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So I heard you like mysteries.

Is it true? Because I heard you simply love them. Or were they lying? ...Who are "they," you ask? Ha ha ha. Darling, If I told you, it wouldn't be much of secret, now would it?

But back to the matter at hand. I do believe you've stumbled onto mystery yourself. Quite a big one, in fact. ...What exactly is the mystery? Oh, I can't divulge those key facts. But let's just say you'll need to solve it, for I fear this may be one of the greatest mysteries of all time.

Oh, and by the way... I heard they call it Mystere. Good luck, my friend.


1 - Please leave credit to this page. Whether it's a link, a button back... leave it on. If you see someone without the link back to one of my userlookups, please neomail me.

2 - Don't make your own lookup with my coding. The reason for that is pretty much self-explanatory.

3 - Don't edit the images or the codes. Enough said. If you'd like the image for the userlookups in themselves, you can find them at Neopets Backrounds.

4 - Remember, this is a mystery. If you find a solution, neomail me.


Requests are currently open if you can catch me on the neoboards, or if you can find the solution. Note: I'm usually on the Help Chat.

If requesting a lookup by mail is open, please neomail me with the Neopets image and color scheme that you'd like.
If requesting a lookup by way of neoboards is open, follow the same procedure above except by posting.

Only for: reveirie

Only for: mewmewrocks1

Only for: legitly

Only for: inked_page

Note: I did design other customs than this one. Those are not up to date, and if you were one of the requesters, neomail me I will fix it to put up here.


inspired nostalgia*


Have you figured it out yet, darling? ...You didn't? Ah ha ha. Then I'm afraid this may be too much to manage in just one day. Perhaps you should leave and return another day? Or stay and figure it out?

Either way, piece the puzzle together. I know you will.


01.27.11 - Happy (very late) new year, everyone! Fixed the lookups so they actually go to the links.

06.06.10 - Listed in 5th Avenue.

06.01.10 - Found all my old coding! Thank you very much, trusted search engine with cache.

05.29.10 - Fixed all the userlookups. Notify me if I missed one, please. *highly doubts anyone come here anymore*

05.16.10 - Moved Malistere to a side & accidentally forgot to save some of the coding. I'm missing my affies and my listers, so please neomail me if you were on my list!

01.18.10 - Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day! Finished up a custom userlookup for inked_page.

01.17.10 - Finished legitly's request.

01.16.10 - Sorry for not updating lately! Been busy with returning back to school, but it should get a bit easier to manage nowadays. Someone else has figured out the solution! Congrats to legitly, who will be getting a new custom userlookup soon.

01.01.10 - Happy new year, everyone! It seems someone's figured out the solution, the person being mewmewrocks1. She received a custom lookup for the solution, so congrats to her! Also, added a column of those who have figured it out.

12.30.09 - Oh my, I haven't updated in nine days! Terribly sorry about it--holidays and all that. However, I did create a new userlookup style called Inspired Nostalgia, that are plain simple userlookups. Also added a lister.

12.21.09 - Sorry for not updating yesterday! I was so busy like you couldn't believe, making preparations for Christmas and such. I added a Christmas-themed userlookup to the bunch, just in time for Christmas today.

12.20.09 - Added a bunch of affiliates and listers yesterday. Also, added the clues to the solution to the site for Session 1. Once three people figure it out, I'll begin Session 2. The answer should be in the form of a word or words. Good luck!

12.19.09 - Neomailed all affiliates and listings about the revamp, and went through them and deleted the cleared/closed sites. Also, Mystere was the Featured Flying Flag today at Soroptimist.

12.18.09 - Major revamp! I completely changed the site (except for the lookups, of course). New name, new intro, new theme. All lookups are now filter-friendly. Mystere is starting fresh--let's just hope it all works out. Note: I haven't added the clues to the site yet. Will take some time to add, so please be patient.

figured out*

Session 1 - mewmewrocks1, legitly

coming back*

Would you like to have others figure out the solution along with you? Then link back:

in on the secret*

Affiliate count: 15

Neomail to apply.


Listed in: 9

Neomail to list me.


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