to NQII guides and maps.

basics for beginners

Here are the very basics of NeoQuest I, for those of you that are totally lost. It's mostly common sense stuff. Experienced gamers can skip this section.

- Remember that data for this game is stored with the pet you are playing with! So whichever pet is active when you started the game, that's the pet who's actually playing. So whenever you play, have that same pet active.

- Move by clicking the arrows on the directional compass on the left - up is north, down is south, left is west, and right is east, plus all the ones in between.

- Talk to people by standing on top of them and then clicking the link that appears on the left, "Talk to Character Name."

- Enter buildings and caves and such places by standing on top of them, not beside them, and clicking Go! on the left. You also must stand on top of teleporters to make them work. When you stand on top of bosses, though, they will attack you automatically.

- Get to your inventory to equip items and use potions by clicking the link on the top that says View Items. Click on Use on the right to heal outside of battle, and click on Equip to equip spare weapons.

- On the top of the screen is where you can see your health and level. Click on View Sk-ills to reach the page where you can spend your sk-ill points. Spend sk-ill points by clicking on the names in the right column.

- Never use Normal mode; always be in Hunting or Sneaking. You either want to meet enemies or not, don't go in between!

- In battle, do a regular Attack by clicking the Attack button. If you need to heal, click on the name of a potion below that links when you've collected some potions. If your character can cast a spell, that link will be right under the Attack. Flee by clicking the Flee link in the bottom of the blue box. Never Do Nothing.

- If you die, you get sent back to Neopia City AND you lose a big chunk of XP. So don't die! It's worst do die when you're really close to a new level, becuase then you'll lose a lot of XP. If you just gained a level, you actually won't lose much. But it's still annoying.

boss level recommendations

Xantan - 13

Kreai - 17
Gors the Mighty - 22
Rollay Scaleback - 27

Archmagus of Roo - 32

Guardian of Life Magic - 40
Guardian of Spectral Magic - 41
Guardian of Shock Magic - 42
Guardian of Fire Magic - 43
Guardian of Ice Magic - 43

Faelinn - 45

Jahbal/Mastermind/Xantan Reborn - 50

hints and tips

- My recommended levels are for Normal Mode – in Evil and Insane Mode, it's probably a good idea to overtrain by one or two levels.

- Here is a good strategy for beating the later, harder bosses, and really, any opponent. First turn, use Absorption, and then use it again whenever it's available. After that, attack as much as you can but don't be stingy with your healing potions! Just remember to start off with Absorption, use it whenever possible, and then and heal and attack.

- In a battle, below your character is your health bar and something that tells you when your next turn is. If your character is about to die, remember that when you gain a level, you go back to full health. So if you're about to die and about to gain a level, use a weaker healing potion so you don't waste your strong ones.

- It's actually possible to skip the Dank Caves, Jungle Ruins, and Temple of Roo. But, you REALLY do not EVER want to do that, because it'll be really hard to finish the game without the weapons you get from those areas. So go ahead and do it all, you will end up saving yourself time.

- Use common sense! If it seems like the right thing to do, it probably is. This game is relatively simple. But don't be shy to neomail me with a question or point out a mistake!

- Follow the guide and use the maps, okay? It may be frustrating to walk all that way, or train for so long, or find those annoying items, but I promise, you need them.

sk-ills guide

So, the first thing you must do is start your game, and pick out your sk-ill points. You can read the text on the sk-ill page to understand how they work. You must spend a sk-ill point in the "base" of the tree first, the one labeled "____ Weapons." Then you can go to the next one. When you've spent there, you can go on, and etc. Basically, you have to start from the bottom of the tree, and nothing at the top of the tree can have more points than something at the bottom. Make sense? Probably not, but you'll figure it out; it's hard to explain.

You get seven points to start the game with, and as you can see, there are a lot of choices: Fire, Ice, Shock, Spectral, and Life. I'll give you a brief summary of each one and tell you which are best in my humble opinion.

Fire and Ice are very similar – offensive magics. It adds extra to your attack or gives you the option to cast a powerful attack on some turns. Though they all may sound appealing, I would NOT recommend spending any points in either of these sk-ill trees, as they are called. They're unreliable, and in later level, your normal attacks outweigh them. There are plenty more useful sk-ills to have in the came. So ignore these forever.

Next is the Shock sk-ill tree. Quite arguably the best out of all the sk-ill trees. Simple shock magic does some stunning, Disable makes the enemies a little bit less able to defend, and Fortitude helps you resist enemy magic attacks and stuns. Shockwave especially is fantastic – it stuns your opponent AND does damage, very helpful. All of these happen randomly in battle, no way to choose when they occur, by the way, but the more points you have, the stronger they will be and the more they will occur. So to start off, put four sk-ill points in this tree – one in each category.

Then there is Spectral magic, also very nice. It's an underrated sk-ill tree, but personally, I love it. Spectral Weapons is a little pointless, but you need it to get to the good ones. Evasion lets you evade some enemy attacks, as if they missed, but it's not very constant. It's fun when it happens, though. The next one, Absorption, is one of my all-time favorites, because it's what I'll call "castable." Meaning you can choose whenever you want to use it! It allows you to absorb the enemy's next attack and turn it into HP, whether it happens right after you cast the spell or a few turns later. Always use it at the start of battles, and then after that, whenever you can. Lastly is Reflex, another fun sk-ill – sometimes, when the enemy tries to attack you, your reflexes will be so amazing that they hit themselves! Heh. But anyway, for all I've said about this tree, DON'T put any points in it yet. You'll use this stuff later.

Lastly is another favorite. Life Magic. Spend your remaining three points here, in Life Weapons, Field Medic, and Life Steal. Life Weapons increases amount of HP you get from potions and sometimes heals you when you walk. Field Medic helps you regenerate HP randomly in battle, and Life Steal randomly steals a few HP from the enemy. They are very small numbers, but once you get a lot of points in this tree and are fighting long battles, it adds up, and these points are essential. You'll also see there's a fourth option in the Life Magic tree – Resurrection. I never put any points there. Because, if you're careful and follow this guide, you really shouldn't die, and it's a very small chance you'll actually get resurrected anyway. So don't waste points there, ever.

Okay, so in summary, spend 1 point on each of the Shock Magic sk-ills, 1 point on the first three Life Magic Sk-ills. Never spend points on the Fire and Ice Magic trees, and never spend points on Resurrection. Remember that later on you'll be spending points in Spectral Magic too. A good layout to end up with is below.

Spectral - 4 points in each category
Shock - 6 points in each category
Life - 6 points in Life Weapons, 5 points in Field Medic and Lifesteal

Spread your sk-ills evenly as you train so you end up with about that. So since you've got your sk-ills, it's time for your weapon. It doesn't matter at all which one you pick, they are all EXACTLY the same. So just pick your favorite color. If you get, say, a Shock Wand now, it doesn't mean you have to get a Shock Wand later. None of them have special abilities and they all have the same damage.

Now with your sk-ills and your wand, you're ready to start your grand adventure! Starting in Ancient Neopia, here we go! A quick note about NQI – the stats and data for the game are stored with a pet. So whichever pet is active when you start the game, that's the pet you're playing with, so make sure it's active every time you play so you don't have to start from the beginning!


Neopia City/Dank Cave
Okay, so you're in a little city, Neopia City. There's NPCs (non-player characters) all around you. You can't see them because they're sort of in the buildings, I guess; it's a bit weird. You don't need to worry about them yet, though; I'll tell you where and when you need to talk to them. So for now, just get right outside the city onto the plains and get into Hunting mode. The three modes are very useful – you'll pretty much only ever use Hunting or Sneaking, so get used to those. Hunting means a lot of enemies, Sneaking means hardly any, and Normal means a medium amount.

For the next eleven levels, you should be spending your sk-ill points like this. First put one in each of the Spectral Magic sk-ills. Then one in each Life Magic sk-ill (except Resurrection, that's always a given, NEVER put points in Resurrection). Then put one in each Shock Magic sk-ill. That takes care of you for a while. Once you get past that, you can choose how you want to distribute your points between those sk-ills based on what you like. I recommend going a little heavier on Shock and Life, and a little lighter on Spectral, but whatever you like.

So hunt around battling the Imps outside the city until you're about level 3. If you ever need to heal, go to the guy in the upper left corner of Neopia City. You may notice that, in addition to getting potions and XP from enemies, you'll get random items. Never destroy these – you need them for weapons and armor! Once you're level 3, stray a little father from Neopia City so you're fighting Plains Lupes and Plains Aishas. They'll drop glowing stones, along with various other things. Get about 4 or 5 glowing stones, just be safe; you need them later on. Here's what you need for your first armor upgrade.

Cloth Robes: a glowing stone, a plains lupe pelt, and a blue thread
Energy Shield: a glowing stone, a chunk of metal, and a small yellow gem

You only need to get ONE piece of armor. These are both identical, so it doesn't matter which you get. Just get whichever one you get all the items for first by going to the building in the bottom left and talking to the guy there. Give him the items (you don't have to go through the whole conversation), and he'll give you your armor. So train to level 5 and get armor, equip it through your Inventory (link to the right), and then proceed up and to the left to the first dungeon, the Dank Cave, located in the Hills of Jub.

Enter caves, ruins, stairs, ramps, etc. by standing on the entrance and clicking the Go! link that appears to the right. So now you're in the Dank Cave. Using the maps, proceed to the ramp-thing in the bottom right and go to the next level, Hunting mode all the way through. You need to get a LOT of levels before the first boss, so might as well get them here.

In the next floor, do the same thing: use the maps, get through it, and Hunt all the way. Use potions when you need to, it's really no fun to die. If you die, you lose XP and get sent back to Neopia City. So don't die! On this floor, there's a pointless NPC, talk to him by standing on top of him if you want, but it's not necessary. Also, you might start getting some tiny gemstones – there's plenty of time to collect them, but you'll end up needing two Tiny Beryls, so keep an eye out for that. Make your way to the stairs and on through the third floor. Just train, heal, and get to the stairs.

Now you're on the last level of this cave, and it's a bit like a maze. Here you need to collect some more items for your next upgrades. If you haven't already got them, get two Tiny Beryls. You'll also need a Corroded Aluminum Rod. You could get other rods and other gems and get a different wand that's completely the same as the one I'm suggesting, but for the sake of simplicity, just get those items. You'll be fighting a lot in this maze, since you need to be level 13 soon, so it shouldn't be hard to find the items.

As you near the end of the maze, you also need to think about your next armor upgrade. There's two options.

Mirrored Force Field: Piece of Glass, Lodestone, Tiny Obsidian, Glowing Stone, Xantan's Ring
Magic Robe: Cave Lupe Pelt, Stretch of Rotted Cloth, Tiny Obsidian, Glowing Stone, Xantan's Ring

They're both identical, and you'll probably get enough items for either, but make sure you don't attack Xantan before you have enough items for one of them (excluding the Ring, you get that from the boss). So, if you've got all the items you need and you're level 13, go ahead and attack that little muddy thing that is your first boss, Xantan!

He's really not that tough, but be sure to use plenty of potions so you don't die. A good strategy for bosses (and any battle, really) is to use Absorption first, stay the yellow health zone (green at lower levels), and then attack normally, using Absorption whenever it pops up. Sooner or later, you'll have Xantan defeated, and you'll get XP, NPs, and most importantly, Xantan's Ring! Take the teleporter spot out the cave, and make your way back to Neopia City.

Now, get your new weapon from the guy in the center of the city. Give him the Tiny Beryl, Corroded Aluminum Rod, a glowing stone, and Xantan's Ring and he'll give you the Silver Wand. Equip it. Go to the bottom right corner to get your armor from Choras Tillie, giving her the set of whatever items you got. Make sure it's EXACTLY the right items for that ONE peice of armor. Equip that too, and now you're ready for the next part of the game!

Jungle Ruins
This next section is one of the most tedious parts of the entire game. So you're in Neopia City, right? Head south to that area of the map with the weird-looking palm trees on the Peninsula. You can Sneak through here, all the enemies are pitifully weak. Go all the way to the ruins on the peninsula, stand on them, and enter the Jungle Ruins.

Inside, there are two sets of stairs. You don't need to worry about the northern ones yet. Go to the stairs in the little corridor to the east, and descend to the first dungeon of these Ruins. Here, switch back to Hunting mode, because you'll need quite a few levels before the next boss. Ignore the stairs right by you, and, looking at the map, start navigating your way to Kreai.

In my experience, this has always been a pretty hard dungeon to get through, even at level 13. If you find you're burning through potions very quickly, back up to the easier enemies until you gain a level. You shouldn't have to use 3 potions every battle, and your health shouldn't be constantly low. Also, there's two items you need to get in this dungeon. Make sure you get a Jungle Beast Claw and a Noil's Tooth.

Anyway, if you're not dying miserably, it shouldn't take too long to get to Kreai. Be level 17 before you challenge him. He's pretty tough, but with Absorption and potions, he shouldn't be too troubling, even with his magical attacks. Behind him is a teleporter back to those stairs you saw before – stand on the teleporter and return to the beginning of the dungeon. Now go down those stairs that you skipped over the last time you were here.

Still on Hunting mode, right? Good. Look at the map for this level, Jungle Ruins Dungeon 2. That mass of teleporters looks confusing, doesn't it? Well, it's really not. Hunt your way through the first part of the dungeon (skipping those stairs you come across). Again, make sure you're not burning through too many potions each battle. There's one item you need to find on this level, too: don't leave without Jungle Pauldrons. They'll be found on Jungle Lords.

Entering the teleporter maze, you should be level 18 or 19 – train more if you're not, you're going to have to soon anyway. The map has all the teleporters labeled with numbers and letters, but the only ones you need to worry about are the ones that lead to the next boss. As the map says, you'll need to take teleporters 3, 2, 1, and G. If you don't understand, look at it this way. There's three teleporters you can reach from the start - take the one labeled 3. That one corresponds to the teleporter labeled 3 that you can't reach. So on and so on. Get it? This is kinda confusing, feel free to mail me with a question. Basically, do this: On the map, go through portal 3 first, then to portal 2 then go through portal 1, and at last go to portal G to get to Gors.

Drag into address bar for full size.

If you manage to make it to Gors, good for you! His level is full of tough opponents, but that's good, because you need to sit around and do a LOT of leveling up here. Be level 22 before attacking Gors. He can stun for 2 rounds and attack for potentially 30 damage each round, so make sure your HP stays very high! Dying sucks. And yes, there are tables and chairs around him, you can walk over them in this level. At level 22, you can use Absorption and potions and wear down the big bad meepit-thing. He'll give you the Staff of Ni-Tas, XP, and NP, and give you access to a teleporter that takes you back to the stairs in Dungeon Level 2.

Now you need to get your next weapon. Go back to the very first floor of the Jungle Ruins, the level where you could leave if you wanted to. Go to those stairs at the top, and you'll be on Jungle Ruins, Tower Level 1. See, on the map, there's a dude on the left side? Get to him and stand on top of him to have a little chat. He's Denethir, and he makes wands! So hand over your Jungle Beast Claw, Glowing Stone, Noil's Tooth, Jungle Pauldrons, and the Staff of Ni-Tas and he'll give you an awesome weapon – the Nature Wand! With that equipped, you'll heal 25 HP randomly in battle. It's quite handy.

But you're not done with the Jungle Ruins yet. Go all the way back down to Dungeon Level 2 and go down that staircase you skipped before. Now you should be in Dungeon Level 3 – the biggest one yet. Don't freak out when you see the map! It takes a while, but nothing you cannot handle. You should be level 22, so you'll need five levels before the next boss. Yes, five, but they're not that hard. Just go through the entire map on Hunting mode. If you find the enemies are causing you lots of damage, back up and train a level before proceeding.

After that fun, you should eventually make it to level 27. Remember to be spending your points fairly evenly between Shock, Life, and Spectral Magic – slightly heavier in Shock, or whatever you prefer. Anyway, at level 27, you are ready to take on the big bad boss, Rollay Scaleback. He should be a cinch when you're this highly trained – I recommend it for a reason! Just use Absorption and potions often, and attack at every other opportunity. He'll be bird food in no time – just beware of his stunning and healing.

He'll give you the Rusty Medallion, which becomes important later on, and of course, NP and XP. Always good. So take the teleporter behind him, navigate back the way you came, and get out of the Jungle Ruins, there is nothing else you need to do here. If you really want to, you can go up past Denethir in the tower and talk to a bunch of pointless NPCs to get plot information and then walk all the way back down. But don't do it, it's totally pointless, no enemies to fight anyway. So, just get out and get back to Neopia City. You're done with the Jungle Ruins!

Temple of Roo
You are now in Neopia City once again. You actually don't need to do anything here, so go ahead and head northwest, past the Hills of Jub and through the Swamp. You can Sneak through all this – the enemies are too weak to give you XP, and unless you're very low on potions, there's no items you need from them. Because you still have a spare Glowing Stone and Tiny Beryl, right? Good! So get to Swamp Edge City, that tiny building on the left side of the map. There's two NPCs here, and they'll make you your new armor. But first, you have to get some stuff for them.

Dawnshine Generator Shield ("hunk of junk"): Spider Leg, Spider Pincer, Cobra Fang, and Iguana Eye
Sorcerous Robe ("old robe"): Giant Spider Blood, Cobra Venom, Iguana Spit, and Crystallized Mummy Blood.

They don't say what they have outright, unfortunately, but use common sense – they've got shields for you. One says they have a hunk of junk; that's the Shield. The other has an old robe; that's the Robe. So venture South into the Desert of Roo to find the items. Both of these pieces of armor are identical, so get whichever one you find the items for first. You'll find some items in the northern half of the desert, and some in the southern, so explore everywhere till you get them all! Chances are, you won't get much XP from these guys, if any, but you need this armor, so it's not a waste of time.

Once you have all the items, go back to Swamp Edge City, get the armor, and equip it. Now you're ready for the next dungeon – the Temple of Roo. You're getting close to the avatar, I promise! So enter the cave in the desert, and proceed on past the crazy old dude Erick. You don't need to talk to him now, but you can if you want to. Walk on past him and continue through the enormous ground level of the Temple.

Always be in Hunting Mode through here. I'd also recommend going the long way to the stairs, because you need to be at least level 30 before going to the next level. So, as you fight your long and boring way through, you should find that it's not that difficult. Just tedious. It'll get harder. Before you leave this level, make sure you get a Piece of Living Crystal from a crystal golem in the last part of the level. So, at level 30, proceed down the ramp and into the next level.

It looks fairly small, but it's more complicated than you might think. Again, you're going to have to stay on Hunting mode throughout, so get used to lots of walking and lots of fighting. See how the maps have the rooms numbered? You need to go through the rooms in that order. So go to the room marked Key 1 and walk around in Hunting mode until an enemy drops a key for you. With that key, you can enter the room marked Key 2. In room two, you'll Hunt around till you get another key, which opens the room marked Key 3, and so on. Get it? If not, drop me a neomail.

Make sure you get an Emerald from one of the enemies on this floor. Once you get that and get through all the numbered rooms, you'll get the key that opens the door to the Archmagus of Roo's room. He's a pretty tough boss as well; beware of his stunning and healing and magical attacks. But if you're at level 32, it shouldn't be too hard. So defeat him, get his items, XP, and NP, and you've completed the Temple of Roo!

Of course, what you want now is the avatar, right? Be patient, you're very close! Take the teleporter to get to the entrance of the Temple of Roo again. Go back to Erick, and he'll clear up the Clouded Gem you got from the Archmagus, giving you a Coruscating Gem. And guess what - avatar! Congratulations!

If you want to go on for the trophy, read on. If yo want to be done, that's fine too, but come on – you've made it this far! It's still quite a ways to the trophy, but you might as well get it.

Make your way back to the Desert of Roo. Quickly, visit the fields to the south and fight enemies until one of them drops a Carved Oaken Staff. You'll get it froma Grarrl of some sort - if you don't meet any in the hills under the desrt, go to the plains under the hills. You need that staff. Once you've got it, go back up to Swamp Edge City for an important gemstone. You can Sneak now; it's pointless to fight.

In Swamp Edge City, talk to Leirobas, who'll make you a jewel of your choice. First you have to give him that Piece of Living Crystal you snagged in the Temple. Then, he'll tell about a bunch of jewels, but all you need to do is get the right one. So give him that Tiny Beryl you've held on to for so long, one of your extra Glowing Stones, and the Emerald from the temple. You now have a Growing Jewel!

Sneak back to Erick, and hand him the Growing Jewel, the Coruscating Gem, and the Carved Oaken Staff. He'll give you the Life Staff, one of the best weapons in the game – it gives you the option of healing 100hp once or twice during the battle. You can choose to use that heal whenever you want.

As a reminder, you should be level 32, using the Life Staff and Dawnshine Generator Shield or Sorcerous Robe, and spending your sk-ill points however you like in Shock, Life, and Spectral Magic. And now it's time for the next part of the game.

Techo Caves
The Techo Caves, south of the Desert of Roo, are really, really annoying and confusing. See how they're numbered on the Ancient Neopia, West map? Pay attention to that. When you click on the map for a particular cave, it'll show the entrances and exits, and tell you which caves you can access if you go through that exit. Understand? Well, if not, just try to follow this guide and you'll be fine; if you get lost, neomail me.

So enter Cave 1. There's a Jetsam there, Mr. Irgo, and he'll make you your next piece of armor, but you have to get some items first. I recommend the Energy Absorber, because sometimes it'll convert damage done to you into hit points. Finally, armor with awesome abilities! The items you need for that are Piece of Agate, Piece of Chrysolite, and Piece of Serpentine. All of these can be found in Cave 1 or Cave 2. Switch to Hunting and get to the exit labeled Caves 2, 3. On the way, you'll probably get a Piece of Agate, and maybe a Piece of Chrysolite. Either way, leave Cave 1 and enter Cave 2, as labeled on the Ancient Neopia, West map. These enemies shouldn't be too tough, especially with your new Life Staff – hopefully you'll be able to stock up on potions. Use the Life Staff every battle, even if you don't really need it; it's fun to be at full HP all the time!

In Cave 2, Hunt around the entrance until you get a Piece of Serpentine, and, if you didn't get one before, a Piece of Chrysolite as well. Once you have all the items you need, Hunt back to Mr. Irgo and give him the items for your new Energy Absorber. Equip it, and then Hunt back to Cave 2. And yes, you must Hunt all the way through Cave 2 as well, and then hang out right in front of the exit until you're level 36. I know, long wait, but it's necessary. Remember, if you find the enemies are too tough to handle with ease, backtrack and train a level before moving on.

Once level 36, leave Cave 2 and enter Cave 4. This place is big, but luckily, you don't have to worry about Cave 5 or that strange locked room, because no one's ever found a key to it. I think it's just there to frustrate us. So ignore it, and Hunt all the way to the exit labeled Sunny City. You only need to do one thing in Sunny City. Talk to the NPC Gali Yoj, and give him the Rusty Medallion you got all the way back in the Jungle Ruins. He'll polish it and give you the Keladrian Medallion, something that comes in very handy in the future!

With that, go back the way you came. Hunt through Cave 4 and leave through the exit marked Cave 2, the same one you used to enter. Now, yes, you've got to Hunt all the way back through Cave 2 as well. Exit to reach Caves 1, 3. You'll probably have to constantly refer back to the Ancient Neopia, West map to figure out where you're headed. Now enter Cave 3, a few steps east of Cave 2. It's also large, and full of pretty weak enemies. If you're getting no XP from them, then Sneak. If you're getting even just a little, Hunt. Trust me.

You need to fight your way to the exit marked Caves 6, 7. Once there, don't leave yet. Train until you're level 38. It'll take awhile, but again, you need it. As soon as you reach level 38, leave Cave 3 and enter Cave 6, the one to the west of where you came out. Cave 6 is, thankfully, small. So Hunt through it if you get a little XP, and go up the stairs marked Mountain Fortress. You'll come out a few steps away from another pile of ruins.

When you enter the pile of ruins, you'll be in the Mountain Fortress. If you look at the map, you'll see that there's six bosses spread out. First, make sure you're on Hunting mode, and then start heading to the Guardian of Life Magic area in the southeast. You'll meet a lot of Guardians and Protectors on the way, and they might drop armor. By the time you get to the Life Gaurdian, make sure you've gotten and Inferno Robe and equipped it – it's your last armor upgrade, and it's the best one in the game! It'll focus your attack, giving you an extra 3-10 damage in your attack. You might also find an Evening Sun Energy Shield, another good shield. If you get that before the Robe, equip it, but the robe is better in the end.

Once you have your Robe, train in the Life Guardian's area until you're level 40. These Life Guardian Protectors are pretty awesome enemies for you to fight – they're not too hard, and they give out lots of XP. So, at level 40, attack the Guardian of Life Magic. Even though he heals, it shouldn't be hard, just long and boring. Keep healing and wearing him down until he dies.

You'll get XP, NP, and most importantly – the Moonstone Staff! Your last weapon upgrade, and the best one in the game. That's why I made you go to the Life Guardian first. Equip the Moonstone Staff – it heals you every turn for 4hp, and can randomly heal for 30 – 45 hp. You might miss your Life Staff's 100hp heal, but trust me, this is better.

Now it's up to you where to go next. You've got to defeat each Guardian, and it doesn't matter in what order. Just stay on Hunting mode, because you must be level 44 before leaving the Mountain Fortress. Each Guardian will drop a weapon, but you really don't need any of them, the Moonstone is by far the best.

Once you've beaten all the Guardians and gotten to level 44, you're ready to leave. Exit the same way you came in and go back through Cave 6. You can Sneak now, also. Exiting Cave 6, you'll find yourself in the mountains in Ancient Neopia, West again. Now enter the last Techo Cave, Cave 7, and stay on Sneaking. Even though it's big, it shouldn't take you long to reach the exit marked Great Plateau. Guess what? You're done with the Techo Caves!

Kal Panning
You're getting so close! Your next goal is Kal Panning. Stay in Sneaking mode until you enter the city, because all these enemies outside here are weak, and you should have plenty of potions. But once you enter the city, immediately switch to Hunting, because you need to do some training here! The enemies here, though not particularly high-level, are annoying. Because they'll drain you of life constantly. So, just to be safe, keep your HP above 100 at all times. You may have to start using potions in battle again. Don't be too stingy, it's awful to die here.

Anyway, use the Kal Panning map to find your way to Faelinn, remembering that you can't walk on the dirt, but you can walk on sand. Make sure that before you attack Faelinn you are level 45, 46 if you can stand it, because once she's gone, there will not be any more enemies in this area to fight. So if you're at level 45 or 46, go ahead and challenge her.

Remember that annoying trip you made to Sunny City just to polish a medallion? Well, this is why. When you enter the battle with Faelinn, right below "Attack" and "Cast Absorption" there will be an option to "Show Faelinn the Keldrian Medallion", or something along those lines. Click that – and guess what, you win! You'll still get the XP, NPs, and everything, but you don't have to fight at all. Fun, huh?

So anyway, if you want, you can talk to Faelinn's Ghost for pointless plot info and all that jazz. But now, with her dead, Kal Panning is restored and enemy-free, and the last part of the game is available to you now. So, you might as well switch to Sneaking Mode and make your way out of the city. Go back through the woods the way you came, and then, back in Ancient Neopia, Southeast, enter the Two Rings Cave. Not much farther now!

Two Rings
In the Two Rings Cave, switch back to Hunting Mode again. It's a small cave with no enemies, but you'll have to train a lot after this. Since you've got the key from Faelinn, pass through the gate (you don't need to talk to the gatekeeper Techo) and head on out into the Two Rings Range. The map for the Range is part of the Ancient Neopia, Southeast map.

You've got to do a lot of leveling up here. I recommend Hunting until you're right next to the Two Rings Palace, but don't enter yet. Train right out here until you're level 47. Yes, it'll take a while and it will be very annoying, but trust me, just do it! Remember, don't die, use potions if you must.

At level 47, you are ready to take on the Two Rings Palace. The place is full of evil Chia opponents that love to drain you of HP. They can drain you of 100hp in one turn – so NEVER let your HP fall below that! I had to use a lot of potions in here, but fortunately, they'll drop some for you too. So Hunt all the way to the Level 2 stairs in the upper left corner. Yes, there's a door, but you can just walk through it, you don't need a key. Do not leave Level 1 until you are level 49.

When you're level 49, go up the stairs to Level 2. It's smaller and with slightly tougher enemies who still love to drain. You should find yourself getting some Spirit Healing Potions, too; try and save those. Superior Healing Potions should be plenty enough to save you during the 100hp drains. Anyway, make your way through the hallway, water maze, and pillar maze, Hunting all the way. Remember than on the pillars, you can sort of walk through them diagonally, if that makes sense. Just try to go as straight as possible.

Before you enter the left side "garden" with the four water ponds, train until you're level 50, the maximum level. Once you get it, congratulations! Get on Sneaking mode and you never need to fight an enemy again! Well, except for the final boss. But anyway. Now that you've got all your level and all your sk-ill points, you should have 3 or 4 points in each Spectral sk-ill, 6 or 7 points in each Shock sk-ill, and 5 or 6 points in each Life sk-ill.

Go up that final set up stairs to the final level of the game. Walk across the red carpet, and there's the boss, Jahbal. He's an enormous, nasty piece of work, but I actually did not find him too difficult to defeat. Beware, though: he can stun, cast Ice and Fire damage, and heal. So keep your health VERY HIGH. I recommend over 200 at all times. So use potions when you must – that's where those Spirit Healing Potions will come in handy. Other than stayed healing, just Cast Absorption and then attack regularly as much as possible. The most important thing is staying alive; you will wear him down eventually as long as you don't die, no matter how often he heals.

Once you've beaten him, you've beaten the game! Congratulations! You'll be awarded 5,000 nps and a Bronze Trophy! You'll even get XP, and when you click continue, you'll still be in the game! But, there's really nothing to do, so don't bother hanging around. You're done! Unless, of course, you're on Evil or Insane mode. If you are playing on Evil mode, you will immediately have to fight Mastermind as well. If you're on Insane mode, you will have to fight all the bosses in a row – Jahbal, then Mastermind, then Xantan Reborn.

A quick note about those guys – be very cautious! If you lose to Mastermind or Xantan Reborn on Evil or Insane, respectively, you will get a complete and total GAME OVER. Not fun. So just be very, very, very cautious and you'll win. It's not too hard, and if you've gotten that far, way to go! You're completely, totally, forever finished!


Normal Mode
- 5,000 neopoints
- Bronze Trophy

Evil Mode
- 7,500 neopoints
- Silver Trophy

Insane Mode
- 10,000 neopoints
- Gold Trophy

You will also get neopoints every time you gain a level and defeat a boss. It adds up, so Neoquest I is actually a pretty lucrative game in the end!


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