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Hello, guest, and welcome to my Quest Help Guide. If you're on a Quest or have a question about the Neopian Quests, then this is the place for you!

I can tell you which Quests to do and which Quests not to do, plus how much to spend on each one. I even know about those strange Quests that ask for the strangest information. And I can also give you some tips for getting help on the Quests board.

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Faerie Quests

Faerie Quests

What in the world? Here you are, minding your own business, and suddenly there's a faerie sitting on your page, demanding an item. And when you go to the Shop Wizard to look for it, she tells you that you're cheating! What to do, what to do, what a to-do!

First thing, don't panic. She popped up on your screen; you're in charge now. She can tap her foot impatiently all day, but you don't have a time limit. You can take as long as you need to in order to get the item for her, even if it's the Faerie Queen herself.

Secondly, head over to the Quests Board. It's there for just this very reason. Post a topic asking for someone to use the Shop Wizard and find you a shop that has the item. Remember, everyone else isn't on a Faerie Quest, so they can do that; this way isn't cheating.

We'll talk about the Quest Board later, but for now, let's meet these faeries.

How to Complete a Faerie Quest (the short version)

1. Post a topic on the Quest Board asking for a Shop Wizard lookup.

2. Enter one of the provided usernames in the Search Neopets box.

3. On the user's lookup, click their Shop link.

4. Find and buy the item.

5. Go to the Faerie Quests page.

6. Click "I have your item.

The Faeries

There are 9 different Faeries from whom you might get a Quest: Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Dark, Light, Queen, Space, and Fountain Faerie.

If you ever forget which Faerie gave you a Quest or if you need to double-check the item she wants, either try to use the Shop Wizard and click the link she gives you or visit the Faerie Quests page. She'll be right there to remind you, no worries.

Just to emphasize this point about all these random Faerie Quests: there is no time limit! You can take days or weeks to finish it if you need to. If you don't have enough NPs to get the item you need, you can go play Games until you do have enough.

Once you have the item, go back to the Faerie Quests page and click the "I have the item" button. The Faerie will then bless your pet.

Ultimate Faerie Chart

All* the Faeries give you stats as rewards. They never give items or NPs or anything else besides stats.

What good are stats? Stats are useful in the Battledome*. So if you don't battle with your pets and you don't care about what their stats are, then you might not find the rewards all that useful.
Faerie Wants Gives Do it?
Magic Items bloat and heal HP; add 1 lb. rarely
Clothing + 2 Strength yes
Books + 2 Defense yes
Beauty Supplies + 2 Movement yes
** Toys + 2 max HP yes
Trading Cards + 1 Level yes
r76-89*** + 1 Level, + 3 max HP, & + 3 strength
(might increase level of one ability)
r81-94*** + 4 level usually
r94-96*** Use of Rainbow Fountain to paint 1 pet usually

*Technically, color is a stat, though not one that's useful in the Battledome.
**Yes, that's a Jhudora av and not a dark faerie. The dark faerie av looks... weird.
***Based on items reported to me. See list of items below.

Now, those last 3 Faeries I list as "usually", in terms of the worth of completing their Quests. What if the Queen or Space Faerie asks you for an unbuyable (over 100,000 NP) item but your pets are all low-level? You could train them at the training schools for much less than the Quest costs. Or if you don't have many NPs at all, and the Fountain Faerie wants an unbuyable--fabulous as her Quest is--you might be playing games for ages! You might as well cancel the Quest, have access to the Shop Wizard, and buy the paint brush yourself.

Also, occasionally a regular faerie will ask for an item that turns out to be expensive. This is usually because the item is newly released and/or on the higher end of the faerie's rarity range, so it hasn't yet or doesn't restock quite as much and people are buying up the items and keeping the price high. If the price for a regular faerie's quest is higher than the training would cost for the same stats, you should turn down the Quest.

Item Lists

The items categories that the six basic faeries ask for can be found in the previous chart. If you want to know the rarity or the actual item names these six ask for, check out Quest_Items' petpage.

The Queen Faerie, Space Faerie, and Fountain Faerie Quests are very rare and can ask for almost anything. Their items are always between rarity 75 and 96.

However, they will never ask for:

  • paint brushes
  • codestones
  • dubloons
  • job coupons
  • concert tickets
  • scratchcards
  • retired items
  • maps*
  • Nerkmids
  • Neopets
They only ask for items that can be bought in the main Neopian Shops. Anyone claiming otherwise is not telling you the truth.

*Fountain Faerie Quest Item Note: The Fountain Faerie can ask for a Piece of a treasure map since it is a r96 item. However, none of the other map pieces (Secret Laboratory, Petpet, Underwater, Space, or World Challenge) are within her rarity grouping. (Technically, she shouldn't be able to ask for this, either, since it can't be bought in Shops.)
What The Queen Wants, the Queen Gets!
The following lists show some of the items that these three Faeries have asked for in the past. These lists are primarily here to show you the rarity of the items that the Faeries ask for.

Had a quest for something that's not listed yet? NeoMail me and let me know, and I'll add it! Item names in italics are those they have asked Alatyr for:

r76 - r89
Blue Spardel Balloonr89
Meerca Brothers Toy Lock Picksr88
Orange Chocolate Jubjubr79
Orange Ixi Drinkr87
Desert Paint Brush Stampr89
Baby Wocky Plushier80
MAGAX Posterr80
Yellow Tonu Pencilr88
Orange Jelly Sofar80
Kings Lens Stamp r87
Temple Of The Sky Stampr89
Chocolate Eclairr79
Tug-O-War Cardr76
Flaming Hot Burritor89
Dung Playpenr85
Usuki Cookery Setr85
Teenage Usukir80
Exploding Space Bugs Stampr85
Fire Faerie Snowglober89
Glass Neggr87
Wocky Meringuer85
I Love Mazzews Posterr80
Malevolent Fungus Pencil Caser87
Faerie Kougra Ice Lollyr80
Rainbow Chia Gumballr84
Clockwork Snowbunnyr88
White Chocolate Pelletsr78
Blue Ixi Plushier88
Lime Wiggle Caker89
Pale Elixirr87
Strange Glazed Bowlr87
Blueberry Skeith Cookier80
The Nimmo Rangerr89
Extra Large Fizzy Drinkr80
Extra Meaty Sandwichr80
Parsnips and Creamr80
Toffee Covered Strawberry Techo Cookier80
Pumpkin Ice Creamr89
Darigan Shield Stampr86
Orange Chocolate Grundor77
Lupe Meat Dishesr80
Tut Troutr82
Snowberry Poogle Caker80
Clever Clogs Usukir76
Grarrl Cookie With Sprinklesr86
Chocolate and Cream Kyriir80
Meepit Mirrorr86
Explorer Usukir89
All In A Days Workr85
The Legend of Ishtarr80
Mega Minty Korbat Caker80
Squeaky Larnikin Toyr79
Grumble Be Gone Tabletsr85
Yellow Usul Keyringr85
Meepie Treer79
Lentil and Bean Hot Dogr78
Yellow Chomby Gnomer82
Blue Draik Gnomer85
Skunk Perfumer85
Yurble Talesr86
Little Techo Bookr80
Green Garden Shedr80
A Warm Christmasr86
Enhanced Solar Gauntletr77
Buzz Guide to Magicsr89
Orange Coral Shelvesr89
Strawberry Krawk Cookier80
Iyana the Earth Faerier76
Tylix Stampr89
Poogle Swordr87
Spooky Tree Tabler89
Smoked Seasoned Sausager80
Dual Battle Mirrorr86
Babaa Chairr89
Green Poogle Rulerr89
Coconut Cocktailr80
Rainbow Fountain Cardr89
Kyrii Strawberry Caker89
Grundo Defenderr86
Witchcraft Spellsr83
Cookie Dough Bomb Manualr85
Chocolate Eartharoler80
Banana Warsr89
Peach Gummy Chiar88
Ultra Cheesy Hot Dogr76
Strawberry Jetsam Ice Creamr78
Phtlygon Wingr89
Candy Cane Neggr89
Yellow Turtum Penr88
Acara Nightmarer88
Ruffled Feathersr80
Chokato Meltr89
Spotty Cheese Wedger88
Acara Gormball Tipsr85
Dark Faerie Hair Clipr88
Orange Neggr85
Usuki Uni Lover Setr78
Usuki Sunglassesr88
Faerie Carrotr86
Baby Blumaroo Plushier87
Hand Painted Water Jugr80
Deluxe Ham Subr76
Blue Skeith Bean Bagr85
Lime Swirly Neggr84
Red Chia Pencil Holderr80
Strawberry Eyrie Caker88
Eyeball Fungusr88
Kauvara Stampr80
Rainy Day Usuki Setr80
Visiting Kreludorr88
Brick Sinkr86
King Skarl Plushie Stampr89
Hairy Rock Burgerr86
Gruslen Pop Up Bookr88
White Kiko Chocolatesr87
Hand Painted Scarabr79
Hasee Backpackr84
Lemon Bubble Pizzar86
Tyrannian Plateau Stampr86
Faerie Kitchen Stover88
Cooking with Petpetsr86
My First Mazzewr86
White Chocolate Iced Myncir85
Chocolate Covered Carrotr79
Lemon Skeith Iced Bunr88
Large Dark Chocolate Cybunnyr89
Basic Survival Skillsr80
Water Faerie Ovenr87
Runner Bean Plantr85
Faerie Kitchen Sinkr85
Pea Soapr88
Peach Gummy Chiar88
Aisha Secretsr89
Elephante Encyclopediar85
Jazzmosis Nimmo Plushier89
Eliv Thades Guide to Anagramsr87
Purple Kacheek Sinkr88
Alien Aisha Ray Gun Stampr86
Strawberry Mince Pier78
Kauvara Sofar85
Geb Stampr84
Milk Chocolate JubJub Caker78
Peppermint Praline Barr82
Holly Print Bean Bagr87
Skyward an Eyries Guide to Flyingr87
Tyrannian Fire Lampr85
Babaa Lunch Boxr85
Sporkle Syrupr88
Princess Sankara Stampr80
Zomutt Scratching Postr88
Iced Croissantr88
Yellow Faellie Rugr85
Christmas Meerca Stampr83
Blue Stepping Stoner86
Aqua Coral Pillowr76
Laws of the Landr88
Amulet of Firer80
Grape Sloth Caker85
Swirly Werelupe Cookier85
Sturdy Petpet Cager89
Apple Jelly Flotsamr88
Blue Hissi Chairr89
Pebble Stepping Stoner88
Heart Swirl Valentines Cardr86
Grubs in Cheeser88
Adventures in Spacer88
Scorch E Or89
Nutty Chocolate Neggr79
Lord Kass Pumpkinr89
Zafara Surprise80
Islandberry Tea82
Cube-Shaped Watermelonr87
Island Tuskaninny Plushier87
Howling For Funr87
Strawberry and Lime Achyfir87
Curly Viner80
Gummy Hannahr89
Cooty in a Balloon Toyr83
Roast Chestnut Pier80
Kayla Notebookr89
Nightsteed Mugr89
Speckled Jetsam Plushier89
Stuffed Figsr78
Nova Lampr84
Woolen Scarf Knitting Setr78
Shield Of Pion Troect Stampr80
Eyeball Slurpyr85
Frozen Fishy Sandwichr78
Grundo X2000 Chestplater82
Your Semidemiquaver & Your86
Chocolate Aisha Earsr86
Bottled Earth Faerier80
Island Quiggle Plushier86
Citadel Building Blocksr80
Autumn Garden Torchr87
Maraquan Skeith Bookr80
Lemon Sugared Gelert Gummyr85
Peophin Toothbrushr86
Heart Shaped Chocolatesr86
Pink Yoyor76
Kacheeks Are Coolr84
Tea Time Cybunny Plushier81
Sock Pencilr87
Coral Toiletr86
Adventure Bound Xweetokr85
Pastel Snowflake Treer88
Delicious Faerie Bubblesr79
Usul Ski Mittensr89
Glittering Faerie Dusting Powderr88
Chocolate Coated Hot Dogr87
Usul Skiing Tipsr79
Stencil Setr87
Anubis Bedr89
Pixxi Squashr78
Krawk Island Postcards 10 Packr87
Christmas Grundo Plushier88

r81 - r94
Mixed Rock Slicesr82
When Bruces Flyr87
Large Chia Caker90
Coconut Bathtubr83
Spotted Daffodilr94
Faerie Bonbonsr87
Devilpuss Plushier91
Wocky Magicr90
Powtry Usuki Setr90
NeoQuest II Logo Stampr87
Blue Fuzzle Sofa Bedr90
Sulky Ixi Gnomer89
Patter Feetr90
Cheesy Jetsam Sandwichr82
Cube-Shaped Oranger92
Ice Cream Print Beach Towelr81
Howling For Funr87
Koi Scalesr87
Uni Day BLT Sandwichr84
Mutant Aisha Plushier86
Steel Kiko Helmetr92
Behind Brexisr87
Green Grarrl Plushier84
Green Uni Morphing Potionr94
Grapefruit Doughnutr87
Disco Zafara Plushier90
Pink Tile Umbrellar90
I Love The Neopian Times T-Shirtr90
Faerie Berry Recipesr89
Mighty Grarrl Burgerr85
Minty Bruce Muffinr85
Mythical Kyriisr88
Buzz for Infantsr85
Large White Chocolate Cybunnyr90
Kacheek Weekr89
Fancy Toiletr84
Snorkle Bedr90
Valentines Kiko Plushier89
Snowager Stampr89
Electric Dresserr84
Fruit Fly Surpriser89
The Yurble Spyr89
Island Kiko Plushier92
Nova Sofar86
Sturdy Petpet Cager89
Fire Paint Brush Plushier82
Jazzmosis Blumaroo Plushier93
Bomberry Elixirr84
Half Chili Deluxe Pizzar84
Christmas Puddingr90
Fire Faerie Ovenr86
Hand Painted Black Urnr90
Blurf Gelert Caker88
Twin Saladr92
Draik Steakr89
Flotsam Foodr86
JubJub Battle Shieldr92
Green Raindorf Plushier87
Pea Stuffed Pepperr84
Snowflake Garlandr85
Battle Faerie Plushier90
The Ixi Bookr87
Pink Easter Negg Cookier89
Speckled Tonu Costumer89
Ultranova Rugr89
Mint Chocolate Novar85
Altadorian Cobb Saladr85
Tyrannian Coat Hangerr85
Fire Zafara Plushier86
Kacheek Historyr89
Mecha Icy Coner88
Sherbert Strawberriesr89
Water Umbrellar85
Apple Gummy Chiar88
Red Paper Lanterr82
Maraquan Kau Paintingr89
Ancient Eyrie Power Wandr93
Song Flowersr93
Roxton A. Colchester III Usuki Dollr94
Blue Skeith Sofar92
Snow Bagelr91
Giant Bubble Blowerr88
Intro to Altadorian Verbager82
Lilian Fairweather Plushier93
Playground Tunnelr89
Cooking with Chef Boulgarr88
Usuki Flower Picking Setr88
Blue Twisterr83
Grey Faerie Cardr90
Dung Neggr83
Polished Wooden Mynci Shieldr92
Glow-in-the-Dark Cometr90
Orange Stuffed Oranger89
Dire Lupe NeoQuest Plushier92
Chocolate Ice Cream Cream Puffr81
Banana Jelly Flotsamr93
Regular Bacon Eggs and Toast Smoothier84

r94 - r96
Pant Devil Plushier95
Bearog Ballr95
Golden Scarab Coinr95
Mr. Chucklesr96
Jelly Oysterr95
Rainbow Sticky Hand Stampr96
Slorg Wardrober95
Blue Draik Eggr95
Piece of a Treasure Mapr96
Green Scorchstoner96
Electric Daffodilr94
Gruslen Chairr96
Large Swirly Chocolate Cybunnyr94
Buzz Bomb Bagr96
Maraquan Acara Note Bookr94
Blue Pepper Pizzar95
Striped Fuzzler96
Air Faerie Mushroomr96
Winged Scarabr96
Cave Lupe Neoquest Plushier94
Beginners Cursesr96
Sand Golem Neoquest Plushier96
Wind Up Red Draik Toyr95
Maraquan Acara Back Packr96
Minty Choccywhipr94
Grarrl Gauntletr96
Peophin Power!r96
Battle Duckr96
Ice Ringr96
Feepit Heart Ornamentr95
Bat Kebabr96
Pink Disco Ballr95
Sugar Bridger96
Clockwork Lord Dariganr96
Flotsam Wok Recipesr95
Harris Bean Bagr96
Purple Scorchio Plushier94
Padded Acara Glovesr94
Silver Uni Bootsr95
Doglefox Balloonr96
Super Spicy Jelly Beansr95
Cherry Jelly Clubr96
Dark Faerie Rugr95
Kau Knight Bootsr94
Lime Chomby Caker96
Zombom Plushier96
Lupe Legendsr96
Gelert Battle Pawr94
Blue Peophin Squishy Plushier96
Goodie Two Shoes Usukir96
Green Uni Morphing Potionr94
Poogle Scimitarr95
Wand of Dark Novar96
Kacheek Ice Cannonr95
Talinia Plushier96
Angel Chia Plushier96
Famous Chiasr95
The Way of the Draikr96
Lobster Berry Surpriser96
White Yurble Plushier95
Mega Manoroot Sandwichr95
Chomby Poemsr96
Blue Jetsam Bedr95
Maraquan Parasolr96
Pink Spooky Popcornr96
Silver Uni Wing Guardsr94
Pirate Champion Plushier94
Plushie Quiggle Plushier96
Plushie Wocky Plushier95
Jhudora the Dark Faerier96
Green Hamr96
Scroll of Benevolencer94
Blueberry Jelly Shieldr96
Gelert A to Zr95
Cheat By Caparar96
Yellow Roundaboutr96
Blue Scorchio Paddleballr95
Meepit Plushier94
Shadow Draik Plushier94
Dr. Backwashr95
Candychan Usuki Setr95
Seafood Pasta Saladr95
Gelert Flying Disc Attackr95
Candychan Usuki Setr95
Seafood Pasta Saladr95
Gelert Flying Disc Attackr95
Strength Serumr95
Ramtor the Advisor Plushier95
Spooky Tree Candler96
Koi Battle Helmetr95
Puntec Fruitr96
Bumper Cars Guide Bookr94
Frozen Neggr95
Glowing Bridger95
Skeith Freeze Maskr95
Pocket Microscoper95
Ghost Draik Plushierr95
Jazzmosis Speakerr94
Jumbo Shapeshifter Boardr95
Baby Techo Plushier95
Brightvale Castler94
Velm Plushier96
Emerald Eyrie Shieldr95
Purple Scorchio Plushier94
Chocolate Chia Statuer96
Water Pizzar96
Meerca Mesh Netr96
Water Faerie Hair Brushr96
Magic Wandr96
Brown Lenny Plushier95
Yellow Cybunny Morphing Potionr96
Carnival of Terror Guide Bookr95
Tuskaninny Battle Maskr95
Wooden Umbrellar95
Blumaroo Jester Dressr94
Water Pizzar96
Maracite Koi Armourr95
Tiki Salt and Pepper Shakerr96
Raspberry Ghostkerchief Jellyr96
Captain Meercar96
Kacheek Baby Cabbage Sandwichesr96

Faeries FAQs

This section is for any random Random Faerie quest notes (got that?;)

  • Do I have to get the item for the Faerie?

    No, you don't. Don't blindly assume that you have to buy something because a Faerie told you to. If one of the regular faeries wants a new item or an avatar item, the price may too high to be worth it for your pets. If you can train your pets for cheaper, then turn down the Quest. (And if you don't train your pets at all, what's the point of paying for stats?)

  • Does anything bad happen if I do a random Dark faerie quest?

    No. Despite their negative publicity, the random Dark faeries are not evil. None of the other faeries will be mad at you if you finish a random Dark faerie's quest, and you won't affect your chances of getting other random quests.

  • How many faeries are there of each kind?

    The Queen, Space, and Fountain Faerie are each just one faerie. There are an unknown number of Fire, Earth, Water, Air, Dark, and Light faeries, however.

  • Do my chances of getting a quest go down if I turn down a Quest?

    No. Turning down a Quest does not negatively affect your chances of getting Quests again. When Queen Fyora finishes fuming and finally forgives you, she resets your Quests completely. The Faeries do not hold that rejected Quest against you -- they don't keep track at all! -- and they will gladly give you a Quest the next time you find them.

  • What happens after I turn down a Quest?

    The Faerie Queen will "ban" you from getting a quest for 600 seconds (10 minutes). After that time is up, you can go back to the Faerie Quests page to visit her and click the button under her. (And if you forget about going back, no worries -- the Quests will automatically reset eventually.)

  • Which pet will the Faerie bless?

    It's random. Except for the Fountain Faerie, each faerie chooses which pet she wants to bless. I've found that they usually don't choose the active pet, but that's not always the case.

    And if you think you've found a pattern to their blessing and try to manipulate that, they'll immediately break the pattern. People always try to write Al and tell her that they know the pattern. Funny, but their solutions are all different ;)

    Only the Fountain Faerie is a sure thing; she always lets you paint the pet that's active when you visit the Fountain.

  • I haven't had a quest in forever! What's wrong

    Quests are random events. You cannot increase your chances of getting a quest specifically.

    You can, however, increase your chances of getting any random event. To do that, you need to reload pages around Neopia quite frequently. (Remember that using anything besides your own attached finger to refresh pages is against the Rules!) How to do that and still play around Neopia? If you play games such as Dice-A-Roo or Pyramids, you'll be reloading those pages quite often.

    Of course, you might find a not-so-nice random event, like a mewing Kadoatie that wants 5,000 NPs to shut up, eep! Erm, so, um, good luck!

  • Why can't I complete a Faerie Quest when I'm fighting in the Battledome?

    The Faeries' quests raise a pet's stats (or with the Earth Faerie, restores all lost HP), so finishing a quest in the middle of a battle might change the outcome of the fight. Finish the battle however you want to, and then go give the Faerie her item.

  • The Fountain Faerie

    • For more information on the Fountain Faerie and her Quest, see colored_buzz's Fountain Faerie FAQ.

    • The Fountain Faerie is not the same as a Water Faerie. There are multiple Water Faeries running, er, swimming around Neopia, but only one is the Fountain Faerie.

      If you complete a Water Faerie's quest, she raises a pet's defense. If you complete the Fountain Faerie's quest, she lets you use the Rainbow Fountain in Faerieland to paint one pet almost any color.
      The Fountain Faerie
      A Water Faerie

    • The Fountain Faerie does not allow you to paint Royal, Robot, MSP, Ice, Sponge, or Usuki/Quiguki.

    • She lets you paint your Active pet. You can change your pet around with Morphing or Transmogrification Potions first, switch pets, or even create a new one before going to visit her. If you make a mistake and take the wrong pet, don't panic! Just leave the Fountain and switch pets. (Al did that twice!)

    • There is no time limit on Fountain Faerie quests, either for getting the item or after turning it in. Take as long as you need to earn your NPs and get your pet in order.

    • The Fountain Faerie can ask for a "Piece of a treasure map". It's an r96 item, and though it can't be bought in Shops, she can ask for it. (One of Al's friends was asked for this; until that point, Al didn't believe it, either.)

    • Multiple Fountain Quests - If you've turned in the first item but haven't painted your pet, and then you're lucky enough to get another FFQ, finish the first Quest first and paint your pet. Then turn in the second item. Otherwise, she will only let you paint one pet, and you would have lost one FFQ :(

    • No pet: If you do not have a pet but get a FFQ, do not finish the Quest until you have a pet. Otherwise, you do not get to use the Fountain, even if you get a pet after finishing the Quest.

Famous Faeries

From time to time, I've seen people ask about the Faeries' names. So I made Al do some research, lots of knocking-on-doors turning-over-every-rock type stuff, and then I wrote up her results for you to see.

Note: There are more Faeries in Neopia than this. These are just all the ones Al could find names for. Remember, there is more than one of each type of faerie, and the faerie who wants the item from you is probably none of these--these faeries are all too busy saving Neopia (or, with the Dark Faeries, trying to take it over). But this project was a way to entertain Al for a while...

Names in italics are NeoQuest II characters. (Question marks are for those characters where Al couldn't decide if they were that type of faerie.)

Light Faeries: Siyana, Essit, Mekava, Lusina
Dark Faeries: Jhudora, Fiona, Jennumara, Dark Faerie Sisters (Malice, Spite, Vanity), Vilaria, Caerili(?), Kroliya(?), Lyra
Fire Faeries: Fuhnah, Eithne, Nuria, Ember, Ceth, Deleri, Vitrini, Bree
Water Faeries: Nereid, The Drenched (names?), Bexi
Earth Faeries: Illusen, Ilere, Iyana, Atasha, Arthal
Air Faeries: Psellia, Brianna, Stenvala
Faerie Queen: Fyora
Battle Faerie: Valeane (former), Aethia (current)
Grey Faerie: Baelia
Snow Faerie: Taelia
Island Faerie: Jhuidah

Faeries without names :(
Negg FaerieSoup Faerie
Space FaerieLibrary Faerie
Tooth FaerieHealing Springs Faerie
Fountain FaerieThe Darkest Faerie

Even better resources on Faerie Names:
Erametin's petpage
_violette_'s petpage

Timed Quests

Timed Quests

Now, if you're tired of waiting on those Faeries to pop up on your screen, you can go to certain places in Neopia and accept a Quest from some of the inhabitants. If you do, they'll give you a list of ingredients and a time limit. You could also accept a Job from the Employment Agency in Faerieland. You can use the Shop Wizard to find the items on any Timed Quest or Job. See Cleo's Timed Quests Guide and Prince Tidus' Jobs Guide for more information.

There are three timed quests in the Haunted Woods: Witch's Tower, the big and brooding Brain Tree, and the always-misspelled Esophagor.

In Faerieland, there's Jhudora's Cloud, and, down in Meridell, Illusen's Glade.

On top of Terror Mountain, you can find the Snow Faerie.

Finally, hanging out on the beaches of Mystery Island, the harried Flotsam Chef runs the Kitchen Quests.

For all these timed quests, you can use the Shop Wizard to find the items. Unlike the Faerie quests, these quests do not block the Shop Wizard. It's a good thing, too, because what if no one was on the Quests Board to look up your items? You'd be stuck and would run out of time!

Timed Quests FAQs

  • What if I fail? *quiver*
  • There is no penalty if you fail a Timed Quest, either because you run out of time or because the items are too expensive. Absolutely nothing will happen to your pet--whoever you took the Quest from will not get mad at you, will not mutate your pet, will not take all your NeoPoints and items, will not decrease any of your pet's statistics, and will not do anything else horrific and far-fetched.

    (The exception is on Illusen's and Jhudora's Quests--if you fail, you will be sent back to Level 1, which, admittedly, can be pretty horrific if you were so close to getting a good prize.)

    But remember, nothing will happen to your pets. So take a deep breath and go fail that quest! Erm, well, what I meant was... er... moving right along...

  • Where did Edna go? I accepted her Quest, I got her items, but she's gone!
  • Edna mysteriously vanishes from her tower for an hour at a time. If you visit her during this hour, you will get a message saying that no one seems to be at home. (Where is she? No one knows...) But don't worry! You don't lose that hour from your quest time. Go when she arrives back home, and she'll accept your item.

  • How do I answer the Brain Tree?
  1. Accept the Brain Tree's quest.
  2. Accept a quest from the Esophagor.
  3. Get the items for the Esophagor. He'll tell you the "when" answer. Write it down!
  4. Accept a quest from the Esophagor. Yes, again.
  5. Get the next items for the Esophagor. He'll tell you the "where" answer. Write it down!
  6. Go back to the Brain Tree. Type in the answers the Esophagor gave you, with the right capitalization and spelling.

You must feed the Esophagor, else no matter what you enter to the Brain Tree will be considered wrong. The Esophagor will also give you a quest of his own, and for that, I would advise spending no more than 2,000 NPs. However, when you're on the Brain Tree's quest as well, I advise that you spend only 2,000 NPs total, on both Quests combined. The Brain Tree tends to be a bit stingy with his prizes.

Capitalization and Spelling are important! If the answer is "The Haunted Woods", you must include the "The" and you must capitalize every word exactly as the Esophagor told you. You can open the Esophagor's quest in separate browser tabs so that you have access to both answers when you go to the Brain Tree.

See the Brain Tree Walk-Through for more information.

About the Esophagor: If you aren't on a Brain Tree quest and you visit the Esophagor, he will still give you a Quest! He wants expensive food even if the Brain Tree isn't looking for answers, thought. Greedy pig...

The Brain Tree Project

We're trying to create a list of the Dates and Places that are used in the Brain Tree quest. If you did both Esophagor quests but forgot one of the answers, use these lists to help you figure it out:

Dates Places
31 BN 26 BN The Great Cliffs Umbuku Island
39 BN 30 BN The Haunted Woods The Lightning Swamp
29 BN 13 BN Neopia City The Pumpkin Patch
35 BN

Remember, entering random answers will not work. You still have to feed the Esophagor two times. Feeding him is an actual step in finishing the Quest.

These lists are only for people who have forgotten one of the answers that the Esophagor gave them.

Timed Quests Rewards

The Timed Quests don't have specific rewards like the Faerie Quests do, but they do have some general lines that they follow:
Edna500 NPs~100 NPs and a spooky food item (usually cheap)
Brain Tree2,000 NPs~1,000 NPs and an item (usually ~1,000 NPs)
Esophagor2,000 NPsItem (~1-2,000 NPs)
Snow Faerie3,000 NPs~1,500 NPs, snowball, and an item (usually ~1-3,000 NPs)
Kitchen2,000 NPsNPs (~1-2,000 NPs) OR item (~1-3,000 NPs) OR stat boost

Now, yes, everyone has stories of how the Snow Faerie or Brain Tree gave them a 50k-NP-worth item. But those stories are few and far between. Most often, you hear people screaming about how the Esophagor ripped them off.

So, while the preceeding list isn't all-authoritative, it does present some general guidelines for doing those timed quests. If you stay within these guidelines, you'll most likely come out ahead when doing timed Quests.

Illusen & Jhudora

Illusen's and Jhudora's Quests are special--you spend huge amounts of NPs for them in hopes of getting a good prize at a higher level. Usually, you won't make it, because they eventually ask for unbuyable items and only give you 16 minutes to find them! You might have the NPs to pay for the item, but the hard part is to find someone online who's willing to trade immediately.

If you're going to go for these two Quests at higher levels, try to do it at peak Neopets times, times when the most people are playing in Neopia; that's usually about 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. - 8 p.m., NST, in my experience. You'll have a better chance of finding someone on the Shop Ads, Trades/Auctions, or even Battledome Boards with the item you need. (Sorry, the Quests Board mostly does lookups; we don't actually have rare items.)

These two are worth doing for a little while, at least--the prize for Level 20 includes an avatar. The other prizes, before Level 35, are worth hardly anything because most everyone can make it through those levels.

LevelIllusen Jhudora
Level 1Illusens Cream CookiePoisonous Lollypop
Level 3Illusens PotionNoxious Nectar
Level 5Illusens CombJhudoras Brush
Level 8Cucumber Eye CreamPurple Blob Potion
Level 11Illusens NovelJhudora T-Shirt
Level 14Mud MixtureGnome Shroom
Level 17Flower CakeCaustic Potion
Level 20Rain Water Shampoo & AvatarDark Faerie Magic & Avatar
Level 23Rose ShakeMalice Potion
Level 26Earth Spell BookPurple Spotted Shroom
Level 29Leaf ShieldClockwork Rat
Level 32Illusens Earth PotionToxic Shroom
Level 35Honey PotionDark Shroom
Level 38Illusens ScrollJhudora's Potion
Level 41Illusens BladeBartamus
Level 44Leaf TacoDark Faerie Collar
Level 47Illusens Orb PlantPortable Cloud
Level 50Illusens StaffWand of the Dark Faerie

By the way, you can alternate between the two of them: that is, you can one Illusen quest and then one Jhudora quest. You don't have to do just Illusen quests or just Jhudora quests. And, nothing bad happens to you if you do Jhudora quests. Just because she's an evil faerie plotting the downfall of Neopia doesn't make you an evil person for doing her quest.

Illusen & Jhudora FAQs

  • Illusen/Jhudora wants an item that doesn't exist!
    If they want Wall Paint or Floor Tiles, those are items that cannot be bought or sold by users. So you'll have to buy them directly from the Neohomes NP Superstore. If the item you need doesn't show up immediately, either refresh the page or click the "more" button on the right.

  • I finished a Quest for Illusen/Jhudora and she didn't give me a prize!
    Yes, that's normal. They don't give prizes on every level. See the previous section for a list of the levels that give you prizes.

  • Why won't Illusen/Jhudora let me do a quest? She says I'm on a quest for the other one or she's not ready to give me a quest!
    Illusen and Jhudora hate it if you do a quest for the other one, and neither likes to give too many quests per day. You have to wait 12 hours between Quests.

    That means 12 hours between two Illusen Quests, or 12 hours between two Jhudora Quests, or 12 hours between a quest for Illusen and a quest for Jhudora. You can be doing quests for the two of them one after the other, but you have to wait 12 hours between times.

  • Getting the "I'm not ready to give you a quest" message?
    If either Illusen or Jhudora is pouting and saying that she won't give you a quest, that means you must have failed the last one. Technically, though, until she gives you that message, you're still on her Quest! So the other faerie will tell you she won't give you a quest, either. Once you get that message, you're back to waiting for 12 hours for the next quest. Sheesh.

  • Once I start, do I have to do Illusen/Jhudora's Quest every day?
  • No. You can take as much time between quests as you like.

  • Is it bad to help Jhudora?
  • No. Doing Jhudora's quest doesn't affect the rest of your Quests (timed or random), and it doesn't affect your pets/accounts/anything else.

  • How do I get the Illusen/Jhudora trophy?
  • Be in the top 17 of the High Score list (Illusen, Jhudora) at the end of the month. Points are awarded based on how quickly you finish the Quests. The High Score list is reset on the 1st of each month, so if you want to get on it, pick a Faerie and start her Quest on the 1st, trying to finish a Quest every 12 hours for the whole month.

  • When do they start asking for Unbuyables (UBs)?
  • It varies. It's really the item rarity that is increasing as you get higher. Often rarer items cost more, but not always. Usually, however, you'll encounter UBs before or on Level 35. (Some people report encountering them at Level 25! That's usually for more recently-released items, though.)

    Be sure to post on the Shop Ads, Trades/Auctions, or Battledome boards to try to find someone with an UB! You will also want to try to do the Quests at high-traffic times in Neopia so that there are more people available on the message boards to help you out.

  • How many NPs should I have in order to finish Illusen's/Jhudora's Quests?
  • Well, Al started playing in April 2003, and she hasn't heard of anyone finishing all 50 Levels for either Illusen or Jhudora since that date, so she has no point of reference. It may still be possible, but you're gonna need a lot of luck.... The real catch to finishing doesn't seem to be a lack of NPs but rather a lack of items and/or sellers. You only get 16 minutes! And finding someone ready to sell those UBs can be really hard to do.

    For Levels 1-10, you probably need about 25-50k per level.
    For Levels 10-20, you probably need about 50-100k per level.
    For Levels 21-30, you probably need about 100-200k per level.
    For Levels 30-35, you probably need about 200k-1M per level.
    For Levels 35+, ... 1M - 10M? Now we're in uncharted territory...

  • Jhudora Day and Illusen Day
  • Jhudora Day is February 4th. Illusen Day is March 17th. On Jhudora Day and Illusen Day, the other faerie's quest will be unavailable. (That is, on Jhudora Day, you can't do Illusen's quest; on Illusen Day, you can't do Jhudora's quest.)

    Jhudora kidnaps Illusen and leaves a cardboard cutout in her place on Jhudora Day. (You would think Illusen would get wise to this after a while or that there would be a faerie smackdown every Feb 5th...) Jhudora goes off to pout on Illusen Day. (Why is everything about Jhudora?)

    On Jhudora Day and Illusen Day, do a quest for the day's faerie and you'll get her "day" avatar:

    The next day, everything will be back to normal in Neopia and you can go back to either faerie for a quest.

    Important: Know when the days are coming up and be sure that you'll have the necessary Quest available! That is, check with both faeries the day before and make sure you've cleared all messages and that they're both back to asking if you'll do a quest for her. (Don't say "yes"; just go check.)

    Check out Atticcus's petpage for all things Illusen!


You can get a Basic Job from the Employment Agency in Faerieland. The jobs are hard to get, because everyone is watching for them. They "restock" at the top of the hour, and then again every 10 minutes after that. (That is, :00:00 and :10:00, :20:00, etc.)

If you do get a Job, you can use the Shop Wizard; just be sure to search for the items singularly, not as written. (For example, if it asks for "Three Sun Hats," search for "Sun Hat" and buy 3 of them.)

The faster you turn the items back in, the better your reward!

Super Jobs

Don't even bother with the Super Jobs, for which you need a Brightvale Job Coupon. You can win Brightvale Job Coupons from the Wheel of Knowledge. But you probably won't get paid a lot and are better off selling the Coupons. Check the Wiz first, if you want--the price of the coupon against the price of the base reward.

(The original Job Coupons were originally a promotion Neopets offered for signing up with a sponsor; the promotion is no longer going on, so there is no way to get Job Coupons now except from other people.)

Quests Board

The Quests Board

When you need help on a random Faerie Quest (or a Timed Quest when you're Wiz-banned), head over to the Quests Board. There's almost always someone online to help you out. If there are a lot of unanswered posts on the Board, that probably means that none of Helpers is around, sorry. (We do get offline for a few minutes every day. Eating, sleeping, that sort of thing.)

Since Al and I got our start as Helpers on the Quest Board, the rest of this section will be written from the Helpers' perspective, looking at you, the Quester.

Helpers? Who are they?

Who are the Helpers?! My gracious, why, they're some of the bestest people in Neopia. (Yes, I said "bestest".)

They spend their Neopian time on the Quests Board to look up items for people on the Shop Wizard; they chase off the scammers who prey on frantic questers; they warn spammers; and they're a friendly bunch, too.

If it weren't for the Helpers on the Quests Board, Al and I probably wouldn't even be here today. Most of Al's best neoFriends are other Helpers, and having them as her friends keeps her coming back every day. Want to know more about being a Helper? Skip ahead to find out how!

How to Get Help

How to get help on the Quests Board:

1. Post a new topic.

2. Be patient.

Seriously, that's it.

1. Post a new topic with a title that relates to your quest. "Attention- grabbing" posts (OMG!, Click here, or lots of animated smilies, for example) actually do not get our attention. Even boards called "Reward" will not usually get you helped any faster.

Generally, Helpers are moving methodically up the Board, starting with the lowest post with "0" replies. The only reason we might click on your post earlier is because we suspect your post is not Quest-related or is a scam, and we're planning to tell you to go somewhere else or to read the Rules. (And often, if Al clicks a suspicious post earlier but it's a legitimate Quest post, she leaves and goes back for the next "0" post.)

An alternative to starting your own post is to look for a thread that offers Quest Help. Before you post there, make certain of a few things:

  1. Is the Helper still there? Look for their last post and look at the time stamp!. Also look to see if they posted "Board Closed" or somesuch.
  2. Has anyone posted that this person is scamming? If so, go elsewhere for help!

Do not post on someone else's "New Topic". Your post will be unnoticed. We do not keep track of every single post on every single thread.

2. Now, be patient! Helpers usually look up an item first and post the results second. If you *bump* your own post because you're impatient, we'll think another Helper has beaten us to your post, and we'll skip right over you! Also, with the 30-second lag between posts, it takes us longer to reply.

We look for topics with "0" replies first. We're usually very consistently busy on the Quests board, and it's not our fault if you answer yourself first.

In general, do not NeoMail the Helpers for help or ask on your board that we NeoMail you. Very few of us will actually respond that way. Posting on the Boards is much faster and easier for us.

Other general tips for getting help quickly:

  • Be sure you've spelled your item correctly. We don't have them all memorized.

  • Take off any apostrophes (') accompanying the item name (that will cut down on how long a lookup takes).

  • Don't explain or tell a story. We know you're on a Quest. We know you'd like help. Post the item name and maybe "please and thank you". We don't need to know anything else, and reading it only slows us down.

  • If you are on a Timed Quest but are Wiz-banned, tell us that in your first post. We're likely to help you if we know you're banned. If you don't tell us, we'll assume you either don't know about the Shop Wizard on Timed Quests (so we'll usually tell you that first) or are trying to get us to price your Shop for you.

  • If you aren't getting help, and you've followed all of our advice so far, do not create topics accusing everyone of ignoring you. Do not get mad at people and start causing a scene to get attention. You will only get yourself mocked and not helped.

    Start a new topic, sure, but stay calm and polite. Even better, don't mention that you got skipped earlier; just post and wait.

Super Shop Wizard Notes

Yes, many Quests Helpers are Premium users and do have the Super Shop Wizard, and we do often use it when we help on the Quests Board. However, posting a Topic requesting that only Premium members answer your post will get you ignored by those very users. Or, we may answer your post, but we will use the regular Shop Wizard.

We pay actual money in order to use that service, and it has a very limited number of searches, compared to the regular Wiz. Premium users are not at your beck and call, and we are not required to use the SSW for you. We are, however, more than willing to give you a Premium invitation and let you pay for it yourself...

The Super Shop Wizard works by returning the lowest Shops of all the regular Wizard divisions. It does not return "extra" Shops or "different" Shops than the regular Wizard. It returns the same results, but in a different order. That's all.

If you have a timed Quest, refresh the regular Wizard. You do get the same results. No, it isn't as fast, but if you want the SSW to make your Timed Quests go faster, then you can pay for it yourself.

Also the SSW cannot look up every item; it refuses to look up Secret Laboratory Map pieces, paint brushes (not even plushies!), and Nerkmids, to name a few.

Other things often mistaken for Quests

If you're on a "quest" from your Guild, sorry, but we won't help with those. We only help with Quests that need the Shop Wizard. Try the Fan Club or Beauty Contest Boards to find certain pets.

Looking for a challenger for the Defenders of Neopia game? Notice the word "game"--ask the Games or Battledome Boards. Once again, we use the Shop Wiz only.

Looking for food for the Kadoatery? Most of that food is unbuyable; try asking the Trades/ Auctions Board. Need help with the Kadoatery? Ask on the Games board.

Need NeoQuest I or NeoQuest II help? Despite the "Quest" in the names, they're actually both Games. Try the NeoQuest board. You can also try the Games board if the board is unresponsive.

Need Key Quest help? Despite the "Quest" in its name, it's actually a Game. Again, try the Key Quest board or the Games board.

Need any other kind of help and can't figure out where to go? Check out the Help Board (imagine that).

One Final Note

Don't make the mistake of thinking that the Helpers are stupid. We are not all 12-year-olds that you can bully or confuse with big words. Most of us know more big words than you.

We have a good idea of which items are for Quests and which are not. If you consistently show up needing questionable items looked up, we will realize that you're just trying to take advantage of us, and we will do something about it.

Finding An Item

When a Helper gives you results from the Shop Wizard, it will probably look something like the following:
Shop Owner Item Amount in Stock Price
user1 Item Name 2 975 NP
user2 Item Name 18 1,000 NP
user3 Item Name 1 1,000 NP

This means that user1's Shop has 2 of the item for 975 NPs; user2's Shop has 18 for 1,000 NPs; and so on. (Note: when someone uses the Super Shop Wizard, the item name may be missing, but everything else is the same).

Now that you have a Shop Owner's name, type the name into the "Search Neopets" box in the left sidebar and click "Go." This takes you to a User Look-up. Find and click on the Shop link. In the shop, click on the Item that you wish to buy.

Give It To The Faerie

Now that you have the item, go to "Pet Central" on the top bar, then 'Quests' from the bottom right. (You could also try to use the Shop Wizard and get yelled at, or just zip straight to the Faerie Quests page.) There will be a button there for you to turn in the item.

There is also a button there if you should decide to cancel the Quest, which you will occasionally need to do. If most of the Helpers on the Quests Board tell you to cancel it, we're probably right. Remember, turning down a Quest does not affect your chances of getting more Quests.


*dramatic music* They aid the frantic Quester, they defend the Quest Board, they oust the greedy scammer. They are the Quest Helpers! *crescendo*

So maybe that was a bit over the top, but really, the Quest Board guardians are the people you want on your side when you have a quest. Though the faces themselves fluctuate, the character of a real Helper remains constant.

The real, blue-blooded Quest Helpers are the ones who cheerfully look up your item on their Shop Wizard (refreshing for the lowest price, of course) and post the results, then move on to the next topic. They refuse to let scammers and spammers have even a foothold on the Quests Board.

You don't need to "sign up" anywhere to be a Quests Helper. You don't have to join any Guild; you don't even have to be on Neopets consistently. Just show up with your Shop Wizard in tow. There are almost always more people with Quests than there are people to help, so more Helpers are always welcome!

To be a good Quests Helper, there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind:
  • Find the lowest price. Refresh the Shop Wizard a couple of times (or use the Super Wiz!).

  • Know the Rules. Familiarize yourself with the neoRules and Terms & Conditions. Don't break the Rules yourself!

  • Keep your cool. People will be rude and they will forget to say "please" and "thank you." Just let that roll off of you. If it ever stops being fun, take a break for a while.

  • Understand the Quests. This page and others can help you learn all about the Quests. It's usually a good idea to know what's going on if anyone starts asking questions!

Advantages of Being a Helper

What are the advantages of being a regular Quests Helper? For one thing, you're helping people out; you're being noble and civic-minded, helping out your fellow Neopians.

For another, you're keeping busy and refreshing pages, which is always good for random events (and Faerie quests of your own!). And since you're looking up a lot of items on the Shop Wizard, you can usually find some nice snipes ;)

You'll also find, as you hang around the Board, that you'll start to recognize the other Helpers, and they'll start to recognize you, too. This is a good thing, since when you have a quest of your own, the Helpers will be quite willing to help you out, knowing that you are one of their own. You will also find, should you have to confront a spammer or scammer on the Board, that the other Helpers will join with you and defend you.

So, you get to be kind and helpful and pass on the help you've been given, and you get to meet and be a part of a community of like-minded people. What more could you ask for?

How To Help

Al and I have seen many different approaches to Quests Helping (and helping in general). We have seen situations quickly degenerate into name-calling, smart-aleck comments, and all-around rudeness from both sides.

After discussions with some of our friends, who are also appalled by this trend, Al and I have decided to describe a technique for dealing with obnoxious, scamming, offensive, or ignorant people. One of our friends calls this approach "gentle force".

The first part of the "gentle force" concept is to always always always maintain your cool and calm image on the Boards. No matter how insulting, disgusting, or annoying the other person is, you must be the serene center.

The second part of the "gentle force" concept is to turn the person's attention toward something that can help them--give them the Freebies link for quick NPs; point them to a better Board or to a helpful petpage; or tell them a place on the site that has what they really need. This help should be delivered without any malice or snarky comments. (To help herself do this, Al created an "answers" petpage with ready-made posts. She made that page when she was nice and mellow, so there wouldn't be any hidden animosity behind the posts.)

You will be surprised at how many times simply posting the link to the Healing Springs will draw a meek "Thank you" from the previously hyperventilating user...

Finally, the "gentle force" concept comes back around to the first part again -- maintaining your self-control no matter how the other person responds. They may react negatively because some people actually don't want helpful advice. If their behavior warrants it, alert the monitors to the situation. But above all, stay self-controlled and act maturely.

The main goal of "gentle force" is to educate the user, even over their protests. If you keep your answers neutral and polite, you'll outlast and outwit even the most stubborn users. Zippy one-liners may make your friends laugh or may win you a moment or two of fame, but it doesn't help the person who needs it (especially when they don't know that they need help!).

As a Helper, you should be trying to increase the Neopian-IQ of everyone around you.


Not everyone who hangs out on the Quests Board is a Helper. Some people hang around because they're waiting to scam harried users who are on Quests.

How do I distinguish Real Helpers from scammers?

1. Real Helpers will never ask for a reward and will not charge you for a Shop Wizard lookup. This includes saying "Rewards appreciated". This also includes any references to voting for the user's pet in the Beauty Contest in exchange for help. That. Is. Cheating.

Firstly, it's illegal to require Neopoints or items in exchange for any services, which would include using the Shop Wizard for someone. From the Support pages: Performing services for other users for Neopoints, Items, money or anything else is forbidden by our Terms and Conditions.

Secondly, being a Helper is not a way to make a living on Neopets; go play games or tend a shop! Besides, if everyone else on the Board is advertising "Free Help", the only response to these topics will be the real Helpers, telling the scammers that they can't do that.

2. Real Helpers don't put an item in their own shop or trades. Most people who "help" in that way are trying to make a profit--when they put it into their Shop or Trades, they overcharge the Quester. Often it's not by much, but that little bit starts to add up very quickly.

Again, they're making a profit off the Quester's helplessness, and making a profit off what should be a free service. I don't like it at all when someone does this; I think it's mean and very rude to the Questers. So don't do it!

Besides, often the Quester is posting on more than one board (because they're impatient); if they find it cheaper, then the scammer is stuck with that item. It's much simpler for everyone involved to just list the cheapest Shop Wizard prices.
WARNING to all Questers!!!
Some people will claim to have your item in their Shop or will say they'll put it in their Shop or Trades. BE AWARE that many of these people are overcharging you--you MAY be able to get the item much cheaper!

Notice that this little message, which Helpers often post on shop scammers' threads, does NOT accuse the scammer of overcharging. It only points out that -some- people are overcharging and encourages the questees to get a second opinion.

One more note on scammers like this: Real Helpers often start posting on the scammer's thread with actual cheap Shop Wizard prices. Scammers claim this is harassment. According to The Neopets Team, however, it's NOT harassment to post prices. If you're a Real Helper in this situation, avoid an argument with the scammer and continue helping the questees.

3. Finally, Real Helpers never advertise their own shop on the Quests Board. Advertising a Shop is not Quests Help.

The Faeries ask for a specific item on each Quest. Just because a shop claims to have Quests items does not mean that it will have what a Quester is looking for. And since the goal of the Quests Board is to unite Questers with their item, posting a Shop that may or may not have the item cannot be considered help.

Besides, there is a Shop Ads Board! So any Shop Ad posted in the Quests Board is actually spam! Now, you may post your Shop in response to someone's post for help, if you have the item, but you cannot make a new topic on the Quests Board just to promote your Shop.

Bad Behavior

It's not just some fake "helpers" who behave badly on the Quests board. Often some people who are actually on Quests or just passing by try some questionable behavior.


Do not beg for items on the Quests Board. We will only tell you to play more games and otherwise earn the NPs yourself, and, if you persist, we will report you. We have little tolerance for beggars.

You're asking someone else to do the work for you, and people will resent that. Every pixel that someone owns on this site is the result of a lot of work. Think about that before you beg again.

Most Helpers have just as many NPs as you do, maybe less, but we enjoy helping our fellow Neopians to find items that they need.

There's another point to consider about begging, too. It's against the Rules and Terms & Conditions as "scamming to get items/NPs".

How, you ask? Quite simple, really. Scamming is tricking people out of something that you haven't earned, of something that belongs to them through their own hard work. Beggars try to say that they don't have the time/ energy/ computer/ programs/ skills/ ability to play Neopets for themselves and earn their own items or NPs. But guess what so many petpages in Neopia are about? That's right, all the easy ways to earn NPs!

So begging is really scamming because everyone on Neopets starts from the same place and has exactly the same opportunities as everyone else. How you take advantage of those opportunities is up to you.

In a recent Editorial, The Neopets Team used the phrase "Begging like that is not allowed." (And if you read the question, it asked about "Asking for donations". So their reply could be read as "Begging by asking for donations is not allowed.") They have said it could be reported as spamming. Spam is any useless, worthless, or pointless post.

Contests and Chain Letters

Contests are not allowed on Neopets by anyone other than Neopets themselves. Read the Terms & Conditions that you agreed to abide by when you signed up with Neopets: 3. ...you understand and agree that you will not post or send through the site any words, images or links containing or relating to: promotions offering prizes of any sort (including contests, raffles, lotteries, chain letters or any kind of giveaway).

And later, in the "fine print": You hereby understand and agree that Neopets does not allow Postings that contain: Promotions anywhere on Neopets' site offering prizes of any kind. Promotions include, but are not limited to, contests, raffles, lotteries or giveaways, and "anywhere on our site" includes but is not limited to all of Neopets' user communication areas, onsite pet's webpage, shop front or onsite guild webpage.

Might just be my interpretation, but that seems to cover just about every kind of contest you could imagine. There's another little note in one of those--chain letters. Anything that says "Post this message on 10 boards/trades. Then visit somewhere in Neopia or play this game and you will get 1,000,000 neopoints and one of all the paintbrushes. It's a Neopet's code." is a chain message. From the NeoRules: 13. Do not spam the message boards, guild boards, or other site areas. This includes Chain Letters of any kind!

And before you complain, "But, Marchegai, holding contests and posting chain letters doesn't hurt you. Why should you care if I post them?", here's a note from the end of the Terms and Conditions: BEWARE: If you do any of the above we may freeze your account permanently.

You should be glad I care--I'm helping you to not get frozen. And I'm also trying to help other players, who may not know any better, from having a similar fate.



While the following isn't strictly for faerie Quests, it's still useful (and often quoted) information. Use it in good health.

Brain Tree

The following boxes each have a different post that makes up the Brain Tree topic in the Quests Board (the first one is the Topic name that I use). There's almost always one of these on the Board; if there's not, feel free to start one up. I've included my favorite formatting for the posts, big and red; makes it harder to miss (though the Questers will still manage to).

Note: ANYONE is welcome to use these posts to start a new board. You do NOT have to belong to a certain Guild. EVERYONE can use these.
Note 2: I've heard there's been a change on the Boards that is causing problems when posting these messages. So I've created one version with no font-specifications. If you still want to try the other version, it appears below the new one.

No-font-specific version:

*violin* Brain Tree asking about dead people? Feed Esophagor twice *clap*
To answer the Brain Tree, do 2 Esophagor quests in the Haunted Woods. It's the ONLY way: the answers are random. NO answer will work unless he's fed:

You can use the Shop Wizard. There's NO penalty for not finishing. Spend ~2,000 NPs TOTAL. Let time run out if it costs too much:
www.neopets.com/market.phtml?type=wizard .
*ghost* ONLY the Esophagor has the correct random answer

*ghost* You have to feed him once for the "when" and once for the "where

*ghost* Even if you guess correctly, you won't get anywhere: Neopets has "rigged" it so that unless you do two Esophagor quests, the Brain Tree won't accept your answer

*ghost* (To reset if you fail a quest, click the button under the Esophagor)
*ghost* Write the answer down! The answer MUST be identical to what the Esophagor said, including Capitalization & Spelling.

*ghost* Answers will look like this:
20 BN
(The) Place

*ghost* BE WARNED: the Brain Tree's rewards are only worth ~2,000 NPs total (NPs & 1 item), on average. If you spend more than that, you risk losing a lot of NPs.
* * * NOTICE to all Questers * * *

Some people will claim to have your item in their Shop or will say they'll put it in their Shop or Trades. BE AWARE that some of these people may be overcharging you: you MAY be able to get the item much cheaper!

Ask for a Shop Wizard lookup: the Helpers will gladly do it! We'll even compete with each other to find the cheapest price :P

Original font-specifying version:

*violin* Brain Tree asking about dead people? Feed Esophagor twice *clap*
[fonts=4c=blue]To answer the Brain Tree, do 2 Esophagor quests in the Haunted Woods. It's the ONLY way: the answers are random. NO answer will work unless he's fed:

You can use the Shop Wizard. There's NO penalty for not finishing. Spend ~2,000 NPs TOTAL. Let time run out if it costs too much:
www.neopets.com/market.phtml?type=wizard .[/font]
[fontc=reds=4]*ghost* ONLY the Esophagor has the correct random answer

*ghost* You have to feed him once for the "when" and once for the "where

*ghost* Even if you guess correctly, you won't get anywhere: Neopets has "rigged" it so that unless you do two Esophagor quests, the Brain Tree won't accept your answer

*ghost* (To reset if you fail a quest, click the button under the Esophagor)[/font]
[font s=4 c=blue]*ghost* Write the answer down! The answer MUST be identical to what the Esophagor said, including Capitalization & Spelling.

*ghost* Answers will look like this:
20 BN
(The) Place

*ghost* BE WARNED: the Brain Tree's rewards are only worth ~2,000 NPs total (NPs & 1 item), on average. If you spend more than that, you risk losing a lot of NPs.[/font]
[font s=5 c=red][b]NOTICE to all Questers!!![/b]

Some people will claim to have your item in their Shop or will say they'll put it in their Shop or Trades. BE AWARE that some of these people may be overcharging you: you MAY be able to get the item much cheaper!

Ask for a Shop Wizard lookup: the Helpers will gladly do it! We'll even compete with each other to find the cheapest price :P[/font]

Quest Board Guide

The following is the Quest Seeker F.A.Q., originally compiled by veritate, kobra_1972, qwedsw, and alatyr12. I've added comet924s guidelines and played around with it just for fun. It makes for a rather long read, but it's very thorough.

  • We are volunteers; we don't have to do this. Consider this when you are waiting for help. Getting mad and insulting us will not endear you to us, and we are not required to help you.

  • Please be PATIENT. There are usually only a small number of Helpers on the board and we're working as quickly as we can to find you the lowest price on your item.

  • Do not answer or otherwise *bump* your own post. We look first for posts with "0" replies; if a board has a reply, we assume you've been helped and will skip the post.

  • We will tell you the SHOP where you can find your item. Expect nothing more, though you may be surprised. Not all the helpers are as rich as you think, though we can still be generous.

  • Do not expect us to NeoMail you with what we find; this takes too of much of our time, and we have a lot of other people to help.

  • Any quest with a TIME LIMIT allows you to use the Shop Wizard. You don't need our help for that.

  • Brain Tree answers can only be obtained by feeding the Esophagor in the Haunted Woods twice. No one else can help you, even if they wanted to.

  • NO FAERIE QUEST will ask for a Paint Brush, Job Coupon, Codestone, Dubloon, Ticket, Scratchcard, or Neopet, so don't try scamming us. We will report you.

  • Faeries rarely ask for Kadoatery items. We know what the Kads want, and we know what the Faeries want. Kadoatery items are often over 100,000 NPs anyway, so look on the Trades/Auctions. Don't try scamming us.

  • If you can't afford your item, play some games, especially on quests without time limits. Begging for items will only prove that you are immature. If you cannot afford a timed quest, then don't finish it; there's no penalty.

  • Post in legible and readable font--this means no invisible or crazy text, no chat speak, and no all caps. If we can't read your item, we can't find it. And if you have insulting neoHTML or neoHTML that isn't easily distinguisable from your request, you also may not get help.

  • Post exact item and spelling. Better yet, copy and paste the entire faerie quest message (without apostrophes). Helpers do not have time to correct spelling and play guessing games to find your items, and we do NOT know all the items.

  • Please and Thank you are much appreciated. Quest helpers should never ask for rewards. We help because we love the game.

  • Respect the helpers. Chances are pretty good if you upset one of us, you will find yourself going through 20 million shops for your item. We all know each other, and we stick together.

  • Scam or spam anywhere on the board, and you will be reported. This includes chain letters, fake quests, contests, and shop ads. Read the Terms & Conditions if you're unsure about anything.

By the Numbers

Over our time on the Quests Board, Al and I have embarked on a number of ambitious projects. One of these involved tracking how many of each quest was reported. We really wanted to know the chances that the next Faerie Quest we encountered would be the Fountain Faerie's.

For this project, we simply counted how many of each particular faerie quest showed up on the Quests Board, and then calculated what percentage of the total number of faerie quests that represented. Here's what we found:

Faerie # of Quests % of Total
Earth17211% Fire24415% Air25916% Water32020% Light27817% Dark28017% Faerie Queen460% Space Faerie120% Fountain Faerie190% Total Quests compiled: 1630

We assume that the six types of normal faeries--Earth, Fire, Air, Water, Light, and Dark--actually give Quests at the same rate but that many of these (especially Earth) are not reported. And, of course, a lot of people get Quests Help on another Board, which will also skew the results. The important numbers, of course, are for the remaining three. Again, with the Space Faerie, we assume we haven't seen her quests reported a lot. (Maybe no one knows what she does so they turn her down?) But because of the rarity of their items, we predict that the Faerie Queen actually gives the most Quests, followed by the Space Faerie and, finally, the Fountain Faerie.

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