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suggested song: 'Crush' by Pendulum

It fell across blue morning sky. He followed from the ground.
He always did as told. He did not make a sound.
But all their tight-jawed secrets broke. At once he saw the mound.

The star they made their child chase was no such thing at all.
The vessel iron of legend's place instead beckoned a call.
And when he summoned fourth one touch, the air began to fall.

The coffin fell across burnt land, it overpaid her debt.
Within the wreck he held her close, the one he never met.
So thunder failed the absolution. Her fate forever set.

If only time a march would stop, perhaps its might could fold.
And all at once their science broke. Her message read in bold.
Upon return to home unmoved, he'd never do as told.

The price for changing fate of clock, his solemn final find.
To state unmade the man was swept, with peace relinquished mind.


added in watercolors / looks 800 times better irl bawwww / click & drag for full size

Matt WIP / India Ink / horrible horrible quality phone picture lol

AHHH, Matt is home~ ;u; Thank you so much Harley, and thanks everyone who helped/encouraged/congratulated/etc me! You guys are so awesome akfjs. For now I'm gonna keep the character sections of his app up until I can make him a pretty new petpage layout (not that this one's bad, I just think I can do better heehee! @u@ Stay tuned for cool things!

Jan 2013- Still working on his character and stuff but it's all mostly done. Petpage shenanigans will start happening as soon as I get Reg's stuff done! 8D

Temporary writing dump:

January 19th 2012: details about the Gerra, more than you ever wanted to know XD
Gerra Customs:

Gerra society uses the Iroquois-style kinships. Seers are considered everyone's Mother/Father, regardless of actual relation/age/etc.

Gerra names:

For the Gerra, names are INCREDIBLY important (if not pivotal to their society). They essentially dictate that you have life. A Gerra's name is what differentiates him or her from inanimate objects. The greatest sin in Gerra culture is to willingly discard your name. (This is why it is such a HUUUUGE deal to Matt's tribe when he tells them that his birth name, RimeGait, is not his name, and that his real name is Matthew. He's basically telling his tribe he'd rather not exist than be a Gerra. He KNOWS this is what he's telling them, because it's true.)

To make matters worse, Matt does not discard his clothes, mask, or weapon. Outsiders would still identify him with the Gerra even though he has renounced them. This is probably the most offensive thing you could do to the entire culture. He tells his loved ones that he hates them and doesn't want to be in their world, but then he doesn't actually ever leave them.

This, of course, is all intentional. If it isn't obvious by now, Matt does not like his people.

Moving along:

Gerra are not given a name until their naming rite. ( Most Gerra are between 2-6 when they get their name ) Before then, they technically aren't considered "alive." If an unnamed child dies, it's a very sad ordeal for the Gerra. If a named person dies however, the event is typically a celebration.

A Gerra's name consists of a two-word first name, followed by the tribe's name as their surname.
examples: RimeGait Cold Breather, RiverHead Sand Burner.

Naming conventions vary from tribe to tribe, though typically the first word is something taken from nature (tree, hot, water), while the second word is something an individual has (mind, hand, eye, etc). Abstract ideas, like "love" "faith" "kin" etc. are NOT used for names. The name as a whole often describes the individual:

For instance Matt's Gerra Name (RimeGait) combines Rime (covering of ice) and gait (a person's movement). It describes refers to how he's late/slow at everything (in his tribe he was often the last person to do anything, he received his name and started his journey very late compared to most. It's like he's cold or covered in ice, unable to move quickly. So they named him RimeGait. Matt views this as an insult, though the tribe did not mean for it to be offensive to him. They simply wanted to describe him. This probably adds to why he doesn't like Gerra.

Generally you can tell where someone is from thanks to the first word in their name (nature). for instance: RimeGait Cold Breather - Rime is a very specific term for ice. RimeGait must be from a tribe the frequently uses a variety of terms for different kinds of ice. Thus, you know that someone named with the word "Rime" is probably from a place with lots of ice. If the name was IceFeather however, Ice is a very generic term, so this name might say that IceFeather is from a place with Ice, but not very much of it.

Titles denote what someone does in the Tribe; Titles are given at a child's coming of age ceremony. Quickened indicates a Seer*
(Seers must be Acolytes first, Acolytes have their own special right of passage to become Seers, they essentially have to pass every right of passage all the other "jobs"/"classes" have.) Seers also have a secondary "Seer name". (like Flower, Sun, River, Claw etc etc.) Seers with the same Seer name are the same person. (reincarnate if the previous Seer is dead, If still living, the they are considered a soul with multiple bodies, etc etc.)
example Seer names are as follows:
BloodShoulder Cave Runner the Quickened of Fate
LilyHeart Sky Drinker the Quickened of Stars
QuarrySpine Cold Breather the Quickened of Faces (the Head Seer of Matt's tribe)

Stained indicates a warrior
Gilded denotes an Acolyte
Whitened denotes a Healer
Remained denotes a Cook
Eclipsed denotes a Gatherer
Silenced denotes a Hunter
Risen denotes a Farmer
Secured denotes a Keeper (animal husbandry)
Cherished denotes a Nurse (childcare)
Caused denotes a Carpenter
Balanced denotes a Merchant
Burned denotes a Blacksmith
Weathered denotes a Weaver

Lost is the unofficial title given to Gerra who never complete their first right of passage and resign themselves to constant wandering. Lost Gerra replace their childhood masks with something they find on their travels that they feel represents themselves. (this is how you tell a Lost Gerra apart from a Gerra who is simply on their right of passage quest and just haven't completed it yet.) Depending on where you go, Lost Gerra are either highly respected, or ostracized.

Once you are given a title, you can pass your Job's right of passage to become a master/elder, and so on. Gerra to not celebrate birthdays or keep track of age through years, Age is tracked through the rights one has passed, regardless of biological age. you could have a 20 year old "elder" and an 82 year old "child" and it's perfectly normal. (it would also be considered rude/crime if that 82 year old didn't give the 20 year old the proper respect.)


Gerra are very closely tied to nature. They draw their strength from it. They are actually very highly advanced (especially in medicine and health) even though other sentient species don't see the Gerra as such. The Gerra do not like "modern" technology because they don't like the waste it produces (they are one of the wiser species, understanding that true progress is not being wasteful). Their ways are usually very efficient.They are very xenophobic however, and most tribes do not like the other sentient species on Iyabo, though some will do business with them

Gerra are skilled craftsman and use natural materials for everything they create: weapons, armor, tools, houses, toys, art, decorations, etc, etc. They imbue these found materials with magic to change their properties instead of creating synthetic materials. (Though they will created fabric and process ores for metals) For the ideal Gerra, the value of an object is determined by how much time an individual has spent crafting it rather than what materials comprise it. A gold necklace would be prized because of the time it took for someone to create it, not because it is made out of gold.
Of course, this is not true of all tribes, since some have been corrupted by their leaders and by outside influence to value things for their material cost.
Also wood and bone are very sacred materials to all Gerra tribes and have greater value has materials because of this.

Fashion and clothing style vary greatly depending on where you go across the tribes, although ceremonial garb maintains many similarities between the tribes. Typically Formal Gerra attire is meant to be worn around outsiders. It is designed to look very scary and intimidating and usually involves a form-hiding cloak. The face is always hidden either my a mask (child) or skull (adult). Jewelry/armor/trinkets/charms may also adorn the cloak. How much detail/patterning/stuff is worn with/on the cloak depends on the tribe. Matt's tribe, the Cold Breathers, aren't very ornate with their cloaks. They usually just splattered them with bright red to look bloody.

[img hur of different skulls/masks/cloaks]

Design motifs and colors found in Gerra creations also vary depending on the tribe, and is usually determined by their location. A tribe with access to a wider variety of pigments will end up creating much more colorful patterns. Anything that will be seen by outsiders will be designed with gruesome imagery.

For a Gerra, having your face seen by a non-Gerra is very shameful. Gerra must always appear frightening to outsiders, and they must never reveal the secrets of their customs and culture to outsiders. If this rule is broken, the punishment is being executed as a heretic and having your bones destroyed.


The Seers run a Tribe. All Tribes have a least one Seer. Larger tribes have more Seers with one Seer overseeing the rest. Sometimes large tribes will split to form smaller ones, and smaller ones merge to form larger ones.

All tribes live in an enclosed settlement with magically imbued walls. As the population grows, they may decided to expand the settlement, in which case the walls are either moved to a new spot or they are torn down and new ones are built. These settlements also contain a central temple.

The temple is home to the tribe's Seers ans Acolytes. It is also used as storage for sacred materials and prized artifacts. The most important role of the temple however is a place to house the bones of the tribe members who have died. Usually the temples have several levels deep below ground as well has a few stories above ground. The temple is the pride and joy of the tribe and a lot of work goes into it's creation, upkeep, decoration, and furnishing. ( note: Gerra architecture looks like a mix of Mesoamerican & Viking architecture, though again, styles will vary across tribes. )

The Tribe is considered one big family. All members eat in one mess hall type building, sleep in the sleeping quarters, etc etc. This is true even in the much larger tribes.

Seers of each tribe answer to the the Great Seers in a place known as Vallis. The entire region is walled in and it is very difficult for outsiders to get in, so Vallis is made up of many large tribes. Typically, the farther away from Vallis a tribe is, the smaller they are. At the center of Vallis is a massive and exquisite temple where the Great Seers are. If a tribe is destroyed, the remains of the tribe and what can be recovered from their temple is taken to this temple. Every 14 Years all the Tribes across the planet journey to Vallis for a grand festival that lasts about 6 months. This is where internal disputes are settled if they haven't already been settled by the tribes themselves. Tribes typically attack each other passive aggressively rather than outright fighting, but there have been some tragic incidents where tribes fought and destroyed each other. Oppression from other sentient species usually keeps the Gerra tribes unified though.


Many tribes have their own personal ceremonies, but here are major ceremonies found across all tribes:

The first is the Naming Rite. It is at this time A Gerra receives their name and a wood animal mask imbued with magic. The Seer(s) craft the mask and give the names. Both are very important, so a lot of thought is put into them. After receiving their mask they are also given their cloak. Usually Gerra are between the ages of 2 and 6, though it is not unheard of for a Gerra to receive their name earlier or later.

The next is the Coming of Age Trial. At dawn on the day of the winter solstice, the children of the tribe that are ready are given a compass (which points toward the tribe's settlement rather than north) and a weapon. They are sent out of the tribe to journey the world. They're goal is to find their "Truth." Once they have found it, they return to the tribe, and if the Seer deems their truth worthy the child is sent into the temple. There the child finds an ancestor's skull with which they replace their mask and they are considered an adult from then on. (The childhood mask is kept and used in courtship). The ancestor skulls all have varying degrees of paint/carving on them (which occurs at the death ceremony).
Many tribes do the leaving and returning celebrations very differently. Some are very solemn about it and other are more celebratory. The weapon and compass the child receives are also made by the seer(s) and also imbued with magic, and they are custom to the one receiving them. Different people will get different kinds weapons that suit their strengths.

Next is the Apprenticeship ceremony immediate follows the coming of age trial when the child gains an ancestor's skull. A Gerra formally chooses a profession they wish to move into and they apprentice with a master (if there is no master then they must go to Vallis to apprentice with one). Here they are give the title associated with their profession. The are the typical titles found in all tribes are listed in the naming section, however larger tribes closer to Vallis have wider variety and more specialization.
* Acolytes have their own special ceremony since they must eventually master many professions and trials.

Next is the Mastery ceremony, which allows one to be deemed a Master of their profession. This is usually where a Master passes their prized weapon/secret/creation to the apprentice as a sign that the apprentice is now a master and can began taking their own path towards specialization the profession. (for instance
* For Acolytes, this ceremony only occurs at the 14-year ceremony in Vallis. During this, the Acolyte is given a test tailored to them, and if they pass they become a seer and are given their Seer Title and Name.

Last is the Death ceremony; when a Gerra dies, Seers use magic to clean the bones. The bones may also be carved/colored/and imbued with magic to reflect the individual they belonged to. Horns might also be added to the skull, especially if the Gerra was a warrior. The bones are put to rest in the Tribe's temple ( if the skull the Gerra wore is still intact it is also returned to the temple so it can be chosen again). They are often imbued with magic to prevent their destruction. Death ceremonies are often very colorful, lively, and wild. If for some reason a skull is not able to be retrieved from the remains of the dead Gerra, a skull is reconstructed out of wood and is placed in a special part of the temple. ( This happens a lot if they died during battle. ) It is part of the Seer's job to remember or record who all the skulls once belonged to. (as in, who's skull it actually is and who wore it)
* If a child never returns from their coming of age trial they are assumed dead and a totem is placed in the temple for them. This is a fairly small, solemn ceremony rather than other deaths.
* if an unnamed child dies it is a VERY sad funeral ceremony that lasts for like a week.

Gerra also hold War dances and ceremonies during wartime to prepare for battle and scare the enemy.

Gerra courtship doesn't really have any ceremonies devoted to it. The customs also vary widely across the tribes. However most typically use the wooden animal mask as a key component. The two individuals who wish to spend their life together cut their masks in half and combine them as a sign that they'll be committed to one another. There is lost of gift exchanging and the like.


Gerra religion is has a pantheon of major 9 gods, 5 of which are supremely good and 4 of which are supremely evil. Each tribe has it's own patron gods and guardian spirits however. The Major Pantheon is typical depicted with frightening/gruesome imagery, (think aztec) though personal tribe deities aren't so much.
The major Gods include:
( Gerra Gods/Goddesses are genderless)

The 5 pure gods:
(all considered equal to each other, usually depicted as Gerra themselves [human shape with bird wings, or the beast form] )
- Soga of Water and Wind (represented with fish)
- Kusa of Fire and Earth (represented with lizards)
- Nota of the Heavens and Ground (represented with trees)
- Kifa of Life and Death (represented with flowers)
- Nena of Light and Dark (represented with insects)

and the 4 evil gods:
(usually depicted as non-Gerra species)
- Halfa of Fear (represented with deer, depicted as a machine)
- Oomva of Folly (represented with snakes, depicted as a Waiteka(Dragon-like species))
- Gadba of Fury (represented with birds, depicted as a human)
- Geiza (the most evil out of all of them, considered the leader of the other 3; represented with squid/octopus/spiders/ things will lots of arms/legs)

The Gerra believe that when they die their soul is released back to nature to become a part of all things. If a child chooses your skull to wear, your spirit is called back to them an you live again through. It is your job to protect them until they die.


All Gerra can use magic and do so to shift between their beast form and their human form (they can also stop at any point in between; a lot of Gerra don't like to shift into a completely human form because they don't really like humans. Most like to keep their wings and claws. Why do they even have a human-like form? They won't admit it, but it is much more convenient than the beast form lol. also there some genetic and historical reasons I won't get into here that go waaaaaaaaay back)

Magic is highly customizable, so each person can really develop it for their own needs. Every Individual is naturally attuned to certain elements in different degrees. Magic based in the element a person has the strongest affinity for is very powerful when they use it, and they typically have an easier time mastering/controlling/learning it.

The 10 Elements: (very broad; encompass both physical and metaphysical ideas):

Water: resides over the flow of the natural world (the flow of space and time for example, or the flow of a river)
Fire: resides over reactions/catalysts/ideas.
Earth: resides residing over matter/anything physical.
Wind: resides over force (gravity, Electromagnetic, emotions, etc etc).

Celestial: Wind + Fire; Strength of the cosmos. Resides over light and visibility, as well as electromagnetic waves and radiation.
Fire + Water; Strength of the planets. Resides over dimensional space, pressure, and the absence of light.
Genera: Wind + Earth; Strength of creation. Resides over reconstruction, life, strong elemental bonds, genetics, and creation of inanimate objects.
Rend: Water + Earth; Strength of destruction. Resides over deconstruction of everything down to its smallest pieces.

Null: Resides over things don't not exist physically; abstractions, ideas.
Void: Resides the collection of all things as they change.

* Null and Void are a bit special: they stand for the abstractions of things that exist. Typically magic based in Void is Healing type magic, while magic based in Null is Illusionary.

Water and Wind oppose each other.
Fire and Earth oppose each other.
Celestial and Rend oppose each other
Genera and Planar oppose each other
Null and Void oppose each other

Water, Earth, Celestial, Planar, and Null are Passive elements;
Fire, Wind, Genera, Rend, and Void are Active elements;


blah blah blaaaaaah

Finalized Quad form! (wip sketch thing) 8D


the beginning of matt's story that I need to finish. XD

It was the perfect day for this. The air was strangely pure and dry, devoid of its typical heaviness. The sun blinked brilliantly behind newly leafed trees as it began to rise above the horizon in the glassy blue sky.

The people of the Halted Palace had awakened hours before. There was too much to do to wait for the sun to catch up.

They lined up neatly before the altar, just as they had practiced. Eight of the tribe's children stood ready to embark on their journey to adulthood. It would be long and difficult; they knew that. Some of them would never return; that they also knew. But at this point the threat did not matter. They waited here now to be given their compass and the tool they would use to defend themselves for the rest of their lives. Earlier, kin had helped them prepare their packs and goodbyes, the youth would have to leave as soon as the ceremony ended decked with supplies, prayers, and good luck charms. However, despite the events stark overtones, today was celebration. No sadness lingered across the settlement surrounding the Halted Palace. The Cold Breathers were a devout group and they honored their customs with pride. In one, however, there was a brief glint of sorrow. It really was the perfect day for this.

QuarrySpine waved her staff around the altar as she recited the passages and spells all Seers spoke at the Coming of Age trial. A fidgety boy, older than the rest, was elbowed harshly while the Seer had her back turned. His younger sister maintained flawless composure compared to her sloppy senior. The boy rolled his eyes at her, accompanied by a silly face.

RimeGait! You should be more serious about this!" she snapped at him as quietly as she possibly could.

Not my fault it takes forever," a sluggish monotone voice returned.

The one called RimeGait hastily corrected his stance when QuarrySpine faced the Eight once more. It began. Silence across the compound; silence within all minds; silence commanded them all as the Cold Breather Seer lifted her staff and pointed it at the last child in line.

FlurrySight. Come." Suddenly enthralled with the event, RimeGait watched his sister approach the altar. Of course she would be first. FlurrySight was always first. Always the greatest.

A few more incantations later, FlurrySight was handed her compass and the weapon that would hopefully bring her back home, a fairly short knife with an undulating blade. It was the weapon of one destined to become aligned with The Stained: a warrior. The girl answered her Seer with a trained response and returned to her place in line. Again, QuarrySpine's staff fell on a child, this time the third from the front. "RainTeeth. Come." A short boy answered by walking briskly up to the altar. He too received his path and his protection.

One by one 7 children were called out of line and given the tools that would bring them to adulthood. The Seer's staff finally fell on the eight child. RimeGait slowly lifted his head to stare QuarrySpine in the eyes while he approached the altar. He walked very slowly on purpose. It was almost a joke now, or at least it was a joke to him. Perhaps the rest of his clan still believed his name was true. RimeGait of the Cold Breathers was always last. Last to reach the well for water, last to enter the mess hall, late to receive his name, slow to start his first rite of passage, and now last to stand before the altar. "Yours is a sign of great patience and caution," QuarrySpine once tried to appease him. Perhaps she could feel the growing resentment the boy had for his "curse."

But after today it wouldn't matter. As he approached the alter his mind cleared. I won't be last to return, he envisioned, Not this time. He spoke his portion of the rite and QuarrySpine hers. With words complete, she reached into a hollow in the altar and retrieved his compass. She clasped his hand within hers as she gave him his gift, murmuring a familiar phrase, "Yours is patience." It struck through him into the core of his soul like he had suddenly remember something terrible. I've done this before, the thought echoed. I've done this...

Somehow time forgot him and his weapon was already in his hands. When did she hand him this? It was an ornately carved ring with a sharp blade along its circumference. A chakra. Normally those given this type of arm became Acolytes, and then ultimately Seers themselves. He look back into QuarrySpine's eyes with utter bewilderment, almost forgetting to return his incantation to her. But was it the thought of being a Seer one day that shocked him? Or was it the dark nagging memory fragment slowly pervading his thoughts? He tried to recite his passage to complete the ceremony but all he could utter were words he felt weren't even his own.

I've done this before." RimeGait spoke sharply at the Seer standing before him. The tribesmen shook themselves alert upon hearing the boy's blunder. FlurrySight expelled an aggravated sigh. Everyone attributed it to his typical counterintuitive self, everyone except QuarrySpine. A sudden look of horror passed over her face as she looked down at the child she had always silently favored.

I've ... I've been here. This has already happened." RimeGait was unsure. Where did this idea come from? He looked down at the chakra in his hands and then back at QuarrySpine's face.

RimeGait, are you alright?" her voice revealed her anxiety.

Blood began to flow from the eighth child's nose. He wiped his face with further puzzlement. Fire. He smelled smoke nearby. A strange sort of oil filed smoke, unlike anything he had ever experienced before, yet it was familiar. His eyes darted around wildly, but no fire, no smoke was in sight. Then, everything blurred save for the Seer's face. Again the thought returned to his mind, storming his soul like a newfound truth.

I've done this before! Ha!" he choked out a laugh and a broad grin spread across his face;

The clarity was short lived. He collapsed before the altar screaming in agony, clawing at his head for relief. The pain blazed through his skull and down his spine, every bone in his body felt crushed. The oil smoke choked him. The taste of iron drowned him. («Matthew! Stay with.. You can't di..») a woman's voice echoed distantly. But he couldn't hear her anymore. Blinded by either pain or unseen smoke, he couldn't see her face. Great fear overwhelmed RimeGait as he felt his body go cold, but he couldn't quite remember why he was so afraid. His gasped for air but his lungs had collapsed. It was if he was being crushed inside a heap of metal, but no such thing was actually happening.

The foreign thoughts became louder and louder as they thundered into his being, every beat shattered a bone. He recalled places he had never been («oh, but he had been there! that was his home, not here!»), he saw the faces of people he had never met («never met? But she was everything!»), things he thought never existed («but they had always existed hadn't they?»). RimeGait could no longer differentiate between which thoughts were his and which were the invader's. The searing pain in his temple subsided when his mental war ended as abruptly as it had began: with one thought. «I'm alive». He choked on non-existent smoke a final time. His episode subsided and he opened his eyes, startled by the bright daylight.

«I'm alive». A profound joy overtook him, and his look of puzzlement was soon replaced with elation.

The tribe's healers (along with QuarrySpine) had surrounded the writhing child in a desperate attempt to help him. His sudden recovery frightened them, but not nearly as much as his new demeanor. Sure he looked like the same old RimeGait, but that was where the similarities stopped. Their RimeGait had always seen the world with cold silent eyes, but now they were alight with passion and divine fury. Their RimeGait was a Gerra. This one... this one was not. He rolled over on the ground and sat up, wiping his bloodied face on his sleeve. His maniacally joyful face had everyone terrified after the production they just witnessed. This was the happiest they'd ever seen him, and just seconds ago they though he would die. RimeGait let out a burst of laughter while he looked around at his surroundings like a tourist. An ecstatic excitement welled up inside him.

«Oh my god, I didn't think THIS would happen. Crazy!» He laughed again after inspecting his hands for a few moments. «I should be dead shouldn't I.... But I'm back here...» His eyes narrowed as he grabbed the fallen compass and chakra, and he bounced up from the ground with renewed strength. «Who would have thought I'd be back here again? Oh well, can't stay to chat...» When he noticed his tribe's gaunt faces, he stared them down with a sudden sinister gleam in his eye. He disdainfully shook his head at them, as if seeing them disgusted him. «You people...» He lunged forward at one of them, a woman, though he couldn't quite remember who it was. «BOO!» He croaked at her, hunched over and beastly like a demon. Of course he was just messing with her, but they didn't know that. The victim fell backward and the crowd collapsed to catch her. He heard gasps and jeers, but things hadn't quite escalated to riot yet. They were all still too shocked to do anything. He couldn't help but let out a laugh. They were all the same, just where he left them. Stupid. He turned from them to find QuarrySpine before him. She grabbed him by the shoulders, practically shaking him.

RimeGait! What is this! Why are you speaking that way? That language!" She shook him, but he only pried her hands away and removed her mask meet her real eyes.

«I could try to explain, but uh... well I'm not. Haven't seen you in a while, Quarry» he shrugged and glared back at her. She was alright. She could have done more for them. But she was trying at least. He found it odd he still felt a small amount of respect for her. But.. she was alright. Unlike the rest of them.

What are you saying? What do you mean? We've seen each other all morning!" QuarrySpine cried. Why on earth was he speaking that language of all languages? She had first heard it long ago, while on her own rite of passage. It was the speech of those that called themselves Arc Fleeters, Nomads from the stars. Why was RimeGait speaking like them? He was normally passive and quiet. He had always been mischievous, but for the most part he remained invisible. He was the type that preferred to observe his surrounds and wait until he he could act completely unnoticed by all. She had always been in awe of his ability to sneak up on her. But now he was speaking loud and recklessly. Purposefully antagonizing his own family for entertainment as if they were all beneath him. She almost thought he had been possessed, but it was RimeGait, alright. He still walks the same, she noted.

QuarrySpine was speechless, but she had a theory and she prayed it was wrong. Her voice lowered and she spoke evenly, almost reprimanding him.

What have you done?

But he only smiled back at her and shook his head. She allowed him to walk past her around the alter. She had to know what his motives were now. With every Step RimeGait took towards the Halted Palace, QuarrySpine's heart cracked deeper. What had he done? What was he so proud of?

He had traveled through time.

Wherever, no whenever this RimeGait was from, he was no longer the RimeGait she knew.

to continue:
Flurry tries to talk to Matt. She tries to stop him but he ignores her and just tells her: "my name is not RimeGait and it won't ever be RimeGait."

she is horrified by this and then Matt approaches the entrence to the Halted Palace. by now everyone is upset and the healers try to "help" matt but he gets mad at them and throws them to the ground when they approach him. A warrior tries to stop him but he kills the warrior very quickly. A mob begins forms rapidly, but Quarry Spine blocks everyone with magic and tells them he's been possessed and not to touch him. Everyone is freaking out. and in uproar. Quarry then tries to stop Matt once he gets to the Palace door.

Matt talks to Quarry, He says he has stuff to do. He has to meet up with a friend. Quarry fights Matt, but he eventually defeats her with AWESOME BATTLE MOVES. everyone is now super freaked out that he was able to defeat a powerful Seer so easily. Quarry's barrier falls, but everyone is too afraid of Matt to go near him. Matt opens the palace door and is about to go inside

FlurrySight approaches Matt and fights him, he easily kicks her to ground and tells her "Try not to die like a pig this time, Sight." He says it pretty meanly, but she sees something in his face that tells her that he IS RimeGait, he's just crazy now for some reason. (During his time, FlurrySight died during her coming of age trial because she wouldn't give up her xenophobic traditions. Matt disapproves of all the xenophobic Gerra especially)

Matt enters the temple and disappears.

Flurry helps Quarry up and calls her out on the demon thing, it's not true and she knows it. Even though he all weird, Matt is still Rime, they just don't know what happened to him. Quarry tells FlurrySight that she thinks she might know what happened to RimeGait, and follows Matt into the temple. RimeGait must have time travelled, but how? They recall their stories about an artifact held within the Halted Palace called the Green Skull. and wonder if he used it to move through time. (he did, they were right)

Quarry finds Matt in the deepest chamber of the Halted Palace, a place she has never gone herself. He is busy unlocking the alter in the middle of the room. they talk for a bit and Matt sort of explains that he time traveled and died, and somehow he was able to return to this day instead of actually dying. Quarry says it's because he changed time. He's from an older timeline. When he died his consciousness merged with his self in this new timeline, the timeline here and now.

Matt is able to break the seal at this point and reveals the Green Skull. He tells her he used the skull to time travel, and that he has unfinished business. He tells her that "The universe, everything, will be gone in an instant and there's too few people who can do anything about it. We have to do something Quarry. We have to try no matter the cost.

Quarry tries to convince him not to time travel, she says his efforts will only end in darkness and tragedy. Matt does not listen and he uses the Green Skull to travel. He is gone in an instant. She notices he left the compass she gave him, and takes it (she hopes to return it to him, as if returning it would somehow save him).

QuarrySpine is left in the Halted Palace all by herself. She never talks again. She his only left with greif, confusion, and Matt's fragmented explanation of Mallok (and the unfortunate fate of the universe).

( Quarry Spine soon disbands the Cold-Breather tribe and becomes a Wanderer. She vows Silence until she is able to find a way to return the compass to Matt. )

QuarrySpine becomes known as The Silent One to the other Gerra.

-- end --

possibly chapter 2 ?

QuarrySpine (after Matt went Villain, before Maru finds Ulysses. She has just recently become a robot and begun her quest to kill the remaining devourers).

Quarry is in a cave all by herself as a hermit. She has since given up on saving him. She feels she failed him. She's now devoting her life to figuring out who Mallok is, but so far she hasn't uncovered very much.

Maru finds her and asks her about the green skull. Quarry won't talk to her, so Maru shows her the compass that Matt gave her when they first met. (Though she just tells Quarry that Matt gave this to a friend who gave it to her. Maru doesn't consider herself Kada anymore.) Quarry is puzzled because then she shows Maru the compass Matt left, they are the same. How can that be when the compass is handmade? there should only be one. The compass Maru has must have belonged to the first RimeGait.

Maru then asks her Quarry if she knew Matt, and Quarry says yes. Quarry asks Maru how Matt became a Chimaera Arc Fleeter, so Maru begins to tell Quarry the story of two people she says she once knew: Kada and Matthew of the Chimaera Arc Fleet.

-- begin how Matt and Kada first met --

After Maru finishes they both talk and slowly figure out Matt's whole story. (probably more chapters)
They try to figure out who Echo is. Quarry tells Maru that Echo killed Matt and took his soul (that's what she believes, she confronted Echo and Echo told her that he killed Matt and stole the mask, in some cryptic language. Echo is actually a time-double of CRAZY RAGE VILLAIN MATT so Echo is prone to saying crazy things)
Maru becomes enraged when she realizes that Matt survived the crash. She vows to destroy Echo/Villain Matt (only because she doesn't know his true identity, if she did, she'd try to save him).
Maru beseeches Quarry for help locating the first green skull so they can break it. Quarry agrees and then Maru goes to search for it. QuarrySpine joins the ~*~DREAM TEAM~*~ ( Maru and Rhadvi )

-- end --

matt's character and design

So I've mentioned before that I spend every waking moment of free-time making up stories! Most of these stories are a part of this one HUGE plot I have running. This Huge Mega Story Plot is split into 2 stories: Red Quartz and the previously mentioned Unnamed Tower. Ultimately, Red Quartz will be an online comic and Unnamed Tower will be an RPG computer game (I'm coding it right now, and man is it crazy haha). Unnamed Tower is a sequel to Red Quartz, and it is the story that involves all my neopets. You can read all about the universe the story takes place in (as well as it's plot) on Regulis's page, though some things have changed a little since the addition of Matt.

So here we go...

Matt's character is at the center of the Tower plot and its second most major villain. Before I get into that though, let me give you the tip of the iceberg:

Matthew is a member of the Gerra species, Eyrie-like creatures that take on human forms with magic. This species is found on a planet called Iyabo (which is the Tower story's primary setting). Matthew hails from a particular Gerra tribe called the Cold Breathers.

Here's a map of Iyabo! Matthew was born and raised in the Kaseiva region.

The Gerra are few in number and not very well-liked. They have a gruesome, war-like history with Iyabo's other sentient life forms. Their culture revolves around intimidation and death, though they are a peaceful species at heart. Early in their history, they found protection from eradication and war by being scary. This was only supposed to be a persona for their people. However, in the modern age, (and mostly due to corruption within their own culture) they are now seen as evil and barbaric. Gerra are not welcome in most other species territory, and most other cultures hunt them down. In retaliation to this, the Gerra have become their frightening persona. Most Gerra tribes have become vicious and warlike to protect themselves from their attackers. All Gerra wear intimidating garb meant to hide their small frames. They usually use their human forms when interacting with others (whether it is with their own kind or strangers), and they use their quad forms to fight/travel/scare people/etc. Adult Gerra wear a skull, while children have animal masks.

The Gerra Coming-of-Age trial involves leaving the tribe and travelling alone until the child finds their "truth." When they find it, they are allowed to return and present their truth to the tribe's Seer. If she deems it worthy, they are able to enter their tribal temple ( For the Cold Breathers this would be The Halted Palace ) and complete their trial. Within the temple, the child finds an ancestor's skull they use to replace their mask and the officially become recognized as an adult.

Matthew is not anymore vicious or barbaric than any of my other characters, but thanks to his upbringing he is quicker to resort to violence and manipulation than most. He mostly views his own tribe in a negative light. He feels they are backward and narrow-minded (and for the most part this is true), and he sees himself above them.

Matt's backstory begins when he leaves on his coming of age journey, though he soon abandons his tribe completely, gains the ability to time-travel, and embarks on a quest to save the life of his friend Kada (whom he sees die) by altering time. Unfortunately, at the conclusion of his backstory, Matthew becomes a major villain for the Tower plot (and he remains one of the plots primary vilains for quite a while).

Anyway, before I get too ahead of myself, here are some character concepts for him:

Quad form:

Human form:
(note: the brands on his face occur towards the end of his backstory,
so he doesn't always have them.)

Things aren't completely 100% because.. I only saw Matt UFA about a week ago (and there is no way I am pretending I can crank out a complete character in less than a week, hah.) But things are going great so far, and I think he'll be completed (both his design and personality) very soon. c:

Matt's story is deeply connected to another character of mine named Kada. They become very good friends through the course of Matt's backstory, and their relationship is kind of pivotal for the plot. You'll find out more about Kada in the summary up next.

matt's story

Okay, now for a summary of his back story! I hope it's not too complicated; time-travel makes a mess.

Summary of Matthew's Backstory:

Matt is trying to complete his coming of age trial. A couple days after he embarks, he witnesses the crash of a spaceship's escape pod/vessel. ( He doesn't really know what it is. His tribe was never concerned with explaining things about the outside world, like space travel and the like. ) When he investigates it, the woman inside gives him a message. (The pod is a exile pod from the Chimera Arc Fleet, a nomadic nation comprised of spaceships that follow a giant monster known as the Behemoth through space; you can read about all that on Regulis's page.) (The woman had been exiled from the Chimera people and sent to Iyabo. She was supposed to survive, but the pod's safety mechanisms failed) However, Matthew has no idea what the pod is or where it came from. The woman inside the crashed vessel is obviously not going to make it, and he is deeply shaken by his inability to help her. This plants doubt in his mind about what his tribe as taught him about life so far.

Matt doesn't know what the message she gave him means because it is in the Fleeter language. Instead of completing his coming of age trial, Matt decides to search for a way to translate the woman's message and discover who she was. He breaks all kinds of traditions and rules to do this, including showing his face to strangers. He befriends many people outside his tribe, leading him to further believe that his tribe's ways are wrong. Matthew eventually translates the woman's words, but they don't make any sense to him. He then decides that the only way to discover the truth would be to change time. Matt recalls his tribe's stories about 6 very powerful artifacts. One of these artifacts, the Green Skull, allows it's owner to alter the passage of time within certain constraints. He eventually discovers it is in his tribe's temple, and he resolves to steal it from them.

Though I'm not 100% how, Matthew confronts his tribe and is able to steal the Green Skull after making a huge scene. The Seer of his tribe doesn't stop him, she only tells him that if he tries to change the past his future will only lead to darkness. Matthew does not listen to her and travels to a time before the escape pod crashed.

( a note: in this universe, changing the course of events it incredibly difficult. The universe finds ways to correct its timeline and thwart your efforts, though it is still a pretty handy object. )

Through the manipulation of time (and a lot of travelling), Matt is eventually able to land himself on a spaceship in the Chimera Arc Fleet. With a lot of luck, he runs into the woman he saw in the crash. He learns her name is Kada. Kada is nothing like Matt expected her to be. She is very haughty and standoffish. She makes it obvious that she thinks she better than everyone else and is not a very popular person on her particular ship. Kada works in communications, and she is the only one who can understand Matt's language. Much to her disappointment, her superiors force her to work along side Matt.

Thanks to Matt's persistence and nonchalant mannor, Kada warms up to him and they become very good friends. Kada eventually trusts Matt enough to tell him about her discovery about the Behemoth. The Behemoth was created by an evil entity before the birth of their universe, so Kada plans to kill the beast. Matt tries to stop her at first, but she convinces him the necessity of killing the Behemoth and he agrees to help her.

With Luna's help, Matt and Kada are able to kill Behemoth (again not sure about the details here, but they'll be worked out soon). The Chimera Peoples take this as a direct insult to their culture (behemoth is like a go to them), and so Matt and Kada are sentenced to exile (Arc Fleet exiles also get brands on their face to let everyone know what they are).

Before Matt time traveled to the past, only Kada was exiled. However, in the new timeline where he is exiled with her, Matt is put in the damaged pod Kada was originally in. When they both get exiled to Iyabo, he dies instead of her. Kada is pretty bummed about it, but his death causes her to meet Rhadvi (and this meeting begin Tower's entire plot in a way).

Not to worry though, by changing Kada's fate, Matt creates two timelines. (Unfortunately, here's where things get a little weird...) One timeline is the one he left (where Kada died), and the new timeline is the one he is in now (where Kada is alive). However a version of Matt is born in the new time-line as well. So for the brief time there are actually two Matt's in existence. In the new timeline, Matt's new timeline self (which is just now embarking on the trial journey) is still alive. Upon death, Matt's consciousness/memories (the Matt from the old timeline) is merged with his new timeline self, so he doesn't really die thanks to time traveling (I'm sorry this is so complicated xD).

I made a chart to help out with this part: (drag and drop for full view)

So new Matt is all excited he saved Kada and stuff, he retrieves the green skull again. (He makes an even bigger scene with his tribe and freaks them all out too, haha.) Matt journeys across Iyabo to find Kada once again, only to see Rhadvi kill her.

( in actuality, Kada's death at Rhadvi's hand is a trick. They faked Kada's death to trick Rhadvi's superiors. Rhadvi needed to earn their trust so she could infiltrate their group as a double agent. Everyone thought Matt was dead, so he didn't get the memo about Kada's death being a sham. XD Kada is able to stay alive as a robot, and she starts going by the name Maru so nobody finds out that she's alive.)

Matt is driven insane with grief by these events and uses the Green Skull to time travel again. Unfortunately, he messes up and gets stuck in a weird dimension instead ( don't time-travel when you are really upset, heh... ). In this weird dimension (purgatory if you will), he meets Mallok (the Tower plot's supreme evil entity) who tricks/corrupts him by manipulating his anger and greif. Poor Matt becomes her evil villain puppet. He is aware he is choosing a path of villainy, he just no longer cares about anything because he thinks Kada is gone. And so he becomes the villain....

That concludes Matt's back story. I can't wait to start writing so it! (and make it easier to understand hah u_u)

Summary of Matthew's Role as a Villain:

After Mallok corrupts Matthew, she essentially uses him to carry out her will until she gains a solid form of her own. With the Green Skull still in his possession, he is a very potent enemy (although his corruption no longer allows him to change significant things in the past, he can still see the future and all kinds of other time-travelly things). His true identity is hidden from the other characters from then on because he wears his tribe's traditional clothing and his mask (he appears like he looks in the header).

Matthew is responsible for many of the tribulations my other pets' characters have to endure. For instance, Matthew is responsible for getting Tidus trapped in an alternate dimension, He's responsible for many of Therra's trials, he scarred Luke's face, his actions ultimately result in the complete obliteration of Hveld's home, Cydonia. And that's not even the beginning.

Eventually, however, it all catches up to him. Kada (revived in robot form and going by the name Maru) quests to destroy the green skull (for various reasons that would involve pages of explaining xD). Maru and Matthew have an epic showdown, during which Matthew loses his disguise. He is not able to recognize Maru as Kada at this point, but Maru recognizes him. Maru is able to break the Green skull, but when she can no longer hurt Matt knowing who he really is. Matt strikes her down, only to finally understand Maru's true identity as Kada after the fact (cue a "what have I done" monologue from Matt ).

Unable to accept that he just killed Kada (and also that she had been alive after all), Matthew retaliates against Mallok. He fights with Mallok for a short time, but Mallok eventually possesses him completely. Possessed Mallok-Matt remains a villainous figure for the remainder of Tower's plot until he is defeated by Hveld.

I like to think that Matt and Kada are happily together in the afterlife or something after all this. ;~; I could go on and on and on about everything he does in the plot, but that would be far too intense for this app. XD If you have any questions or want to know more feel free to ask me!

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