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I hope your visit will be pleasant


Hello and welcome to the Draik Glade! My name is Emma, but you can call me Emo or Jackal as you wish! I'm pretty laid back, so don't expect to be under any kind of pressure when applying for my draiks!

I made the Glade because after completing all my neopoint goals and I have far too much spare np :) I enjoy reselling as a hobby, and used to restock and snipe on my old (and ironically faster) computer. So what do I do? Hatch and paint draiks to be put ufa of course!

Got an unwanted draik? Don't want to put him ufa or pound? I also take in unwanted draiks, repaint them a colour of YOUR choice in your honour, then put them ufa! I will put in all my time and effort, and never rest until I know your draik is put in a good home :) Mail me if you wish to surrender your draik!

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Up For Adoption

Read all rules before applying!

no draiks currently ufa


Please read all before Applying

IMPORTANT! Read all info about the draik you want to apply for in the 'ufa' section before sending in an app, still follow these rules unless I say something else in the 'ufa' section!

♥ Neomail and petpage apps are both accepted, I don't care how many neomails you use, if you do a petpage application, please add a disclaimer you were not forced to. I DO NOT REQUIRE PETPAGE APPS!
♥ It's obvious to me when you don't read ALL the rules and draik info. Make sure you read everything. Respect and listen to what I have to say, as you expect me to read and respect your application.
♥ Draiks CAN be retraded, or painted, as long as you state all your plans in your application, but please, no labbing.
♥ Please list or link to all your side accounts.
♥ Do not lie, you are lying to yourself, and I can see right through you.
♥ DO NOT neomail anything other then questions to my main, please know I do not reply to any apps.
♥ Only mail apps to the account listed under the draiks in the 'ufa' section, for the draik you are applying for.
Yes they are all my draiks, but I like apps for different draiks going to different sides so they don't get cluttered or mixed up.
♥ You may not apply for more than one draik at a time. If you are applying to retrade, simply apply for 'any and all draiks' this means you will be considered for all with one app.
♥ I can wait for accounts to age
♥ You may not apply for other people
♥ No whiner babies

Now, every month there are a few applicants or, as I like to call them, whiner babies, who see fit to question and to complain about their rejection. So let's get one thing straight...

My word is law.

My judgment is final.

So there will be no "whiner babies,"...
are we clear?

Although if you feel you want to know why I didn't choose you, please mail me and I'll tell you what I honestly felt about your application. I want you walking away from this experience not missing out, but becoming equipped with knowing how you might be able to improve.

PLEASE however request a review within 10 days after the deadline, I can't keep these apps forever, they will all be cleared after 10 days. I've had people mail me up to a month later.

By applying for my draiks you understand that;

♥ You will not bad mouth or complain about me or any applicants on the boards. If you have a problem, mail me.
♥ You will not cause any drama or flames because of something you don't like about the glade, me, or an applicant on the boards. You will mail me.
♥ You will not confront any applicant you find to be breaking any of my rules or neo rules, you will mail me.

Only when you understand this, will you be allowed to apply for my draiks. I have been flamed and hated on too many times for no reason, which is why I am really putting my foot down.

By chatting on my boards, or trying to be my friend will NOT give you a better chance of adopting. I HATE forced conversation, and when I read apps I am in 'foster mode', it doesn't matter if we have or haven't spoken before.

And the last rule:

♥ Add the word carrot in your application, so I know you read all this. If you do not add just this one little word, your application will not be considered.

Frequently asked questions

still don't have an answer? mail me!

How many apps has -draiknamehere- received?
I will NEVER be giving out the number of applications any draik has received until after the deadline :) So please don't ask. This is because at the end of the day, if you are afraid of the competition simply don't apply. If you really care about the pet, who cares how many people are applying, just go for it!

Why do you do this for others?
I started out with nothing, just like everyone else, no points, no fancy pets, nothing of value. So when someone showed me kindness, and gifted me the baby paint brush I used on Max4748, I have been inspired and motivated to show others the same kindness since.

Can I apply for a pet?
Yes, anyone is entitled to apply for a pet, there are no requirements. I am not biased towards friends, nor do I choose people because I already know them.

I already have a draik! Can I still apply?
Of course! I don't care if you have one draik already or even fifteen! Anyone can apply, and it won't decrease your chances.

What do you look for in a potential owner?
While I cannot say all the things I look for, because people will just try and be that person, I do look at accounts, pet lookups and petpages for all your pets. I like to see that you are active on the site and put in the effort to do something with your pets :)

I would love to make a donation!
Then you are a very kind person indeed! But sadly I don't think tnt allows for this kind of thing anymore! So I will no longer be taking donations of any sort ^^

Can we reuse applications?
Of course you can! I have no problem at all with this! Nor do I have a problem with you reusing just sections of your application such as an 'about me' or 'permanent pets' section :)

How do you make neopoints?
I make neopoints from many different ways, mostly restocking and sniping.
If you hover around the auctions at 80+ sometimes people mess up their one-bid-wins, making items cheaper! This tip helped me out a lot when I was first starting out. For pros like me (lol), I hang out at kauvara's sniping morphing potions, this is very hard if you don't have a good internet connection. For the less experienced, I recommend the toy shop and plushie palace, as you get better even try usuki land!
Another good way of earning nps is from habitarium, while I do not use mine anymore, it's still alright, and yes! it is possible to earn 100k a day from habi (once you get to lvl 50 of course!)
I also bother to do the '100k a day' game challenge, just poogle if you are unsure. It's pretty much playing loads of easy games 3 times a day, and earning as many nps as possible. It's truly worth it! Every point adds up. If you are really smart, try the stock market! I tried once, but it wasn't for me! You may have better luck though.

I also used to get many kind donations from others to support this dream granting! So thank you all those who have donated!

*UPDATE* As of mid 2013 I retired to the quiet life of reselling. This is when you buy an item at a low price, and sell it higher to make a profit. If you want to try this yourself, start off with something easy, usually one item. Get to know it's price, and the highest and lowest it sells for. For example when I started doing this, I started with tyrannian paintbrushes, at the time they were worth around 200k? So I would buy them at around 105-115k, then sell for 150k+. I would keep doing this with the same item, because I felt comfortable. Then I slowly moved up, selling items with larger value. As this happens you always get to know a lot about items worth, and their true worth. Try not to buy items when they are inflated, and always watch out for a 'false inflation', this is when people buy up almost all of an item to increase it's price, this is not allowed, and if you see someone trying to do it, you should alert tnt. Never undersell yourself, patience will get you the best offers! Don't be desperate! And goodluck!

The Facts

some good things to read

Thinking of applying but feel a little discouraged? Let me try and set some things straight :)

The Competition
The Competition for my draiks is not that tough, because I put so many ufa so often, people usually wait for the perfect draik to come ufa, instead of applying for all of them. My first draik got over 160 apps, but since then the number of apps submitted have decreased with each draik I put ufa. The average number of apps my draiks get is 20-30, the lowest ever being 6 for a snow draik.

If competition is still turning you off, then think about this, if you care enough about the pet, competition should not matter to you, or how much of a chance you have. You should just think you are lucky enough to have the chance at all! And make the most of it! I am a uc enthusiast, and have applied for 30+ ucs in the past, and have ever only been chosen for 1. My trick? Never give up! If you get rejected, try again! Don't let it get you down, look at it as an opportunity to get better!

The Application
Not that good at making apps? Or are you one of those people that don't try? Doesn't matter to me! Absolutely anyone can write a simple neomail app. If you have enough time to complain on my board that you can't make apps, you have enough time to send in a mail. Here's the fact, I like looking at the status of your account and current pets more. I'm not looking for someone with trophy pets and loads of avvies, I'm looking for people that seem active on the site, and put effort in to their account and pets.

Even if it's not a strong point, coding or customization, you can tell me that! Don't try and impress me by being someone you aren't, when I read your app, I am reading you! So make sure it is YOU!

The Intimidation
Don't feel intimidated by me or my ufa draiks, because I for one do not bite! In fact just mail me, maybe about cheese or something! And we can chat. Don't feel threatened by competition either, if some amazing artist is applying, and they 'seem' better then you, don't let it get to you! Because I will appreciate you for who you are and what you can do, just the same as anyone else. Everyone has a chance with my draiks, so don't ever say you don't stand a chance!

The Donations
In the past, very kind people donated to the Glade! With the 25 draiks I had adopted out before the Glade went on hiatus, 10 mil was donated or discounted off eggs and pbs! Thank you so much everyone for your generosity! It's because of you, that so many more people were able to get their dreams :) (10 mil is rounded, yes I actually did the math :'D)

Memorable Donations:

lunar_veil for the mystery island paint brush 29/03/13

revolutioners for the baby paint brush, snow paintbrush x2 and speckled paint brush 05/04/13

firwlf for the 1 million neopoints 20/04/13

linkinpark_lovergirl for selling me 5 pde's at 1 mil each!

The Representatives
The people listed below are the ONLY people allowed to advertise the Glade. They have my full permission to answer any and all questions you have. If you see anyone else advertising, please notify me.

Gromit the Great

Gemmaa the Marvelous

Mariah the Awesome

The Stalkers
Been stalking the Glade? Mail me your favourite petpet to be added here!

The Testimonials
Here are all the nice things people have said about the glade. Want to add a testimonial? Mail me! emo_angel48 :)

Aww, your testimonial's page looked so lonely! Have no fear though! I just wanted to let you and the whole Neo-world know that you/what you do is wonderful! How many people on Neopets are willing to fork out the neopoints to hatch/paint a TON of draiks just to give away? Not many, which is what makes you amazing. Keep rocking, Emma! ^~^
~Sandy (sandy4555225)

Although I haven't really talked to Emma before, I've seen her make boards about the Draik Glade, and I must say that what she's done for it so far is AMAZING; adopting out draiks to people as permie pets or helping them reach their dream pet! It's extremely nice of her for creating the Draik Glade in the first place!! Keep up the great work Emma!!
~Kirbi (toadrocks12)

Hi, I just wanted to say, I think what you do with your draik adoption agency is just awesome! Its so nice of you to give other neopians the chance to own a gorgeous draikie.
~Lorena (blueberrypiegirl)

I came across your draik adoption page whilst browsing the boards and decided to take a look at the work you are doing. It's such an inspiring story that you dedicate your time to giving others happiness. It is indeed rare i come across such kindness that it really has made my day to read all about it. I hope you continue to spread this kindness as the world certainly needs more people like you. Thank you for that, and best wishes,
~L.H (lady_harkness)

Hello everyone,My name Is Melissa and The draik glade is a wonderful place,run by an even more wonderful neopian,i was surfing a dreamie boards when i came across Emma who runs the Glade,she offered me to adopt a beautiful chocolate draik,I simply couldnt believe how generous she is really is,until i joined the Glade and saw her generosity,Adopting a draik here is easy and simple and no pressure from anyone.there are aways so many to choose from,its a wonderful place.
~Melissa (angelsandkittens)

Hi, I'm Rox. c: I'd just like to say that I really admire you and the effort you put into The Draik Glade. I've been watching the page for a while now, it's really awesome how many Draiks you've adopted out. And, to think that they're all your Draiks! You're so generous, and so devoted to the cause. Stay awesome, and good luck adopting out in the future. cx
~ Rox (roxasaur)

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