The mighty Lupe!

Good Day guest, I am maayia's Lupe. My name is MayaFursona. How are you? Don't be afraid of me and my teeth. Okay?


As Lupes go, I am doing very well, thank
you for asking. I am a level 7, and am 102639 hours old. I have many friends and relish their loyalty and open minds.

Would you like to know more about, maayia, my owner? You should Neomail them. They would like that very much. Who knows, you may even become Neofriends or buy something from our shop. *wink wink nudge nudge*

Did you know that us Lupes need constant care and exercise? If not, we'll become very lazy. So get us to Grundo's Gym as fast as you can!

Run Lupe, Run!

Many of the exciting exploits of the Lupe species are all well documented, including much of the debate between Lupes and Chias. Read all about it in the Neopian Times.

Like all Lupes, I take great pleasure in reading tales of dramatic action from all over Neopia, as well as snacking on a few of my favourite Chia Treats (see below).

These are some of my favourite things....

Give your loyal NeoPet a treat with this great Chia shaped gingerbread men. Not just for Lupes. *wink wink nudge nudge*
Aww it looks almost too cute to eat! My mouth is watering just looking at it.
Hmmmm, this looks suspiciously like Beef Jerky... but it tastes nothing like a Chia of course...

Did somebody say, "CHIA ON A STICK???" I didn't think so. Yummmm, Candy Chia Apple!
I just love the taste of strawberries, don't you?

All 'bout Me

Strength 12
Speed 14
Defence 9
Hit Points 15
Max Hit Pts 15
Intelligence 15

One Word: Delicious!

An apple a day!

What a purdy


If Neopia gives
you lemons...

Is it Peach


So sweet and
so cold.


Looks gross,