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Beauty Contest Artists Advertise

Each week, hundreds of artists-in-training prominent artists congregate to advertise their pets' entries. The competition, while good-natured, gets intense every once in a while. "Today someone told me they already voted for another Draik, so I didn't vote for their Chomby even though it was very well drawn," says one user.

Other users find that they cannot keep up with all the artists and who's who. "Today I accidentally asked the same person 5 times to vote for me," recalls one newbie artist as she got ready to send one more neomail titled Vote Pretty Please? in the subject header.

Sloth Underappreciated

Dr. Frank Sloth feels underappreciated lately. "I've been giving out countless transmogrification potions and deeming users worthy of using my avatar on the neoboards, but they are still scared of me," sighs the villain. "What are you looking at? Get back to work!" he snaps at a nearby Grundo who surreptitiously carried a green sock puppet in the shape of Sloth's head and a large bat.

Site Maintenance Proves Bothersome

AAA was devastated when the Red Maintenance Pteri showed up at 2:00 AM NST to fix the site. The avid gamer was playing Dungeon Dash for the 87th time in order to secure his first-place slot on the high scores table. "I can't let my guard down, the second place user is only 1,000 points away," said AAA with a frantic coffee-stained look in his eyes.

User Completes Item Collection

i_love_dung_a_lot_do_you has completed his Piles of Dung collection, adding the 114,343,245th Pile of Dung to his collection today. When asked what he plans to do with all the manure, he replied, "Have it sit in my Safety Deposit Box, of course."

Customisation Fashions

ilove2customiselolz has completed his Neopet's wardrobe at last. It took the user 1,412 neopoints and 40 whole minutes. When asked about comments received from fashion critics on Neopia's most intense runway, the user replied, "I was actually surprised by the low ratings my pet received. The Ultra Fashionable Potato Sack is a collector's item." He added, "Anyone saying I got it from the Second Hand Shoppe is lying."

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