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Life on the Island

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The Ultimate Petpage for all your Lutari Island needs...

The Original Lutari Island Mobile Guide

Welcome guest to The Lutari Island Mobile Guide!
I'm editing so be careful ^.^;

In a hurry? Go straight to the Guide.

The above picture is a link to Lutari Island!

Click the button above to sign up with Lutari Island on your mobile!

Only click the button above to sign up with Lutari Island on your mobile if Ethan_redshaw (me) referred you. If you weren't referred by me please use Gliderame's button, thanks!


Welcome guest ^.^;

This peptpage is under construction, there's heaps more stuff to come!

Want to see how the latest and greatest Lutari Island will look on your mobile? Want to have a preview? Well you've come to the right place. Here are heaps of images of Lutari Island on your Mobile so you can see the great benifits of having it!

By the way, when you sign up for Lutari Island on your mobile with the link above you get a free Lutari Island bead worth around 300,000 NP! Happy Browsing :)

And for all the Neopians who don't live in the United States we have added screenshots to keep you all up-to-date on Information so when it does come to your country, you can get it as soon as possible.

News and Updates

Random Info: Both the referer and the referee get a bead when the sign up with Lutari Island.

10th March 2007: Hey everyone, I haven't updated this petpage in a while, but I am this weekend. I've fixed up (hopefully) most of the mistakes that you neomailed me in about. Gliderames and me have also gathered information with the help of others and brought you a step-by-step process about how to sign up with Lutari Mobile in the United Kingdom, if anyone in interested in that. Please neomail me here if you want to suggest anything for this petpage or want any help to your problems with Lutari Mobile. ;)

Taiwan Mobile Promotion: For anyone living in Taiwan at the moment, Neopets has just released information about a new promotion for Lutari Island on your mobile.

Greeting Card #1035

Venue: Eslite Flagship Mall in Xin Yi, Taipei
Date: 15th July 2006, Saturday
Time: 11am - 6pm

At the venue specified above you get a special preview of the Sony Ericsson Z530i which has a special promotion of limited edition 'Lutari' style covers. If you live anywhere near the venue it is greatly advised that you should attend just to see what it's like. From what we can see from the Greeting Cards Taiwan 'will' be the next country for Lutari Island on your mobile to be released.

From the news:
Don't forget to join us at the Neopets Taiwan Launch Party at Eslite Mall, Xin Yi, Taipei on July 15th! The first 500 participants will get a free virtual item code card and everyone will have the chance to buy Neopets merchandise as well as meet Neopets artists (and queue for free sketches, of course)!

There will also be a preview of the Sony Ericsson Z530i exclusive Kacheek plush promotion with limited edition Lutari Style-Up� covers and box sleeve.

Disclaimer and Stuffs

Okay... I hate to do this but, I have to. No stealing any content, any images or anything Gliderame's or I have typed, drawn, made or researched. You may not neomail asking for me to make you images or write you anything, it just takes up much of my time (there could be exceptions if I'm not 'too' busy though).

You may share this page around with your friends but do not ever make out it is yours. It takes up alot of Gliderame's and my time making it and it would make us sad if we didn't even get credit for it... *sniff*

So basically 'No sticky paws, feet, etc'. By the way, I'm not as mean as this passage would make me out to be and you may neomail me, contact me and ask me any questions you want through neomail and I will try my hardest to answer all of them. Okay now that's over, off with ye to da guide! Heheh... ^.^;

Petpage created and updated by ethan_redshaw and images and information supplied by gliderames.

Thanks for visiting!

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Mobiles that Work - Cingular

We will be continually updating this list as new Cingular Mobiles are accepted for Lutari Island. At the moment there are only a few types of mobiles that support Lutari Island. If you would like Lutari Island on your Mobile I would suggest researching all of these models on the internet and picking the right one for you. Good luck! ^.^;

2/1/07: We're gonna be updating this list (trying to) through the next couple of days. I've been getting a few neomails that some mobiles have worked that are NOT on this list and some have not worked which ARE on this list. Please check back soon! For more info see the news post here.

Grrr... Give me Lutari Island now!


pg-c3oo - no


smt5600 - no


7130 - no
8100 - no
8125 - no

Cingular Brand

2125 - no
8100 - no
8125 - no


a56i - no
c56 - no
c61 - no
ct56 - no
s56 - no
sl56 - no

sgh-c207 - no
sgh-d307 - no
sgh-d347 - no
sgh-d357 - no
sgh-d407 - no
sgh-d807 - no
sgh-e317 - no
sgh-n625 - no
sgh-p107 - no
sgh-p207 - no
sgh-p777 - no
sgh-s307 - no
sgh-x427 - no
sgh-x497 - no
sgh-x507 - no
sgh-zx10 - no


a7110 - no
c1300 - no
c1500 - no
c2000 - no
ce500 - no
cg225 - no
cg300 - no
cu320 - no
cu500 - no
Ff7200 - no
F9100 - no
F9200 - no
g4010 - no
g4050 - no
L1200 - no
L1400 - no

3100 - no
3120 - no
3220 - YES
3300 - no
3395 - no
3590 - no
3600 - no
3650 - no
6010 - no
6030 - YES
6061 - no
6100 - no
6102 - YES
6200 - no
6230 - no
6620 - no
6682 - no
6800 - no
6820 - no
7190 - no
7610 - no
8390 - no
9300 - no

Sony Ericson

j220a - no
s710a - YES
t226 - no
t237 - no
t290a - no
t306 - no
t316 - no
t637 - no
w300i - YES
*w600i - ???
z300a - no
z500a - YES
z520a - YES
z525a - YES


a630 - no
e1 rokr - no
L2 - no
L6 - no
t720 - no
v180 - no
v190 - no
v235 - no
v400 - YES
v540 - no
v551 - YES
v220 - YES
v557 - YES
v600 - YES
mp x220 - no
v3 RAZR - YES (Has been noted to work very well)

*W600i only works with the demo of lutari island. You may still download it and play the demo without any problems, but you will no be able to play the full game (If you need more infomation please contact your provider on this issue).

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Mobiles that Work - Verizon

It can be found in... Get it Now --- Get Games --- Strategy


Monthly Sub 3.49

Workable phones

LG VX4500
LG VX7000
LG VX6100
LG VX8100
LG VX5200
The V
LG VX8300
LG VX5200 PP
Samsung SCH-a670
Samsung SCH-a950
Samsung SCH-a850
Motorola a840
Motorola V260
Motorola V265
Motorola E815
Motorola V325
Motorola V276
Motorola RAZR V3c
Motorola MOTOKRZR K1m
Motorola RAZR V3c w/LBS
Motorola RAZR V3m
Motorola MOTOSLVR L7c
Motorola V325i
Audiovox CDM-8615
Audiovox CDM-8910
VZW CDM 8945 VZW PN-215

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Money, money, money!


2.99 a month PLUS web access fees as they apply.

Paying per usage (per KB) gets real expensive, very fast, and I don't reccomend paying as you go if you plan on traveling to the island very often. The average five minute trip to the island will run you about 35-55 kbs of usage, and the average charge per kb use is usually around one cent. This adds up VERY fast, if you go to the island five times a day for five minutes a time, it can add up to alot.

My suggestion to you is, go to your service providor website (ie; cingular) and look into their bundle packs. There are usually three to choose from, from $5 to $15 to $20, the latter of which I had for many months, and I believe allows you to have 5 MB of connectivity. There are a whole lot of KBs in every MB, so this should be plenty for your lutari mobile needs. (you can still manage to go over the 5 MB of usage, so do be careful). If you can chose an Unlimited access plan, that would be your best bet of course.


One Fee Per Month of $2.99

You do not need to pay for data KB usage with T-Mobile because the game runs through the free TZones server. (This is very awesome for T-Mobile users, hehe).

The following is an example of an average KB usage rate on a mobile plan:

Outside allowance £35.054

date | day | data | size
GB:MB:kB | time connection
hr:min:sec | cost

9 Jan Tue 000.0000.0068 0.426
10 Jan Wed 000.0000.0036 0.231
10 Jan Wed 000.0000.0040 0.251
11 Jan Thu 000.0000.0036 0.227
11 Jan Thu 000.0000.0075 0.468
12 Jan Fri 000.0000.0034 0.215
12 Jan Fri 000.0000.0072 0.454
13 Jan SAT 000.0000.0067 0.422
14 Jan SUN 000.0000.0093 0.583
15 Jan Mon 000.0000.0005 0.038
15 Jan Mon 000.0000.0030 0.190
16 Jan Tue 000.0000.0035 0.223
16 Jan Tue 000.0000.0015 0.098
17 Jan Wed 000.0000.0071 0.449
24 Jan Wed 000.0000.0063 0.393
24 Jan Wed 000.0000.0962 5.999
24 Jan Wed 000.0000.0022 0.143
25 Jan Thu 000.0000.0043 0.270
25 Jan Thu 000.0000.0016 0.102
27 Jan SAT 000.0002.0234 14.231
28 Jan SUN 000.0000.0190 1.190
29 Jan Mon 000.0000.0037 0.233
30 Jan Tue 000.0000.0037 0.235
31 Jan Wed 000.0000.0111 0.695
1 Feb Thu 000.0000.0042 0.263
2 Feb Fri 000.0000.0039 0.243
3 Feb SAT 000.0000.0255 1.590
3 Feb SAT 000.0000.0045 0.281
4 Feb SUN 000.0000.0517 3.227
4 Feb SUN 000.0000.0129 0.809
5 Feb Mon 000.0000.0068 0.427
6 Feb Tue 000.0000.0071 0.448

If you have any information about international fees and charges, please let us know via neomail, and we'll get that information added to the page also. Thank you! Please neomail ethan_redshaw here, and gliderames here.

More information will be added up soon to this section...

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Lutari Mobile in the United Kingdom

Here is an example of someone signing up with Lutari Mobile in the United Kingdom. Here are the steps they followed to sign up. We have included this section to help anyone who is currently having trouble getting Lutari Mobile in the United Kingdom.

My phone is a Sony Ericsson W810i and I am on the O2 Online_ 5 contract.

This is a phone plan proven to work. If you live in the United Kingdom and you want Lutari Island, this is the most recommended plan and make of mobile. If you try another phone with T-mobile and it works, please neomail me as soon as possible. ;)

Next, go to the T-mobile website (search in google) and click the tab labelled "Phones & Plans" underneath the banner. Then go to the sidelinks with "SIM only", then click on "Pay as you go SIM". Buy a SIM card with T-mobile on that page and it should arrive in about 3 to 5 days time.

After you recieve your SIM card, insert it into your phone and top it up with £10 of credit.

Then either sign up with Gliderames, Ethan_redshaw or Toxicrushxxx and you will be directed to a page on neopets that looks something like this:

Next click on the link circled and you will end up here:

Again, click on the link circled and you will end up here:

Click "Order" and it will take you here:

In this example we used the first method, not for any particular reason. After you have sent the text through the website, you will get one back with a link to download the game. Download it and it should be saved in the games section of your phone.

Open the application "Neopets Mobile" and it should connect!

The text message to T-Mobile costs 10p in this example.

Hope that helps! ;)

United Kingdom Mobile FAQ

I was wondering if you know if the £5.00 charge is a one off cost? Is there an additional charge for playing each time?
Sometimes you aren't even charged £5 but we're unsure if this is an error or not. I don't think it's regular, I think its just that to download it. It wont charge you each time, but it will probably charge per minute from your network.

I'm currently on a t-mobile pay as you go as I really don't use my phone much - do you know if PAYG phones are ok for downloading it or only contract phones?
Someone downloaded it onto a t-mobile PAYG sim put into a sony ericsson w810i phone and then put a o2 contract sim back in and it worked fine. It seems they are okay for downloading. ;)

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Lutari Mobile in Malaysia

Here is an example of someone signing up with Lutari Mobile in Malaysia. Here are the steps they followed to sign up. We have included this section to help anyone who is currently having trouble getting Lutari Mobile in the Malaysia.

Neopets Mobile is available to Hotlink user (Maxis 012, 014 and 017 only) in Malaysia on March, 2007. If you don't have Hotlink prepaid SIM card, get it in any Hotlink SIM pack retailer for RM 8.80 (014 & 017) � RM 20.00 (012) only. Register your Hotlink numbers to any Maxis Service Center near you, top up credits for RM10 and now you can use it.

Before downloading the Neopets Lutari to your mobile please make sure your phone GPRS, EDGE or 3G are activated.

My phone is a Nokia N70 and I am on the Hotlink Maxis (012) prepaid.

This is a phone plan proven to work. If you live in the Malaysia and you want Lutari Island, this is the most recommended plan and make of mobile. If you try another phone or plan and it works, please neomail me as soon as possible. ;)

This is a phone plan proven to work. If you live in Malaysia and you want Lutari Island, this is the most recommended plan and make of mobile.

Mobile phone models compatibility are as listed below:

Motorola: C975, E1000, E1070, L6, L7, V180, V220, V360, V500, V600, V80 and V975.

Nokia: 3220, 3230, 3250, 6020, 6030, 6111, 6170, 6230, 623*i, 6260, 6600, 6630, 6670, 6680, 6681, 7260, 7270, 7360, 7610, 8800, E61, E70, N70, N71, N90 and N91.

Samsung: E530, E770, X820, Z140, Z300 and Z540.

Siemens: CX70 and SK65. Sony Ericsson: K3**i, K5**i, K508i, K6**i, K7**i, K750i, S7**i, W8**i, W9**i, Z1010 and Z520i.

* simply means 0 and ** means 00. I had to do this as the filters were blocking this altogether from my HTML.

There are two ways to download Neopets Lutari in your mobile:


Type GET 17161665 and send to 26000.

You will receive SMS reply to install the Neopets Lutari in your mobile. Just click Install and after finished installation you can visit Lutari Island.

Via Website

Go to Hotlink Maxis website (Google it) and go to "Enhanced Download" and then choose "Neopets". Here are a few screenshots for reference.

You will get SMS reply and it will say Confirm Buy and Download Neopets Lutari.

After install it in your mobile you can now visit Lutari Island on your mobile phone.

You will be charged RM 8.00 per download (in-game data will be charge).

If you are subscribing Neopets Lutari without referrer you can just go to your Talisman icon in your Neopets mobile and enter your referrer or your friend's name. The referrer and you will get a free Lutari bead upon your subscription.

Hope that helps! ;)

Malaysia Mobile FAQ

I was wondering if the RM8.00 charge is one time charge per download. Is there an additional charge for playing each time?
Yes, it's only cost RM 8.00 per download in your mobile. But they will be in-game data charge and it will probably charge per minute from your network.

Is there any other phone providers like Celcom or Digi providing the services?
As I know, no. Only Hotlink (Maxis) have this service at the moment.

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Lutari Mobile in Australia

Here is an example of someone signing up with Lutari Mobile in Australia. Here are the steps they followed to sign up. We have included this section to help anyone who is currently having trouble getting Lutari Mobile in the Australia.

First, go to the Optus website website (search in google) and under the tab labelled "Personal" click "Mobile/3G". We have included screenies. After the first step, click on the links that are highlighted and continue through the website. This should be pretty straight-forward to follow with our screenshots and not to difficult to work out. Good luck!

Hope that helps you sign up! ;)

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Life on the Island

Gliderames had Lutari Island Mobile on her Mobile for awhile, and here are her experiences and information she has spent alot of time gathering and putting together for our guide. I hope this will help some of you who want to know more about the features of Lutari Island!

Bri the Air Faerie

Isn't she lovely? She's elusive too. I had neopets mobile on my phone for nearly eight months, and I had NEVER seen her. Not one air faerie quest, period. And I haven't heard from a single person who HAS seen her and gotten a quest, so don't hold out TOO much hope to get a quest from her.. but if you do.. please let me know about it so I can report about it here.

The Bog of Charity

This is the island's version of The Money Tree, only better, because there are less rotten dirty shoes and more good stuff to scoop up (for free) and sell when you get back to your main online_ You can find anything from juice, to furniture to feathers, to the ever popular bottled earth faerie. Get one for me next time you're on, eh? Hehe.

Feathers and Training

I must just be unlucky, because also in my eight months on the island, I had never won or found one single Lutari Feather for training. Some people do get them though, so at least this one is possible, lol. I have heard reports both of finding the feathers at the Bog Of Charity, and also winning them off of the Wheel Of Happiness. If you have my luck, however, your best bet is to look them up here on site, buy them, and train your pets on the island that way. Search the shop wizard for "Lutari Feather".

Create A Pet

Yes, You can create a Lutari while you're on the island every time, if you want too. One of the many perks of island life.

The Wheel Of Happiness

Many people have asked me about the wheel. One of their many complaints is that all they ever get is 500 or 250 neopoints, and is this normal? Yes, it's very normal, unfortunately. That's what I used to get all the time as well.. with occasionally, the island devil stealing 1500 of my hard earned neopoints. It's a pretty mediocre wheel in my opinion, but.. it's something to do while visiting Lutari Island. Many people would love to be in your spinning shoes, I'm sure. hehe.

Penalties and Logging Out

Many Many people have asked me about the items they get on lutari mobile going missing, and coming back to find they have a choice of taking one of three session penalties. For starters, you get these penalties if you do not log out of your mobile game properly. You can't be in your account both on your phone AND online_ Go to the menu on the mobile game, and in the bottom right hand of the screen there is an hourglass, click on it, and log out of the mobile game properly, and you won't come back to penalties of any kind back here on site. However, if you DO refresh here on site, and it gives you the speach about session penalties, don't do ANYthing.. Leave it there, go back to your phone game, log out properly as I explained it, and then come back to your account here and refresh and the warning goes away. You do not HAVE to take the penatly if you go back and log out properly first. Once you get used to logging out before signing off though, everything will be a lot easier, I promise, lol. If you have purchased items on lutari island, but they weren't in your inventory when you came back, this is why. You didn't log off the mobile game properly.

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Talisman Beads 101

New Info: Getting Talisman beads seem to have some order about them. First you get is the Red Tongi, then Green, Yellow and Blue Tongi. After that it is unknown if they are random or not. Will update with more info as we collect it.

There are 20 Lutari Island Talisman Beads Four Colors, Five Types.

Colors: Red, Yellow, Green, Blue.
Types: Matu, Oranu, Ranaka, Urapa, and Tongi.

Tongi Beads are recieved by referring members to the mobile game, or by BEING referred by someone to download the lutari island mobile game.

You can refer people for the Lutari Island Mobile game whether you have the game or not, and whether you live in the US or not.

The referer and the referee get one bead when the new user downloads the game onto their phone, and only then.

The grey feathers at the bottom on the talisman are speculated to be purely for show. Talisman's are not known to give bad luck but some of the bead descriptions do say the beads 'can' give bad luck indirectly.
Description: Some people say this bead brings you good luck. Others say it could spell your doom. Do you really want to find out whos right?

The tongi bead is the only one that will go directly onto your talisman and not to your inventory. You cannot sell or trade the Tongi Bead.

Once you have four Tongi beads on your Talisman, (one of each color), the beads you get after that will then go to your inventory, and you can choose to add them to your Talisman, or trade or sell them.

To search and buy Talisman Beads, Search the Trading Post under Red Matu Bead (interchange color and bead name with those listed above).

You cannot remove the beads once you've added them to your talisman.

Talisman Beads can do many things for you. Increase Random Events, Randomly increase game points, give you shop discounts, and more. The more Talisman beads you posess the more common these events take place.

You can find Talisman Beads in Random Events throughout the site although this is very rare.

Below, as shown...

Talisman beads slightly change the way they appear in your inventory when you add them to your talisman. This table shows the way that same bead appears after you add it to the talisman.

It is unknown why the beads change shape after they are placed in your talisman. Note: Only the beads SHAPE changes, the color stays the same.

Luatri Island Beads can increase your likelyhood of getting Random events: We do not know yet how much your RE increase though. It has been confirmed that the talisman beads can be found randomly throughout neopia, although this is very rare.

The talisman gives an increase game point score from 10% to 100%, rounded to the nearest neopoint: It has been confirmed that the talisman beads can randomly give you increases in your game points when you send your scores. If you have three beads or more the increase happen often and usually 1/5 or so game scores you send are increased.

Game score increases of ten percent:

Game score increases of seventy-five percent:

Game score increases of one-hundred percent:

The talisman gives a discount at shops of around 2% - 8% rounded to the nearest neopoint: It has been confirmed that the talisman beads can randomly give you discounts in purchases in neopian shops. If you have 3 beads or more the discounts happen often and usually 1/25 or so items you try to buy are discounted.

Shop discounts of two percent:

Shop discounts of eight percent:

Thank you to mikeypcb for some examples of the different increases and decreases from your screenies you allowed me to use on my guide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If your question is not answered in this section and you thing there is something wrong (glitch or other) with your talisman feel free to contact neopets via this link.

Note: Some questions may be basically repeated but asked differently. This is to ensure no one gets at all confused :)

Please, it would help if you neomailed your questions to me so I can add them up. Thanks ^.^;

Someone told me that certain bead colours do certain things... is this true?
It is unknown but talked about highly that specific bead colours do specific things when you add them to your talisman. Sadly, this cannot be proven to be true or not - and so it is rumoured that green beads give you more random events. This has caused the prices on green beads in the trading post to rise above all the others. A note of advice would be not to be drawn into buying from people who try to sell it to you for 'drastically' higher prices just because of this rumour. It's okay it it's a bit higher than the others but don't go broke just because someone 'thinks' it gets you more random events.

I tried to send my family member a bead when I signed up, but it says they already own the game...
Do you share the same email address? Neopets put that rule in place so someone can't put their beads on a side account so they end up with two beads.

How much does Lutari Island cost on your mobile and does it cost anything extra to sign up?
It only cost $2.99 per month for Lutari Island on your mobile and nothing extra to sign up.

Oooh... why is Lutari Island covered in mist and such?
Lol, hehe. Lutari Island is covered in mist/fog only because it is not available on-site at the moment. You can still see it but not be able to click anywhere.

Eewww... we have to pay for this now? What is neopets coming too? Isn't this getting a little "too" much?
This is the most asked question I get out of all of them. Yes you have to pay for Lutari Island but that's no different than anything else in life... Neopets "is" a business, most people have forgotten that. They need to pay hundreds of people's (staff) income every single day. It is not expensive anyway, it's only $2.99 and that helps make the site a more enjoyable place for everyone. Lutari Island is (hopefully) going to be on the site soon enough, so hang on... :)

Does it notify you when you get your bead?
No, it does not. You have to check your talisman. The 1st through to your 4th bead go straight into your talisman and your 5th - 20th go into your inventory.

Why is it only available in the United States and the United Kingdom? I really want it now... :(
It's only available in the United States and United Kingdom now only because it is new and it takes a while for neopets to branch of their products into other countries. Taiwan is the next country to have Lutari Island on their mobile and hopefully Europe, Asia and Oceania are to follow.

What is a Mok?!
Just a silly name TNT named the Lutari when it's picture was first on the servers.

How do I get to Lutari Island?
Please click here :)

I live in -insert country here- and when I click to sign up it takes me to homepage of neopets... did you mess up the link or something?
Nup, I didn't mess up the link. The same thing happens to me because I live in Australia. That's why we took screenshots of the information pages, because everyone who lives outside the US and UK can't see them.
*Note: Changing your country to the US or UK if it was not this before won't work either. :(

What games are there, is it cool?
There are many new games (mostly reinvented) on Lutari Island such as the Wheel of Happiness, Go Go Lutari (Turmac Roll) & Blockstravaganza (Tetris/Gads. Game). From what i've heard they are all pretty cool :)

I can't paint my Lutari Island... why?
Island Lutari aren't available to paint yet... sorries...

Ok, I refered someone and they logged in and but they still have not received a bead...
It can take anywhere from ten minutes to a full day's length.

Lutari are so rare and o-so cute... I REALLY WANT ONE BUT I CAN'T GET ONE!
Woah... settle down! Lol, If you have Lutari Is. on your mobile you may make a Lutari anytime you want. But if you don't I suggest waiting until more are released.

Why is it only available for Cingular Wireless? That kinda unfair...
Read the above question, it applies to your situation too. It will branch out to other services soon enough. You won't miss out :)

Do I get a bead when I sign up?
Yes, you do! You get a bead if you click on someone's referr button (it is above) and sign up. As well as getting a rare Lutari Island bead yourself you also reward the person you referred. Prices are around 190K - 300K.

Mostly, I've been wondering if any non-cell customers have gotten beads.
Yes! Many non-cell customers have gotten beads. You can get them via the trades or rare Random Events.

My Lutari ran away when I was transferring it to my sideaccount... *sniff*
Lutari's don't seem to like the pound very much so be very cautious when you choose which account you want one on. You won't be able to change your mind later :(

What do those beads do anyway...?
They increase your Random Events and they can even increase your payout of your games and discount when you restock from he neopets shops. They sort of act like the Space Faerie Charm from Neopets Premium.

I want a bead but I don't have the correct mobile to sign up... What do I do?
You may also find beads around the site as a rare RE and some people sell their beads in their trades so if you have enough neopoints you can buy them.

Lutari Talisman... What is it and how does it work?
Lutari Talisman is mostly unknown about at the moment but if you put beads on it, it increase your Random Events and overall 'luck'.

$2.99 per month?... There must be other fees or something...
Well there sort of is. The $2.99 fee does not cover the cost of a person to access the internet on their cell phone and thus play on the island. Most people have to pay extra to get to the net on their phones.

What is Lutari Island's currency? Do they use feathers or something?
The currency of Lutari Island is Neopoints like everywhere else but the feathers that you are talking about are just payment for the training school. Just like codestones and dubloons, feathers are another way to pay for training. All pets (no matter what level) are able to train there from our knowledge at the moment.

More to come soon... :)

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Information Images

In this section we help all those people who do not live in the United States by having screenshots of all the information pages otherwise unavailable. We also help you understand what's what on the Lutari Island Map and how your shiny new beads will look like on your talisman without ever putting them on!

Talismans are Hidden. If you click on mine, or anyone else's, it will take you to yours. You cannot see the beads people have on their talismans at this time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, so much gliderames for giving me this talisman bead. I shall treasure it forever :)

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Mobile Images

Want to have a sneak Preview of what Lutari Mobile will have on your Mobile? Want to see all its features close up before you sign up? Well you've come to the right section, all the images are labeled and you can see all the latest games and activities you can do on your mobile. Have Fun!

Wheel of Happiness

Wheel of Happiness No. 2

Bog Charity tree

Island Market

Switch Pet/Play etc

Main Menu

Inside the Bank

Map: Island Market

Flourescent Healing Springs

Logging On

Map: Wheel of Happiness

Donation to the Charity Tree

Blockstravaganza (Game 1)

Go Go Lutari (Game 2)

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Links and Affiliates

Krawk Kingdom - Krawk Directory

Confused about the Lutari Talisman?
Click here for Help!

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Lutari Island Mobile Guide

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