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Plushie Tycoon (PT) is a game found in the "Educational section" in the games room here on neopets. PT lasts for the duration of one month (approximately). The game starts sometime during the first few days each month. Exactly when, depends on when the programmer has time to start it as that happens manually after prizes for the previous month is sent out. The game always ends at midnight NST the last day of the month (just as the month change from January to February in the NST time zone).

So � how do you play? Keep on reading, and find out.

New Changes!

Prizes awarded for the February game was different than what we've seen in the past. They now seem to be based both on final cash on hand and the number of plushies sold/manufactures. The prize list in the "help section" of the game is no longer accurate. Visit Caxus for a chart of the new prize structure. Be aware that there might be more tweaks later. If so, this page will be updated ASAP to reflect these possible changes.

How to start

Click the "create store" button, then click the "main page" link. Please make a note of the time and day you start. This will be very useful later, because tax man will be due exactly every 7 days from when you start. You will now see that you have 50,000 nps to start out with. The aim of the game is to invest these 50,000 nps as wisely as you can, making and selling plushies and end the game with more than you started with (i.e. 50,001 nps or more). Prize levels can be found under the "help" link.

You will also see some red writing at the top of the page. This is where you can change your time zone to one that fits your schedule. PT runs 8 hours every day, 7 days a week. The game is based on updates, which is when you will see changes in your game. These updates happen hourly at 1 minute past the hour from 10:01 am to 5:01 pm game time (in other words, you'll see changes at: 10:01 am, 11:01 am, 12:01 pm, 1:01 pm, 2:01 pm, 3:01 pm, 4:01 pm and 5:01 pm). You need to choose a time zone that will let you be online for as many of these updates as possible. Choosing your real life time zone if you're at work/school with no online time would be a bad idea... so give some consideration on what time zone would be best, then scoot over to GrundyTycoon to get help on how to choose a time zone.

Once you have set your time zone, pay the initial rent on your factory, store and warehouse. This will cost you 3270 nps, so you are left with 46730 nps to spend.

Buying materials

The selling prices of plushies are determined by what type of materials you use and a feature called "supply and demand" which basically means that prices are set in your store (by the game) based on what *all* players keep in their store. So the last thing you want is for everyone to make the same plushie as you. For that reason, I can't tell you exactly what plushie to make, but I can give you a hint.

All plushies need 1 packing and 1 stuffing. Some plushies need 1 accessory, while others don't need any accessories at all. In addition, plushies will need anywhere between 1 and 6 rolls of cloth in the same color. For startup, you will focus on the types of plushies that need 3 and 4 rolls of cloth, and accessories. Following the rest of my guidelines, these will give you a good start. You can always test other plushie types later, once you get off the ground.

The following are the plushies (in alphabetical order) that you can choose from. For a complete chart on all available plushies together with their cloth requirements, please go to the petpage GrundyTycoon:

3 rolls of cloth: Bori, Bruce, Buzz, Chia, Cybunny, Gnorbu, Grarrl, Hissi, Ixi, Kau, Kiko, Koi, Moehog,Tonu, Tuskaninny

4 rolls of cloth: Draik, Elephant, Kougra, Lutari, Xweetok, Yurble, Zafara

When you have decided what types you want to build (because prices can fluctuate, it's better to make a variety instead of picking just one type), it's time to check out material prices and see if they are cheap enough to buy.

Here is how you decide when you can buy materials:

Add up the cost to make 1 job of a 4 roll plushie (4 green cloth + 1 neocotton + 1 rare gem + 1 paper bag):

If the cost is more than 3900: wait - do nothing

If the cost is less than 3900: Start with 6 jobs

If the cost is less than 2900: start with 8 jobs

If the cost is less than 1800: start with 10 jobs

If your total cost for the job is above 3900, don't buy anything. Material prices change at every update, so keep checking back. Prices will get low and cheap enough soon.

If your price is below 3900, you are ready to start. Look at the cost to decide how many jobs you can start with. If you can start with 6 jobs, buy 6 paper bags, 6 rare gems (buy for the plushies you decided to build), and 6 stuffing. You also need to buy several green cloth.
If you want to make only plushies that need 4 rolls of cloth you will need to buy 4 x 6 = 24 green cloth.
With only plushies that need 3 rolls, you have to buy 3 x 6 = 18 green cloth.
With a mix of 3- and 4-rollers, you do the math ;-)

Material inventory limits:
When you have less than 150,000 nps cash on hand, your inventory can hold 88 items. Once you hold 89 items, you can't buy more. You can hold a total of 100 items, if you buy 80 first, then double click to buy 20 (takes some practise to get it right).

When you have more than 150,000 nps cash on hand, you can hold 248 items, and also get the possibility to buy up to 50 items in one click (instead of 10 as we are used to)! When you have 249, you can't buy more, it will tell you your inventory is full. You can however hold up to 298 items, if you buy 248 first, then buy 50 of something

Remember that once your cash on hand goes below 150k, your inventory will revert to the small one!

Every day one material type is discounted. Which type can be seen from the blue writing on the PT main page, like this:

Prices on Stuffing are down today. You might want to stock up.

The discount moves from left to right (packing, gems, stuffing, cloth) but stays the same on Saturdays and Sundays. The discount change at midnight NST.
Even though the blue text tell you to stock up, do not do that! The discount means the material in question are 20% lower than it "should have been". Remember that a 20% discount of a high price still is a high price.

Starting your jobs

You now have all the materials needed. Go to your factory and click "start new job". The procedure is pretty much self-explanatory once you see it. Make sure to only make jobs of 100 plushies to start with. Your factory is now level 1, and can hold 2 jobs. To put in 6 jobs, you will have to expand to a size 3 factory. It will ask you to expand when you try to put in more jobs than the factory can hold. This will cost you money though, but if you have followed the guidelines, you can afford it.

Hiring workers

Now that you have put in all your jobs, it's time to hire some workers. Click the "personnel" link in your factory, then click "hire workers". You will see that you have a few choices. As in real life, you get what you pay for. So stay away from the dropouts, they are useless. You should hire 250 workers and 25 managers. In PT you get what you pay for, so stay away from dropouts, they are useless. Graduates, being the next cheapest worker type, should not be a major part of your workforce either. If most of your workforce (or all) are graduates, you may experience low productivity. Some make it simple and start with only trainees. That's up to you. This may sound expensive, but the secret is to only have them hired for ONE update. This will cost in the neighbourhood of 5500 nps. So get them hired, then check back after the update and fire them. They will never finish all the jobs, but they should finish 50-75% of them. If you started with 6 jobs, 3-4 of those should now be in your warehouse, loading. Forget about the leftover jobs for now. Make sure you fire all your workers!

Note: workers get more efficient the more jobs you give them. So, the basic 250/25 that you start with actually work all the way up to 18 jobs of 100 plushies (18 jobs means level 9 factory which is the largest you can have).

Plushies are only getting made at the updates, so if no work is done, check your main page and make sure your game is within active game hours (10:01 am to 5:01 pm game time)


You now have a handful of jobs loading in your warehouse. This will take a while. How long depends on the current level of your warehouse (it should be the basic level 1, as you should not spend money on upgrading the warehouse on startup. We'll deal with that later) and how many jobs are in the warehouse. For a chart, scoot back to GrundyTycoon to see how long you'll have to twiddle your thumbs. It will typically be 3-4 hours.

The warehouse loads plushies 24/7, and are not tied to the updates. This means plushes can load and ship at any time, regardless of what time it is in your game.

Once they are done loading, they will have a checkbox next to them. Tick off the checkboxes and ship the plushies. This cost 278 nps per 100 plushies.

Sell your plushies

After the 5 minute waiting period, plushies will arrive in your store, ready to be sold. But your job isn't quite over yet. In order to sell plushies, you need to improve your shop. You need to buy advertising and upgrades. Ads and ups increase the sales speed of your plushies. Without any, they will only sell 0-2 per job per update. In order to have satisfying sales when you start up, buy 3 levels each of the 3 cheapest upgrades (carpet, lightning and store security), plus 3 levels each of the cheapest 4 adverts (Flyers, gifts, candy and clothing). This will cost you 8736 nps.

Depending on your exact cost to make the plushies, you may afford to buy more ads and ups than mentioned here. If you have more than 1000 nps cash on hand after buying my recommended amount, you can buy a few more. I tend to start out by maxing out the cheapest ones and move my way upwards. Just remember to keep 1000 nps cash on hand! (Explanation below)

Plushies only sell at the updates (10:01 am to 5:01 pm). If your plushies aren't selling, check what time it is in your game.


Always leave 1000 nps cash on hand. Why? Because even though workers are fired, you always have one manager that you can't fire. And he drains you for 82 nps each update no matter what. Since you wont get any money from your plushies until the entire job has sold (100 out of 100 plushies), you need some money on hand to pay him while your plushies sell.

Now what?

You have sold your first jobs of plushies, and have cash on hand again. What to do?! Well, lather, rinse and repeat. After the first couple builds (a build is when you fill the factory and hire workers), you do NOT have to wait for the 3900 cost limit anymore. At this point you have seen enough selling prices to determine profit yourself. Add up the cost to build (materials, workers and shipping) and see if you can get a profit. If you can, there is no reason not to build. Remember that even a small profit is better than paying the lone manager 82 nps for nothing.

To make any progress, you will want to try and replace the jobs your workers finished last time, plus add another two jobs, causing you to expand once. You should eventually get all the expansions for both factory and warehouse, and all the ads and upgrades. But slow and steady - watch that budget!

When you have come to the point where you are making 18 x 100 plushies every hour and still have cash on hand left and your warehouse is level 9, it is time to start making a few 200s.
Remember that 200s will take longer to sell than 100s, so you would want to have more than the basic ads/ups by now. Use your good judgement and keep adding a few, especially if you find sales slow.
Bigger jobs will require a bigger workforce, but remember that workers are not linear. Just because you double the amount of plushies to be built, you don't have to double the workers. Add a few, see how they do, and tweak from there. Work your way up to 18 x 200, and so on. This will ensure that you keep your cash reinvested, and the profits growing.


Rent is due exactly every 7 days counting from when you pay the initial rent when you start playing. You can pay rent up to 47 hours and 59 minutes late with no late fees. After 48 hours, late fees will start ticking, and if you don't pay, you will eventually be evicted and lose your game. Factory, warehouse and store works as normal even when rent is due (plushies will be made, loaded and sold at a normal rate). However, do NOT attempt to expand factory/warehouse/store or buy ads and ups when rent is due. This will automatically pay your rent!

Tax Man Cometh!

Plushie Tycoon also has its own Tax Man! For now, tax man is due exactly 7 days to the second, counting from when you clicked "create store" to start your game. So make a note of when you started, it will save you some grief later. When tax man cometh, he will take a certain percentage of your cash on hand, IF you have more than 50,000 nps cash on hand (ie. showing a profit). The more cash you have, the higher the percentage. See the petpage of Jumjim8975 for a tax bracket chart. If you have less than 50,001 nps, the tax man wont take anything, so keep that cash invested!

Tax man Penalty: If you fail to meet tax man on time, you'll get a penalty. This means next to no plushies sold, and no work done. Any jobs that sell out during the updates you miss when tax man is due will sell out for 0 nps!

How to avoid this? Make sure you update your game before he's due. Then make sure to update your game again before any update has happened to see the message from him. This will prevent you from getting the penalty. Basically you will be penalised for any updates you have missed between the last time you checked your game before tax man was due, and when you check your game again and get the tax man penalty.

Confused? Here's an example:

Tax man is due at 10:55 am game time. You update your game at 10:01 am. Then you don't check back until 11:01 to update your game. Technically one update passed between when you last checked your game (at 10:01 am) and when you checked again at 11:01 am since tax man were due shortly before the 11:01 am update. You will have next to no sales (between 0-2 plushies per job only) at 11:01 am and no work done. Any jobs that has sold out will have done so at 0 nps. To avoid it, you should have updated at 10:01 am, then update again (by clicking the main page link) sometime between 10:55 and 10:59. That way you meet tax man outside an update, and your 11:01 update will be normal.

Need more help?
If you have any questions, there is a plushie tycoon help board at the games neoboard (boards - neoboard index and scroll down to the board "games"). It will be named something like this: *January Plushie Tycoon #8 - please read first posts!*. With the month and number changing accordingly to the month and number of boards being created that month of course. Please do read the first posts as they contain helpful information. There will always be people around to help if you have any questions.

I wish you the best of luck with the game.

- Sirinja